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Best Mistake - Part 4 - Smut

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,958
AN: This is the last part! I hope you enjoyed this! Thanks to my child @celestial-writing for being up my ass about this fic lmao. Love you.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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Hello :) If its possible do you think you could write something for Lucy, Levy, Erza, and Juvia (and possibly Mira) comparing baby bumps and talking about their babies?

All five of them being pregnant at the same time was a wild, hilarious concept to me. Hahahaha. Like, wow, all of them have been busy, I guess. I didn’t write Mira as pregnant but I did use her as my point of view and involve her in the antics. 

;The Size Of The Matter

‘It’s twins,’ Mira said, placing a tray laden with soft drinks on the table.

Levy gasped and shifted uncomfortably in her seat. ‘Don’t even say that.’

‘It is,’ she insisted. ‘You’re going to have twins.’

Levy rubbed a hand over her swollen belly and searched Mira’s gaze with large, fearful eyes. They’d recently had a conversation about how large Gajeel was and how big his babies might be. The thought of giving birth to something the size of a watermelon had resulted in Levy closing herself in the guild library and researching pain-free methods of childbirth. And then she’d cried. And laughed. And panicked until Gajeel wrestled the door open and promised her she’d be okay.

‘Twins would be cute,’ Lucy said. ‘I mean, you could have a boy and a girl. Either way, they’d be siblings. Wouldn’t that be nice?’

‘What do you want, Lucy?’ Mira asked.

Lucy smiled. ‘A girl, I think.’ Then her expression turned serious. ‘Natsu wants a boy, though. I think he wants to replicate what he had with Igneel. I don’t really mind, though.’

Mira’s heart fluttered at the memories of Natsu’s stories. He and Igneel had had a wonderful relationship. No matter the gender, she knew he’d be a wonderful, sweet father, though perhaps a little overenthusiastic at times. 

‘It’s hard to believe Juvia and Lucy are both five months along,’ Juvia said, easing her feet up onto the empty chair beside her.

‘I’m quite envious, too,’ Erza said, leaning across the table to stare at Lucy’s stomach. ‘Lucy’s stomach has barely grown at all.’

‘She doesn’t eat as much cake as you,’ Mira teased.

Erza shot Mira a warning glance, but Mira happily ignored it. 

‘It’s the baby,’ Erza said. ‘He or she has quite the sweet tooth.’

‘Erza,’ Lucy started, taking a sip from her glass, ‘didn’t you just find out you’re pregnant?’

All eyes slid to Erza. 

‘Yeah,’ Levy said. ‘How can you be jealous of Lucy’s stomach when you’re the smallest of us all?’

Erza offered a thin smile. ‘I just wanted to participate.’

‘Jellal is spoiling her already,’ Juvia swooned. ‘He brings sweets to the guild often.’

‘What about you?’ Lucy asked. ‘Gray brings you sweets too. Didn’t he carry you home yesterday?’

Juvia’s cheeks flushed. ‘That’s because Juvia’s feet keep swelling up.’

Mira glanced between the four of them. ‘Our guild is going to become rowdy, huh?’

Erza laughed at that. ‘What do you mean by that? Our guild is already rowdy.’

‘Agreed,’ Lucy said. ‘There have been more fights this past week than I can recall happening in the past.’

‘That’s because the boys are fighting over you ladies,’ Mira said, giving them a playful wink.

‘Fighting over us?’ Levy asked.

‘Yes.’ Mira brushed her hands on her apron. ‘Over whose belly will be the fattest.’

Lucy paled. ‘They what?’

‘Then Juvia will eat as much as she can to ensure Gray wins the fight!’ Juvia announced.

Levy grimaced. ‘I don’t want to get any bigger. I can barely stand up as it is.’

‘Lucy definitely won’t win,’ Erza noted. ‘I’m beginning to think there isn’t a baby in there at all.’

‘There is,’ Lucy insisted. ‘I was there for the making of said baby. Believe me, I know it’s in there.’

Mira laughed at Lucy’s honesty. 

‘I don’t want to give birth to a watermelon,’ Levy cried.

‘Aren’t you due in less than a week?’ Lucy asked her.

Levy burst into a fit of tears. 

As the girls dissolved into their nonsensical bickering, Mira shuffled away from the table, proud of her little antics, and happily resumed her place behind the bar. Peering out into the guild, she glanced at the faces of her loved ones, of her family, and smiled at the fond memories they brought.

‘Say, Master,’ she whispered, thoughts of Makarov seizing her heart in a tight and painful grip. ‘Please watch over Fairy Tail’s newest members when they arrive, as you watched over us before them.’

Best drinks in Town. [Smut]

A;N: Hello pretty people! I’m so sorry I have been gone (writing wise) for so long! Life’s been a bit hectic lately! However, I had this idea and I couldn’t get it out my head! Enjoy! xox

Pairing: Stuart TwomblyxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut.

Word count: 5,851

Listen to me.

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The Naked Truth

Written by: @peetaspikelets

Dialogue Prompt: this has got to be the strangest day of my life…(submitted by @xerxia31)

Rating: M (for nudity and language)

A/N: I need to thank Mr Pikelet for helping me bring this story to life. He brought ‘an event’ to my attention and after my initial shock and a bit of a giggle I thought I have to everlark this some how. 

A BIG thank you to my beta @sponsormusings for her amazing guidance, support and advice. I would be lost without you!


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the most important //n.h

Look! It’s more about Dad!Niall and little Maeve! I saw a prompt on my prompt list that sparked the inspiration for this and it’s a little short, but I’m just really excited to be writing again and I really hope you all like it! 

The hospital room was relatively calm.

You’d gotten less than four hours of blissful, quiet sleep in the calm room, the only noise coming from the heart monitor that you were required to wear and the whirring of the machines. Early in the evening, the room was chaotic. You were sitting up in the hospital bed with your knees pulled up to your chest and Niall by your side, chanting and cheering you on. He held one of your legs back and he coached you as you pushed, doing everything in your power to bring your baby into the world before midnight. And then the room was filled with tears and cheers, your little one measured and weighed and wrapped up in a soft white blanket before being passed onto you and Niall. You’d spent a good few moments with her resting on your chest after she was born, your nightie ruined and your cheeks wet with tears of joy and pride. She was absolutely beautiful.

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korealchemist  asked:

Hello and how are you doing? Could you do baby headcannons for Jack, Genji, Roadhog, and Reinhardt? Or if there s/o was pregnant? The sweeter the better please and thank you! (If it's too much, I understand! I'm sorry but I hope you have a good day!)

I’ll do prefall and postfall for Jack/soldier 76 bc I’m not sure which you would prefer. I had to take a break while writing reinhardts because i actually remembered the freaking ‘the due date was in 1993′ comic and was laughing so hard I couldn’t think.

Jack Morrison

  • Strict with regimen for your pregnancy
    • Micromanages every meal to ensure that you’re both healthy
    • Counts your calories, makes sure your taking your vitamins, ect.
  • You occasionally snap at him for being so overbearing
    • He’ll go buy sweets/cake for an apology
  • Will sneak out of boring meetings to be with you.
    • What they going to do, Fire him?
    • He’ll bring snacks and rub your belly
  • At night he’ll have you curl up into his side while he does paperwork
    • Pressing a kiss to your forehead once in a while
  • He’ll wake up before you just to gently stroke your belly
    • the baby kicked once while he was doing this and he excitedly starting cooing at it waking you up.
      • you felt like you were falling in love with him again at that sight.
  • When you go into labour he’s at a meeting he can’t get out of
    • Jack’s frothing at the mouth the entire time and when he finally gets out he runs to the hospital where you are.
    • He manages to get there before you give birth and bursts into the room with a distressed nurse scolding him
    • He holds your hand while you give the final push
    • Completely enamored as he holds the baby only letting go when you make him apologize to the nurse
  • Doesn’t want to be apart from the baby so he gets a baby carrier
    • Walks around the base giving lectures with a baby strapped to his chest
    • Though no one takes them seriously when he starts cooing at the baby

Soldier 76

  • Protective of you
    • he’s lost too much already to handle loosing either you or the child
    • He’s not as strict with what you eat as he would have pre-fall but he will do everything for you
    • After you get annoyed that you can’t even run the laundry without him gently pulling the clothes out of your arms you throw a little tantrum and go sulk in the dark bedroom
    • A few hours go by before he skulks back, mask off, and apologetic.
    • When he explains that he’s terrified something will happen to you, you feel like a bit of an ass 
    • He stops being so overbearing but will still step in when he can’t help it
  • Will just press his mask into your belly and talk to it whenever he feels like it
    • He just doesn’t care what others think anymore
  • When your feet are aching he’ll have you lay down, feet in his lap, as he massages them.
  • If you look the slightest bit cold he’ll cover you with his signature ‘76′ jacket
  • Your water breaks when the two of you are just watching a movie
    • He’s holding you in his lap and then suddenly everythings wet
    • He’s in immediately mission mode when the grimace of pain flashes across your face
    • Throwing your hospital bag around his shoulders he lifts you bridal style.
  • After getting to the hospital he holds your hand the entire time
    • he swears you would have broken it if he hadn’t been made into a super soldier
  • He looks so peaceful while holding your child, the first time he cried a little.
    • Something clicked inside of him, a sense of completeness


