feet heat

Say that again; H.S.

“So how did your date turn out the other night?” Harry appears into my side view, still buttoning up his crisp, ironed-by-me chemise as he walks to stop beside me. I turn on my heel, bumping my hip into the marble countertop as I let a humourless chuckle flow past my lips.

“Disastrous. Catastrophic. I-never-ran-so-fast-in-my-life-short.” I laugh loudly, handing Harry the utensils for his dinner in a few hours. I pull on his shirt near his shoulder to straighten it before I lightly push at Harry’s chest to get him up and going – there wasn’t much time left.

“Couldn’t be that bad,” Harry starts off but pauses ever-so-subtle, “or can it?” he disappears from my view – hopefully to his large dinner table in his living room – elevating his voice so we could continue our conversation.

“Believe me. It really can be. Not that you ever experienced a hell like that.” Again, a chuckle passes my lips while I shake my head. A friend of Harry’s had set me up on this date and the male in question wasn’t that horrible, but our mind sets were so different I don’t think that could have ever worked out. I cut the date short after a comment that resembled ‘all women belong in the kitchen’ and sent the lad on his way.

“As if girls throwing them at my feet is something that’s so thrilling. Can’t even have a proper conversation like that. They only have one thing on their mind.” Harry appears back into my view to grab a few napkins on the edge of the table, already turning on his heel again.

“Not to start anything – but uh – you sound like a woman. All men are the same kinda shit? But reversed.” I stop my motions as an amused grin crawls onto my features, dropping the dessert spoons back on the marble and discarding them all together.

“I’m offended. You’re implying that I whine. I don’t whine, I complain that I can’t get laid.” Harry’s voice is still humorous as he ducks beside me to grab the dessert spoons off of the table, bumping his hip with mine to get me out of the way. “I still need glasses.”

“Harry come on, if you wanted loose sex, you’d have it in an instant.” I ignore his comment about the glasses but turn for the cabinet either way. Harry wasn’t someone you could just approach like you’d do while out clubbing, but that didn’t mean the boy couldn’t get lucky from time to time.

“I couldn’t even fix myself a proper date? Let alone find myself a one night stand. They don’t see me like that.” Harry mopes somewhere on the premises of his loft, but nowhere in my line of sight. I visibly roll my eyes – although he obviously can’t see that – all the while a scoff leaves my lips.

“Ah come on, Styles. You’re fuckable. Don’t complain.” I discard his nonsense almost directly. Sometimes I wonder if Harry realized how attractive he even was. He could come off as strong and confident but he was just as insecure as the rest of us – maybe even more than the rest of us.

“What did you just say?” Harry’s voice lowered, his movements stilling as his whole body turned in my direction. “I – never mind.” I mumble, feeling a blush creep onto my features from Harry’s intense stare. The confidence I had once possessed around had completely drained because of his whole aura, the demanding stare accompanied by that lopsided smirk of his.

“Say it again,” Harry demanded quietly, already making his way back up to me, a smile beginning to grow on his lips.

“You’re – well. Desirable. You damn well know that H.” I groan, not quite sure why he suddenly desired a confirmation of his good looks – let alone from me. I’m not sure how long it takes for any sound to pass between us. Harry had always been someone for a dramatic pause now and then.

“I didn’t know you thought about me that way, Y/n.” Harry’s smirk continues to grow as he discards the cutlery completely, slowly trailing towards his open kitchen, where I’m still gathering other utensils needed for Harry’s family dinner.

“I didn’t say I did. I was stating a well-known fact.” I awkwardly throw back at him, trying to maintain a grin of my own as I feel the ground underneath my feet heating rapidly.

“You sure?” He toys with me, his eyes twinkling underneath the dim lighting of his kitchen. He twirls around me, collecting the glasses I had gotten out of the cabinet one by one.

