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Raysun MD1 Multicopter Defender

An anti-drone/UAV device that interferes with the radio frequency of most if not all current conventional off the shelf drones. Effective range is about 1,100 meters (3,608 feet). It essentially tricks the drone into thinking it is now out of range of it’s operator and flies back home or crashes. The MD1 is apparently being used in Iraq to counter ISIS drones that are dropping bombs or delivering small weapon and ammo caches. Note the AR-15 style carry handle and collapsible stock. (GRH)


“Boo!” Your little girl woke the two of you up by shouting it as she ran into your room with her bed sheets dragging behind her on the floor and completely obscuring her little feet. Her first year trick or treating with the big kids had her wide awake until far past her bedtime last night and she refused to wear anything but her witch costume all day yesterday and today. When Luhan also put on some scar makeup to take her trick or treating, she started squealing in happiness and he had to pick her up to calm her down again. Holding her little pumpkin-shaped candy bag in one hand and Luhan’s hand in the other, she pulled him out the door into the cool evening, but not before looking back at you with a big grin. “Hurry up! Daddy said he knows all the best houses!” Luhan laughs at her enthusiasm - she got that from him - and holds out his open hand to you.

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Mobster Meme
  • Are you on FBI’s most wanted? Because you’re at the top of my list.
  • Well, looks like this is it.
  • You get the money, I’ll get the drugs, got it?
  • Are you’re free this Friday? Would you like to have dinner or do I have to murder your cat?
  • Don’t worry, the race is fixed, it’ll be fine.
  • Get out before you get yourself in too deep.
  • Baby you are so fine, I want to smuggle you to my private villa.
  • Do you have the money?
  • How hard can it be to kidnap one kid?
  • What do you have that we need?
  • I’m going to give you one piece of advice. Back off.
  • Huh. That feet-in-cement trick actually works.
  • You can be my Capo di tutti capi anytime.
  • Remember, you didn’t hear anything, and you didn’t see anything.
  • Lust is fleeting, True love lingers. Be mine always, And you’ll keep your fingers.
  • It’s not personal, it’s just business.
Dance Tip Of The Day:

You CAN improve your feet without buying expensive equipment. 

  • Take a tennis ball and continuously move it from the center of your foot to your toe with some pressure, to warm up your arch.
  • Thera bands can help strengthen your feet, and exercise them so that they pointe the right way. There are a lot of thera band tutorials on YouTube, that are helpful.
  • You can also stretch your feet by pushing them to the floor with your hands, and really pay attention to how you pointe them while dancing, and during ballet classes

Just because you weren’t born with beautiful arches does not mean that you’ll never have them. Really focus on fixing your feet and straightening your legs. Straight legs and great lines will make your feet look better, and can even draw attention away from them. But just like any other part of the body, DO NOT OVERSTRETCH YOUR FEET!

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A temporarily blind Astrid Drabble?

A/N: Holy heck. I am, so terribly sorry that this took me so long to put out!!! I found it and decided to rewrite it aaaand,,, Well, this was the result! I’m so sorry that it took me forever to post this, @aracanabraeks​!! :’)

(I think this one might be a little heavier than what I usually write? I’m not entirely sure, but I feel as if it’s necessary to note that it’s not super light and fluffy, or anything!)


 “Most of the hindrances that you and your friends cause me are generally… unseen. And as the saying goes–an eye for an eye, no?” He’d said. “You needn’t worry, however. I’ve decided to be merciful by letting you keep them, at the very least. How useful they’ll be to you is simply… undetermined.”

There was no ultimatum, no ulterior motive–Viggo wanted revenge for the Riders’ last stunt: the destruction of his marble stronghold. The entire purpose of kidnapping Astrid was for the sake of making a point. For the sake of getting even.

He made a formidable adversary, and part of that was due to the fact that he wasn’t afraid to employ tactics heavier on the… unscrupulous side… in order to get what he wanted.

The fact that he so casually brought the Scourge of Odin back down upon the Barbaric Archipelago was proof enough, but yet another one of methods he utilized revolved around the fact that prolonged and close-range exposure to an Armorwing’s flame resulted in (supposedly temporary) blindness–to both dragon and viking.