  • Enamored with your stomach
    • Spends every moment he can stroking and staring at it.
    • He’ll sing Japanese lullabies to it or just speak in Japanese
  • If he’s with you every moment he can
    • if he’s away on a mission he’ll have Zenyatta keep you company
    • Zenyatta is thrilled to be with both Genji and you during such an important time of your life
  • If you are feeling any aches anywhere Genji will immediately massage you
  • He cries when he wraps your haraobi for the first time around your stomach
  • Prays constantly for an healthy baby and an easy birth for you
    • even going to nearest Buddhist temple
  • Will run to the store at three in the morning for your cravings
    • even if they aren’t the healthiest
  • When your contractions start he panics
    • freezing up until you yell at him with pain in your voice
    • He then overreacts, nearly forgetting the hospital bag on the way out.
    • Zenyatta meets the two of you at the hospital and instructs Genji how to calm down when they kick him out
    • He manages to stay calm until he hears the a baby start to cry and fights his way into the room
    • Seeing you lying there, exhaustion painting every inch of your body, hold yours and his child in your arms he swears he has never seen anything so beautiful
    • Zenyatta enters to see Genji crying as he holds the baby, you awkwardly patting him on the back.
    • Genji hands the baby to Zenyatta who gently holds it, cooing about how beautiful life is.
  • Genji constantly speaks to the baby in Japanese, talking about whatever is on his mind. 
    • How the weather is or something funny that happened, it always ended with him telling the child how loved they were.


  • Dangerously protective of you (dangerous to other people)
    • Even going as far as to terrify the mailman for stopping to say hello
    • Only thing that stopped him from rigging the place with explosives was you pointing out that it could do more harm to you than the intruder
    • Junkrat was there with bombs and everything
  • In private he’s quite affectionate
    • More so than before you were pregnant
  • “Buys” you fifty pillows when you mention your back hurts too much to sleep at night.
    • Arranges them in a sort of nest for you to curl up into
  • You come home from grocery shopping to see that he turned one of the rooms into a nursery
    • Stuffed animals line the wall, in various animals (few than a more of them are pigs)
  • He refuses to let you into a hospital as he doesn’t trust them
    • to compromise you get a midwife
  • Near the end when you’re particularly swollen he just starts carrying you around everywhere
  • Your water breaks as your making dinner, with only enough mind to turn of the stove before calling for Roadhog
    • The midwife is called and you are laying on your nest of pillows, covered in a plastic sheet.
    • You crushed his hand as you panted, pain coursing through your body
    • With every pained groan he felt useless, hands itching to strangle someone 
    • With one last push the baby finally came and even Roadhog’s harden heart warmed at the sight of a tired you holding their child
  • He spends a little time with the two of you before he starts doing heists again
    • Refusing to have a picture of his family in case he was arrested, he tries to keep both of you out of trouble
  • He still visits whenever he can, careful not to lead anyone to you


  • As soon as you tell him he’s got names coming to mind.
    • He lists ten of them immediately and you good mannerly pat his hand.
  • When you start showing he just leans his head against the bump and gives a beaming grin
  • The two of you go on walks every morning, waddling with your growing stomach, as his hand encases yours entirely
  • Every night he wraps his arms around your waist and just lists more and more names
    • some of them get ridiculous and you’re certain that he’s just screwing with you
      •   He still insists that Nerthus is a name
  • You wake up one morning to see that he put together a crib while you were asleep, he stood there sheepishly saying that he wanted it to be a surprise
    • you were just surprised he managed to put it together without waking you
  • When your feet begin to swell he spends the whole day just pampering
    • Massaging your feet without the slightest thought
  • When your water breaks he just lifts you with one hand, the other holding your hospital bag
    • The entire time you were in labour he held your hand the entire time while you screamed
    • Several hours later, you were exhausted and just tiredly sighed that you couldn’t do this anymore
    • Reinhardt started a passionate speech, about the endurance of man and about how strong he knew you were
    • “I guess I can’t just keep this baby in there for years.”
    • When you finally push the baby out you cry in relief
    • After holding your screaming child for a bit you hand him off to Reinhardt, watching the way his hands hands completely covered the baby
  • He starts whispering, his normal voice making the baby cry with how loud he is
    • He is often seen just holding the child in his arms, gently cooing with one finger wiggling.

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pls tell me more about mpreg victuuri... yuuri's "so much eros it could make me pregnant" line has awoken something in me


Yuuri hates his pregnant body.  He’s due in the death throes of August, and it’s only mid-June now.  The Kyushu heat makes him feel like he’s boiling alive, make his feet swell and ache more than they ever did when he was throwing himself all over the ice seven days a week.  The baby feels so big now too, taking up all the space meant for things like Yuuri’s vital organs.  According to Victor, the baby is the size of a cantaloupe this week, and Yuuri believes him.  When they were setting up the crib yesterday, Yuuri sneezed three times in a row and proceeded to piss himself.  (Victor had laughed, but not unkindly, and got him a change of sweats and told him to go lay down on the couch and let Victor do “the rest of the work, you’re already doing so much,” with a kiss to his temple, which was not enough to distract Yuuri from how fucking embarrassing it was.)  Victor spends a stupid amount of money buying him designer  maternity clothes with soft, organic fabrics that are supposed to be super breathable and moisture wicking, and Yuuri still manages to sweat through them while laying in front of the tower fan in their living room cursing Japan’s cruel indifference to home air conditioning.  

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MobTale Sans with a pregnant SO headcanons?

He’s not going to let you do a thing. Once he finds out there’s a new member of the family on the way, you’re not gonna lift a muscle. (You might try to lift some muscles trying to pry him off you.)

He’s not likely to let you go easily and is always pulling you onto his lap.This is going to increase in frequency the further along you get–especially once the baby bump starts showing. 

You know that baby is going to have a 3-piece suit. 

Once your feet start swelling prepare for daily foot massages by master hands. He’s going to do his damnedest to make sure that you’re comfortable.

There is a loaded gun in your diaper bag in the near future. He just wants to make sure if anything happens you’re ready. 

You hardly go anywhere alone when pregnant so prepare for that. He has a lot of enemies. So does the family. 

Lots of belly kisses. 

He’s going to go to every appointment with you and hold your hand the entire time. 

He’s going to speak Italian to your belly. Even if you can’t understand it, you know that he’s saying the sweetest things.

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A definite yes to preggy TaeTae. He's such a cutie ♡♡

Ohhh i hope this is for the wolf au!! Im on mobile right now so please excuse any mistakes ill try to come back and edit them when i get on my laptop.


A pregnant Taehyung is actually a little bit of a mess. He’s still trying to figure out how to be an omega and now paired with being pregnant, its really not easy.

Especially because male wolf pregnancies are a lot harder and shorter than normal pregnancies. Male omegas go through body changes where their insides shift to be able to hold the pups and not only that, they also have to deal with shots and other medicine to help them make certain hormones needed to help their pups.

The beginning for Taehyung is especially hard. He gets these cramps that often leave him curled into a ball and whimpering until Yoongi comes back home from the studio and holds him. The first time it happens he’s actually really fucking scared something is wrong with him but is quickly assured by his doctor that its normal as its just his body preparing him.

Yoongi spends most of his nights cuddled up by Taehyung while he rubs his omegas stomach with a warming lotion.

When the cramps aren’t hitting him though its really nice. Of course his tummy takes some time to grow but that doesnt stop Yoongi from placing his face near Taehyungs stomach and talking to his unborn pups.

“Hey babies its daddy, take it wasy on your papa okay?”

Taehyung giggles and runs his fingers through Yoongi’s hair as he listens to his alpha. He’s a bit scared because his doctor has told him male omega can have up to five pups at a time but he knows no matter what Yoongi will be his support.

Taehyungs craving are actually funny too. He makes whatever member is with him at the time try anything he’s eating. Poor Jimin gets the worst of it as he’s extra protective over his best friend and spends the most time with him. One time Jimin is forced to try watermelon and peanutbutter and he almost cries while Taehyung happily eats.

He starts showing around the two month mark. It’s not super super noticeable but his shirts are starting to fit a bit tighter and his bump is viewable from the side. It makes the alpa in Yoongi growl with a new kind of possesiveness because those are HIS pups inside of HIS omega. He especially likes it when he catches Taehyung napping on their bed shirtless and cradling his tummy.

On the fourth doctors visit they find out they are expecting three pups! Taehyung is happy but a bit scared while Yoongi is grinning with pride because his omega is strong enough to give him that many pups on the first try. He spends more time than normal that night talking to his pups.

“One of you has to he an alpha okay? So you can keep your papa safe while I’m working on songs.”

When BTS is scheduled to have a comeback, Taehyung is already four months pregnant and heavily showing. He’s wadling around now and his feet swell more but that doesn’t stop him from going to practices and supporting his members even if he can’t really dance along. The pups tend to kick more whenever the members are practising one of the Cyphers and Taehyung giggles because obviously his babies have good taste.

There’s also a lot of baby bump pictures on twitter. Taehyung loves to post little videos of things on his belly so fans can see how the babies kick.

There are a few moments when Yoongi has to hold Taehyung as he sobs because his hormones are a mess and he’s read some mean comments online. Wolves arent a new thing to the public but male omegas that are pregnant are and that often gets haters. Eventually he just stops reading them and focusses on his supporters.