“Yeah…” I trail off, wondering to myself if I was indeed sure of my words. I keep my gaze trained on the expensive crystal instead of my best mate fluttering around me as if this wasn’t a conversation we weren’t supposed to have.

“Too bad.” I still in my movements, one of my hands curled around the stem of a wine glass as I balance my whole weight on my tippy toes. I try to speed-rake my mind about what intentions could have been behind those two simple, plain words, but come up rather empty-handed. Well, I was never someone who could rapidly come up with solutions anyway.

“Too – what? Why?” I come out of my trance, landing back onto my feet as I turn around, glass dangling in my hand which Harry happily plucks from between my fingers.

“I’d – I wouldn’t mind.” He winks and within a split second my cheeks are a fire-blazing red and my eyes are as wide as they can possibly get without popping.  

I’m taking one step forward, towards Harry, but refrain from moving any further. I’m not sure if I’m reading his words as I’m supposed to, and I’m not ready to give into my urges if they are misplaced. Harry is a bit more confident than I am and closes the gap between us in just a matter of a few split seconds.

I’m pressed against the counter, my hands covering over Harry’s biceps as his own hands cup my face, keeping me in place. A little noise – what it was supposed to sound as, even I am not completely certain – leaves my lips and causes Harry to push himself even impossibly closer.

His hands wander, his lips staying locked with mine as my own mind seems to click. My hands rest on his firm biceps first, a few moments later letting them flow over his exposed arm towards his toned chest. I’m letting my fingers ghost up on his chest towards his neck when Harry’s hands cup my bum firmly, drawing a moan from my already parted lips.

“How much time do we still have?” Harry breathes against the skin of my neck. He technically forces me to open my eyes, which are immediately cast towards the clock on the far kitchen wall. “If we’re lucky, about forty-five minutes.”

“That’s all I need.” Harry chuckles as his arms snake around my body, hoisting me up into his arms. I just hope we’re not getting an unexpected visit.

Hot and Cold-Brett Talbot

Valentine’s Collection:#9

Teen Wolf Imagine:#108

Word Count: 687

Warnings: None that I can think of?

Summary: You know what they say, cold hands, warm heart. Unless you’re a werewolf, then everything is warm.

A/n: Requested by @imissyoualittlemoreeveryday Where the reader is always cold and likes to cuddle with Brett because he’s always warm. It’s short but it’s cute I swear!

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Last Imagine

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Youth // Jung Hoseok


the prompt: could you make a Prince Hoseok fanfic? It’d be nice if it were fluffy (Hobie’s been getting all up in my feels as of late) but I have nothing specific in mind. the au i based this scenario off of: i’m in an arranged marriage but i’m in love with the sibling help

words: 3056

category: fluff + minimal angst

author note: hobi is always in my feels ngl. he’s just so happy and handsome and can we talk about the fact that hobi is the definition of husband material? my sister and i talk about that a lot. anyway, enjoy!

- destinee

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the swirling ways of stars

fantasy au

pairing: jungkook | reader
genre: angst and fluff
word count: 19.367
warnings: implied sex, alcohol mention

present day

Jeon Jungkook doesn’t feel like home.

He feels like the thrill of the unknown and the unexplored, like that hesitant feeling of a new sensation under your fingertips. He’s like the first taste of a newly discovered flavor, one that hits your tongue and quickly spreads through your body from head to toe.

He is that shivering pulse that tickles down your back when you step into foreign ground, he is the excitement that mixes with fear when faced with something that is beyond your control. He is the wild, the unsuppressed. His mind, just like his stare, is clear but faraway; always looking through the walls that surround him and into something else, something that your imagination could probably never cover.

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A Technician’s Crush

Request: “i see that requests are open. when you get a chance can you write a matt the radar technician imagine? something where the reader always helps him fix things, offers to let him join her at lunch, etc and he thinks she’s being fake as hell until one day the commander overhears a bunch of storm troopers trash talking matt and the reader defends him?”

