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I think you might have managed to make a verse sadder than Tolkien-verse with Puella Magi Khazad(?) ? Ori is going to bite Dori's head off and then Nori is going to sacrifice himself to take out witchform-Dwalin? Sorry, I may be overthinking this ( ≧Д≦)

:3 well, Thorin’s switching around timelines and isolating himself, Dori and Ori and their tea and cake flavored nightmare is rather tragic after all, and Nori and Dwalin go out in a bang…. afterwards it’s gonna be fine though, just without Bilbo >:3

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hewalds of bawldemar, ooooh, draw vanyel? : P : P : P

ding ding ding we have a winner

god, VANYEL. I barely remember that except for the fact that it was just unbearably heavy on the WOE

the arrows of the queen books are way lighter (up until the last one, christ) and therefore a more entertaining read for me. Oh, tell me more about her MAGICAL PSYCHIC PONY and how eeeeeverybody loves her!!! and everyone has basically the same personality!!!