“Hey Yoonie, how long are omega typically pregnant?”

Yoongi’s in the middle of rubbing Taehyungs swollen feets when he pauses.

“Well its usually around six to seven months.”

Yoongi grins as he can smell the excitment coming from Taehyung. Soon they’ll be able to meet their babies!!

Around five months Yoongi notices that Taehyung has been smelling him more. Its not that noticeable really but he of coursw catches it right away. Taehyung is wearing his shirts more and holding to his face when he’s reading or watching anime. It makes him feel a type of way because he’s read omega only do that as a form of comfort. He pulls Taehyung into a hug so the omega can just bury his face into Yoongi’s neck instead and smell him better.

While it’s not really possible to be able to tell if the pups are going ro be alpha beta or omega until they are born, Yoongi and Taehyung are excited to find out one of their babies is for sure stronger than the others and might definitely be alpha.

Its not all pretty though. Yoongi sighs a bit as he’s cuddling with Taehyung in their sleep and he wakes up to a crying Taehyung and a wet spot on him. He already knows Taehyung must have had an accident as he is bigger now and its not as easy for him to get up when needes. He gently gets up and changes his omega and himself and the sheets and spends some time assuring Taehyung that its normal and no he’s not gross its all apart of being pregnant.

When Taehyung does go into labor its just a wild ride. He’s in the dorm alone because the members are at a music recording and he’s trying to relax in the bath tub when he feels a sudden pain. Its sharp and directly to his stomach and his instincts kick in right away. He reaches for his phone and calls his personal manager and with some help they get him to the hospital. As soon as Yoongi hears that Taehyung is in delivery he leaves the show without even taking his mic off.

The alphas heart breaks when he arrives to the hospital and sees that Taehyung is curled up in a ball on his side crying. The omega has an iv in his hand and other things connected to him and Yoongi waste no time going to his omega side and doing as best as he can to hold him through his pain.

When it’s actually time for Taehyung to deliver he has to have all the cords taken out so he can shift into his wolf form. After his shift its just a blur of crying and slick and whimpering.

The first pup is a male omega they name Sangmin. The second another male omega, this one though is special because his eyes are the same striking blue that Yoongi’s wolf are. They name him Sanghyuk. Finallt the hardest time Taehyung has is with their last child. It’s bigger than the rest and Taehyung has to take breaks because he just cant. Finally though, she comes out and wow a female alpha. They name her Sunmi.

(Well we finally have the pups! Let me know if you want me to continue life with the pups!)

That One Night Part Two H.S.

Part One HERE

Your palms were sweaty and your face went cold as Harry stopped you. His eyebrows were furrowed together as he stared at your belly and you could tell he was angry. You knew he was going to be which is exactly why you were trying to avoid him.

“What about?” you said, trying to be nonchalant. You began walking back towards your booth but Harry grabbed your arm, stopping you. People were beginning to stare, noticing the Harry Styles, and two girls eating lunch together began taking pictures. You felt embarrassed, so you tried to end the conversation as quickly as possible. “Look. We can talk later, okay?”

“Fine, but we’re having this conversation. Come by the Carlyle around 10:30 tonight. That’s where we’re staying for the next couple of days,” he told you, and walked away without another word. Your heart was pounding in your chest as you stood there for a moment, wondering if that actually just happened.

You walked back to your table and saw Liza standing up. She was grabbing her phone and handed you yours before saying, “Hey, I already paid, so we can go.”

You were very grateful to have Liza in situations like this. You kept your face down as you past Liam and Harry and didn’t say anything until you got to the car. Your heart was pounding so fast by the time you were outside that you felt like you were about to have a heart attack.

“I seriously hate you and love you Liza,” you said, once the two of you were driving. “Oh my god. What am I going to do? He wants me to go to his hotel after their concert to talk. He was so pissed Liza.”

“Well, you’re going to go and have a probably unpleasant conversation with him. It’s his kid. You know he’s going to want to be apart of he or she’s life.” She pulled into your driveway and parked. “I really don’t think it’s going to be that bad, and if it is terrible, I give you complete permission to punch me. I would come in, but I’ve got class in thirty. I think it will be fine though. What time do you need me to pick you up?”

“Um, I don’t know. He want’s me to be there at 10:30 tonight,” you told her, thanking her and grabbing your bags before walking inside.

You set your bags down and plopped down onto the couch, rubbing your growing belly. When did your life turn into such a mess? All you were supposed to be worrying about was getting to class on time and hanging out with friends, not going to doctor’s appointments and buying baby clothes.

You looked around your apartment and stared at the small baby bouncer that your mother had given you. It was the first baby item you had gotten and ever since then, things just continued to change. Laying back down on the couch, you turned on the t.v. for background noise, and stared at the ceiling.

You woke to the sound of your phone vibrating on the end table and you sat up, grabbing it. It was Liza calling you.

Hey! I just realized the time, and I’m on my way! I totally forgot that you don’t have a car to get to the hotel, and I figured it be better to get there before everyone is leaving the concert.

Your heart dropped as you looked at the clock. 9:45. “Okay, thanks Liza. I didn’t even think about it. I’ll see you in a few.” Your breathing became shallow as you stood up, panicking. After a momentary freakout, you grabbed the white dress that was loose and threw it on. It hid your baby bump a little better than the super small shirt you were wearing earlier.

Your feet were beginning to swell as well, another perk of pregnancy, so you put on your only comfortable pair of flats and waited for Liza to pick you up. Once she was here, you made your way downstairs and got in her car. It was silent as she drove you to the hotel. Once she was parked, she looked at you. “Hey, babe, don’t worry. It will be fine. Do you want me to wait here for you?”

You shook your head. “No, I don’t know how long it will take. I’ll just take the bus if it’s super late. I’ve got my bus card, so I’ll be fine.”

“No, just call me when you’re ready to leave. I’ll come even if it’s at three in the morning,” she said, giving your hand a small squeeze. You got out of the car and walked into the hotel, sitting down in the lounge area, waiting for Harry to get there. Feeling bored and out of place, you pulled out your phone to look like you had something to do.

Soon enough, screams could be heard and in walked the four boys with their massive body guards. You stood up, looking for Harry, but he was hidden well. Then, his head peaked up, looking around the room before he spotted you. He pushed past the guards and came over to you.

“Come on. Let’s go to my room so we can talk privately,” he said, grabbing your hand and pulling you along with him. The two of you were alone in the elevator, and to say it was awkward was an understatement. Neither of you said anything, the only sound in the room was the cheesy elevator music.

The elevator let out a chime! and opened the doors, letting you out into a narrow hallway. You followed Harry quietly as he led you to his room. He sat down on his bed and you sat down on the opposite one, staring down at your fingers. You weren’t really sure what was going to happen, but he broke the silence first.

“Is it mine?”

You were kind of insulted. It’s not like you slept with every guy you met once. “No Harry. But I really couldn’t tell you who the father is because I’m such a whore,” you responded, sarcasm seeping out of your voice. “Sleeping with you was a one time kind of thing. I don’t just sleep around, but really, thanks for thinking that.”

“Well, fuck. Why didn’t you tell me?” He wasn’t yelling, but he was definitely pissed. His hands were clenching and unclenching on his thighs.

“I don’t know. Maybe because I didn’t exactly have anyway to contact you,” you told him, rolling your eyes. He was acting like this was all your fault.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have snuck out and you’d have my number!”

“My fucking bad that I couldn’t predict the future!” You stood up and began pacing, a habit you had when you were mad. “This isn’t exactly easy for me, Harry! I wasn’t supposed to have a fucking baby right now! Especially not with you! I’m supposed to be in college, struggling to afford rent and eating ramen. Not wondering how I’m going to support a baby for the rest of my life!”

“I don’t know what you want me to do, Y/N. I have my whole career in front of me.”

His comment made you livid. As if you didn’t have a life waiting for you. As if you didn’t have dreams and goals. “I knew it was a mistake coming here. I didn’t tell you for a fucking reason, Harry. This is why! At least before I could pretend you’d be happy and excited.”

You grabbed your phone and began to walk out the door, but he stopped you.

“Why would I be happy that you got pregnant? This is a mistake and you know it.”

“It takes two to make a baby, but do you want to know the real difference between you and I? I am dealing with it. I am going to the doctor and I am buy the clothes and diapers and formula. You are running away. I thought you’d man up and at least offer to help.” You wanted to scream.

“How much did it cost? I can help with that.” he offered softly, trying to calm down.

“Oh my god! I don’t want your fucking money, Harry! I just wanted you to maybe be happy that you’re going to be a dad! You know everyone of your fans think you’d be the best dad ever, and it’s really disappointing to see that that’s not true.”

A few minutes of silence passed before he spoke next. “I want to be involved,” he told you, grabbing your hand and pulling you to sit next to him. “I just don’t know how involved I can be. But I’ll try!”

“I don’t know.” You didn’t know if you could handle a life of everyone knowing your business and having an opinion on it. But that was the life that came with Harry. You also weren’t sure how you could handle someone in your life one day, then disappearing for six months.

“You can’t keep me away from my own child. Just let me help the best I can,” he insisted. “Maybe we could be like a family or something?”

“Harry, do you even know my last name?” you asked, half joking. You’d only met once and slept together after that. It’s not like you knew each other at all.

