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I think you might have managed to make a verse sadder than Tolkien-verse with Puella Magi Khazad(?) ? Ori is going to bite Dori's head off and then Nori is going to sacrifice himself to take out witchform-Dwalin? Sorry, I may be overthinking this ( ≧Д≦)

:3 well, Thorin’s switching around timelines and isolating himself, Dori and Ori and their tea and cake flavored nightmare is rather tragic after all, and Nori and Dwalin go out in a bang…. afterwards it’s gonna be fine though, just without Bilbo >:3

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hewalds of bawldemar, ooooh, draw vanyel? : P : P : P

ding ding ding we have a winner

god, VANYEL. I barely remember that except for the fact that it was just unbearably heavy on the WOE

the arrows of the queen books are way lighter (up until the last one, christ) and therefore a more entertaining read for me. Oh, tell me more about her MAGICAL PSYCHIC PONY and how eeeeeverybody loves her!!! and everyone has basically the same personality!!!

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asdkj, brb, just DYING from the second hand embarrassment. It was more searing than Sauron’s gaze?! After every paragraph I had to curl up under the table and whimper and then climb back out because I had to finish reading. And then, SUDDENLY WET SHIRT CONTEST. You are the…

Thank you so much for your comment! The wet shirt contest was a last minute add in along with the line, “what say you about coming”. It made me (and Thorin) sporfle like a little child…and dear Lord, did Thorin’s mind go straight to the gutter with that comment! XD 

Unfortunately, I’ve no idea how to read the rest of your reply (I use this website every day and I’m still a tumblr n00b. Gah!) So if you’ve asked anything in that second half of your comment and if it’s not too much trouble, please ask again. :D

(Unless there’s someone kind who can teach me how to read long replies to my posts! Tumblr’s poor design+user interface make me weep).


List of Artists Who Have Not Confirmed

As we said earlier: Today is the LAST day for artists on our invite list to sign up to participate in the Amrâlimê The Hobbit Fanbook Anthology

Please sign up today before 11:59 PM Eastern/New York time to get a spot in our book! If you need to look over the rules again you can see them on our submission rules page (which also has a link to the submission form). 

Once the deadline has passed we will create an official artist list and post it on here on Monday! 

Below is a list of artists who have not replied back to us on whether or not if they are participating and/or have not sign up yet. 

*If you are not on this list and have signed up that means we have your confirmation :’)

If you are having troubles signing up/accessing the sign up form please let us know!