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On this day in music history: May 28, 1983 - “Flashdance… What A Feeling” by Irene Cara hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 6 weeks, also topping the Club Play chart for 3 weeks on June 11, 1983, and peaking at #2 on the R&B singles chart on June 4, 1983. Written by Giorgio Moroder, Keith Forsey and Irene Cara, it is the biggest hit for the Bronx, NY singer, songwriter and actress. Having worked professionally as a singer and actress from the age of three, Irene Cara performs on Broadway, on the PBS series “The Electric Company”, as well as appearing in the film “Sparkle” and the mini series “Roots: The Next Generation”, before her big breakthrough comes in the Alan Parker directed film “Fame” in 1980. In 1982, Cara is asked to sing the theme song for a low budget film being produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer called “Flashdance”. She works with producer and songwriters Giorgio Moroder and Keith Forsey, best known for their work with Donna Summer. Also the films score composer, Moroder has written an instrumental that he has in mind to be used as the theme. While driving the recording studio, Cara and Forsey pass ideas back and forth about what the songs lyrical concept should be. Irene comes up with an idea expressing the feeling that comes over you while dancing, and Keith counters that by blurting out the lines “what a feeling” and “dancing for my life”, both of which become essential hooks to the song. By the time they reach the studio, the lyrics are completed, and Cara records her lead vocal. Released as the first single from the “Flashdance” soundtrack in late March of 1983, it quickly becomes a smash. Entering the Hot 100 at #77 on April 2, 1983, it climbs to the top of the chart eight weeks later. Like the film itself, “Flashdance… What A Feeling” becomes a pop cultural phenomenon, and an anthem to those striving to make their dreams come true. The song wins Irene Cara a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female in 1984, as well as winning a Golden Globe and the Academy Award for Best Original Song for Moroder, Forsey, and Cara. “Flashdance… What A Feeling” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.


This new Mary Lambert music video dropped a few days ago and I haven’t seen anyone talking about it but it’s amazing and super catchy and super gay (both the video and the song) and more people need to be talking about it!!!

Please watch this video I promise you won’t regret it

rocky’s honey rap and that amazing dance solo, all the while serving us Looks??? yes
eunwoo smiling like /that/ and sounding hella fine???? Heck yes
jinjin’s whole rap, all the while sporting the prettiest smile?? yeah x3
moonbin’s smooth moves in the centre during the first intro and him playing around in the kitchen with a grin rivals the sun??? Hell yeah
sanha looking so amazing and matured while simultaneously looking like a baby??? dont even get me started
mj rolling around in a trampoline filled with coloured balls, smiling and having a good time??? s i g n m e u p

astro being beautiful and aesthetic and so amazingly talented in their new MV?????? DEFINITELY


it’s been a long day without you, my friend
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