Pairing: Kylo Ren (Matt the Radar Technician) x Reader

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: Implied smut

Originally posted by nbcsnl

You watched the blonde from afar, admiring the way he would pause to push his glasses up every few minutes. He had been fussing with one of the electricity compartments in the hallway, tools splayed out in front of him as he attempted to find the right one for the job. The look on his face was one of pure horror; he had no idea what he was doing. It must’ve been his first day or something, since he had that wild ‘deer in the headlights’ sort of look to him.

You pushed off the wall you had been leaning on, eating a quick snack. You discarded the apple core in your hand before bringing yourself to the mechanic.

“Need some help?” You asked with an amused smile tweaking the corners of your lips. The man looked up, startled. He had a big frame, covered by the thick uniform of a radar technician. You squinted at his name tag. “Are you sure you’re in the right place Matt?”

“Of course I am.” He retorted defensively, turning his flushed face back to his tools. You slid to your knees, picking up a wrench and handing it to him. In the process of taking it he left a black oil smudge on your palm. “Sorry.” He muttered, grabbing your hand and pulling a rag from his pocket. He wiped at your hand, but it only transferred the black further into the lines on your skin. You giggled, the sound making Matt prop up slightly.

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the signs as feelings

aries: standing on a mountain; overlooking a cliff. first day of summer. sticky hands.

taurus: a saturday night in. when you’re comfortably full. ice water after a hot day out in the sun.

gemini: looking out an airplane window. the rush from the smell of old books. people watching in a city.

cancer: waking up when it’s raining. flipping through photo albums/old journals. taking a shower.

leo: singing in the car with the windows rolled down. looking in the mirror and smiling. wanting something and not knowing what.

virgo: bare feet on soft grass. after putting on lotion. when you cross off an item on your to-do list. 

libra: not knowing where to eat. holding hands. a long sigh.

scorpio: 3 am and you can’t sleep. when you’re at the beach and the waves crash on the rocks in a way that hits your soul. sitting near a bonfire.

sagittarius: drunk on a friday night with your favorite song playing. driving early in the morning. cold feet.

capricorn: the heat in your throat when someone is lying and you know it. wanting to break something just to break it. wearing a big sweater.

aquarius: breathing in the first autumn morning. holding a warm drink. knowing the word but not the definition.

pisces: when the season changes. a candlelit bath. laying under the stars far away from a city.

That time of the year ey Sansy?

Meant to Be - Part Eighteen: Alone

All Parts

Request: Soulmate AU – When soulmates draw on themselves, it appears on the other’s skin as well.

Tagging: @elenarte @empyrealsakaki @gum-and-chips @karenthepoop @hammytrashy @falling-open  @urstupidmom @olympun @rebel-with-cause @mishaisakitten @depressionjoke @gemilton @ur-friendly-neighborhood-fangirl @regionallyblurredfaces @destiel-addict-forever @sxnyalxveshxrses@theinevitablesense @boiugotmehopeless @rachurro @hamilton-of-issues @phantom10526 @feral-tomcat-hamilton @alonelynoodle @ilesserpanda@kyloslightsaberdick @msageofenlightenment @pentagramtardis @artisticgamer @smol-angery-bean @abbylikeschickennuggets @little-miss-vanilla @marquisdelargebagutte @cant-we-just-dance @commandergreysonpike @abbyg14 @ixhadbadxdays  @pipindaae @series-killerr @creepycute08 @villaintv @brienne-evenfall @sunshinerainbowunicorn @trickstrqueen @liv-livingafandomlife @gamzeenmakara @ham-for-ham @fruityfrootloops @canyoubemyfour @whimsicalfangirlthings @kakapo-the-owl-parrot @ssnips @iimnotyourson @theonethatscalledtay @k9effect@meagisnotamazing @lunahdeer @karoline-phantom @aham-threw-his-shot-away @arissanoddle @autistic-alien @aceplaysbass @bathtab @xthaynesxalcoholx @sovaill @jamiltone @youreyesaretherealtruthtellers @artandshitposts @gold-cleaver @externallyandinternallyscreaming @iloveunicorns64 @arieava @mayzietuff @betweeneverytwopines @bisexual-baka @sparrowb07@iswearimsmol @gad-jeffs @actual-dorito-steve-rogers @turtlesneedglasses @shock-blanket @angelicaelizaandpeggu @totallyademigod @karmana-stevens-569 @honakanee @i-d-e-k-any-more @the-other-fifty-1 @thendergirl  @toomuchartsstuff @alibug134 @notthrowingawaymyfood@passiveaggressivelittlelion @bestfluteninja @multifandomweirdo @quiet-fawn-of-the-galaxy @trashy-dinosaur @iamindeedapotato @dismayed-mindset @trash-sicle @sammylynne321 @hamillton-laurens @ahyesfandoms @graycefulart @8grapenerds @jeffmads34 @sazzyli123 @drugsdiggs @sufferment @ideal-trash @etm13 @myotpisnotstraight