“No, but let’s get to know each other. What do you say?” he smiled at you, this being the first time you’d seen his cute dimples the whole night. “Oh by the way, is it a boy or girl?”

“I don’t know yet. I have a doctor’s appointment in a couple of days to find out,” you told him. 

“Well, here’s my number,” he said, grabbing your phone, “so you can let me know the minute you do. I’ll come back as often as I can. I want to be here for you and our baby.” He paused and smiled, “So, what is your last name?”

You laughed and smiled, spending the next few hours getting to know each other. Maybe this could work, you thought, smiling at the father of your baby.

So there’s part two! I hope you guys enjoyed it and let me know if there’s anything you want me to write!


septimvsmalfoy  asked:

dreville + hospital au. 'cause i can't get enough of them :')

this is for the @slytherdornet and @hprarepairnet be mine challenge! it won’t be a complete au other than it just being after the war that obviously goes against canon. 

  • neville regularly checked into st. mungos after he to became an auror.
  • the war convinced him for awhile that being an auror to fight against injustices was a good idea.
  • but he realized quickly that was not his true path or natural calling.
  • especially after he talked more to healer malfoy about his passion with herbology. 
  • he was going to st. mungos so often that he became friends with draco. he was the one to who was always assigned to heal him. 
  • one day, neville was hit particularly bad with a jinx that was unheard of.
  • he was coughing up blood and his feet were swelling. he couldn’t breathe.
  • draco had to gather a team to help him because it was so bad.
  • as neville started choking, he made sure he focused on draco’s face.
  • if he was going to die, that was the last thing he wanted to see. 
  • “stay with me!” draco yelled frantically, “don’t you dare leave me, longbottom!”
  • neville tried to answer him and tell him he was still there, but he couldn’t speak.
  • he kept tasting his own blood.
  • until he suddenly wasn’t.
  • he watched as astoria greengrass wiped her brow and visibly relaxed. blood was no longer filling his mouth, and he noticed that his feet were back to normal size. 
  • “auror longbottom, are you alright?” she asked him.
  • neville felt slightly dazed, but he hoarsely answered, “yes, i’m okay now.”
  • he heard draco take a deep breath beside him, and it was then it realized that he was holding his hand.
  • neville’s eyes darted from their clasped hands to draco’s face, and draco turned scarlet, but he didn’t let go.
  • astoria gave them a knowing look and motioned the rest of her team out to let them be. she trusted  that draco could handle the rest; he had handled everything on his own before.
  • once they were alone, they were silent for a few moments.
  • neville wanted to apologize, but his throat was too dry.
  • draco realized what was wrong and conjured up a glass of water.
  • he handed it to neville and told him to drink.
  • he took the glass willingly.
  • as soon as he set down the glass, draco finally spoke.
  • “i can’t believe you keep doing this to me. do you realize you almost died?”
  • neville took a deep breath.
  • “i’m sorry. i’m going to resign, i promise.”
  • good. i don’t know what i would have done if i had lost you.
  • neville licked his lips and then asked the question that was nagging at him, “draco, we only talk when i come in for injuries. how would my death have upset you so much?”
  • draco blinked a few times, and he was clearly caught off guard.
  • he cleared his throat and let go of neville’s hand.
  • i-i don’t know. it just occurred to me how much i actually like you in my life, even if it is just for short bursts of time.” 
  • neville nodded and sat up in his hospital bed.
  • draco watched him move with a worried expression, but neville took his hand again to calm him.
  • “as i was choking, i only focused on your face. i wanted it to be the last thing i saw. i think that means something.”
  • draco’s face went from shocked to relieved.
  • he cleared his throat again and rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand.
  • “so, does this mean you want to, um, go out sometime?” draco asked nervously.
  • neville couldn’t help but smirk.
  • “is draco malfoy asking me out?”
  • draco rolled his eyes.
  • “don’t make me regret it, longbottom.”
Last Page. [Part One]

REQUEST: So that’s my first time asking a imagine. Excuse me If I forget something. Well…Can you do a fluffly Wonho’s scenarious that he is the teacher of her little son. She is also a single mom and have to leave her little boy in a darecarry School. The boy have around 2 or 3 years olds. Thank you even from now and I’m Sorry about y english. I’m not American só I try my best #fighting

Originally posted by jookyun

“You know, you were never a fussy baby” she gritted her teeth while she ran after her three-year-old son. The small pitter patters of his feet made her heart swell with love for her only child, but he was refusing to put his socks on and she was late for work as it is.

“but such a fussy chi- Noah!” she shouted impatient, “Get your backside back here right now” She rarely used her serious voice with him, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

“Please put your socks on, you’re late for your first day at day care” he stood still, he turned slowly and her heart melted on the spot.

“but mummy” he pouted, “I don’t want to, I want to stay with you” the quiver in his voice hurt her heart, but she had no choice.

“I’m sorry baby, but you have to. Mummy has to work now” he sniffled at her.

“Come on” she spoke quietly, he pouted while he dragged the socks over his feet.

“where are your shoes Noah?” Noah shrugged, pulling a face.

“Here they are!” She shouted, throwing her bag over her shoulder while putting the shoes on Noah.

“mummy, they’re on the wrong feet!” Noah clicked his feet together.

“It’s ok, we’ll be there in a few minutes and you’ll be wearing your slippers” Noah gripped her hand tightly, following her to the door, then to the car.

“I don’t want to go mummy” he fiddled with his jumper, she locked him into his car seat.

“You’ll love it as soon as you’re there Noah” she smoothed his hair down and straightened his collar, before closing the door.

She climbed into the front seat, throwing her bag onto the passenger seat.

“Ready Noah? Are you excited for your first day at day care?” She clapped her hands together childishly to appease the small child, but here merely shrugged.

“Grump” she muttered with a grin.

The drive there was quick, it was much faster than walking. Time wasn’t a luxury for her.

“Noah, we’re here” she jumped out of her car, slamming the door shut- abandoning her bag but thankfully and very gratefully remembered her keys.

“come on baby, we have to hurry.” She lifted Noah out of his seat, he unlocked it himself. She didn’t have time to worry over how he’d learned to do that as fast as he did.

“mummy, I don’t want to” she heard the quiver, reacting quickly before he started to ball his eyes out.

“hey hey baby” she wrapped her around him and picked him up.

“What’s wrong Noah?” he hid his head in the crook of her neck.

“I don’t want to mummy” he sniffled, you felt his hand move to wipe his eyes.

“What don’t you want to do?” her voice was gentle; she didn’t treat him like the child he was.

He may be young, three at that, but if he had something to say then she was going to let him say it.

“I don’t want to go to day care” his voice was stronger now, just as she was nearing the room where the children meet their teachers.

She out him down, kneeling in front of him.

“you know what mummy thinks?” she wiped the tears from his face.

“what?” Noah’s eyes drooped slightly, he was tired.

“I think that when mummy goes to work, and Mr. strong man here” she softly pinched his cheek to tease him, it earned her a small chuckle and a “mummm”

“Goes to day care like a big boy that he is, we will go out for dinner tonight? You can choose” she helped him out of his coat.

“really?!” his eyes lit up, it was so easy to bribe him, but at the same time- she wanted to treat him. She rarely got to lately.

“Mummy loves you very much Noah” she hugged him tightly when she saw two pair of legs behind her.

She looked up to see a handsome man, a man that looked like he should be a model out of a catalogue rather than a day care teacher.

“This must be Noah” the man’s voice was soft, gentle and careful. He knew that Noah was struggling to let go of his mum.

“You know what we’re doing as soon as well all get ready for class today?” The man squatted so he was just taller than Noah. He leaned and whispered into Noah’s ear.

Noah spun around and threw himself at his mum. “Bye mummy!” he planted a kiss on her cheek before speeding off into the class room, she saw him stuff his coat and his bag not so neatly into his cupboard. Kicking off his shoes, and slamming his feet into his slippers, then finally dashing into the classroom as fast as his feet could let him.

“Wow” she laughed lightly, moving the hair that had fallen in front of her face.

“I haven’t seen him run like that since his birthday” she commented playfully, happy from her sons delightful response.

“finger painting, it always works” The man scratched his head with a smile.

“I’m Mr. shin. But it’s easier for the little ones to call me Wonho” He offered his hand, she shook it lightly. His hand was soft, despite his obvious rough looking exterior.

He was built, muscles filling out his shirts perfectly. She knew that he knew she was looking at him like that, he chose not to comment which made her feel grateful beyond words.

“I’ll look after him, don’t worry” his voice sunk to a lower sweeter tone.

“thank you so much, I was worried about leaving him here” she reached for her phone as soon as it started to buss. The words ‘work’ made the adrenaline rush through her body.

“I’m really sorry, but I’m late as it is” she turned to leave, his chuckle tickled her ears.

“Oh, I almost forgot” she looked over her shoulder at him, “do you do after school clubs type of stuff?”

“yeah, we offer some extra curriculum activities” He smiled with teeth showing, wow.

“When are they?” she tilted her body towards him now.

“Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays usually. Would you like me to sign Noah up for them?” He knew what her train of thought was, he could hear the incessant buzzing of her phone.

“Would that be possible? I’ll be here to pick him up at three, as promised” She smiled, turning to leave.

