a guide to studyblr!

hey guys! so i’ve decided to start a thing i like to call the studyblr guide! it’s meant to be a guide to the studyblr world for all! (see below)

it’s just started, but eventually, i’d love for this to become a sort of guide blog that people can turn to for help with anything studyblr, if that makes sense? 

it will hopefully include things like masterposts for things, advice, how to make those cool aesthetic posts or how to create a masterpost, etc., a studyblr dictionary (for studyblr terms), help for new studyblrs, inspiration, bujos, etc. 

so i’ve just started this thing, and i’m looking for help!

i’m looking for help with a lot of things, a few i’ve listed below!

  • maintaining the blog itself
  • creating masterposts / original content for the blog
  • help with various projects
    • studyblr dictionary: a dictionary for all studyblr terms and stuff, hopefully!
    • tracked tag: hopefully a list of tags that various blogs track
    • new studyblr: a what and how to guide for new studyblrs looking to get on their feet
    • new studyblr: a platform for people to see and find new studyblrs! (sort of a introduction for new studyblrs for all to see)
    • studyblrs: same as above but for all sorts of studyblrs, new and old, etc.
    • masterposts: help with the studyblr things like how to take nice photos, what type of posts to make, what things the studyblr community uses (stationery, bujos, etc.)
    • bujo masterposts
    • etc.

but anyways, if any of you are interested in helping, that would be absolutely amazing, you can shoot me an ask, message me, whatever!!! 

thanks guys!