Word Count: 3786

WARNINGS: swearing, anxiety/panic attacks, mentions of homophobia, depression

Dedicated to: @hercdotmulligan @maiseylarks @toomuchartsstuff and @aliencoffeh for their amAZING art <3

A/N: yikes this is a long one but … today might be that day  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

As soon as Alex left Aaron’s property, he felt a cold weight drop into his stomach. His brain screamed at him to turn around; to go back to his soulmate. Thomas was willing to work things out now; why would he prolong their separation?

He half-turned back, but steeled himself. This was the right decision. It had to be. He let his feet take him wherever they would, not wanting to go back home, not wanting to go back to the party. For once in his life, he thought that maybe being alone would be best.

He wandered down John’s familiar street, trying to tamp down the rising panic. Alone was good. He could make it good.

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The Virtues of Sin

Summary: Your parish has a new priest.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Father Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 1855

Warnings: nsfw, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (male receiving), a Catholic priest breaking his vows (seriously, if this idea offends you - DO NOT READ THIS), unprotected sex

Author’s Notes: You can thank (or get mad at) @nichelle-my-belle and @eyes-of-a-disney-princess for helping plant this thought in my head. Written for @torn-and-frayed Songs of Supernatural Season 3 Challenge. My song was Hell’s Bells by AC/DC.

Originally posted by justjensenanddean

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Wash Away (The Mess I’ve Made)

( PROMPT: The reader is the Vulture’s daughter, she’s the enemy of Spider-Man, but she’s friends with Peter in real life. But at one point, she accidentally knows that Peter is Spider-Man, but her father asks her to kill him, but she can’t because it’s his friend and also his crush. ) 

A/N: AHHH this is my second request, so I hope I did it justice?? I was so thrilled to get one, so I hope this is what you were looking for, dear anon! ( If I get begged enough, I’ll make a second part! ) Also in other news: I desperately require a date with Tom Holland. Please give me a date with Tom Holland. 

Taglist: @mainspidey | @x-wing-starwriter | @tomsleftbrow | @tryn25 | @tanglefire

Warnings: Child abuse, so I’ve put it under a read more! 

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( swim in my currents )

Group: BTS


Summary: You can’t forget the stormiest one night stand you had.

Genre: light smut, wizard au

Length: 1k

Warnings: sexual acts

A/N: i love writing tae

Originally posted by jjks

You knew when you had first locked eyes in the club that you would not be leaving alone; he had been dancing with a group of friends before he had seen you walk in. You felt like a princess the way his eyes praised your figure that was barely covered by a pair of silk shorts and bralette.

You liked the way he admired you, his tongue coming out to lick his bottom lip before he was walking towards you, dodging other party goers before he was in front of you, he smelt like the sea and you bit your lip as he smirked at you, “let me be blunt. You’re coming home with me tonight.”

