feferi's ancestor


More bloodswap designs to my AU! Hope soon I’ll make another post with the rest of the trolls I decided to add to this story as well + full pics with the old ones I introduced long time ago ;v;

Forgot to mention that most of the desings are by @pinkcuttlefish <3

I’ve been wanting to draw a picture of these three together for a while now. .3.  This was before Karkat was silenced and exiled.  Imagine him saying something sassy/crude to the much more refined Eridan here while Feferi listens to him tease.


So like months after I drew the first nine I finally finished all my Beforus Ancestors! Karkat and Eridan’s designs already have pictures of their own in different styles, but I wanted everyone in the set to match.  Feferi had an entirely different design, but I didn’t like it so I gave her a new one.

[♈] The Auguress, [♏] the Cerebral and [♍] the Claviger.

[♌] The Finagler, [♐] the Penitent and [♉] the Exponent.

[♎] The Derelict, [♑] the Tranquil and [♓] the Reticent (old).

Masterpost of information on my Beforus Ancestors.

Another book parody cover!! This time a nonfiction book titled “Doomed Queens”. The cover was so intriguing that i couldn’t resist homestuckifying it, so here we are!!

Original cover (art by Kris Waldherr, unless I’m mistaken - she’s the author but also an artist): 


Her Imperial Radiance has been spotted seeking sunny climes and sunny hunnies!

The lucky lowblood has been identified as her royal adviser, the Archiver. Keep peeled for more reports from the cabana.

Beforus Ancestors at Colossalcon ‘15

Feferi Piexes / Sollux Captor / Photography

Karkat expected his friends would reject him for being a mutant, but it turned out all of them have some kind of mutation. For example, Sollux and Vriska have strange eyes, Eridan’s gills don’t work, Nepeta’s tail is real, Tavros is growing wing-buds like his ancestor, and Feferi’s trollishly-unusual niceness is caused by a hormone imbalance.

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Storytime: I do a mix every year of all my favorite songs from the last year. It’s not always complete; sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge to get it all to “flow” so I have to leave one song out and add something else instead. This year’s last minute “flow” addition was “Miss Jackson” by Panic! at the Disco and it’s entirely because of toastyhat’s little Eridan/Feferi(/Sollux) story tribute in here.

I had to rewatch it all just now cause I wanted to remember those super-expressive faces with the audio. And then — oops! — the whole rest of the thing made me cry again. (I’ve been emotional lately. Note yesterday’s Kyon/Yuki spam, oops!)

Specific feelings to note when I watch this:

  • omg the drawing of karkat’s hate for his past selves. poor dear, I want to hug his prickly awkward penguin self.
  • (I have to remember the “Falling” sequence as a flashback for my John-Dave(sprite)-Jade fic that is actually in progress thanks to 15 mins of downtime and a fresh notebook yesterday)
  • no really I love when Feferi is shown as the manipulator rather than just the cheerleader fish pun princess. (goddamn but I love her anyway.) ♓️😈
  • 1:38 can anybody else just picture Eridan’s wand winding smoke trails right in time to the “heyyyy”? Ditto with Sollux’s charging-up mind sparks a few seconds later. (and do not think for one MOMENT I missed the little <3 that accompanied Sollux’s KO.) :D
  • Gamzee’s EARS at 2:18. perfect goat
  • “Arms Race” is so frickin perfect for A6A6. jake + singing hallelujah. aranea + smirk. dirk + literal death glare. terezi + scarf + asskicking. all the things that pair well.
  • I didn’t get Meulin/Kurloz until this dance. It’s so joyous! But I also just love how toasty draws Meulin/Dessie/Disciple’s happy eyes :3
  • psii’s face at 3:49 where he’s like “HOPE!” followed by “…oh god what am I thinking, I can’t have hope” is heartrending.
  • midnight crew clash: here’s the part where I opened a reblog window because I’m like “even though they won’t know what’s going on, all my friends need to see this”
  • I start crying right about 5:11: the combo of Dolorosa and the ♋️ shackles. Troll Jegus is the best Jegus.
  • oh god here come the beta guardians, and I always skip this one because it makes me so sad. Highlight: Davesprite + Bro going into battle and I’m wrecked…

Uh-oh, I was going to conclude with “you guys I just really like Homestuck and if you are unfamiliar with anything other than basic sprites you can watch this for a feel of how emotional it gets, and even if it shows a few specific deaths, you totally won’t remember who’s killed by the time you get there” and ended up just blathering. Hi.

(Thanks for drawing all of those feelings, Toasty, if you see this!)