feels overtaking


a series of unlikely crossovers:

“ ben? —- yeah, ben’s a good guy. we went to college together and stuff. ” oh will. that — that doesn’t even begin to explain the dynamic between you and benjamin andrews.

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Scorpio thing or just me?
They say it’s hard for us to express our feelings, kind of true
We do it in a way that we tell you what we THINK of you. In essence what’s in our heart comes out as poetic thoughts of you. We associate what we feel with our fondness of you.
For instance your beauty is a rose, your spirit is energy and we vibe and love that energy.
We’ll say “I hate you” translation “I love you” or something about you. We’ll give you nicknames. We’ll back away to fight that ever falling feeling. When our feelings overtake us or rush us we need to express that euphoric moment and in that moment saying “I love you” isn’t enough.
MOST say intimacy has nothing to do with sex, I wish people would stop separating all that love entails. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually is INTIMACY at it’s finest. It does not show partiality. What’s love without desire, what’s being needed without being wanted, one without the other doesn’t measure up to the FULLEST of being truly love. We love hard and to the fullest.
What’s being alone without someone to be alone together with.
Someone that shares the silence with you. LOVE IS TWO SOULS.
Love is the perfection of imperfections
Thoughts of a Scorpio

It was 4 a.m. and she thought he was asleep.
The smell of his costly cologne still hung in the air,
mixing with her candle’s leftover heat, &
the faded noise of nighttime TV.
She could feel the dark overtaking her, as her
eyes slowly closed, but then she heard him whisper,
“I love you.” He had never said it before, but
she already knows.
She didn’t turn over, though, to say it back,
so his words dangled in the air, and she
decided to leave them there.
She pretended it was 4 a.m., and just like
any other night before, she was asleep,
and nothing more.

Imagine having a late night video call with Johnny. The sky is dark, you could already see the moonlight shinning through your curtains. Your lamp and laptop were your only light sources. Laying on your side and placing your head on your pillow, he follows your lead. He looked handsome even if he was wearing his pajamas: black shorts and a branded t-shirt. You two begin to talk about your day, what you did, what you ate and everything else in between. You can feel the tiredness overtake you. You yawn as Johnny talks about what Jaehyun did earlier today, but you tried to fight it as much as you could. You could hear Johnny say something, mumble really before you succumb to your sleepiness.
You wake up and you notice your video call is still on. Johnny is sleeping. He still looks handsome regardless. You see that he sent you something on the chat.
“You know you’re cute when you sleep? Just one of the things I love about you.”
You smiled. You knew you loved this boy too much.

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"Warm Seas, Cold"

an AU in which karamatsu is a deity protecting a small seaside country. his blessing makes the sea calm and bountiful for fishing and protects the land from storms, but it’s lonely being an ocean deity and after a few centuries of watching and envying the people of the land, who live and grow and work together generation after generation, his growing feelings of isolation and heartache begin to overtake his feelings of wanting to protect the land, and he enters a period of hibernation. the story begins with the seaside country on the brink of destruction - the weather is harsh and the sea is always raging and the water is all but completely barren. a group of young men with nothing better to do with their time take matters into their own hands and decide to investigate the ocean…

genre: kinda-sorta-fantasy AU, adventureish, family/bonding (though they’re not actually family)

There are gonna be days that you feel like total and utter crap. Times when you can’t even muster up enough motivation for life to get out of bed in the morning. There will also be some days where you want to do nothing but embrace the despairingly numb feeling overtaking you and just stare at the wall. And some days where you want to plug earbuds into your ears and tune out everything else that’s not the melody playing. That’s life, it’s gonna suck sometimes, there’s no doubt about that. But you know what, there’s also gonna be some days that your jaw will hurt, because you’re just so deliriously happy that you can’t stop laughing and smiling. There will be days that a warm fuzzy feelings will erupt from within you and leave a virtually permanent smile painted on your face from looking at the person you love so much it hurts. There will be horrindeous days, overjoyous days, and boring days. But you can’t rightfully appreciate those amazing days without taking the horrible ones.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write


Rania shook her head lightly. “I suddenly felt rather ill. Like something terrible has happened,” she said quietly, holding onto Dewey tightly.

“Our associates. Are they safe? I can’t shake this feeling of worry and dread.”

     “They ought to be,” Dewey blinked in surprise, a growing feeling of wariness overtaking him. “I - what do you think’s happened? We can make some calls when we get back but I don’t expect anything’s wrong.”