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Outlander Noir. Part 7.

Anonymous said:
Greedy hands waiting for the next Noir chapter😍love your fics!

…you wish is my command. Sorry it’s late *again*. Heh. But I am now officially on holiday for a week! YAY! <3

“…Jesus…” Jamie cursed, his heart lurching as Claire stood, brushing the stray flecks of wood from her dress, her fingers twitching nervously at her sides as she tried to maintain a cool outward appearance.

He could tell, her face pale in the grey moonlight, conveying every emotion as she tried desperately to remain calm.

Reaching out, he took her hands against his and pulled her close.

“How the *fuck* am I supposed to be someone’s mother, Jamie?” she whispered, fear creeping along her spine, coiling around her heart as the prospect of a life on the run with a child in her care chilled her to the bone.

“How are –we– supposed to, Claire, remember?” Jamie soothed, rubbing the tips of his fingers against her frigid flesh.

“There is no *we* when it comes to this, Jamie. Don’t you understand?!” she yelled, her sudden outburst causing Jamie to almost tumble back as Claire yanked her hands from his, anger coursing through her like molten lava. “He’ll hunt us to the ends of the earth! There is no stopping him! You think you can just end it when you want, carry me off into the sunset?! You can’t. This isn’t the end, it’s only the beginning,” she spat, a dark look lingering in her damp eyes, the tears gathering as she lifted her chin in defiance.

“I will not bring a baby into this mess, not a chance.”

Part of him want to stamp his feet in retaliation, to clench his fists – a mirror image of her current posture – and forbid her from talking about his bairn as if he (or she) had no right to life.

But he didn’t. Staring at her, he held her hard gaze until he began to see the cracks.

“How did ye feel, Claire,” he began, a slight quiver in his voice as he tried to remain cool, “when ye first realised that ye hadn’t lost the bairn?”

Her mouth fell open in shock as she tried to cover the instant look of overwhelming relief shining through the dark anguish that had previously coloured her features.

Automatically, Claire’s hands rose to shield her almost flat belly, her chin falling to her chest as she hiccupped a sob and bit her lip to contain the rise of desire she felt worming its way through her frozen limbs.

Stepping forwards once more, Jamie ran his hands through his hair and took a deep breath, a fine mist billowing around him as the warm air from his lungs met the cool night’s breeze that surround them in a chilling haze.

“Oh G-God…” she spluttered, her chest heaving, the pressure of her unclaimed need for this breaking the unstable dam that she’d tried to build around her.

“Hush now, Sorcha” Jamie sighed, taking her into his arms, the warmth of him melting her tense body almost immediately.

Her shoulders slumped, the tension fading away as she buried her head against Jamie’s neck and cried silently.

“I promised ye before, Claire, and now I shall promise ye again. No harm will come to ye, nor will I allow *that man* to come anywhere near our child. Do ye trust me?”

Digging her fingers into the soft material of his shirt, Claire twisted her head to the side, blinking her eyes as she blinked up at Jamie.

His face was bathed in the glow of the water, it’s rippled echo throwing a shimmering icy hue over his already pale skin. Swallowing back the apprehension, she nodded, steady tears trickling down her rosy cheeks as the wind nipped at her reddened nose.

“Yes, Jamie. More than anything.”

“Good,” Jamie replied, bending to place a chaste kiss upon her lips before wrapping his arm around her shoulders and guiding her back towards the cottage. “Then trust in this, mo nighean. We *will* have this child, and we will be safe, aye?”

Leaning her head against his shoulder, her legs feeling like lead as they made their way back inside, Claire nodded again in response, unable to conjure up the words necessary to agree with him. But deep down inside, her heart thudded out a dull beat, her pulse easing slightly at the reassurance he offered them.

