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“I’m anything but a hero, but maybe I could help, if you want.”

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To be honest, I hate hearing people refer to women as 'females' bc like 99% of the time when I hear somebody say it, the way it's being used and the way it's being said is hostile and gross and, as was said before, just overall very dehumanizing especially when coming from guys.

right!!! i said this to a friend earlier it feels like this generations “dame” “doll” “betty” “hoe” “bitch” but its So Much Worse because it feels so detached and clinical i hate it

I try not to get sappy about lifting weights but too bad, I’m gonna. I started lifting at the Leach my freshman year when I was mentally in a very dark place. Physically, this darkness crept in and turned me into a skeleton of a man, ultimately getting as low as a very unhealthy 160lbs.

I was very weak when I started and for awhile it was a struggle to keep going when the results came slowly. But I stuck with it, and in doing so I made my body bigger and stronger, but really I learned to love my body, love myself, and appreciate what I am capable of (srs).

Flash forward five years to tonight and I am amazed at how far I have come. It was a special thing to be able to come back to where it all started and perform so well. So while tonight was all about just having fun, it did mean a bit more to me.

Okay sorry for being sappy. I just feel that it IS important sometimes to look back and appreciate the journey.

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I'm editing that post. The fact that I was not thinking about Sanji and the ocean just proves how tired I was. Although I love the combination of the stars and the ocean and how sometimes Sanji tries to teach the other directionally challenged crew members how to tell where they are from what stars are in the sky.

I totally headcanon that Sanji could navigate by the stars. I’m pretty sure out of everyone in the crew, he’d probably be the best equipped for sailing by himself. (Obviously Nami would be a close second since she’s the navigator, but I don’t think she’s as much a sailor as Sanji).

Just imagine Sanji learning from Zeff how to man a ship by himself, how to tie proper knots, how to best direct the sails, how to read the wind and the currents, how to make food last the longest and how to store them properly. Imagine Sanji going out on the deck watching the stars and listening to the ocean, reveling in the darkness of the night. Imagine Sanji sharing stories about the constellations that he’s learned, about Orion and the Scorpion, about Perseus and Andromeda, and remembering about all the myths he picked up on different islands.

Rude Awakening

Nathan all but passed out the second his head hit the pillow that night. 

Normally, he stayed awake well after Matthew went to bed. He’d do homework, and catch up on his reading, and scratch Matt’s back, play with his hair or rub his tummy while he slept. It didn’t matter much to Nathan, he just liked proving to Matthew how much he loved him, even when the other boy was sleeping. 

However, it had been weeks since his last full night of sleep, and Nathan was exhausted. Fortunately, Matt had been less clingy lately so Nate could get some more work done during the day, but he still felt like he was missing out. By falling asleep, Nate couldn’t pillow talk with Matthew. That was the best way to end the day, and he was sleeping right through it.

But just because Nate needed sleep, that didn’t mean his body was going to let it happen. Nathan was restless as he slept, tossing and turning despite his closed eyes and leveled breathing. His face never smoothed over with sleep, but rather stayed scrunched together as if he was thinking. 

It was well into the night when Nate started making noises. 

First it was just little whimpers while he dreamed. Every now and then a whine would escape his lips and he’d shiver a little bit. The noise grew, and soon Nate was talking in his sleep. “No… No, no…” he begged every so often, his rolling in bed growing a bit more agitated and frequent. He practically flung his body from side to side. It was almost as if he was fighting someone off, as if he was trying to get free. 

Eventually, tears began streaming down Nate’s face in his sleep and he got considerably louder. “NO. No more, please no more! Stop!” He was practically shouting. The louder he got, the stiller his body became until he was just lying there: stiff like a board and sobbing into the sheets. “STOP.”