Me: Ah, today is such a wonderful day -

Brain creates Headcanon: Marinette finally confessing her love to Adrien and being rejected by him because he loves her secret identity Ladybug. And as much as she would like to tell him that she is her. That she is Ladybug, she can’t. Because Marinette thinks that Adrien only loves the strong hero who saves the day and everyone else but will never love the shy, little girl who’d give the world to see him smile. And after the next Akuma attack, it’s the first time that Chat Noir sees Ladybug cry in front of him. Ever. Because she cannot bare this pain any longer; this heavy stone sitting on her chest that’s taking her breath away. Suddenly she feels this burning anger in her desperation, her feelings overtake her and she sobs : “I hate Ladybug. I hate her.” And Chat Noir tries to comfort her by hugging her tight, whispering calming words into her ears. Not knowing that he’s the reason why she’s crying.


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How the Pitch Perfect Fandom Works

The Pitch Perfect fandom comes in three slices

The Bechloe fans

The People Who Only Ship Straight Ships

And Everyone Else

I say this, because I feel like Bechloe kinda overtakes the fandom? There’s other people besides the Jeca shippers and Bechloe shippers and I feel like sometimes we’re tossed aside.

Not saying I don’t ship Bechloe, it’s just not even close to my OTP in this fandom. 

No one acknowledges the Mitchsen fandom which is like the second most popular girl/girl ship. No one acknowledges Chaubrey or Steca or (sometimes) Staubrey, and Chacie was just a one week thing that I was really excited for but now it’s gone. 

It’s terrible that Staubrey is known as a ‘minority ship’ yet it’s basically the second/third most popular girl/girl one in the fandom.

No one acknowledges the other ships that don’t involve the main four girls, like Stynthia or Dynthia or Jessley/Jashley, or Lamy or whatever. It’s kinda hard because I basically ship everything super hard BESIDES Bechloe and Jeca, so all my ships are completely ignored. You know how hard it is to find a long Staubrey fic? Or a Chacie one at all? Jessley/Jashley, or Chaubrey? 

And posts about them, that’s even harder.

There’s other ships besides Bechloe, not saying that EVERYONE doesn’t recognize it, but there’s some.

P.S please write me more Jessica x Ashley fanfiction with side Stemily and Chaubrey thank you 

Same 'ol Mistakes - Rihanna

I can just hear them now,
“How could you let us down?”
But they don’t know what I’ve found,
Or see it from this way round.
Feeling it overtake,

All that I used to hate,
One by one every trait,
I tried but it’s way too late.

All the signs I don’t read,

Two sides of me can’t agree,

Will I be in too deep?

Goin’ with what I always longed for.

Feel like a brand new person, (But you’ll make the same old mistakes)

Well I don’t care I’m in love, (Stop before it’s too late)
Feel like a brand new person, (But you’ll make the same old mistakes)
I finally know what it’s like, (You don’t have what it takes)
(Stop before it’s too late, I know there’s too much at stake)
(Making the same mistakes)

And I still don’t know why it’s happening.
(Stop while it’s not too late)
And I still don’t know

Finally taking flight,

I know you don’t think it’s right,

I know that you think it’s fake,
Maybe fakes what I like,

The point is I have the right,

Not thinking in black and white,
Thinking it’s worth the fight,

Soon I’ll be out of sight,

Knowing it all this time,

Going with what I always longed for.

Feel like a brand new person, (But you’ll make the same old mistakes)

Well I don’t care I’m in love, (Stop before it’s too late)
Feel like a brand new person, (But you’ll make the same old mistakes)
So how do I know if it’s right? (You don’t have what it takes)

(Stop before it’s too late)

Man I know that it’s hard to digest,
But maybe your story,
aint so different from the rest.
And I know it seems wrong to accept,
But you’ve got your demons,

And she’s got her regrets.

Man I know that it’s hard to digest,

A realisation,
is as good as a guess.

And I know it seems wrong to accept,
But you’ve got your demons,

And she’s got her regrets.

But you’ve got your demons,

And she’s got her regrets.

Feel like a brand new person,

So how will I know that it’s right?

In a new direction,

So how will I know I’ve gone too far?
(Stop thinking of the only option)
Feel like a brand new person,

I finally know what it’s like.
(Stop thinking of the only option)

In a new direction

So how will I know if its right?
(Stop thinking of the only option)

and i don’t know how to describe

Allegro sighed softly as she was essentially tied into the wedding dress, a feeling of dread overtaking her.
She was being forced to marriage…and she didn’t even know her husband to be. What was his name? His appearance? She didn’t know.
This was horrible.