“We’ll raise the bairn together, you and I,” Jamie continued, sensing that his words were bringing her some manner of light relief. “If ye wish it to be so, ken? Ye’ve had so much choice taken from ye that I willna force mine onto ye if ye dinna want it…but,” he launched, his palms sweating as he tried to allow her chance to recuperate whilst attempting not to assume one way or another without her actual say so. “I think ye do want it. I saw it then, in yer eyes, that longing that ye allowed fer a wee moment to penetrate the fear.”

Making her way back down the rickety staircase, Claire allowed herself a moment to gather her thoughts, Jamie’s words rolling around her head as she pushed open the door to the lounge and curled herself up on the nearly-new sofa.

Pins and needles bit at her feet as the heat of the basement lounge began to seep along her cold skin. Scrunching her toes up, she tried to focus on the feeling as she gently regained feeling in her extremities.

Jamie sat opposite, in the small arm chair, not wishing to crowd her as she rolled her neck, clicking the joints back into place with a satisfying clack.

Inhaling a large breath, Claire heaved her shoulders up and down, her eyes finally meeting Jamie’s once more as she licked her dry lips and allowed hope to surge through her like a jolt of electricity.

Seeing her answer before she spoke, Jamie smiled, his nose tingling as he felt his heart re-start and his stomach fill with warmth.

“I do, Jamie. I want it so bloody badly,” Claire breathed, her hands shaking with the truth of it. “I want our baby. Me and you, together.”

Launching himself from the chair, Jamie was by her knees in no time, his hands cupping her jaw so lightly that she almost shied away at the intense tickling sensation it sent tumbling down the nerves in her neck.

“Claire, ye dinna ken what this means to me…you are so precious to me, and I promise ye we have safe harbour back home.”

“Home…?” Claire half sobbed, her hushed whisper reaching only his ears as it dissipated into thin air.

“Aye, Claire. Home…” he reiterated, an intense joy coating his words as he folded himself downwards. His head came directly into contact with her abdomen as he spoke almost silently to her tiny visitor, wanting only the three of them to be privy to his plan.

“Scotland,” Jamie murmured, his palm hovering carefully over her tummy as he laughed, his breath disturbing the light fabric of Claire’s dress. “Our future….failte gu Alba.”

Nestle In

Request: Hi saw the requests are open for 24 hours! I wanted to ask for a fic with maybe gabexreaderxcas really big fluff. And you can see their wings because yes wings are amazing. Maybe a movie night hunker down. – anonymous

A/N: Alright, so my first thought for this was OMG YES POLYAMORY because, not gonna lie, I’m part of the LGBT+ community, and a lot of forms of our expression (polyamory included) are seriously underrepresented. But, since the anon didn’t specify this and it’s a little controversial, I left that part vague. Hope you like it, anon!

Author: Holly

Warnings: Minor swearing?

Characters: Y/N, Gabriel, Castiel

Word Count: 1,536

Y/N = Your Name

            Witches were evil.

            Dean locked himself in his bedroom for hours as soon as you returned. Sam, looking like he’d seen a ghost (heh), had fallen asleep in the library, reading the same page over and over. You had retired to your bedroom in the lower level of the bunker, cold, soaked through from an involuntary dip in the lake, and feeling lonely. In sad solitude, you took a hot shower and fell asleep on your bed within seconds of hitting the mattress.

            When you next woke up, it was dinnertime, the sun was creeping its way down again, and you could smell something sweet in your room. It only took you a minute to crack your eyes open with a pitiful groan and realize that the sweet smell wasn’t coming from the kitchen, but from a plate of hot, fresh-baked cookies on your bedside table.

            You swore that you were the only person at such a comfortable temperature.

            “Morning,” you mumbled into the arm of whichever angel was in front of you, scooting your legs back to press your feet against the heated calves of the one at your back.

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kaleighbytheway  asked:

I feel like this is a weird question, but the snow storm local has me wondering. How do birds like crows, and pigeons, who don't look anyway designed for snow, keep their toes from getting frostbite?

