Tal Tiod is a smol frog girl wizard in training. She is so very smol, a mere 3 feet.
Her favorite leisure activity is reading in the shade of a tree. She lives with her aunt Sil who she also apprentices under. Ever the helpful one, when she isn’t studying spells and helping her Aunt whip up potions she can be found helping out the citizens of her town with chores or odd jobs.

People holding onto man trying to commit suicide. This is in North West London, at the North Circular A41 roundabout. Some people had jumped in to stop him whilst others grabbed rope to tie and hold him in place until police arrived to save him. He was about to jump 25-30 feet onto a 3 lane 50 mph arterial carriage way during rush hour.

I love how everyone thinks bts are rich men who can buy every single Gucci product and doesn’t care if drinks spill on their $2000 suits when in reality jungkook ran away with jimin’s money faster than the flash and yoongi almost went into the ocean to save like $20 or $10

Cute One Line OTP Prompts:

1. “Don’t start a tickle fight when I’m supposed to be mad at you!”
3. “Did you seriously just wipe your popcorn fingers on me?”
4. “I said no more dogs, and what did you do?! GOT ANOTHER FREAKING DOG”
5. “Rainbow sprinkles? I asked for chocolate? Wtf”
6. “You don’t even know what this stuff means, you just say it to try to be cool. Ily? Rofl? Pbj?”
7. “I’m not playing Uno with you…not after you made me draw four.”
8. “I hope you choke on that watermelon seed”
9. “Next time you’re hungover, I’m not going to hold your head out of the toilet. I’m gonna let you drown.”
10. “I love you the most-est”

How to fall into little space in 5 easy steps

1 • take favorite blanket (preferably fuzzy), favorite socks (knee high/thigh highs work best), and (if you own any) favorite bottle/sippy/paci. Put all on body, including the blanket. Wrap up in that blanket
2 • turn on your favorite cartoon or Disney movie
3 • grab your favorite snack(s) from the kitchen, and put them in cute bowls. If you have one, fill your sippy/bottle with your favorite juice
4 • put pillows on the floor to sit on, and sit about 3-4 feet from the tv with your snacks We can’t hurt our eyes, now
5 • imagine what it would be like to be in the cartoon/movie you’re watching. As you watch, think of the main character(s) as yourself, and go on an adventure 💜


Local law enforcement officers have arrested some people who chose not to evacuate federal land near part of the Dakota Access Pipeline north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. Most protesters had left earlier. At dusk, police moved back, and said they would not enter the camp at that time.

The governor of North Dakota had set Wednesday as the

evacuation deadline

for the largest protest camp, which is on a flat area north of the Cannonball River. He cited flooding concerns.

Protesters supporting members of the Standing Rock Sioux, many of whom believe the pipeline’s route under a section of the Missouri River known as Lake Oahe will endanger drinking water, have been living on the land for six months or more. They have erected shelters and organized supply systems for food and water, even as winter brought freezing temperatures and feet of snow.

As the 3 p.m. ET deadline approached, some demonstrators prayed while others took down some shelters and set fire to things they were not carrying out. Rain falling on law enforcement and demonstrators turned to fat snowflakes.

“It looks like a trash pile. But it’s getting picked up and every spot is starting to look better and better as we work together,” Dotty Agard of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe told Amy Sisk of Inside Energy while sorting through abandoned goods.

“One man used a four-wheeler to help get a car out of the deep mud, and another person rode a snowmobile through the dirt,” The New York Times reported from the area. “Some semipermanent structures had been burned, apparently an effort to demolish them ahead of the deadline. A fire burned, black smoke rising in the cold air, while some people roamed the area.”

Protesters Leave Dakota Access Pipeline Area; Some Stay And Are Arrested

Photos: Angus Mordant for NPR


List of alleged extraterrestrial beings that have been reported in close encounters, claimed or speculated to be associated with “Unidentified flying objects.” (left to right)

1-Flatwoods Monster:  Tall humanoid with a spade-shaped head 

2-Hopkinsville goblin:  Small, greenish-silver humanoids.

3-Greys:  Grey-skinned humanoids, usually 3–4 feet tall, bald, with black almond-shaped eyes, nostrils without a nose, slits for mouths, no ears and 3-4 fingers including thumb. They have been the centre of quite a few cases of alleged alien contact over the years 

4-Little green men:  Diminutive green humanoids. Even though a few abduction or contact cases have referred to green skin no report has ever involved anything that would fit the classic cultural stereotype of “Little Green Men”. They are included here only for cultural reference.

5-Reptilians:  Tall, scaly humanoids.

6-Nordic aliens: Humanoids with stereotypical “Nordic features” (tall, blond hair, blue eyes) and have featured in several cases of contact



Carahunge, The Armenian Stonehenge

Carahunge (aka Zorats Karer, Karahunj, Quarahunj, Carenish or Armenian Stonehenge) is a prehistoric archaeological necropolis near the town of Sisian in the Syunik Province of Armenia that dates from the Middle Bronze Age to the Iron Age.

The name Carahunge is derived from two Armenian words: car (or kar) (Armenian: քար), meaning ‘stone’, and hunge or hoonch (Armenian: հունչ), meaning 'sound’. Thus the name Carahunge means 'Speaking Stones’.  This interpretation is related to the fact that the stones make whistling sounds on a windy day, presumably because of multiple reach-through holes bored under different angles into the stones in prehistoric times. About 80 of the stones feature a circular hole, although only 37 of the stones, with 47 holes, are still standing. They have been of interest to Russian and Armenian archaeoastronomers who have suggested that the standing stones could have been used for astronomical observation.

The site is rich with stone circles, burial cists and standing stones (menhirs). There are a total of 223 basalt stones. Their heights measured from above the ground range from 1.6 to 9.8 feet (0.5 to 3 m) and they weigh up to 10 tons.

*climbs out of trash can*
I just wanted to say that Matthew Daddario is a fucking blessing this man is so pure and unproblematic and literally has no clue what half of the slang we use means and thinks people who call themselves trash are actually not trash but are lovey and he wants to live on a farm with cows and loves to travel the world but he also loves his job so much and is the captain of the malec ship and will fight anyone who doesn’t think that malec is the best otp he also loves to talk about photosynthesis and how amazing peoples butts are and he never gives proper answers to any questions he’s asked because he thinks that he’s a clever little bean and he also wears green shirts for all the live chats he does because he made it a tradition and he can’t help but talk with his hands even though his friends make fun of him this man is literally 6'3 feet of pure bliss he loves to make people smile and wants everyone to love and support each other I just I mean when will your fav ever