Such exposure was appropriately classified as torture.

…And in both cases of blatant inhumanity, Astrid was a victim without a choice.

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ALSO ALSO ALSO PROGRESS REPORT ON MY SHAY COSPLAY the face paints are gonna come in on the 26th and the tights are unclear but they should arrive in the next week!!!! im gonna find a way to make the hands bcs ive already made the little bumps + im using one of my moms old bras for the shoulders and im gonna use these white shoes i got to make the feet. the Trick Is for the hands i gotta find a way i can still move my fingers/use my tablet so im Probably gonna use cloth/stuffing to make them like a stuffed animal but!!!! im so fucking excited!!!!!!!! ill be the first ever (im Very Sure) to cosplay shay ::::0


Ahahaha! On an art role, I am. I’m mainly working on the HC book that’s ALMOST FUCKING FINISHED AW HELL YEAH, Bronycon prints, and commissions. But in between I like doing stuff for the hell of it, and this of course includes my series of headcanon sketchdumps! So, as per usual, here’s another one, this time of the Satyr. :3 I had tons of fun drawing this creature, so much so I’m surprised I didn’t draw more of them for the sketchdump. I probably will add a few later, but for now this will suffice.

So yeah. Let’s just go ahead and jump right into the headcanon, aye?

The Satyr is a part of of the Taurus family, the classification of the creatures that are seemingly half-primate/half-ungulate. This includes the Faun, the Centaur, and the Minotaur as well. The Satyr is more related to the Minotaur in terms of looks, and look like a cross between a goat or sheep and a monkey.


The Satyr is the smallest of the Taurus species, typically coming in at around 5ft tall for both sexes. Like all Taurus, they have long, powerful arms with fingers tipped with strong, sharp claws. They are leaner than the other Taurus species, but don’t let their small stature fool you. They are deceptively strong for their size, however their truth strength lies in just how nimble, agile, and fast they are, both on land and in the trees. Their tails are long and powerful, strong enough to support the entire weight of their body, and are prehensile; they act as a fifth extra limb to the Satyr, similar to that of a tree-dwelling monkey. Depending on the breed of Satyr, the creature’s coat can either be short and straight like a goat’s, or thick and curly like a sheep’s. Both sexes grow horns and the females do not have prominent breasts unless nursing young. Both sexes harbor long and sharp canines. The Satyr is both bipedal and quadrupedal, however Satyrs do favor running on all four, and moving around in the trees on all four.

Like their relatives in the Taurus family, the Satyr is omnivorous. However, they favor fruits, vegetables, and poultry over red meat. Due to the Satyr often taking to the trees, their favorite sort of poultry is often the type that can fly, especially pheasants, geese, and grouse. They love chicken too, though. Their hunting method often revolves around them stalking their prey similarly to a cat, and when the bird tries to fly they spring high into the air to catch it. The Satyr has an amazing vertical jump, able to leap more than 8 feet in the air without any prior running start. They almost always land on their feet, too.
Another hunting trick they like to utilize is ambush from the trees, which literally has them simply dropping from their perch and pouncing their prey of choice. This method is often used for bigger prey.

Of the species of Taurus, next to the Minotaur the Satyr is possibly the most dedicated when it comes to marriage and earning a mate. They’re also the most romantic. It’s common for courting satyrs to go out of their way and plan surprise after surprise for their mates, such as take them to secluded meadows with beautiful views of the lands, their favorite tree where the best foraging roots are grown, go out and hunt a special sort of bird or fish just for their mate’s meal, and so on. Minotaurs are known for being among the lowest of the divorce rate, but Satyrs are probably the species that has THE lowest divorce rate of all sapient species. That’d be impressive in itself, but Satyrs also are rated to be a species with one of the highest “genuinely happy” marriages. This is mostly because Satyrs aren’t necessarily looking for nothing but sex or a short fling. When searching for a mate, they look for someone they can be best friends with, then once they are best friends only then will they consider going on to be a couple. If a particular couple doesn’t work out, more often than not the Satyrs involved will remain good friends with one another. Basically, communication is among the Satyrs best traits.

