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Ladies get these cute Ankle Socks on your feet this summer.
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This time it’s summer time! Today I give you 3 new, novelty socks brands that you probably don’t know, but they do something unique and genuinely funny.

I’ve been following these guys for a while now, but today I am feeling especially happy because we had a lot of lovely feedback over the past days from you guys.

So I decided to take the fun stuff and write about those novelty socks makers who do their thing a bit differently.I don’t know if you noticed, maybe if you go through 5000 different socks, like I do, you’ll also find, that even though novelty socks are unique, they often follow the same general patterns.

I realized a while ago, if I want to give you unexpected fresh patterns I should be doing my research either on small, country specific international sites or on Kickstarter.

More often than not, these two overlap. I have some very showy and luxurious brands on my list from India and South Africa, but today I will take you to good old Europe and present you 3 novelty socks brands that made me smile.

Don’t worry they all have worldwide shipping and if I tell you that now you can meet the first guy on Earth who sells a single sock, or for the first time you can experience the Slovenian – Italian – African – tribal – pop – graffiti design hope you’ll feel the warmth.

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With Tyler and Tyler we can get more of the English colorful socks sensation. We applied our usual quality and style measures, when we added Tyler and Tyler to our collections.

I am adding those socks brands to the site, that represent unique style, sometimes even a fresh and different class, and I want to pass my great findings to you, so that new and great socks become part of your life. This is the case for example with Gammarelli, Marcoliani, Corgi and of courseTyler and Tyler.

Some socks brands are great, because they have unique features or a few unique models that are worth a look.

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Why Hugo Boss socks are just in between?

You may think this is going to be an easy call. Let me tell you, Hugo Boss socks are a strange kind of animal and we really need to have a few wise words about them. 

Firstly you should know that I used Hugo Boss socks for several years during my consulting career. They are professional, look good and feel OK. So why is this not an easy case?

I had a lot of best in class stuff from Hugo Boss, however, I believe their socks are not the best of the market.There are way better business and dress socks out there. (see our best dress socks guide).

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The character of Swedish socksSwedish socks brand, HappySocks means a lot to me. It is the single closest alternative to the funky patterned socks I used to love so much when I was a kid. HappySocks make me feel the same way.

Thank God, HappySocks uses the best materials and Swedish designers made a big step forward from the smiling reindeer to sophisticated abstract patterns painted in the colors of the current season.

HappySocks has been around for a couple of years now. You can find them in retail stores around the world, while numerous online stores also keep stock of their funky goods.

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