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How Victoria's Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel Stays in Shape

Micro-Squat: “I like to focus on my thighs and bum, so I do a lot of squats,” Swanepoel says. Stand with feet together, arms extended, and squat, lowering two inches per count for three counts. Hold, then rise on a three count. Repeat, first with feet shoulder-width apart, then with feet together, then apart again. That’s one rep; do 10.

Leg Pulse: “The smaller the motions, the better the results,” Gelband says. Lie on left side, left arm bent under head, left leg extended, right leg perpendicular at hip. Use your glutes to pulse right leg up and down 20 times, moving it slightly toward left foot with each rep. Switch sides; repeat.

One-Two Punch: “When I punch, I use my arms and core,” Swanepoel says. Stand with feet hip-width apart, left leg just in front of right, fists at chin, elbows in. As you rotate and pivot right foot, punch right arm across body until arm is 75 percent extended. Return to start. Then throw a left hook by raising left elbow to shoulder height, arm bent 90 degrees, rotating through hips. Return to start; do 15 reps. Switch sides; repeat.


the fit ally's "give me wheels" workout

i love making up workouts for whatever im feeling like absolutely murdering that day. i did medium/high reps as im working on rebuilding my strength from my show (8-15 reps) but you can change reps based on if you want to lift heavier and lower reps!
biggest tip: wear your best booty shorts/pants. check yourself out. werk it

superset for 4 sets: leg press (feet wide apart) & leg press (feet close together)
4 sets hamstring curl machine (go slow, hold, and feel the BURN)
4 sets barbell hip thrusters (aka “the don’t make eye contact with anyone”)
4 sets hamstring curl machine (theyre what im working on for bikini, really tryna kill em)
4 sets barbell sumo squats
4 sets hamstring curl machine (lol)
4 sets walking lunges (take your time, don’t lock out your legs straight when you stand up. stay low. itll engage your muscles more. itll suck. a lot. keep going)

and stretch!