garage sale moments
  • a little boy haggling for my pokemon cards & asking about my time in arizona
  • a young teen walking up all bored w/ her mom and then seeing my manga bins & yelling “YOU HAVE NARUTO” and sitting there boxing and reading them as her mom went to get cash for literally 50 fuckin volumes
  • she liked yuri on ice too!!!! i didnt have the heart to tell her my blog bc its so porny but we gushed together haha (i was sellin one of my viktor mugs and she was like !!!)
  • her face when i handed her witch hunter robin vol. 1 & my second copy of tekkonkinkreet for free. sweet ppl deserve good things
  • the old lady who came inside so i could show her how to thread/work a sewing machine haha she recorded me and it was the cutest thing
  • the ten people who showed up asking about video games only to drive away when they found out someone came before i was even open to buy em all (sorry ya’ll.. he was on it)
  • a longtime follower BEING THE SWEETEST BEAN IRL orz <33 
  • getting my period ofc
  • two cats came to browse :))
  • so did about 34 bees :((((
  • the feeling of closing the garage door after packing up

i need full body ricks bc i am convinced mysterious rick has this crop top thing but nobody else seems to draw it??? i also want the rolled up chinos/deck shoes combo most ricks dress like twats this one is no exception