feet heat

That time of the year ey Sansy?

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I also saw a mother dragging her barefoot son back onto the burning concrete in the 100°+ heat. His feet were very red and obviously in pain and he kept running to the shade when she let him go, but then she'd drag him back again. He looked about 2.

hozier meme

from the self-titled album; including deluxe edition.
for prompts, starters, etc.

  • my lover’s got humour.
  • i should’ve worshipped her sooner.
  • worship in the bedroom.
  • i was born sick.
  • good God, let me give you my life.
  • to keep the goddess on my side; she demands a sacrifice.  
  • there is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin.
  • toying somewhere between love and abuse.
  • i lay my heart down with the rest at her feet.
  • the sweet heat of her breath in my mouth I’m alive.
  • so tired trying to see from behind the red in my eyes.
  • i never felt young.
  • it’d be great to find a place we could escape sometime.
  • she’s gonna save me, call me “baby”, run her hands through my hair.  
  • honey, there is no right way.
  • i wake at the first cringe of morning, and my heart’s already sinned.
  • all i’ve ever done is hide.  
  • there’s something tragic about you.
  • get closer to me.
  • there’s something wretched about this.
  • our veins are busy but my heart’s in atrophy.
  • no grave can hold my body down.
  • i was three days on a drunken sin.
  • don’t let me in with with no intention to keep me.
  • always a well dressed fraud.

Scarlett Johansson heat


He’d flinched at the sound of the water coming on, but he’d forced himself under the spray anyway, naked and filthy and so exhausted he could scarcely see. Cas had healed him up, had mended his leg and the bone-blistered ruin of his foot, but a shower was the only thing that was going to get rid of the blood and piss and sweat he’d been marinating in for days, and he knew it.

It’s not the same, he told himself, ducking his head beneath the high nozzle, because it damn well wasn’t. The water was hot and he was home, with familiar tiled walls around him and the scent of his own soap in the humid air, and Dean was six feet of solid heat at his back, calloused hands already sliding soap-slick and gentle along his shoulders, his arms, the long aching muscles on either side of his spine. It wasn’t the same. He was warm. He was safe. He was standing. He could move, if he wanted to.

He knew Dean (Dean Dean DeanDeanDean) was alive.

The water poured down, soaking, heavy, relentless. Not the same, he told himself, jaw clenched to keep his teeth from chattering. Not the same, not the same, not remotely the fucking same, but he was still shaking, just a little, and he couldn’t get himself to stop. ‘D-Dean,’ he managed, and familiar arms came around him, warm firm pressure on his ribs, pulling him in close until he could feel the miracle of his brother’s heartbeat against his back—slow and steady, here, alive.

‘I gotcha,’ Dean said, quietly, mouth soft against his warm wet skin. ‘Sammy, ‘m right here.’

An Oz Drabble: Cousin Jordy

Family gatherings filled the house with laughter. Oz liked seeing all his relatives together. Unlike him and his parents, they were pretty much blabbermouths and he enjoyed how they filled the silence. 

“Daniel, honey, go get more refreshments!” His mother always fussed whenever she hosted the family reunion. Oz knew better than to have her ask twice, so he sprung to his feet.  

Heated whispers drifted from the kitchen. Aunt Maureen and Uncle Ken were having an argument. Aunt Maureen had called his mother earlier to tell her they couldn’t make it, but his mom wouldn’t take no for an answer.  Oz wondered if his aunt and uncle were going through a rough patch. 

He cleared his throat before walking into the kitchen. 

“Daniel!”  “Daniel, dear!” Two sets of alarmed eyes searched around the kitchen, looking for…  

“Hey there, Jordy.” Oz grinned at his younger cousin crouching on the floor with his back to him. “Look how big you got.” He bent down and tickled the kid.

Jordy let out an angry howl and suddenly Oz felt sharp piercing fangs cut into his finger.  

