I really want an episode in vld s3 where the team is intensely looking for Shiro, but it’s mainly focused on Keith, who keeps having flashbacks of all their moments spent together. The first time they met. The first time Keith surpassed one of Shiro’s Garrison records. The first ride they took on Keith’s hover-bike together. The first night they spent at the shack. The moment Keith realized he was falling in love. The moment Keith confessed. All the loud parties and quiet nights they spent together. The day the Kerberos crew was announced. The day Shiro left for the first time and Keith thought he was coming back.

tadhdfw you are on a date the person of your dreams and it shows that you are absent-minded or your eyes are roaming to something else in your surrounding. then your date gets doesn’t continue their story because they think you don’t care or are not interested or not focusing. but you can comprehend most of what they are saying because they are important and you just want to the ground to swallow you up ughhhhhh


And now I’m left standing on this lone monochrome stage Can’t run away in this tv-like play Crying to skies, I’d rather die and be reborn So I can repaint the fourth dimension so bright I’m sure it never will fade And something new will break the day

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKh-P6jGwBw I finally did it. I am happy how these doodles came out. Reboot just fits them for some reason. ;w; Also been listening to this english cover that is really good. Now excuse me while I crawl under my bed and cry. ;w; Also changed there keychain stars to little bow keychains with tiny stars in them. ^^ Plus I enjoy drawing the mackleberry twins cause I love drawing long floofy hair. *w* (also stuck with drawing Janey as Sherri’s new playmate.)