ironfaerie  asked:

What never fails to make each fey boy laugh?

Puck: Any joke/prank at Ash’s, Rowan’s, Glitch’s, or Titania’s expense. Especially ones involving physical comedy, such as a well placed oil slick right at the foot of Titania’s throne.

Ash: Meghan’s face right before she has to sneeze. It’s earned him a couple good punches in the arm, but he just can’t help himself.

Glitch: Math jokes, or any type of worded math problem like “If Juan had 30 melons and gave Denise 7…” because that is the type of ultra-nerd he is.

Tertius: Tertius doesn’t laugh. He smiles, and occasionally snickers. Usually because of Glitch. Like the one time he caught Glitch doing very bad karaoke in the shower after working out. He snickered a lot then.

Rowan: Any type of bodily disaster he catches foolish humans accomplishing (i.e. trying to jump off a roof to land on a trampoline, skateboarding precariously down a rail, etc.). His favorite targets for observation are adolescent white males because they seem the most prone to life-threatening, bone-breaking tom-foolery.

Sage: The mere sight of a platypus is enough to make him walk out of the room. He wouldn’t dare laugh in public, but you catch him off guard with a platypus picture, and you may very well get a startled guffaw out of him. The only explanation he has ever given for this is, “Duckpup.”


Thank you to all who came to visit my booth at the 2016 Minnesota Renaissance Festival. I was happy to be a part of the fairy festival this year and hope to be there next year as well. For those who did not get a chance to visit with me, here is the dress I made. It’s my character’s dress from the painting. Yes, I was cosplaying my art. I had to teach myself to embroider to do the front panel. Shabrich found the enchanted gown for Elowen in a hidden passage of the old elven ruins beneath the forest, while she was busy brewing potions with the wizard she is apprentice to.


Pandaman - Collective Rhythm Nightmare…

Or Lizbet’s Rhythm Dream… where she can translate Pandaman… but he only tells people to give him money, making his friends uncomfortable!

Ok so… I really like the final image of the Citrus Remix… and this is based on the First Contact game.

I really liked doing the Lumbearjack piece… so I might do more of this if I can find a fitting game and characters

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feistyceltic  asked:

What do you think Sage's Wolf is named?

Personally, I think it’s Bane. As in “wolfsbane”. I actually named his wolf this in my Winter’s Wrath fan fiction, because referring to him as “Sage’s wolf” the entire time felt like a bad idea, and just boring in general. Meghan could get away with it in The Iron Daughter because they were only around for a few pages.

I hope this answers your question. =)