feels thrown all over your dash

arthur-tristan-kingsmen replied to your post: ❤️~

// crashes in late but! I adore you as a person first and foremost. you have a lot of shit thrown your way with being sick and all and i admire your fortitude to keep doing what you do even when you feel bad. you’re funny and sweet and it’s adorable how excited over things you get and it’s always fun to get to talk to you. I think you’re very cute too, and i love your vivi and your writing

//frick a frack i hit enter too soon but yeah you’re awesome and descriptive and it’s always fun to read your rps as they come up on my dash and you’re very good with flow and making something amazing just like yourself and i’m super proud of you and your art which is so frikken cute and your writing which is amazing and flows so well and you should feel awesome because that’s exactly what you are <3

// c r i e s

i don’t even know what to say but thank you??? like this is one of the nicest messages I’ve ever gotten?