feeple nanuri


Heads for Sale!

I painted and brought these to Resin Rose, but sadly they didn’t find someone to go home with - so here they are!

All heads are legit, and they have been painted by me, Semiotickitten, using doll safe materials and MSC. They will be packed safely and shipped 2-day Priority, with full insurance, for domestic, and EMS for international. I will NOT underdeclare or ship without insurance, sorry! I do not charge paypal fees.

Please read everything carefully and feel free to ask questions! I will not offer refunds or returns, everything is sold as-is.

Fairyland Feeple Nanuri 2016 elf head in NS. Will not come with any neckpiece or donut, head only. She has beautiful gold accents on her upper lip, eyeliner, and freckled gold across her cheek and temple. 200usd, US domestic shipping included.

Doll in Mind 2009 Event Head. This head is quite old and has some staining, but I feel like I really brought out how cool he can look! His previous owner called him a Cruel Prince, and I definitely see it! He is unfortunately not fitting in around here, so I’m hoping someone will find him as cool as I do! Asking 60usd, US domestic shipping included.

April Story Eternal Winter Sleeping head, is a really stunning androgynous looking sculpt, so I tried to paint them in a way that could read that. They do come with their CoA card, I can take a pic if you need it. 150usd with US domestic shipping.

SoulDoll L-Heart head, this head is discontinued and probably yellowed, but in really great shape! He does have a CoA, pics upon request. 150usd, US shipping included.

Doll Chateau Hugh in the old resin yellowed WS. This has has seen some better days, and is old, but has a cute, fresh faceup to help him find some love! Please be warned, there is some staining and stuff in his lips and the tear ducts, if you remove the faceup. This is not a new head! 60usd with US domestic shipping included.

I live in a non smoking house with pets, I do not have a car, and work nights, so shipping and replies may be slow.

No trades or layaway at this time, thanks!

Boosting appreciated!! 💖