feels so dang good


AAAAHH!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! tangerine is just 🍊👌 shes a cutie

also did you know

tangerine quartz is a sacral chakra crystal which means it promotes creativity and sexuality

so yes, id say shes having a nice time B^)


Harvey Dent on Gotham Tonight (TDK Special Features)

for @about-faces!


The new Boruto ending breaks my heart! Like I’m happy that they’re going to animate Naruto Gaiden (IT WAS SO GOOD AND THE FEELS), but DANG SARADA DESERVES TO BE HAPPY! SasuSaku deserves to be happy with their daughter. Enough with the drama let this ship sail in calm waters, please. (But in all seriousness tho, the ending is so gorgeous and I’m excited to see how they’ll animate the story)

I’m petitioning for “Let the Uchihas be happy” because dang it, they deserve it.

Let Papasuke go home, but then I know that he’s away from home because of a very important and secret mission to protect Konoha and everyone in it, especially his family… BUT DANG IT! AHHH LET THIS MAN GO HOME TO HIS FAMILY

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you should do one of those "meet the artist tag" type things (also if you're like, "but someone has to tag me first", consider yourself tagged!) 🖤also say hey to Rowlet for me please, thanks!


Hey look what i just finished!!!!


im sorry TvT I couldn’t wait to upload all of them all together but here is the most beautiful wife ever,, I couldn’t decide on which hairstyle bc I love both so???

- inspired by @godd707 and @gayhee bc I am completely iN LOVE with the coven AU

Part 1 out of 6

You have your license already, don’t you?

I’ve always enjoyed the dynamic between Bro and Rose on their own and this was inspired by an rp that hit all the marks for me, if only I could’ve hung onto it a lil longer!!


I’m re-watching Natsume Yuujinchou and have been absolutely DROWNING in feels this past week. (; n ;)

Also, downloading the soundtrack from seasons one and two has made my life about 10x better.


it’s fine tho really

Top surgery recovery: day 2

Apparently I don’t have any painkillers in my system.

When I got out of surgery, the doctor told me he’d put some long-acting local anaesthetic in my chest, so I wouldn’t hurt too bad until after it wore off. I still feel dang good, so I called his office today to see about when I should brace for it.

Turns out, “long-acting” in this case meant “about six hours.” I haven’t taken anything but Tylenol since yesterday morning, and I still feel great. This might only be because the nerves that would otherwise transmit agony have been severed, but I am not complaining!

Tonight I had a delicious dinner, a margarita, walked around downtown because the weather was perfect, had a couple of guys say hello to me which was a little flattering, had perfect eyebrows, and got to spend quality time with some of my best friends which was definitely needed. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the weekend goes.