Somewhere Over the Rainbow Chapter 13: Red Like Roses, a rwby fanfic | FanFiction
Red likes roses fills my dreams and takes me to the place you rest....

Here we are, the chapter we’ve had planned since the very first day we ever planned the story. Chapter 12: Red Like Roses, and I promise you will all be blown away, by every single step of the way.

And this time round I wrote the first draft and @yellowspottedblackbull edited, as well as the afterword, which should also have you all reeling and excited about the future of SOTR.

So please, enjoy the feels, the heavy plot, and reintroduction of a character a lot of people have been excited to see for a long time, as well as the exit of another….

Enjoy, and please please please, tell us what you think.

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Chapter Cover by @fullmetalquest
44 Things That Give Harry Potter Fans All the Feels
by Melissa Anelli It’s already 19 Years Later for us. It’s nearly 19 years since the first Harry Potter book hit the first shelf, and our fandom has been declared “dead” so many times it wouldn’t be out of place on a nighttime medical drama. But those of us who have been here for all …

We’ve got a lot of Potterheads in the GeekyCon community, but not all of us have the same memories. Our co-director Melissa Anelli (author of ‘Harry, A History’) took the liberty of listing some major things that give Potter fans all the feels. 

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“Battle Couple”

>Merida and Hiccup are a Battle couple which means when they enter a fight they do it together no matter what in this case Meridas dad HATES hiccup (for being a viking and taking his daughter) so Merida promises hiccup she will always fight by his side :3