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I should probably feel guilty for basking in a certain fandom's tears, but they were/are so gross about Laurel's death and Laurel/Katie in general that I don't feel one ounce of guilt.



I want to see them cry more tbh. Katie got on all of the shows.

Fefe is only a regular on Arrow.



1. K, but funnier doesn’t mean better. Nor is she funny, that’s a matter of an opinion. Her jokes are hypocritical and disgusting. She shouldn’t even joke about some stuff.

2. I’m sorry to break your bubble of Felicity is FAKE BATMAN’s bitch, not partner. Oracle fought alongside Batman, and Fefe fought along Fake Batman. There’s no comparison to that. Oh, and even if Oliver was like his comicbook part, BATMAN WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER THAN GREEN ARROW. Green Arrow will never compare to Batman, no offense. (Sorry to break it to you Amell (even tho you don’t even play Green Arrow)).


A. Oracle doesn’t need a Birds Of Prey, #youtried.

B.. At least Oracle doesn’t need Oliver Queen to actually be on the team. Felicity is only there for Oliver and left because of Oliver, that’s her only purpose on Team Arrow.

C. Oracle is a leader of a legendary badass female group in comic book history. What does Fefe have?

The fact that they say Felicity is better than Oracle/Batgirl! LIKE BITCH WHERE?

Yea, Felicity had gone through terrible stuff & I feel for her. However Laurel, Sara, Nyssa, & Thea had gone through 1000x times more pain than she ever did.

Besides the point, there is no way you can compare Oracle to Felicity. Felicity was shot and couldn’t walk for a month, but then randomly had a magical chip to make her walk. I’m not saying that Felicity shouldn’t have emotion & feel trauma due to this. I’m saying HOW THE HELL DOES THAT COMPARE TO ORACLE?

Oracle, Barbara Gordon, Batgirl. Barbara was stripped naked by the Joker & he took nude pictures of her in the Killing Joke. Her father was also chained up naked and was forced to see her sexually assaulted by the Joker. She was sexually assaulted & paralyzed too. She could never walk again & has to live with that trauma & abuse. But she remained strong & she remained true to herself. She still wanted to fight crime, no matter if it will not be on the streets, Her disability didn’t stop her from fighting crime.

As soon as Fefe/Olibur broke up, she left the team. Her reason for being on the team is for Oliver.

How the hell do these things compare?

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Paloma Ford - Jada 
Choreo by Diana Matos


🎶 NO ONE DOES IT BETTER THAN THE BIRDS OF PREY 🎶(after seeing Fefe in front on a Birds of Prey edit, I had to see these. I love how Laurel is always on the front)

Mingyu - Like a Ghost

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Title: Like a Ghost 

Paring: Mingyu x Reader

Words: 875 

Genre: Angst…. 

A/N This one get out to my friend Crissy who played along with my random group text that just said “pick a member and a word from the list.”

Based on Fefe Dobson’s song ‘Ghost.’ So, for full effect, at least I think, you should listen to the song as you read. Lyrics to her song in italics.

Just like a go-go-go-ghost / Watch me go-go-go-ghost

Dressed in all black you snuck into a high class event. Like a ninja you came in through roof, it was easy, all you had to do was avoid the cameras and it wasn’t like many people were even stationed.

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If SB focused more on Caitlin have a good storyline, then maybe they wouldn't be so upset about SB not having a "snowball's" chance in hell. AJK, Berlanti and Geoff Johns actually RESPECT the Flash mythos. Kevin Smith also respects the Flash mythos. This isn't Guggenheim Land. If they want to watch something in which producers constantly spit on a comic book and its history, Error is only one day away from the Flash.

Exactly. They’ve clearly stated that they were respecting the story of the comics instead of pimping out a character who wasn’t important at all like on Error (considering the fact that in the comics, Fefe is Ronnie’s stepmom. Idk how that came to be). Caitlin should have a storyline but they want her to have Iris’s, remember that idiotic uproar from 2x19? Glaringly obvious at that point that they didn’t care about her. Do they genuinely care what’s going to happen with her in FP? Nope. Once we see that Barry is with Iris, then they’re gonna be writing scathing posts on here about how Caitlin deserves better 😒🙄