feet smelling

BamBam: *hits blunt*

BamBam: why do noses run but feet smell?

Jinyoung: ffs it’s 4 am

BamBam: but how deep does a pan have to be in order to be a pot?

Jinyoung: Got7 is going to be Got6 real soon if you don’t shut your mouth boy

dreamyarcher  asked:

There is a sound of a slingshot in the distance. Something flies towards Severa and shatters at her feet. The smell of perfume wafts up from the broken mess. Muffled cursing is heard in the distance. She wasn't sure what she expected to happen.

The moment she heard the whip of the slingshot and saw the item heading towards her, she hadn’t had enough time to get back against the wall where the princess had been milling. Coughing from the sudden smell and putting an armored arm over her nose, she glared towards the direction that the voice came. “REALLY?! OF ALL times you could’ve picked to do this?!” She screeched, and then the hidden meaning of the item hit her. ‘You’re beautiful’. “If you wanted to tell me that, why not just tell me to my face?!”

If you thought Jotaro not wearing socks was bad in the 2015 anime just remember in the ovas everyone wore socks except Jotaro meaning he’s just some nasty fucker who runs around in the desert with sand between his toes 24/7