“Thank you so much Wonh- I mean Mr. Shin” she mentally face palmed herself.

Hoseok shook his head to himself with a smile, she was a character.


He knew from the moment she came in with a crying child that she was a little different from the other parents that he’s dealt with. An obvious single parent.

There was nothing wrong with being a single parent, single parents are some of the strongest people that a person could meet in their life time. He might just have met his match.

She sat the boy down. He was watching from afar, watching her. She spoke to the boy as if he was older than six, calming and soothing his tears warmly and no harsh voices. She was gentle.

Hoseok walked towards them, keeping his feet light not to interrupt the two of them.

“mummy loves you very much Noah” he heard the small quiver in her voice, the boy didn’t hear it.

“This must be Noah!” he stood in front of the just stopped crying child.

He kneeled and whispered to the boy, “Finger painting! It’s messy and fun, would you like to go play and make some friends so mummy can go to work?” he saw the gleam of light shine through the boy and he spun around to face his mum.

He saw the look of shock and happiness all over her face, it was nice to see. He could see that she didn’t smile often, not unless it was Noah.

Her child was the sole of her life; he knew that straight away. The conversation with her after that was brief, it was her laugh that tickled his ears slightly. Unusual.

“I’m Mr. shin. But it’s easier for the little ones to call me Wonho” Hoseok offered his hand to her, she didn’t introduce herself- she was too distracted looking him over. He knew this too well, most of them women that find out he’s their child’s teacher does this, he was used to it.

But the intensity of her stare was something he wasn’t used to, he didn’t see the lust or the look of want over her face. He didn’t know exactly what it was.

She hurriedly changed the topic, with a blush dusting over her cheeks. Hoseok knew that by not mentioning her look over had kept her a few years of her life.

“I’ll look after him, don’t worry” Hoseok couldn’t help the lowering of his voice, he didn’t see any change in her demeanour other than relief over her child.

“thank you so much, I was worried about leaving him here” It was Noah’s first day at any sort of day care, so this must mean that it’s her first day of work again. It was just an assumption; it was wrong to assume since he didn’t know anything about this woman.

He heard the buzzing of her phone before she did, he knew the rush she was feeling. The feeling that she knows she must leave, but doesn’t feel that comfortable leaving Noah.

“I’m really sorry, but I’m late as it is” there it was, he smiled at her. The rush was relatable.

The moments after this, her asking about after day care activities. He expected it, but at the same time he couldn’t say no to a woman who had desperation written in her eyes. She needed this.

“Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays” they didn’t do any extra stuff for day care. He would have to figure something out; he was just thankful that she didn’t need it that day.

“Thank you so much Wonh- I mean Mr. Shin” He had to hide his grin, he also her flinch at her own poor choice of words.

He knew one thing when she turned to leave again, he wanted to know this woman. Wanted to know her story, he wanted to know Noah. The small child with a smile brighter than his own- he wanted her to call him Hoseok.

But step by step, he decided that taking things slowly was the best opportunity.

He liked her.


Spencer Reid: “You’re pregnant.”

Jennifer Jareau: “Oh, man, Garcia told you?”

Spencer Reid: “Nope. You’re drinking decaf coffee, which you only do in the afternoon. You’re wearing an empire waist dress and loose shoes, cause you’re feet are already swelling. I’d put you at nine, maybe ten weeks.”

Jennifer Jareau: “My goodness, you’re observant.”

Spencer Reid: “Yes, I am. Yes, I am.”

#146 - For anonymous x3

Filling the prompts “a fluffy fic where the reader is nervous about getting undressed around Van because of their old self harm scars and just Van being comforting about it?” and “Being pregnant and uncomfortable in your skin and Van reassuring you/being a sweetheart” and “a fic about trying for a baby with van for ages and it never succeeds until about a year later and you’re both over the moon and he’s picking out baby clothes and helping you with everything being super protective and so on”

Warning: The fic contains discussion of self-harm, and imagery of cutting and scars.

Note: Another one in which I’ve tried something a little different with structure and style. Specific feedback would be really appreciated. 

One: Scars.

Cut to rays of sunshine warming skin. Fluffy dust particles floating through the air. Hands reaching out to try to catch them. Unsuccessful. Cut to lazy kisses. Teeth knocking against each other. Lukewarm tea. A boy in black, full of love. Cut to romance and dates and happy parents. Jump straight to that part of the story. Nevermind the years before. The prologue. Long and painful. Images of red dripping to the bathroom floor. Seeping through clothes in lines. Ignore all of that. Doctors. Psychologists. Medication. Late nights. Healing skin. Doesn’t matter. Cut to Van McCann. Human perfection. In love and loved. That’s where the good bits are.

By the time Van walked into your life in a cloud of music and dope and warmth, you were well on your way to recovery. You’d told him about before, about the depression. He was good and understood and didn’t say stupid shit like ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ Instead, he just listened and asked if there was anything he needed to do to keep you safe and happy. You told him he was already doing it.

A drunk night out reached its pinnacle in your bedroom. His hands were under your shirt, and you were undressing him as fast as you could. Then, as his hands brushed over your thigh, you sprung apart from him. You moved with such force you threw yourself against your wardrobe and felt the handle jab into your back. Van looked at you with confusion. 


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anonymous asked:

was wondering if you could write something fluffy with 2D's s/o getting pregnant, but she really really doesn't want a child bc she has tokophobia? sorry if it's kinda shit just never seen this prompt used before xx

it’s okay! everybody’s ideas are important and interesting in their own way.


  • He’s nervous for the baby, but he’s even more nervous for you in particular.
  • You’re scared senseless, making your boyfriend scared as well.
  • Having a kid seems like a lot of responsibility, plus your body will definitely change, you’ll gain weight, giving birth hurts, your feet will swell up, you might have a miscarriage, Stu not might want you as a girlfriend anymore…
  • Right away, after your first panic attack from the situation, Stu manages to calm you down.
  • He wasn’t ready for a family years ago… But he is definitely ready now. If you don’t know about his past experiences with kids, of course he’s not going to tell you now… It’ll just make you more nervous than you were before!
  • He tries to reassure you that everything will be okay, and that he is here for you right now. Nothing can change his mind, not now, not ever.
  • This is a huge statement plus commitment, which makes you feel better.
  • Even though you feel like you’re about to freak out or break into tears throughout every day, you’re beautiful, blue boyfriend helps ease the tension in any way he can.
  • “Hey, (y/n), how does this crib look? Is it baby-worthy? What about this onesie- or, ohh! This is a cute one! It has a lion stitched into the patoot, see?
  • He always manages to make you smile, even when you feel like you’re about to pass out.
  • Rise: You’re pregnant.
  • Naoto: Oh man, Yukiko told you?
  • Rise: Nope. You’re drinking decaf coffee, which you usually only do in the afternoon, you’re wearing an empire-waist dress and loose shoes ‘cause your feet are already swelling. I’d put you at nine, maybe ten weeks.
  • Kanji: Jeez, you’re observant.
  • Rise: Yes, I am. Yes, I am. By the way, when did you make the switch to boxer briefs?
  • Kanji: Yesterday...

Chibs’ old lady is pregnant and almost looses the baby for anon!


Being six months pregnant has its pros and cons. For one, you’re so much closer to seeing your baby and that’s a delightful thought. The fact that you’re pregnant also has Filip home much more than he used to be, Jax being lenient on their V.P. for his pregnant old lady.

The cons? The mood swings, constant morning sickness or nausea, cravings, and you’re hitting the stage where your feet start to swell.

When Chibs isn’t able to be at your side, he has one of the other boys go wherever with you. And today, that means you have RatBoy tailing you to the grocery store to buy some foods to curve your cravings.

Once you’ve picked up the many things you know you don’t need but want, you stand in line patiently. There’s a male stood behind you and RatBoy who’s obviously agitated at how slow the line is moving, seeming to have somewhere more important to be.

It’s your turn to be checked out and you carefully place our items from your buggy onto the conveyer belt, taking your times which in turn aggravates the male behind you two even more. You hear several huffs and mumbles of anger. “Can you hurry it up?” The male snaps and you’re taken aback by his rudeness. Your belly bump is visible under your tight shirt, and it’s crazy how this male would dare be rude to a woman who’s got a man wearing the Reaper with her.

“Can you be patient? She’s pregnant and being careful.” RatBoy tries defending you, his hand reaching for the gun in his back waistband. The male doesn’t notice what he’s reaching for, shoving RatBoy into the cart, sending the cart against your swollen belly.

There’s a rush of pain through your stomach and your eyes widen, clutching tightly at the edge of the conveyer belt as a manager rushes to your side, demanding for the cashier to call an ambulance.

RatBoy swings at the male, taking him down with several punches, a few guys from the crowd having to haul him away. All the while, you’re watching blood seep through your jeans from between your thighs, your body racking with soft cries. You can’t lose this baby you and Filip have worked so hard in for the past two years now.

You don’t hear the ambulance sirens until paramedics are rushing you off on a stretcher, RatBoy tailing behind the ambulance.

When they make it to the hospital, nurses demand RatBoy stay in the waiting room and to contact Chibs in which he does, nervously pacing the waiting room between chairs.

