fefeta sprites

ROXY: my girl fefeta knows whats up
ROXY: she been around the d bag block a time or 2

Because of the whole alpha kid drama, Fefetasprite never speaks anything, but she does use a number of emotions. To simplify things, I grouped her double mouthed and single mouthed ones together, e.g. 38) is the same as 38)), since they have the same meaning.

She uses 21 emoticons or other utterances (the Z here) with 12 unique ones, giving an emoticon lexical density (a rough measure of emoji variety) of 57.1%. Each of them actually has a unique context and tone, and since there’s not that many of them, I’ve listed all of them with their environments below.

3833 < 3;3

Roxy asks for fist bump. This is strong camaraderie approval.

3833 < 38D

A response to Roxy’s suggestion to Jane on making a move on Jake. This is excited.

3833 < 38O

Roxy is dismayed that Jane doesn’t care if Jake dates anybody, and she replies with an ambiguous “I see.” This is surprise and dismay.

3833 < 38(

Jane is yelling at Roxy for being sober and giving irritating advice, Roxy tells her she shouldn’t say that and that she had a problem. This is disappointment and sadness.


Sleeping (duh)

3833 < 38\

Erisolprite greets Fefetasprite and acknowledges the awkwardness rudely. This is disappointment.

38?? < 38?

She is confused by Erisol’s statement that her words sound grossly pink.

38)) < 38)

She agrees on Erisol’s policy of “fuck Gamzee”.

3833 < 38o ARquiusprite addressed Fefeta and insults her and she’s worrying about what he’s going to say next. This is stunned and surprised.

38(( < 38\

ARquius is trying to say that he’s sorry for letting Nepeta die but the AR part says he was a jerk for being that bad. This is extreme disappointment and sadness.