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NCT Haechan Smut Part 2

One Summer Night Part 2 Part 1: http://angelina1004.tumblr.com/post/156233265856/nct-haechan-smut-part-1-not-much-smut-in-this

WARNING: Smut ahead

…. He slammed the door shut and pinned you against it, trapping you between his arms. He came so close that your lips touched. ‘You mean…fuck me. Right?’ This gave you chills as he stared at your eyes then your lips, licking his own. The make out session continued….

He broke the kiss ‘Hold me tight’. You gave him a questioning look but soon realized that your feet came off the ground. To be more secure you wrapped your legs around him.
He started grinding into your soaking wet pussy, but stopped to move you onto the nearby table. As soon as he sat you down you started stripping each other, still kissing –lips, neck, collarbones…– just everywhere you could reach.

You grabbed his dick and started pumping him. You watched him blush and throwing his head back while making the most precious moan. You were so satisfied with his expression that you got off the table and onto your knees, licking the tip, which was now leaking precum.
Because it was your first time giving him a blowjob, he took your chin to look at him. His eyes glistening, from the street lights coming from outside ‘Are you sure baby?’ he worried. You nodded and took as much as you could into your mouth. He got so excited that he leaned his hands on the table for support. His groans filling the room.

It was not only pleasure for him but it was a new feeling for you too. You started licking his cock from the base up to the tip and back down. Your free hand reached down, touching your clit and you moaned, which sent vibrations to his dick
‘Oh god..do that again’ he said before continuing grunting. You repeated every step to please him.
You could tell that he was close because he started rocking his hips lightly against your mouth. ’___-ah…. ngghh…I am…about to…. aaah…’. Barely bringing out sentences you knew he was worried about, wether to cum into your mouth or not. But you didn’t care. Soon he came hard, filling up your mouth with his bitter juices.

He pulled you up by your hands and gave you a deep kiss. Just to taste his own sperm. You both moaned into each others mouths. ‘That was so hot’ he whispered with flushed cheeks.
He sat you down on the table like before, just this time, he laid you down. He got himself the nearest chair and sat down on it, in the meantime spreading your legs. You knew what was about to happen ‘Oppa…’ ‘Shhh let the Maknae give it back to you’.

He started massaging your clit with his thumb. Watching your expressions carefully. Soon he entered his index inside you, pumping slowly, teasing you. Small moans were leaving your mouth and your eyes closed, rolling to the back of your head. It felt so good and new.
One of your hands was reaching for his free hand to interwine them, while your other hand was cupping your breast. Suddenly you felt something hot gliding along your pussy. Oh god his tongue… 'Dongyuk!!’
He started giggling 'You like that Jagi?’ he asked as he smirked and continued licking you all over. You were so close but you wanted to keep it in
'Babe stop!! I wanna cum with you inside me’. You gripped his soft hair to pull him away but you dipped him deeper for a second. You immediately stopped yourself pulling him away and sitting up, panting heavily.

Without a word Haechan reached for the pile of clothes, to pick up his wallet. He took out a condom and gave it to you. While kissing your neck, he was holding his dick, ready to get wrapped in that thin rubber. You ripped the package and pulled it out, placing it on its right place. By now Donghyuck marked your neck with purple hickeys. He took your face, giving you a gentle kiss 'Are you ready, ___?’ You nodded giving him another kiss, as he placed his tip on your entrance.

Slowly entering, for you to adjust, he looked you in the eyes, placing his hands inbetween your legs to spread them wider. Your lips parted, quick breathes coming out. 'Faster Babe’ you said putting your hands around his neck. You kissed deep and sloppy, him getting faster and faster. Both your moans getting louder each time his pace quickened. You were close again. So close, that you were about to cum first. 'Donghyuk..ah…’ 'No..wait..ngh..I am close’ You tried to hold it in as much as you could for him. Fortunately he was closer too.

He put a thumb on your clit massaging it and increasing his pace to the maximum. You both were almost screaming each other names. You collapsed onto the table, him falling onto you, pumping a few more times, before pulling out. 'Jagi…that was amazing…I love you’ 'I love you too Dongyuk baby’.

You sat up again hugging for a minute before you told him that you should clean up before your parents came in. 'I bet they won’t be here until 6 AM hahaha’ he laughed slightly. 'You sure? 😂’ 'They won’t even notice us sleeping in the same bed. That’s how drunk they will come home’ he had a point to which you totally agreed.

You stood up almost falling down, because of how jelly your legs were. But he caught you 'Careful my little lady’. The sweetheart he was he helped you standing up and cleaning, before you wore your pyjamas and cuddled up into bed. 'We should do more challenges like this’ he said, hugging you. 'Tss’ you hissed and gave him a kiss on his chest, as he gave you one on your forehead. Both of you falling asleep slowly.