“Jordy!” Uncle Ken snatched his son away from a shocked Oz and hauled him out of the kitchen from the backdoor.

Aunt Maureen wrapped his bleeding finger with a towel. “Oh, honey, I’m sorry. He’s a bit cranky tonight. Flu season, you know. We better take him for a checkup. Tell your mother we’re sorry we had to leave in a rush.”

He watched her race to the door and then looked down at his injured finger. He swore Jordy’s face had more hair than Cousin Itt from the Adam’s Family.

Dean looked up from the lore he was reading through with Sam when his phone buzzed on the table. He smiled as Y/N’s name appeared on the screen and he read the message,

“There’s a surprise for you in the garage.”

Buzz.. Buzz

“Make sure you come alone ;) xx”

Dean cleared his throat and got to his feet, the heat rising to his cheeks a little in anticipation.

“You alright?” Sam furrowed his eyebrows.

“Y-yeah, just remembered I left something in the Impala,” he stammered before quickly heading out to the garage before Sam could ask anymore questions.

“Y/N?” he called out as he walked through the garage, with Y/N nowhere in sight.

He frowned, confused as he saw something lying on the hood of his car. Walking closer, he saw that it was an envelope with his name on the front, picking it up he carefully opened the slightly bulky package.

His eyes widened and his heart jumped in his chest as he pulled the pregnancy test from the envelope, two small pink lines showing positive. He felt happy tears well in his eyes as the reality set in, “I’m- I’m going to be a Dad.”

You walked over to him from where you’d been waiting at the end of the garage, a loving smile across your face at his reaction. He placed the test and envelope back down before pulling you into his arms and pressing a sweet kiss to your lips.


Today is the worst day. Clock adjustments couldn’t happen on a Monday?

I’m in bed too long and I’m going to eat at all the wrong times today. But itty bitty snow is still falling and feets give heats so a little kitty just gently laid her head on my ankle so maybe I just lay here a little longer and ponder gingerbread pancakes for…brunch I guess?


“You don’t know how to dance?” Steve asked, tilting his head slightly to the side. You looked down at your feet, feeling heat rise up into your face. You shook your head. “It just…never came up.” You admitted, looking back up into the soldier’s calm blue gaze.

Steve raised an eyebrow and smiled softly. “Well, I do. I can probably teach you…if you’re up for it.”

Before your mind could formulate a response, you found yourself nodding your head. You blinked in surprise at your boldness, but suddenly wished you hadn’t.

Steve held up his hand, signaling for you to take it. Shyly, you did, and found that his hand wrapped around yours securely. His hand politely rested on your hip, and you pressed your second hand to his shoulder. Swallowing nervously, you caught his gaze. “So, what now?”

Steve grinned and pulled you in slightly closer. Now, you can see that Steve was in fact, blushing as hard as you were. “This is the fun part. Just follow my lead.”

And you did. You were very surprised to see that Steve was a great leader in dancing. You found yourself gliding across the floor, much smoother than you anticipated. But all the smooth dance moves and embarrassment drifted to the back of your head as you studied Steve’s face as you two danced. The bright smile he had on. The way his eyes shone as you took to dancing brilliantly.

“You’re a natural, Y/N.” Steve said.

You gave a half-smile and looked down at your feet, muttering a thanks.

Maybe learning how to dance from a super soldier was something you could get used to.

Requested by Anon~

Me without you is like…. A plane that doesn’t fly, a year without July, a stream which becomes dry. A match without fire, a circuit without the wire, a car without a tire.

Shoes with no laces, a sentence without spaces, a nerd without his braces. A phone without a dial, a face without a smile, a clock without a while. Socks without feet, fire without heat and a heart missing it’s beat.

If you know me then you know not only am I absolutely in love with kanye west & associates, but I’m also HUGE on sneakers today the yeezy adidas were revealed… my thoughts ; pretty fucking disappointing, but I’m still copping the max allowed per body. your thoughts?