Signs when reading fanfics
  • Aries:OTP OTP
  • Taurus:sigh relationship goals
  • Gemini:dayumm this is da gud shit right here
  • Cancer:KISS DE BOY MON
  • Leo:dude they are gay af
  • Libra:next chapter is lemon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Virgo:ew what did I just read *favourites*
  • Scorpio:so uh where's the sex part
  • Sagittarius:covers screen whenever parent approaches
  • Aquarius:sodkdkddjnd
  • Pisces:so kawaiiiii c:

“Once upon a time, there was a boy who had ice powers…. He was a kind, gentle boy, but the village was scared of him! The Villagers didn’t understand his powers- so they did something horrible! They forced him to a frozen lake, and they drowned him!" 


"The villagers had no right, so the boy came back as a spirit, sad and lonely….. so he kidnapped children from their parents just as he had been kidnapped! But it’s not right to do that Jack!" 

"It’s not fair! They took me from them! They took me away from my family! THEY KILLED ME!" 

"It’s not right to be like them! they hurt you, yes, but you shouldn’t hurt them back! It only makes you more sad, doesn’t it?" 

"I’m so cold…. so lonely… I don’t want to be alone any more….. don’t make me be alone any more…”

“I won’t…. but you have to give the children back….." 

Paranorman AU angst because I had these sketches lying around~<3

Signs reaction to seeing their otp
  • Taurus:well hello there I've been expecting you
  • Gemini:*inhales deeply*
  • Cancer:oh yeah ;) that's what I'm talking about
  • Leo:*covers face bc crying*
  • Libra:noowwww KISS
  • Virgo:appreciative silence
  • Scorpio:*saves onto phone to cry over later*
  • Sagittarius:ITS CANON AF
  • Capricorn:oh look it's my life in one picture
  • Aquarius:*explodes*
  • Pisces:awwwwhh c:

You, look at this face and dare TELL me how you can’t help but love Oliver. For those who haven’t played the route and refused to look at spoilers like me, keep some handy tissues by your side. I was an empty shell of a hot mess through this, but it just makes me love Oliver even more.

At one point before playing his route, I was skimming those I followed and once I saw something I knew I shouldn’t have seen for him, I zipped right by it and REFUSED to go back. BMP is close to my heart, so I don’t want any spoilers. And it was totally worth it. I wanted to just kiss Oliver over and over again here and this scene just about made me throw my iPhone across my living room and into my fireplace.

This is probably my favorite CG in his main route.

I love you, Oliver. *sniff* Take my heart and let’s go be happy together. *cries*


An acid bath sounds pretty good right now.. *-*

Anyways: People who say that fans who think Zayn looks hot when he smokes are liking the fact that he’s killing himself.

lol no, stfu. We don’t want him to smoke, we don’t want him to die. He is just sexy when he does. so don’t say that we want to kill him, cause that’s just stupid. some people look extra hot when they do some things and smoking happens to be one of Zayn’s (in some peoples opinions) so please. calm down