An Eri<>Fef fanmix

Coverart: conniiption

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Track list:

sour candy - carly rae jespen (feat josh ramsay)

oh we went under / the weight was too much to carry and i felt the thunder/ mr. don’t look so scared / i never knew, i never knew/that I could be so sad/we went under

fooling myself - grace potter

lately i feel like i’m fooling myself/ either that or i’m fooling everyone else/ and lately i feel like a piece of my soul/ is hanging around for everyone to hold/ lately it’s hard just to let it all go/ but it’s going, going, gone right out my door

must get out - maroon 5

this is not goodbye she said/ it is just time for me to rest my head/ she does not walk she runs instead/ down these jagged streets and into my bed

born to die - lana del rey

don’t make me sad, don’t make me cry / sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough / i don’t know why / keep making me laugh/ let’s go get high / the road is long, we carry on / try to have fun in the meantime

not fair - lily allen

it’s not fair / and i think you’re really mean / i think you’re really mean / i think you’re really mean / oh, you’re supposed to care / but you never make me scream / you never make me scream

hypocrates - mariana and the diamonds

i know you only want to own me / and that’s the kind of love you show me / you tell me one thing and do another / keep all your secrets undercover

taxi cab - vampire weekend

unsentimental / driving around / sure of myself / sure of it now/ you stand this close to me / like the future was supposed to be / in the aisles of the grocery / in the blocks uptown

the letter - natalie merchant

but if I write this letter/ the truth it would reveal/ knowing you brought me pleasure/ how often i’ll treasure/ moments that we knew/ the precious and the few

snow - eridan feferi

‘—ERIDAN! Eridan, what is that?’ Feferi shrieked, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck, burrowing deeper to shield her eyes.

‘I’m… not sure.’ He admitted slowly, distracted by the feel of Feferi clinging to him. They were huddled together in his hive, protecting themselves from the chill of winter when all of a sudden white powder began raining from the sky, covering everything it touched.

‘S-should we touch it? Is it safe?’ She whispered to him, her breath warm on his cheek, her lips so close yet so far from his. He swallowed and forced himself to focus. He had to protect her no matter what, she was everything to him. His grip tightened on his crosshair as he gave her a reassuring smiling.

‘wwhy dont wwe check it out?’ Eridan offered, holding out a hand that she accepted with hesitation. They crept to the door and opened it a crack, feeling a frigid gust of winter air. Immediately he whipped off his cape and wrapped it around her slender shoulders. She argued and declined but eventually accepted it as they stepped outside together.

The white substance crunched beneath their feet, surprising them both.

‘It’s s-s-so cold!!!’ Feferi whimpered, wrapping the purple cape around her tightly. Despite the freezing temperatures Eridan still felt his heart warm at the sight of her. Her knees knocked together and he hurried to wrap an arm around her as they went out further. Curiousity taking over, she knelt to the ground and picked up a handful of fluffy cloud whiteness.

‘It melts in my hand!’ She cried with glee, watching as it turned into cold water in her palm. ‘It’s just water.’ The childish heiress giggled and made his heart beat twice as fast. He struggled to control himself as he approached her, smirking.

‘its comin from the sky you knoww and noww youre covvered in it.’ With a gentle smile he patted her cascade of charcoal hair, covered in specks of white. ‘you look like… an angel.’ He muttered, his face flushing.

‘W-wha…’ She blushed fuschia and looked away shyly. ‘Oh glub you! Quit teasing me like that!' 

'no fef i…’ Eridan began, then stopped just as suddenly. He wasn’t even scared of the wintry white rain, he had just wanted to hold her and tell her everything was going to okay. Couldn’t she see the way he pined for her like a fool?

God, he was such a coward. A hopelessly flushed coward.