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Signs when reading fanfics
  • Aries: OTP OTP
  • Taurus: sigh relationship goals
  • Gemini: dayumm this is da gud shit right here
  • Cancer: KISS DE BOY MON
  • Leo: dude they are gay af
  • Libra: next chapter is lemon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Virgo: ew what did I just read *favourites*
  • Scorpio: so uh where's the sex part
  • Sagittarius: covers screen whenever parent approaches
  • Aquarius: sodkdkddjnd
  • Pisces: so kawaiiiii c:
Signs reaction to seeing their otp
  • Aries: OMG MY BABIES
  • Taurus: well hello there I've been expecting you
  • Gemini: *inhales deeply*
  • Cancer: oh yeah ;) that's what I'm talking about
  • Leo: *covers face bc crying*
  • Libra: noowwww KISS
  • Virgo: appreciative silence
  • Scorpio: *saves onto phone to cry over later*
  • Sagittarius: ITS CANON AF
  • Capricorn: oh look it's my life in one picture
  • Aquarius: *explodes*
  • Pisces: awwwwhh c:
An Index of Fic

I’ve had a little influx of new followers (*waves excitedly*) and have been meaning to organise my writing for a while. This is that post. That’s all :)

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Longer Fic

One Week at Quantico: A pre series AU imagining that Mulder was a guest lecturer at the Academy while Scully was training. Complete NC-17.

Monday Night is Laundry Night || Tuesday Night is Taco Night || Washout Wednesday || Three Acts on a Thursday || First Thing Friday || Friday Night by Headlight || Sunrise Saturday || Words for a Weekend || So Long Sunday

Lost Letters: If the revival had ended after Home Again and Mulder and Scully had to deal with her mother’s death instead of the apocalypse. Festive. Ish. Complete, PG-13.

One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five || Part Six || Part Seven || Part Eight

Close: Post Millennium Fic chronicling the beginning of Mulder/Scully’s sexual relationship in which not everything *ahem* comes as easily as Mulder would like… NC-17.

Snaps: Mid-length Jersey Devil deleted scene imagining what might have happened if Scully and her lace bodysuit had met up with Mulder after that terrible date! NC-17

Vice: Season 6 underover, tropey smut two-parter, with a little humour and a lot of silly. NC-17 Complete. Part 1 | Part Two

Misty Blue: A contest entry, post IWTB set around Mulder’s birthday and a trip to London. NC-17, angsty. Complete

Marshamallow || Graham Crackers : Fluffy, drunk!Scully inspired ficlets with a twist!


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I Spy (Jersey Devil) || Zen 

Season 3

The Hunt (Easter)  

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Portrait (Cancer Arc - Mulder) || Trivia (Cancer Arc - Scully) 

Season 5

 Small Blessings (S5 Emly AU) || Leaving and Waiting (Chinga)

Season 6

Merry & Bright (HTGSC) || Token (HTGSC) || The Way Things Burn (Fowley) || Definition ( Fowley) || Tuesday (Monday post ep) || Bad Language (pre-Arcadia)

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Small Talk (Post Millennium) || You Said A Mouthful

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Pink (Per Manum Alt Flashback) || Casket (TINH post ep) || Poughkeepsie (pre-Requiem)

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Last Call (Trust No1) || 3AM (William)


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The Fall

The Departure: Missing scene explaining Reed’s absence from Season 3.



The X-Files x The Fall x Streetcar!

Trinity: My current project/baby is a casefile set post IWTB/Pre-The Fall and features Scully and Stella Gibson collaborating on a case where Blanche DuBois is the primary witness. Canon-compliant, character work that people seem to really like so… huzzah! More info/Part 1 here


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Dating Dan Howell Would Include

