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can i have gam ramble on about genderfluid headcanons please? that'd be the best!

((a  aa a a a im legit crying this is the sweetest fkcing thing i have stumbled upon all day aaaa)) 

This just in, all of your faves are trans and genderfluid. All of them

But I love a TON of genderfluid headcanons? 

Before someone told me davepeta was nonbinary (wh ich im totally in love with and having nb davepeta makes my sibling feel valid which is the fkcing good) i thought davepeta was genderfluid? I love them. Just? So much. 

Also i love genderfluid Equius? Its kind of an oddball to some people for the headcanon but. Holy shit. 

aLSO GENDERFLUID NEPETA? IS THE GOOD a nd makes me feel valid. Equius validating Nepeta’s gender or them sharing the good gender tips together is s o fucking good. 

Jade and jane? Jade growing up on an island with bec and would kinda struggle at first? But jade still wearing skirts on whatever day and still feeling really valid about their gender. And Jane? The first human girl to wear the pants because that makes Jane feel valid as a genderfluid cute patoot. 

Feferi being the first occasional heir to the empire? And man maybe theres someone who isn’t okay with it at first but lives to learn with it because Feferi’s so full of life and  waves of hair or short hair feferi is what feferi says they are no matter what? 

GENDERFLUID DAVE who starts out just thinking hes trans but then has these days where he kinda feels agender like?? nothing at all. And at first he thinks hes imagining it and then theres this word for himself - a word that accurately represents what he is and a the good. 

Genderfluid Terezi?? who starts out just thinking that shes trans but then she has these days where shes actually not feminine? and thats okay because she can be whatever she is. 

GenderFLUI D ARADIA who Ta lKS to Tavros (w ho i pe rsonally hc as tr ans ok) about everything and generally just? trying to sort herself out but realizing that she has all the time in the world - she is made of time - and doesn’t need a label and eventally she hears the word from dave and its just? so her. 

Also the sprites? like Erisol, Vristav, Fefeta? Having days where they’re more one gender than the other. But fefeta tending to go between feminine and nonbinary and demigirl. 

Vristav is kinda dominantly one over the other but just because they’re one more often then the other doesn’t mean they’re any less genderfluid. 

Erisol being Nonbinary as hell or agender or demiguy as they go? 

i ALSO REALLY LOVE NONBINARY KANAYA but genderfluid kanaya is so good too holy shit. Desigining the same clothes for each different gender? Designing clothes for aradia, or others. 

Genderfluid John whos concept of “no homo” dies because hes not any one gender. Who learns with Dave about genders and what hes experiencing? 

Genderfluid Roxy who helps and kinda leads Jane? Because Roxy grew up on her own and learned what gender was and shes so excited that Jane is going on this road of self discovery and wants to do anything to help. 

Genderfluid JAKE who first learns from his grandma what genderfluid was bc his grandma was genderfluid? and its literally so okay for him to be whatever he is because his grandma is going to love him no matter what. 

Genderfluid Gamzee? Gamzee who loves to wear skirts even when they’re feeling masculine because clothes don’t have gender and gamzee can do what they want as a pure cinnamon roll

<3 Gam