A doe (or satyress) will typically have only one or two cubs at a time. The baby satyr can be referred to as “calf”, “cub”, “infant”, or “child”, and are born tiny, fluffy, defenseless, and unable to walk. Like the minotaur calf, however, they’re born strong enough to grip onto their parents’ fur so, if the parent has to, they can have their child upon their backs or to their chest without fear of them falling. That said, satyr parents will always use supports for their cub to make sure they really don’t fall off when they aren’t actively holding them.

The Satyr prefer to stay in one territory that have a vast amount of trees surrounding them. As such, villages, towns, and cities designed by satyrs are the stuff of legend, in which homes and populations are often built IN the trees and suspended in air (I’ll eventually draw what they tend to look like). Due this, their architecture and ancient ruins are often sought-after hot-spots for tourists. They are native to the small country of Taurus, but like all sapient species they’ve branched out to the entire world. The country, like Zebrica, is very tribe-like in orientation (in which there are many different tribes in the same country), however their government works somewhat like an oligarchy:

There is a “council” of sorts (referred to as the Council of the Holds) that is composed the leader and most trusted shaman/elder/representative of each individual “Hold” in Taurus (there are 15 holds in total). Each hold is under the rule of the Alpha (basically a king/queen/president) of Taurus, whom of which could be referred to as the “High Chief” of the country. The requirements to become the High Chief is that the Taur in question must be an experienced warrior and hunter, and must be at least 30 years old or older; the race of the Taur does not matter. Political experience isn’t necessarily needed to try to become the High Chief of Taurus, however it is preferred by those in the seats of the council.

Every four years, there is a huge, country-wide tournament held for those who wish to challenge the current Alpha for his/her seat as the High Chief. Only the best of the best will be able to get into said tournament, so in the year before the fourth year of a High Chief’s rule, there is are hold-local tournaments held, in which each Hold has their own competition to determine who will go to challenge the High Chief. These tournaments will determine the candidates’ hunting and battle skill, their ability to adapt, their ability to lead, and whether or not they follow the Code of Honor. Each hold’s tournament will send out two candidates (the winner of the tourney and the 2nd placer winner). This gives the final tournament 30 participates.

Once the candidates for the 4th Year Tourney has been chosen, they will train for the remainder of the time up until the final High Chief tournament begins. Once said tourney rolls around , 30 candidates will battle each other until there is only one who makes it to the final round. That round involves fighting the High Chief himself/herself. Whomever wins the duel will then be nominated High Chief of Taurus.

However, in the event that the current High Chief is less than satisfactory, those of the Council of the Holds are welcomed to challenge the High Chief to a duel for the title.

Aaaaand there ya go! Now with the Taurus species out of the way (I’ll probably come back with a mash-up sketchdump to show off different breeds of each species) I’ll be moving on to other ones, such as the much-asked-for dragons and another one I came up with recently, the Crystal Cats, a sapient race similar to Diamond Dogs only they’re feline. c: And of course other species as well. But ANYWAY. As always, feel free to ask any questions if you guys have any!  ^.^

So Complicated

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Summary: Growing up is hard, especially when you love your big brother’s best friend.  Dean Winchester is that best friend. He’s watched you grow up, let you tag along with him and Cas. Through the years, you develop a crush on Dean and that turns into love. Will Dean ever see you as more than Cas’s little sister?

Characters:  Dean Winchester, Reader Novak, (Will be eventual Dean x reader fic) Cas Novak

Word Count: 2835

Warnings: language, a little smut, pregnancy complications

A/N:This is part six of my new series Don’t Take the Girl.  I’m in the middle of a Dean Crisis! And this idea just popped into my head, it will be a 10 part series. The whole thing has already been outlined and titled, I will probably put up a chapter every couple of days. Okay the medical stuff is something that I googled, it isn’t mentioned in great deal yet, but it will be, so all mistakes will be mine.

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“Something’s wrong!” you shouted in between panting breaths. You knew it would hurt, but this was beyond hurt. “I-I-I can’t breath! Please!”

“Y/N, you need to calm down. This isn’t good for either of you. You’re going to hyperventilate, breathe slowly-” the doctor stopped when you grabbed her hand roughly. “I need to check you, I know you’ve been at this a while. Just relax for me for just a few minutes.”