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  • Dating Dan is the best
  • He spoils you a lot
  • And he’s your best friend
  • Even if he can be a bit oblivious and absent-minded at times
  • But it’s seriously the best
  • You hardly ever argue too
  • He also introduces you to Phil
  • And he’s super excited to see you get along so well
  • Lazily lying on the bed listening to Muse
  • Constant teasing
  • “How’s the weather like up there, Dan?”
  • “Shut up, you nerd :D”
  • Dan loves putting things in high places that are out of your reach
  • Just to annoy you and because that way you need him
  • So he has a laugh and teases you about it
  • But he does wrap you in his arms and hoist you up to kiss you
  • To redeem himself
  • Tickle attacks
  • Heart eyes
  • Kisses on the neck and sometimes temple
  • From time to time on the cheek or head too
  • Surprisingly, he’s not weird about his neck when it comes to you
  • Stealing kisses 
  • Raspberries
  • Hair playing 
  • Reciprocal sass
  • Goofying around all the time
  • Scaring you and other shenanigans
  • Because he’s a mischievous little shit
  • Quoting nerdy stuff
  • Sitting on his lap
  • Messing up his hair and running away laughing
  • Chasing the other around the house
  • Sharing cool stuff with each other
  • And lame things too
  • Fangirling together
  • And discussing movies, books, music, videogames and other stuff
  • Dragging Dan into your fandoms
  • So you can suffer and cry together
  • And viceversa
  • Sharing the feelsplosions, of course
  • Showing memes to the other
  • Having romantic dates
  • Other times they’re just casual
  • Thoughtful gifts to each other
  • Very long and deep conversations
  • Helping him with the existential crisis
  • And his videos too
  • Cheering him up when he’s having a bad day
  • Messing up his hair and starting a war
  • Fondly annoying each other
  • So many cute moments
  • Like asking him to say something with his British accent
  • And him smiling because you’re a dork
  • Or buying something that reminded you of each other
  • Singing with him as he plays piano
  • Chilling on the sofa, each one of you browsing Tumblr
  • Inside jokes, so many of them!
  • Constantly teasing the other
  • Lovingly insulting 
  • Speaking fluent sarcasm to each other
  • ‘Ironically’ watching HSM together
  • Lazy days of movies/shows/anime/videogames in the lounge
  • Having stupid moments together in which you laugh about anything
  • He would baby talk to playfully annoy you, the nerd
  • Recurrent tickling
  • Trying to get Phil’s help to prank him
  • Even though you hardly ever take Dan by surprise
  • But actual prank wars do happen
  • And you like to embarrass him to wind him up
  • Because Dan gets embarrassed quite easily sometimes
  • And it’s the only thing you have on him
  • He’s always there for you
  • And knows you better than anyone
  • So he immediately notices when you’re sad and tries to cheer you up
  • Dan being a cutie and taking care of you
  • Like, he’s always having these little gestures
  • Such as treating you to food
  • Or holding doors open for you
  • He’s like the best boyfriend ever


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Hi!! Can you recommend some long chaptered or complete fics?? Thank yooou ^^

Heya! There aren’t many new complete long fics that i’ve read and could recommend and many of the fics have been recommended several times before (bc they so good, damn) so from these tags you should be able to find something suiting your fic-cravings! ^-^ 

Long Fics -tag (everything between 75k to 10k) 

Chaptered Fics -tag 

Angst -tag (there are some major long feelsplosions here) 

I hope y’all are cool with this rec! I know it’s a bit different from the usual ones @-@ 

✄ Admin Amanda

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Worst Vision 'verse: The first time infant Anakin gets held by people he felt strongly about last time around, how big is the feelsplosion emanating from him?

In Jedi temple terms? Think, like, Tsar Bomba. 

Seriously, the Order is probably actually SINCERELY CONCERNED that they are somehow under ATTACK or some shit. That may be a legit concern that multiple Jedi have. Meanwhile Shmi and Obi-Wan are too busy being like “ANI ;___;” with the newborn Anakin all overwhelmed and teary-eyed to notice a damn thing and Qui-Gon and Tahl probably have to go handle mop-up and reassure everyone that no, no, everything’s fine, this is just some more vision-related backlash kicking in, that’s all. 

Meanwhile the Temple is subject to baby Anakin’s INSANE mood swings for DAYS and literally every single Jedi in it levels up in shielding out of sheer necessity. 


You, look at this face and dare TELL me how you can’t help but love Oliver. For those who haven’t played the route and refused to look at spoilers like me, keep some handy tissues by your side. I was an empty shell of a hot mess through this, but it just makes me love Oliver even more.

At one point before playing his route, I was skimming those I followed and once I saw something I knew I shouldn’t have seen for him, I zipped right by it and REFUSED to go back. BMP is close to my heart, so I don’t want any spoilers. And it was totally worth it. I wanted to just kiss Oliver over and over again here and this scene just about made me throw my iPhone across my living room and into my fireplace.

This is probably my favorite CG in his main route.

I love you, Oliver. *sniff* Take my heart and let’s go be happy together. *cries*