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Harvey Dent on Gotham Tonight (TDK Special Features)

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you should do one of those "meet the artist tag" type things (also if you're like, "but someone has to tag me first", consider yourself tagged!) 🖤also say hey to Rowlet for me please, thanks!


Hey look what i just finished!!!!


im sorry TvT I couldn’t wait to upload all of them all together but here is the most beautiful wife ever,, I couldn’t decide on which hairstyle bc I love both so???

- inspired by @godd707 and @gayhee bc I am completely iN LOVE with the coven AU

Part 1 out of 6


I’m re-watching Natsume Yuujinchou and have been absolutely DROWNING in feels this past week. (; n ;)

Also, downloading the soundtrack from seasons one and two has made my life about 10x better.

You have your license already, don’t you?

I’ve always enjoyed the dynamic between Bro and Rose on their own and this was inspired by an rp that hit all the marks for me, if only I could’ve hung onto it a lil longer!!


it’s fine tho really


|| you know.. This fandom doesn’t seem strict with rp at all and it makes me so happy? If not the fandom then you ppl I’m interacting with. I feel like rp here is like how it USE to be. Where you don’t have to worry about your writing, where everyone sends everyone asks, where you’re not judged, where you’re kind to one another and don’t take one look at a blog shoo it away b/c it doesn’t have some kind of fancy header or nice icons.

Where you don’t have to do specific formats and everything else. It just. Feels so good?? I’ve never felt this good in so dang long.

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Hello Kim! I wanted to say that I really appreciate this wonderful blog and also the one where you publish your arts! I always thought that I'm the only one out there who don't just K-ON! as some general shitty moe anime like many others do (especially here in Germany). I plan to start a blog similiar to yours and I would like to translate some of your analysis posts into German. Would that be okay for you? I would also give you credit. I want to spread the love for K-ON! more and more!

My goodness !! Thank you so much, dang !

 I feel like a lot of times with K-ON discussion with general anime fans, it just takes that one person to say “K-ON is more than just moe trash” and have the balls to admit it, BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW IT’S SO MUCH MUCH MORE THAN THAT AAAAA

And sure! Let’s talk more PM, but I’m like generally mostly down, and would be down to collab if you have ideas (like, if you have some stuff in German, etc.)

So yeah! Just message me off anon and let’s dialouge more about this. Glad to see the love for K-ON continually being spread !!

Happy Healthy ME

As you know, I’ve been struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome for over two years now, and prior to that I had glandular fever, chronic tonsillitis and a whole host of ongoing health problems. By this point, after years of abusing my body and putting up with so much ill health, I’m understandably very frustrated and fed up with always being sick! It’s time to take charge of my health and finally be HAPPY HEALTHY ME!

So, I’ve starting drafting a little plan to help get my health back on track. It’s a work in progress, I’m going to trial this for a few weeks and adjust it as I go. I also need to make allowances for when I am feeling sick and tired. The key to recovering from chronic fatigue is to know when you’re at your limit and allow yourself to rest. Pushing yourself just doesn’t work in this case! I need to work on creating structure and routine within my days, especially my days off from work. 

Morning Routine

  • up by 8am (unless I really need a sleep in)
  • 1 litre of lemon water
  • 2 tbsp blackstrap molasses, vitamin B12, vitamin D3
  • 20-30 minute walk
  • stretching, physiotherapy, strength work (about 30 mins)
  • 10 minute meditation
  • HCLF fruit-filled breakfast
  • shower, wash face, clean teeth
  • studying by 9:30-10ish


  • currently trialling a HCLF, high raw diet. At this point I’m still working out what works best for me nutritionally. I LOVE eating lots of fruit, but am open to adjusting my macros depending on what I feel works best for me. Also being winter, I’m definitely craving hearty, warming meals! So this will be one I’m working on over time. 
  • eat some raw veggies every day
  • [mostly] gluten free. I always eat gluten free at home, but will occasionally eat it when out - and only in small amounts! I have a mild gluten intolerance, but a little seems to go okay.
  • fresh pressed juice daily


  • 20 − 30 minute walk daily - this is as much about getting me out of the house on my days off so I don’t become a hermit as it is just getting me up and moving. Plus I love walking! It’s so calming, refreshing and just feels so dang good.
  • 4 x dance classes per week
  • 1 − 2 yoga classes per week
  • stretching, physiotherapy and strength work daily - one thing I REALLY need to focus on, is getting my strength back up! Obviously dancing helps a lot, but I still have very little upper body and core strength, and with my many injuries (back, shoulders, foot, knee) building up some muscle is the best way to heal and prevent any more from occurring. 
  • in a few weeks I will also think about getting another jazzercise membership. It’s so much fun, so good for fitness, and it’s something that my mum, sisters and I all do together. Family bonding AND fitness?! Yep. I just need to be sure I’m not going to be overdoing it by taking on too much first.


  • 10 minute daily meditation/mindfulness
  • 10 minutes of reading each day
  • write in journal daily


  • do a little each day
  • study like Hermione

So basically I’m hoping my days will go something like this:

  • get up and do Morning Routine
  • study from 10am til about 4 or 5pm
  • have a lunch break but NOT take a nap like I usually do - this makes me sleepy and ends in a very unproductive afternoon! It’s also not good for your night time sleeping habits/sleep quality
  • stop studying by 5pm at the latest
  • eat a wholesome, nutritious dinner
  • do some reading before bed
  • be in bed by 10pm - structured, regular bed times are really important to create good quality sleeping habits

BUT in saying all this, I’m aware that some days I will just not feel up to sticking to this. Some days I will be tired and feeling unwell, and will just need a day on the couch binge watching Pretty Little Liars and napping. And that’s a-ok too. Slowly building up consistent, healthy habits is my ultimate goal, but I need to take it slow and not rush. There is no quick fix for chronic fatigue, and pushing myself will only be detrimental. Some weeks I will probably not exercise at all except for my dance classes, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Slow progress is STILL PROGRESS!

Finally getting around to that Ellie fanart you’ve been meaning to do for months: it’s a good feeling! I don’t know if I would say The Last of Us gives you a good feeling, but I really enjoyed it, so… dang. That’s a slippery slope, isn’t it? Anyway, I loved Ellie, she’s my favorite, no one is surprised, and I know in due time that gravitationaltimothy is going to have an awesome Joel companion piece, so keep an eye out for that, too!

I would love, someday, to draw a Tess… but let’s be honest… if it took me almost a year to draw Ellie? I shouldn’t cross my fingers for Tess.