Dean was clutching your hand, “Baby, just hold on, look at me! Y/N! Look at me! Focus on my breathing. In. Out. In. Out.”

Alarms began going off, “Y/N? Baby! Doc, something’s wrong!” Dean yelled, your body going limp.

The doctor stepped back up towards your head, taking her knuckles she started rubbing against your chest bone, “Y/N! Alright people, fetal heart rate is dropping and her pressure just bottomed out. Let’s move! O.R. 5 STAT!”

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The Prince & The Maiden

Semi-AU Loki Fan Fiction by Elfpunk

A/N: Ok. This is something I’ve been working on for a long time. Um.. it takes place before Thor and it’s chalked full of feels and shit so I hope you like it. It’s a little different than my normal stuff I think but I don’t know. It’s gonna be fairly long (over 34,000 words so YEY!) I’ve got it broken up pretty well… OK I’M GONNA QUIT STALLING! Here it is! *also just realized I have no paintings of Loki from Thor so… I will fix that*

Loki walked the large halls slowly. His eyes downcast as he shuffled his feet. First Thor ran off with Sif and the Warriors Three without inviting him again and then mother sent him away from his lessons because she and his father were expecting a “very interesting and important guest.” His mind perfectly mocked her voice making his lips curl slightly. He had already walked through the gardens, read a book in the library and frightened no less than three servants by making a horde of snakes appear in the middle of the kitchen. Yet the day wasn’t even half over. He let out a heavy sigh as another version of himself glistened into existence beside him.

“Pathetic…” He said aloud with a sad smirk as he looked upon his clone.

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Teen Wolf: He Finds Out You're A Hunter...

Derek: You decided that you had to tell your boyfriend the truth, it wasn’t fair to keep lying to him. Surprisingly, for Derek, he took it well. He went silent for a bit, contemplative, and then looked up at you, “Okay…but you’re not gonna try and stab me when I’m asleep or anything…right?” At that you laughed before replying, “Depends on how much you piss me off, I guess,” and then walking away…

Isaac: You had been keeping your past a secret from your boyfriend, Isaac. It was exactly that, your past, and you saw no need to complicate the new relationship by telling him that you used to kill his kind. It wasn’t until he was getting ready to do…something - you weren’t really sure what, but he went all Isaac on it anyway - that he found out. He was holding a pretty, serious piece of weaponry in completely the wrong way. “You do know you could blow someone’s head off, including your own, with just a slip of your finger, right?” you asked. “Oh, as if you could do it better…” he scoffed. You stood up and grabbed the firearm, showing him the correct way to hold it before walking away, leaving your boyfriend in shock…

Scott: He was so lucky that you were around, you saved his ass more times than you could count. It was slightly frustrating that he didn’t know it was you though, he only knew you as the quiet girl in the back of the class. When he was really in trouble, there was no time to conceal your identity and he was more than a little surprised to see you. You were a reformed hunter, killer turned guardian angel, and he had finally figured it out…

Stiles: You had been talking to Stiles all day as he had been kind enough to show you around on your first day. Neither of you realised the connection. You had had a bit of a run in with some local wolves last night, which Stiles had heard all about…but not from you. The aforementioned wolves were his best friends. It wasn’t until Isaac walked up to the two of you at lunch, causing you to stiffen immediately, and said, “What are you doing with her, Stiles? She’s the one Scott told you about. You know, the one who tried to kill us…”

Peter: He was…surprised, to say the least. He had seen you as weak and submissive but you quickly proved him wrong. “Well crap, I was actually starting to like you. You had to go and ruin it, though” he would say before lunging at you, claws out. You’d be far to quick on your feet for cheap tricks like that and before he knew it, you’d be nowhere in sight…

Aiden: Okay, so he may or may not have found a list in your car for your next arms order. To you, it was a regular shopping list, to him…not so much. If the ammo, heavy-duty guns and wolfsbane didn’t freak him out…the ingredients for a Molotov cocktail did. “What the hell is this?”… 


ChaRActers + First & Last appearance
Series edition, part I

  • Cold Feet
  • Ultimate Force
  • The Inspector Lynley Mysteries
  • The Golden Hour
  • The Vicar of Dibley
  • Inspector George Gently