“‘Ello?” Chibs answers, RatBoy making a noise and running a hand through his hair. “It’s Y/N. She’s been rushed to the hospital.” RatBoy gets out, hearing Chibs moving around on the other end. “Is she okay? Boys, hospital!” Chibs yells. “She was bleeding, Chibs. She might lose the baby.” RatBoy states and Chibs hangs up immediately.

It doesn’t take but ten minutes for most of the guys to show up at the hospital, Chibs grabbing RatBoy by his shoulders roughly. “What happened, boy?” Chibs snaps, RatBoy breathing heavily.

“She wanted to go grocery shopping. I went with her. Some guy was mad she was taking too long in line. Shoved me, I hit the cart and it hit her.” RatBoy breathes out and Chibs throws him back against the wall, Jax grabbing his shoulder and pulling him back. “Chibs!” He exclaims.

Chibs looks to RatBoy, pointing an angrily shaking finger at him. “That baby better live.” He breathes and RatBoy gulps thickly, looking away from Chibs. Jax guides Chibs to a seat, settling him down and sighing. “We just have to wait for doctors.” Jax murmurs, getting a huff in return.


Your doctor emerges thirty minutes later once they find the source of bleeding and determine that the baby will be just fine. Chibs is the first to stand at the sight of your doctor. “Is she okay, doc? How’s the baby?” He asks immediately and the doctor nods with a smile. “She and the baby are fine. Some minor bleeding we managed to stop. And your baby girl is just fine.” The doctor says, Chibs letting out a thankful breath.

“She’s asking for you, Filip. Better go see her. She needs you right now.” He says, Chibs nodding in agreement. Looking around at all of the guys before heading off, Filip is at your side in seconds, lips pressing to your forehead.

You grasp tightly at his hand, pulling him down to kiss him gently. “I was so scared I’d lost our baby, Filip.” You whisper and he just shakes his head, moving to rest a hand on the swollen bump of your stomach, smoothing over it gently. “You didn’t. Our baby girl is just fine, lass.” He whispers, nuzzling your cheek with his nose. “He’s just fine.” He breathes and you relax into his touch.

“Don’t worry about the man at the store. The boys will take care of ‘im.” He adds quietly.

anonymous asked:

Prompt: A very hot summer day!

I don’t have to work this week - so I’m still taking Caryl prompts :)

“Can I have another popsicle?“


“Can we put more water in the pool?”


“Can Carl stay here overnight?”


“Can we order pizza for dinner?”


“Can we stay up late and watch a movie?”


“You’re the best,” Sophia declares, clapping her hands together and bouncing back towards the little wading pool he put up earlier. Daryl only peeks at her for a second – soaked strands of blonde hair peeking out beneath her sun hat, the pink frill on her unicorn bathing suit looking just as ridiculous as it always does. He closes his eyes again, the sun too bright, painting the usual blackness behind his lids a deep red.

He’s melting into this damn chair and all the ice in his glass has melted forever ago.


The soft sound of Carol’s voice behind him startles Daryl a little. He hadn’t heard her stepping outside, the wooden planks of their deck usually giving away every damn squirrel that races across it. “Hmm?” he hums, not bothering to turn around. That’s too exhausting to do in this scorching heat, anyway.

It’s the hottest summer they’ve had in years, and he bloody well can’t even sleep anymore. It doesn’t matter that they yank the windows open all night, the breeze that floats inside their bedroom is just as warm.

“Are you even listening to what she’s asking you?”

“What?” It takes him a moment to process her question – a smile evident in the tone of her voice. But when his brain does catch up with his ears, he can feel his cheeks flushing an even deeper red than they already are. “Oh. Yeah,” he stutters, clearing his throat. “No. ’s too hot.” His complaint isn’t really a valid excuse and he turns his head to face Carol and the shame he feels. This isn’t the first time he let her little girl get away with too much – he’d never thought he’d suck so much at saying no. “No idea how ya get anythi-” His awe of Carol’s unfazed productivity in the face of this heat wave turns to ash on his dry tongue when he takes in the sight of her. “The hell’s that?”

The kids’ laughter and the splash of water mingles with the sudden rush of his blood in his ears and Daryl swallows. Carol only smirks at him, devious and knowing exactly what she’s doing when she trails her hand down over her shirt and to the jeans shorts she’s wearing – ending just under the swell of her ass and granting him a world class view of her thighs. They’re still creamy and pale, even though she’s tried to get some color.

“Do you like it?” she asks, tilting her hips to the side. All he does is stare, his eyes roaming from her bare feet up to the swell of her hips, and he can’t stop his tongue from tracing his chapped, dry bottom lip. Carol chuckles at that, taking a few steps closer and leaning down enough to grant him a not-so-unintentional peak at the swell of her breast. They nearly spill out of her bikini top when she leans down, her face just a few inches away from his own. “I’ll take that as a yes,” she whispers, the hoarse sound of her voice sending a shiver down Daryl’s spine. “Now, I’m going to fix the mess you made.” She nods towards the children, noisy and wild and oblivious. “Or do you really want two kids keeping us up all night?”

Carol lingers for a moment, making the intention behind her question very, very clear. Daryl swallows, eyes flickering down into the dip of her shirt one more time before looking into her eyes. “Hell, no.”

The corner of her mouth twitches into a half-smile – perfect and pink and fuck does he want to kiss her right now. “Didn’t think so.” She winks at him with no shame, turning around and making her way across the lawn.

His eyes don’t stray from the round of her ass, the denim clinging to her, and suddenly he doesn’t mind the heat all that much anymore.

Mama Bear : Part five of Exclusive

Originally posted by lovegoods

Mama Bear – Part 5 of Exclusive

Words: 4953 (This is a biggie!)

Warnings: Labour,
                  Embarrassing period stories
                  Reader and Jax being little shits,
                  Tig and Chibs home invasion
                  Soppy ending


Happy x Reader

Part one: Exclusive
Part two: Official
Part three: Old Lady
Part four: Wife

The garage was a very boring place to be when you were banned from doing any work what-so-ever. Happy didn’t even let you drive yourself here, either he’d drive you in the truck or one of the guys would pick you up where you’d be forced to spend all day around the garage but god forbid you pick up a wrench or any paper work.

With one month to go before the big drop, as Tig had been calling it, your stomach looked like you’d swallowed a beach ball and you found yourself sat down most of the time because your feet had swelled too much for you to be suborn enough to be on them all day.

Your hormones were everywhere, Happy had been freaked out from coming out of the shower a few days ago to find you crying while watching Extreme Couponing. He sat down next to you and wrapped you in his arms while placing his large warm hands over your belly. He loved feeling the baby kick. The baby who you’d been calling blob since you’d decided not to know the sex.

You sighed and rolled onto your back on Happy’s dorm room bed.
You were in timeout until Happy came back from picking up a broken down car. You did deserve it. After months of the Sons stomping on your last, very hormonal, nerve you’d decided to get payback.

You’d recruited Jax to help you with your plan and when the boys were surrounding you both on the couches in the clubhouse you’d asked the blonde to help you up and had discreetly tipped your water bottle down the front of your maternity jeans.

The guys freaked out instantly and in five minutes you had Chibs holding your wrist counting your heartbeats and Tig and Bobby appeared with two separate bags full of stuff for the hospital. Jax who had been rubbing your back and telling you to breathe broke first and burst out laughing while clinging to you.
“Where the fuck did you get those bags?” Jax laughed.
“Happy’s been hiding them all over the place, he’s got about six in case I go into labour all of a sudden.” You laughed leaned against Jax.
“You bitches.” Tig growled out and he and Bobby dropped the bags they were holding. To say they were mad was an understatement.

Jax lay next to you on the bed, he’d also been put in ‘time out’, he rested his head back on his arms and let out a small chuckle, “You know, I think they’re just mad that we got them so bad.”
You giggled, “Did you see their faces?”
“Yeah but your Old Man is gonna kill me when he finds out.” He sat up so that he could light a smoke.
“You’ll be fine, hide behind me and your mum, I’m pregnant and they’re all scared of her.” You laughed as he nodded in agreement.
You didn’t have to wait long, Happy’s dorm room door swung open as you and Jax had settled into watching The Beauty and the Beast on the dingy small tv. Happy and Gemma stood in the doorway watching you both with curious expressions.
“So I hear you two had an interesting afternoon?”  Gemma asked in that all knowing way of hers.
“Oh shit.” Jax mumbled though you could hear the humour in his voice.
“Well what do you have to say for yourselves?” Happy asked and folded his arms across his chest.
“I didn’t expect him to bring backup, you’re on your own blondie.” You laughed and nudged Jax playfully and got up to cuddle into Happy’s side after he moved his arms for you.
“You’ve got your dad voice down there Hap.” Jax offered with a lopsided grin.

You clung to Happy and leaned so that you were both slightly out of the doorway, “Quick Jax, why he’s distracted by your flattery.”
Jax jumped up and ran by you both, he slapped Happy’s arm playfully as he passed and laughed the whole way down the corridor with Gemma on his heels.
Happy’s hands found your stomach and you let yours fall on his shoulders, “Pretending to have the baby?”
“They’ve really been getting on my nerves Hap.” You pouted and he fixed you with an almost stern look.
“You know this baby is going to have the most handsome Dad in all of Charming.” You smiled and kissed his cheek and he gave you a playful growl and pulled you towards him so he could nuzzle your neck.