This is apparently a really common question, and yet also one I’d never thought about before. Google offers a number of different ways: scaly skin or fat layers as insulation, one-footed perching or squatting to keep feet closer to body heat, and blood vessels situated in such a way that warm blood passes next to and heats up colder blood. How neat!

Finally getting this part out. It shouldn’t have taken as long as it did but my mental health took a turn for the worse recently as a result of uni work. Thankfully, I finished uni for the year yesterday. I’ve got a lot more time now so these updates should be a bit more frequent now. In the meantime, enjoy, my darlings!

I love it!❤ The whole idea is amazing. Loki and fairytales elements is definitely something I need in my life!😂

I love how Loki is such a dick still lmao

‘The Tower’ (Part 4)

Part 3

By the time you reached the top of the stairs, your calves were screaming in agony. Though the tower had indeed looked tall from the outside, it hadn’t looked that tall. The mysterious owner of the tower had long since left you behind and you weren’t entirely sure whether you were permitted to find sanctuary alone or whether you should seek permission first.

Your manners dictated that you pursue the second course of action.

That last few steps had been negotiated on your hands and knees, the weight of your wounds all but crippling you. Thankfully, the cool floor kept your muscles from failing entirely, and it welcomed you once more at the summit as you lay on your back; panting and slightly shaking, but still alive.

Eventually, after having caught your breath, you sat up and examined your surroundings. Straight ahead was a crystalline door that held a pattern akin to a clear stained-glass window. Though blurry, it was otherwise transparent and you could see the mysterious man within, sat down on something.

Using the handle of the frosty door, you pulled yourself up and limped further inside. The sight before you was exquisite.

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You think I’m scared?
Think again, asshole.
You’re just a person
As minuscule as me
A speck in the universe
No bigger than a flea.
You think I’m scared?
Think again, asshole.
You don’t fuck with
Crazies like me
I have moony eyes
And grave dirt beneath
My nails
I emerge from darkness
And control the
Shadows at my feet
Eminating a frozen heat.
You think I’m scared?
Think again, asshole.
There isn’t anything you can do to me
That I can’t do back to you
It takes two to play
But I’m a third party with better brains.
You think I’m scared?
Not even close.
—  Eros J. Belle
Many years ago now I worked at a niche pizza shop

It was on what our town calls ‘bar row’. The manager made sure all us closing girls were as young as possible and hired zero security. Most nights we relied on the bouncers from the bars on either side of us. Now this area is on the shore so summers are both musty and busy. We are always slammed at closing…about 2am. We stop serving beers ourselves at 9 pm because that’s when the employees old enough to sell leave and when restaurants stop selling in our state.
Between 9 pm and 2 am there is only 2 girls in the shop. Usually one cleaning the front and one doing the prep for opening shift at 11 the next morning.
Aside from the amount of drunk who would ask for under 18s numbers or argue about getting a beer from us after 9 (we are NOT a bar we just sell food to drunks from the 10 plus bars in the immediate area). We would get random stalkers and all kinds of craziness that the owner never once did anything to make us secure…. But the bouncers sure did.

One night me and my bestie are working close. The bars have closed and there is a longer than usual line. We clear it out and the last 3 sit inside to eat. We decide to clear the patio for closing while they finish instead of kicking them out as we should’ve done.
As we are clearing the patio furniture under the trellis and securing them one of them decides to go BEHIND the counter. We see him through the giant picture window and run in screaming at him. His excuse is he wanted the last slice of pizza. But he didn’t walk 5 ft to the door to get one of us. Instead he walked 10 feet over to the heat lamp to grab it himself. Without paying. Behind the register and near the 450 degree pizza oven we JUST turned off.
My coworker had to chase it out with the cheese stabber… Used to stab the air bubbles in the pizza while baking.

Now normally we would’ve been protected by next doors bouncer but literally 5 seconds before we saw dude do this wed told him not to wait for us because we probably weren’t getting out before 4 am.