*So that was my dream…*

PS: Oh and about that 'he is a minor’-thingy, in my country teenagers are allowed to have sex at the age of 16, so I will ignore anyone telling me to go die :’) Have a nice day *bows*

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StormSeason!Oikawa spoiling Iwaizumi w kisses /)*w*(\
Iwa’s taken his feet off the ground so he can’t sense where Kawa will kiss him next

Kaz nodded as if steeling himself, flexed his fingers once more. “Wait,” he said. The burn of his voice was rougher than usual. “Is my tie straight?” Inej laughed, her hood falling back from her hair. “That’s the laugh,” he murmured, but she was already setting off towards the quay, her feet barely touching the ground.

“finding a fictional abusive relationship interesting is romanticizing it and that is wrong!! there is nothing interesting about abusive dynamics!!”

No more Robbie Rotten memes for you then friend, and please never watch anything with an antagonist ever again because there’s nothing interesting about abusive dynamics. Everyone must always treat each other kindly and lovingly which is why we can only watch shows approved for toddlers age 3 and under. Because it’s widely known that we cannot separate reality from fiction.

in episode 1 of Lazy Town Sportacus writes the world’s shortest letter, folds it into a paper plane, puts the plane inside a bowling ball, parkour flips off the nearest counter, and then hurls the bowling ball out of a blimp, hundreds of feet off the ground, endangering everyone.

I Love Clichés

Summary: Based on this ask vvv

Anonymous said: A NYE fic where the reader and Bucky get shit faced drunk and end up sleeping together and wake up on New Years like … wait… wut? And they’re all confused and shit.

Word Count: 1.2K

Characters: Bucky x Reader, Steve, Sam

Warnings: Kinda smutty (idk), kissing, cursing, drinking, cliches, bad writing, ash having a computer, ash writing, idfk reader beware, lol. 

A/N: I had to force myself to write something. Here it is. I apologize. 

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You couldn’t decide whether the room was spinning or if you had fell asleep on a carousel, but you definitely weren’t anticipating just how dizzy you were when you tried to sit up. The sun beaming in through your curtains felt like lasers burning your retinas, searing into you foggy, throbbing brain, and you groaned as you threw off your duvet, swinging your feet to the ground.

Wait. Why am I naked?

A familiar groan rumbles behind, sending your grasping for something to conceal your decency, as Bucky sits up against your headboard. You couldn’t choose where to look first, from his bare, sculpted chest, to his bulging arms flexing as he propped up his head, the man was flawless.

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Words, Words, Words

Characters: Castiel X Reader

Word Count: 2017 (Hey, what do you know, Happy New Year!)

A/N: One-shot, smut warning. The reader shows Cas a thing or two about a thing or two. Smut after the cut. NSFW. Did I mention smut? And always with the fluff.

“Cas!” The unexpected subtle movement of a figure in the doorway caught your eye, drawing your attention from your book, a smile instantly alighting your lips and eyes. Jumping from the couch, bounding across the room in three strides, you leapt into his open embrace.

“Y/N,” strong arms wound around your waist, gliding up your back to tangle into your hair, the momentum of your enthusiastic greeting swinging you both around as he lifted your feet to dangle off the ground, “I missed you too.”

“You guys already clear the nest?” You hung on him, arms clasped around his neck, pecking a tender kiss to the tip of his nose, “I thought you’d be a few more days at least. Where are the brothers?”

He lightly set you back on your feet, angling away to better peer into your countenance, smoothing a stray wisp of hair from your forehead, “Sam and Dean did not require my assistance after all.” He leaned forward to kiss your lips.

“Oh?” You quirked an eyebrow, ducking and evading the kiss with a teasing grin.

He squinted at you, a bewildered line wrinkling between his eyebrows, “Is something wrong? You seemed pleased to see me a moment ago.”

“Nothing is wrong,” your palm fell to cup his cheek, thumb caressing his lower lip.

He stared at you, blue eyes gleaming anxiously.

“It’s just not like you to abandon Sam and Dean in the middle of a hunt,” your fingers skimmed to his chest, absentmindedly straightening his tie, “I could ask you the same.”

“There is an important matter I wanted to discuss with you,” his hand came up to clutch yours, bringing it to his lips to tenderly kiss your knuckles, one-by-one, voice dropping to a low rumble, “about our love making the other night.”