It happened on a Saturday morning during your cartoon morning ritual.
You and Happy had been curled up on the couch eating the breakfast that Happy had brought in for you when Gemma and Jax knocked on the back door and Happy let them in.
You sat up so you could greet them, your hands coming to rest instinctively on your bump.
“You’re looking good baby, eating enough?” Gemma asked as she and her son eyed the mass of toast and cereals and fruits on the coffee table.
You gave them a small laugh, “Yeah Happy’s keeping us both well fed.”

Jax came over and gave you kiss on the forehead before gesturing to your Husband to follow him into the other room while Gemma came to sit next to you.
“Anything I should be worried about?” You asked her as you watched the guys slip from the room and Gemma waved her hand absentmindedly, clearly not something to worry about for the moment, either way Happy would tell you. The pair of you had sat and discussed that you needed to know what he was doing for the club so that you weren’t imagining any worse and stressing out yourself or the baby. The lesser of two evils.

Gemma reached under the coffee table and pulled out the duffle bag, another one of Happy’s ‘sudden labour bags’, from underneath it and gave you an amused look, “How many is that now?”

“Seven at my last count but you know what Happy’s like, he’s got a million hiding places I’ll probably still be finding them when the kid is in their twenties.” You laughed and Gemma shook her head slightly, the club house had at least three in it.
You conversed idly for a few minutes until you felt the pain in your abdomen. You scowled and manoeuvred in your seat trying to shake away the discomfort but nothing could do it. You let out a grunt and bent forwards as it hit you again.
Gemma’s eyebrows shot up and then she was next to you, “You okay Y/N? Is it the baby?”
You shook your head and tried to ignore it and gave her a small smile to try and reassure her, “No no way too early. Let me just get the heat pad thing Happy got me.”

Gemma came to give you a hand as you pushed yourself up from the couch, her hands came to your forearms and she held you steady. Her grip tightened on you when you swore and both of you glanced down to your now wet crotch.
“Shit.” Gemma hissed.

Your breath hitched, “Gemma, Gemma i-its too early. What do I do? What-?”
She cut you off by shouting for Happy and Jax loudly. Both men ran into the room with guns raised and glared around the room until their eyes fell on you holding onto Gemma, your breathing erratic and your skirt wet with your waters.
“Christ.” Jax hissed, “I’ll phone Tara, Ma get the car ready. Hap you get Y/N and everything you need.”
Happy pushed his gun into his waist band and ran to pull the bag from under the coffee table and another from behind the couch. He pushed both at Gemma and took her place holding you up. Both the Teller’s ran out ready for you to join them in the moment.
Happy’s arm came around your ribs as another wave of pain came through you.
You held onto the front of his tshirt and pushed your face into his chest, “Happy I can’t do this. It’s too early, I don’t know what to do. I’m so scared.”
You sobbed into his chest and he gently rocked for a few moments with one hand holding your head to him.
He pulled back and made you look at him, “You’re safe, I’m going to get you to hospital and I’m not going to let anything happen to you. And our baby is going to be fine because you’re not going to let anything happen to them are you? No thought not.  I know you’re scared but you need to be brave so that we can meet our baby, okay? You got this.”
He stared at you, his hands on your face as his eyes searched yours as though he was checking that you had heard him. That you understood. He was scared too, you could tell but his need to protect you and the baby shone through.
You nodded quickly as him and leaned up to kiss your husband.
Happy leaned down slightly so that he could slip his arm around your knees and picked you up bridal style as he had been for the past few months when he insisted that you should be resting and carried you out to the car.

True to his words Happy was beside you the whole time. Due to the baby being a month early you had extra doctors waiting for you and the baby. Dealing with the premature birth and their fears about your blood pressure made the whole ordeal even more terrifying but you had Happy holding your hand and Tara assisting with the delivery (how she’d swung that as a surgeon you’d never know).

You were lucky however that Baby Lowman was so eager to meet you that you were only in Labour for four hours. The doctors took the baby straight away to check them over and you panicked when you realised that they were about to take your baby out of the room where you couldn’t see them. You started to panic against and shook Happy, who was brushing your hair away from your face and telling you how proud he was off you.
“Happy –Happy! Please don’t leave them alone, please.” You whispered and he gave you hard nod and kiss against your sweaty forehead as he took off out the doors after the doctors.

It felt like forever after the all the doctors had left before the doors opened again and Happy gave back in, this time in his strong arms he held a small white bundle and he looked terrified.
He took half a step at a time towards you, his arms locked and his eyes never leaving the precious package in his arms.
You didn’t say anything until he reached you, you knew he was too focused on walking your baby safely to you. He stopped next you and leaned down so that you could see the small face hidden under the white blanket and hat.
“Our little girl, she’s a fighter just like her mother.” He mumbled as he passed you your daughter.

You sat up in that bed with Happy sat next to you on the bed with his arm around you, looking down on you holding your baby, for an hour before Gemma came in, as she often did, like she owned the room.

“Everything okay?” She asked as she dropped her handback into one of the chairs.
“Our baby girl.” You smiled and let Gemma hold her.
“She’s perfect, got any names yet?” Gemma asked as she looked down at your little bundle.
“Nothing that fits.” Happy offered and Gemma stepped around the bed and handed your daughter back to you.
“Well are you three up to some guests?” She asked you and before you could protest that you didn’t look your best, Happy leaned down to your ear and told you just how perfect that you looked.

So you agreed and within five minutes your little hospital room was full to the brim of your SAMCRO nearest and dearest.
“She is absolutely stunning.” Tig cooed over Chibs shoulder as the Scottish man held your daughter.
“Aye, we’re going to have to put rules on this lass. No dating until she’s married.” Chibs decided as he passed the tiny baby to Jax who almost instantly started to babble at her.
The whole crew were completely armoured with your little girl, she had some of the most dangerous men around wrapped around her little finger and she was only a few hours old.
“She’s not allowed to get married.” You heard your Old Man rumble as you lent against him and the others laughed.
“Hey look at this, she looks just like Happy already.” Clay laughed and Jax angled your baby so that everyone could see the scowl etched in her little face.
Everyone laughed and you couldn’t help but smile.
Jax stood and passed Happy your daughter who was still scowling, he gave her forehead a gentle kiss, “You pull that face anytime you get asked out on a date.”
“She won’t have to with her uncles behind her to scare the poor guy off.” Juice laughed.
“Or girl.” You and Happy both corrected.

“Anyway I haven’t given the little angel my present.” Chibs announced and dug into the pockets of his cut and you watched with suspicious eyes, your room was full of flowers and chocolates and all sorts for the baby even though they hadn’t known the sex until she had been born.
Chibs pulled out a small folded square of black material and passed it over to you and you opened it to show a SAMCRO baby grow.
A chuckle of laughter came through the room and you held it for Happy to see properly with his arms preoccupied with your baby.

“We can’t keep calling her Baby Lowman.” You mumbled as you reached over and ran your finger down her little chubby cheek.
“We actually did some thinking about this in the waiting room,” Tig offered as he pulled two pieces of ripped notepad paper from his top pocket and passed them both over to you, “We even did one for boys names and one for girls names.” He proudly pointed out were he’d titled the sheets as ‘Little Son’ and ‘Little Princess’.
You narrowed your eyes at the ‘Little Son’ page before turning it around so that Happy could read it, “This is just a list of all your names.”
“Why try to improve on perfection.” Chibs laughed.

Laughing, you placed that note on the side table before turning your attention to the list of girls names in your hands and narrowed your eyes at them again, “Most of these are female versions of your names.”
“And the rest are names of girls from Caracara.” Happy practically growled at them and your daughter shuffled at the noise, Daddy Lowman was pissed that they’d suggest names of women they’d all fucked for his precious baby girl.
“Down boy.” You swatted his shoulder and leaned further against him, you took it for what it was, a joke. You hated all the names on the list until you reached the very bottom and it just fit.
“I like this one.” You announced and pointed it out to Happy who tilted his head slightly as though he was rolling the name around in his head to see if it fit. He liked it too, it suited your little family with his occupation with the Sons and you being a mechanic.

“Which one?” Tig asked as he leaned forward like he was trying to see which one you were pointing too.
“The bottom one.” You told him.
Tig threw his fist up list he’d won something, “I picked that one.”

“We’re going to take naming advice from someone who called their kids Dawn and Fawn?” Happy asked looking down at you incredulously.
You looked up at him and gave him that smile that told him he would never win against the women in life whether it was his mother, his Old Lady or his daughter, “I don’t like the idea either but now that you’d considered it can you imagine her being called anything else?”
He shook his head after a moment and Tig let out a victorious noise again.
“The suspense is fucking killin’ us.” Jax teased.

Happy held your baby slightly higher so they could all see her, “Introducing Harley Lowman.”


Pots smashed in the other room and your eyes shot open, you sat up and threw the covers off but Happy was already up and pulling his gun from the bedside table and was pushing another one into your hand.
“Safety’s off.” He rumbled and that’s all the instruction you needed. He pulled the bedroom door open and you followed him quietly. You reached the kitchen and almost walked into your Old Man’s back. Around the doorway you could see Tig and Chibs in your kitchen; Tig was holding four-year-old Harley on his hip as she helped him mix a bowl of batter and Chibs was feeding your twin one-year-old sons in their highchairs.

