Had a hell of a time at #BCApollo! Thank you @BridgewaterBSA for havin me and givin me the opportunity. It was another chance to get better which is what I needed. Some showed love, some gave me needed critism, and some just hated. Got some boos at my home to but thats just more motivation. Got some disrespectful tweet disses too but Ill address them tonight at 7 on twitter so pay attention. Time to shave some of this wait off and go on my run! Who ready? #HighFlyersBaby #FeelTheMood

Watch on jmood067.tumblr.com

New visuals comin soon. #HighFlyersBabyyyyy #U30Pro #FeelTheMood #SetTheClockOnFire

This is love right here. “Once and Eagle, always an eagle”. Huge S/O to Jeter for the love. Go get the EP now!!! Link in the bio! #FeelTheMood

Tracklist for “Feel The Mood”. EP will be releases officially tomorrow. Hope yall enjoy the music. S/O to all the features I have on it including @ba_streetteam @livinlavidari @imretro @teamdeleono !!! #FeelTheMood #JMoodMonday

Preorder Waitin in iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc. Screenshot and tag #FeelTheMood for a free physical copy of the new project FEEL THE MOOD!