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Side Crow Pose

Squat on balls of feet with knees together and fingertips on the ground for balance.Twist to right, hooking left elbow outside of right thigh.Breathe here for a few deep breaths to get comfortable, then place hands shoulder-distance apart on the ground, press into fingertips, and start bending elbows (both energetically reaching toward your midline and not winging out) to tip forward, looking a bit forward, not down.Eventually, feet will tip off the ground—don’t force it, it will come! Breathe here for 5 deep breaths. Repeat on the other side.

holiday tears

word count: 630

He watched her and he felt like his heart had been ripped out of his chest. There she was, standing in the middle of his hotel room with mascara rubbed around her eyes and tears trickling down her cheeks.

He barely dropped his coat and slid out of his shoes before she was in his arms. Her body shaking with sobs as he gently picked her feet up off the ground and wrapped her up. He climbed into their big hotel bed and held her.

He felt murderous. He didn’t know what had happened in the two hours that he had been gone, but whoever or whatever had hurt her was now enemy number one in Shawn’s eyes. He didn’t think there was anything worse than seeing the most important person in your world being broken.

Shawn wasn’t sure how long he held her there. He placed delicate kisses along her hairline and on her shoulder and neck. He nose rubbing against her soft skin. He would whisper I love you into her ear or it’s gonna be okay.

Eventually, her sobbing subsided to sniffling and Shawn said, “What’s going on baby?” He didn’t want to push her too quickly, but he couldn’t help asking. If he knew, he could help. That was all he wanted.

She pulled her face from his chest to look up at him rubbing at her eyes that were almost entirely free from eyeliner and mascara.

“I-I- called m-my p-p-paren- a-and asked ab-bout c-coming home for the h-holidays a-and they s-said they don’t w-want me t-to c-come,” her voice breaking up the words and her sentence ending in a full sob.

Shawn felt like someone had stepped on his heart with spiked shoes. He knew that she had problems with her parents, but they were working it out. He guessed that they were done trying.

“I’m so sorry baby,” he whispered gently as he rubbed her back trying to calm her shaking.

“I-I just t-try so h-hard and t-they d-don’t l-love me,” she replied and he could tell that her sobbing was returning.

“I know baby, I know you’re trying,” he hummed. “Let’s go get you cleaned up.”

He picked her up and wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her to the bathroom. After setting her down gently on the counter he grabbed a nice hotel towel and ran it under some warm water. He rubbed her side with one hand while the other carefully wiped away any hints of makeup or tears from her beautiful skin.

After fixing her up a bit he brought her back into the bedroom and placed her on the bed. He called room service quickly and asked for tea and soup. Then he looked at her. Tears threatened to spill over as she stared at him.

“I’m sorry,” she said in a hushed tone, “I don’t want to ruin your day.”

“You haven’t ruined anything,” Shawn assured her. “Do you want to talk about it more?”

And she did. They spoke for hours, interrupted twenty minutes in by a knock at the door with tea and soup for which they were both grateful.

“So you know what this means right?” Shawn asked her his hand rubbing against her knee. She quirked an eyebrow at him questioningly.

“You get to come home with me for the holidays.”

She smiled the first real smile he had seen out of her in the past few hours and his heart melted.

“You know I love you right?”

“I know,” he winked “I’m pretty great.”

Supercorp-Aladdin Style

Okay. imagine Supergirl(because she hasn’t told lena she’s kara yet) dropping by at Lena’s office balcony one night and pulling off an “Aladdin” by offering her a chance to fly and whisk her away from her workaholic moment.

-Kara totally uses the “Do you trust me?” line on Lena and just like jasmine, she has that AHA moment where Supergirl reminds her of Kara. 

-Kara’s a total DisneyDork so she ends up singing a little of A Whole New world while they’re flying around. Lena doesn’t know whether to be amused, amazed, or terrified considering that she’s a thousand feet off the ground when she finds out that Supergirl apparently likes Disney. That and she happens to have an amazing voice that pulls off a great rendition of the song. 

-Kara totally shows off and does some flying spins and tricks while she gives Lena a great view of all of National City’s sights in the night.

Write it. You know you want to. 


Have some Dannys. One of these pictures you’ve seen before, but it’s colored now. XD SO I posted about this one time forever ago and never explained it but I still think about it a lot so

I want a ‘floaty au’ where everything is the same, but 80% floatier. The reason for this being that Danny’s ghost aura omits enough energy that it automatically makes him, and things in super close proximity to him, like his hair, weightless. When Danny transforms he has an automatic ethereal breeze moving his hair around, and he has a hard time NOT floating (his tears float too jsyk). It can leak into his human half, but only when his emotions become more volatile, so it’s not usually an issue.