Tig looked up and caught sight of Happy stood in the doorway in his boxers and tshirt and you just behind him in shorts and vest top, both of you with guns in your hands.
“Uncle Tigger is just going to check that mummy and daddy are still asleep, why don’t you pick which fruit we give them? Uncle Chibs will help you for a minute while I’m gone.” Tig spoke to your daughter and put her down on her feet before approaching you both and ushering you out of the kitchen.

Out in the hallway he stuck his hands on his hips and narrowed his eyes at you both, “You two are supposed to be asleep.”
“What are you doing in our house?” Happy scowled.
“The kids wanted to do you an anniversary breakfast and they needed a little help.” Tig answered like it was the simplest thing ever. Happy tensed next to you before glancing over at you but you gave him a shrug, you’d forgotten as well. You have three kids under the age of five of course you’d forget things like this.
“You both go back to bed and we’ll make sure you hear us on our way.” Tig shoo’d you both anyway and waggled his eyebrows. You didn’t get chance to respond as Happy lifted you up and dropped you on his shoulder, his hand slapping down on your backside as he carried you off towards the bedroom, shouting over his shoulder for them to clean up after they’d finished cooking.

Happy threw you onto the bed and you let out a small squeal as he jumped on top of you eager to make it up to each other that you’d both forgotten your anniversary.

After you’d had a quick shower, which Happy had insisted on joining, you changed into clean bedclothes and slipped back under the covers to cuddle up with your husband. You could hear the guys crashing things in the kitchen and rolled your eyes.  It was nice to have a moment to breathe.

After you’d had Harley both you and Happy had been content with having the one child.
She was constantly spoiled by her grandmother and her ‘Uncles’ the sons but you’d gotten a little too drunk celebrating your birthday and safety had gone out of the window and hey presto, you had the twins.

Jacob and Michael were already little tearaways just like their father and Harley loved helping to take care of them. Happy by all accounts was an amazing father, your favourite thing was on a Saturday morning, watching cartoons just like you used too but with Harley tucked between you both and Jacob in your lap and Michael in Happy’s. It was hard not to be incredibly content.

You heard commotion in the hallway and pulled the duvet up over you and Happy so that you could pretend that you’d been sleeping when the kids came in to surprise you.
“You’re a child.” Happy teased as he pulled you close and kissed the end of your nose.
Outside your door you heard Tig shout overdramatically, “I really hope that mummy and daddy are still asleep and not doing anything they shouldn’t be like making you any more brothers.”
You rolled your eyes and Happy let out an annoyed sigh. The door swung open and you felt the bed bounce as three little pairs of feet bounced on you.
You pulled the cover down to see Harley giggling and jumping up and down around Happy until your husband caught her with a loud giggle and pulled her down for a cuddle. Tig was holding a twin in each arm as he helped them bounce on your legs.
“Oh no! We’re under attack.” You giggled and pulled down of your sons into your arms and Tig disappeared.
“I’ve got this one.” Happy teased and he tickled Harley and blew raspberries on her face as she squealed and squirmed while screaming that ‘Daddy was cheating!’
Tig returned with Chibs in tow as they carried in breakfast trays full to the brim with misshaped pancakes, juices and fruit.
Happy let Harley catch her breath and she jumped up and threw her arms around your shoulders and lay a messy kiss on your cheek, “Happy breakfast!” She cheered.
“Thank you baby.” You kissed her cheek before kissing the tops of your sons heads.
Harley turned to Happy and did the same thing before slapping the palms of her hands against his cheeks to get his attention, “Did we surprise you?”
“Yeah you did, love you baby.”  Happy tickled her belly and she giggled loudly.

“Yeah yeah I love you guys too now eat your food.” Chibs laughed and you couldn’t help but feel completely satisfied.

Time skip

“Happy shut up.” You snapped and pinched your brow. You looked over to see your husband glaring at you across the car that you were working on, his hands opening and closing as he tried to control his temper. Jacob and Michael let out oooh’s at the challenge in your voice and you glared at them.
“Can you two go make sure that Harley is ready to go to the store?” You snapped and they jumped up pushing each other as they ran out into the yard at TM, at eleven they were mischievous to say the least.

“I am serious.” Happy growled.
“So am I!” You snapped, “She’s growing up Happy and this boyfriend is a childish thing.”
“She’s not having a boyfriend, she’s fourteen.” He growled back suborn and you felt like ripping your hair out.
“She’ll be a young woman soon Happy and you are not emotionally stunting her because you can’t handle that.”

“Mum! Dad!” Jacob interrupted you as he ran into the garage, “Uncle Tig said he’s gonna kill Harley’s boyfriend.”
“Good.” Happy snapped and folded his arms across his chest like the matter was settled.
You rolled your eyes at him and ran out into the yard to find all of the Sons, Michael and Abel glaring at Harley’s boyfriend who stood with her across the yard.
Your little girl had grown fast and was every inch a little you, which only made her father love her more.

“No one is killing the brat.” You snapped as you approached the guys, most of them on their bikes.
“You think he’s stupid too.” Michael argued, your son the little shit.
“That may be but I won’t be the reason that it ends. Harley’s not gonna spend her life in the shadow of you idiots. Good Uncles are there when needed, they don’t push in. Understood?”
Only when you got a chorus of agreement did you leave back to the car you were working on.

This had been the main source of arguments between you and Happy recently, yes Harley was young but you’d seen them together this was just a childish relationship. You would never tell her who she could and couldn’t see because her Dad hated the idea of her growing up. Because really if people only ever dated appropriate people then you’d never have gotten with Happy; the murderous biker.

A few hours later you were instructing the prospect to clean down the garage when your phone rang, it was Happy’s number so you answered.
“Mum, it’s us.” Jacob spoke immediately and you could already imagine the scene, Jacob with Happy’s phone and Michael on watch in the doorway.
“Why do you have your dads phone whats happened?” You asked already looking for your car keys so that you could rush home.

“It’s Harley, we were at the store and her boyfriend was there and she went to the bathroom and when she came back she was crying. Dad only got like two bags of the shopping and made us all leave and now she’s crying in the living room and Dad says we’re not allowed in there until he says.” Jacob rushed in a whispered voice and you heard Michael in the background mumble, “What’s the teddy bear for?”

“Okay, sit tight I’ll be home soon.” You mumbled and you swear you broke every speed limit on the way home.

You didn’t know what to expect when you got home but Harley wrapped up in a blanket cuddling a teddy bear and hot water bottle while Happy held her close. They were watching cartoons together and the coffee table was covered in chocolate and ice-cream.

“Everything okay baby?” You asked as she peaked up from her rest of her dads shoulder and you could see her face stained with tears.
“I’m okay now.” She sniffed and wiped her eyes, “Dad’s sorted everything.”
“And what exactly has he sorted?” You asked and Happy gave Harley a look as though he was asking for permission to tell you which your daughter gave.

“While we were at the store, Harley got a stomach pain so she went to the bathroom and she’d gotten her period.” Happy explained quietly as he rubbed his hand up and down your daughter’s arms reassuringly.

You sat down on her other side and pulled her into a hug, “Oh my baby is all grown up. You’re lucky your dad was there, he’s good with period drama. Well, all hormone drama to be honest.”
Happy was always amazing when you were on your period or pregnant or just having a bad day, he brought the ice-cream you liked and make sure you had heat pads or a hot water bottle and gave you plenty of compliments.

“But Sam was there and I bled on my trousers and he pointed it out to everyone and called me a gross bitch.” She sobbed and you held her and stroked her hair.
“Oh sweetheart,” You pulled away so you could wipe your tears away, “Ignore that stupid bastard.”
“That’s what I said.” Happy rasped and Harley gave a small chuckle.

“Boys! You can come out now!” You called and the boys came out of the bedroom looking sheepish as Jacob handed Happy his phone back. Happy glared at them but you could see the pride in his expression that they’d managed to get one over on him while he was looking after Harley.

You all settled down together, cuddling under the blanket and watching a film that the twins had picked out. When Harley drifted off between you, you looked over to see the men in your life whispering with their heads together.

“Boys? Is your dad telling you to beat up Harley’s ex?” You asked quietly and Happy and your sons all gave you sheepish expressions.
You gave them all an evil grin, “Because if he is make sure no one sees and aim for the face.”
“God I love you.” Happy grated.

It was hard losing everyone that you lost over those years. But having your Old man and your kids was enough; Chibs and Tig were an added bonus and a big part in your children’s lives.
Everyone who had ever doubted that you and Happy could make it were dead and you were both going strong.
Even after all these years Happy in a suit still made your knees weak and the beaming pride coming from him as he walked your beautiful Harley down the aisle was enough to bring tears to your eyes.

Today she was going to become Mrs. Harley Lowman-Teller and you couldn’t be more proud. Able was the only man that Happy, Jacob and Michael hadn’t scared off, even if the twins were still trying just weeks before the wedding. Inspired by his step-mum Able had become a Doctor and Harley was learning how to run the garage from you.

That night Michael proposed to his partner, who said yes!

Jacob told you he’d been accepted into law school.

Harley let you know you were going to be grandparents, Happy was thrilled and was already planning where to hide ‘surprise labour bags’.

You danced with your Old Man, his hand coming to rest where his Crow was hidden under your dress and everything was perfect.

Hope you all enjoyed the final part of this!

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