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- How do you move on with the person you think it was the one? 
- You never move on. You just wait, until it stops hurting or until the pain it’s been actually gone.

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(Which can totally happen guys, since Loki is genderfluid and actually gives birth multiples times.)

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yo stan twitter is literally the most stressful experience of my life. i swear to god ive lost like 5 years getting upset over drama

ugh i feel u anon as if drama from other fandoms weren’t enough, internal conflict crops up all the time that you just develop this ability to mute all the noise and needless anger erupting amongst self righteous and feverish fans..

fresh: [punches me in the face] say it

me: never

fresh: say carrie’s crush on devin is interesting

me: [spits in their face] fuck you

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I thought Tumblr was supposed to be the drama free zone?

Yeah, well, it’s my tumblr and I’m sorry if getting angry over child pornography is too much drama for you. Feel free to unfollow because honestly if this doesn’t make you angry as well, then I don’t want you on my blog

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remember otaku crush girl? I'm kinda giving up on her atm. She definitely made up with her ex (idk if they're back together but they're leaving and going to school together) and it breaks my heart every time. Anyway yeah any advice to get over her already? I feel like I'll have more drama with her throughout the year since we're just on the third month lmao why isn't 2017 more forgiving I swear

Aaah 2017 truly is the year of drama ;-; even though I literally just fell out of love with my 3-year crush, I don’t know how to actually get over (i just sorta fell out of love bc we ended up in an awkward situation) but from what I’ve seen and tried, just… overindulging in media… watch all those cheesy reverse harem anime with the ditzy girl protag…. fall in love with the anime boys and girls… read all the fanfic… who cares if it’s not a *good detailed deep* series?? Just dive into whatever silly little series that makes you laugh and you like the characters and become invested… it takes the mind off the real world for a good while!

One of my favorite things about Mahou Tsukai no Yome is that instead of the usual “oblivious romantic leads who ~just need to admit their feelings for each other~ but somehow fail to do so for over 9000 chapters” anime/manga schtick it does an actual quality slow-burn romance where two characters openly care about each other but still need to resolve their own issues because both of them are really bad with this feelings stuff

Also, less over-the-top drama and more casual cuddles

Really wish there were more romance like that

somewhere in a nice alternate universe this happened

So we’re in the middle of watching Captain America: Civil War unfold on our movie screens.  The whole climactic battle is over.  You had angst and drama and pain and feels galore and basically it’s all the Avengers (plus new superheroes) standing in the ruins and …. yeah, pretty much how you’d imagine it if the Russos manage to surpass what they did in CATWS. 


And at the very end, Bucky grabs Steve by the back of his neck, because Steve very nearly got himself killed right in front of him and he growls, “Don’t you ever, ever do that to me again, you punk.”

Steve gives him a tired but happy grin.  He rests his forehead against Bucky’s and then, hummingbird-quick, pecks him on the lips.  “You’re an insufferable jerk.”

Bucky’s kind of startled by the kiss, because this literally came out of nowhere but he manages a wobbly smile and then sasses back, “You call that a kiss, punk?  When’s the last time you actually kissed someone?” 

“He’s 97, not dead!” Natasha supplies helpfully from the peanut gallery.

Steve laughs, hauls him in and gives him a proper kiss.

And then, also from the peanut gallery, is a very relieved “all right no more of this fighting among ourselves bullshit we’re gonna be a team now okay” Tony Stark.  And Tony being Tony remarks, “Hey, what’s a guy gotta do to get a kiss from Captain America?”

And Bucky, still busy kissing Steve, gives him the finger.

Rhodey slants Tony a Look.  “I ain’t kissing you, buddy.”  But he reels Tony in for a hug anyway, because they are bros.  Also, Tony is not a bad guy, thank you.  This blog does not believe in demonizing Tony Stark because Tony is human and a fuck up but he owns his fuck ups and knows how to take responsibility and will make the world a better place.  Which is why he’s every bit a hero as Steve Rogers is.  So Tony deserves all the love too. 

Cue credits and whatever extra scenes referring to the next Avengers movies we’re going to get….

It’s really funny to me how some people are freaking out over Hazel calling Phil “babe” and “bae”

!. She clearly uses it as a casual phrase/a joke.

2. She is dating Jack Howard.

3.Why do you give a fuck? Seriously some people need to grow the fuck up. I realize that most people really love Hazel (as do I) but this minority is always the same people that let this phandom down.

Very Sad..... Very. Very. Sad.

I haven’t been in the Hiddleston fandom for very long so I feel a little weird posting about all the recent drama. Over the last 8 months, I have literally fallen head over heels for Tom Hiddleston. I have never seen an actor be as genuine and true as Tom is or be so kind and caring to his fans as Tom is. All those stories from Wizard World were so awesome to hear and made me have an even bigger love for him. I feel like I should say something even though I know it doesn’t matter or change anything.

I find it extremely sad that people are shaming this man for having a good time and for dating someone. He works his ass off and deserves to have some fun in life. He literally spent 2 years making how many movies? And devoting his entire life for how many months learning Hank Williams? And after he spent 2 months In the states promoting his movies what does he do when he goes home? Goes straight to work for UNICEF!!! I’m surprised he didn’t burn himself out. Let’s face it being an adult is BORING AS HELL!!! Even if you are a movie star! So go Tom! Go live life to the fullest and be happy (but don’t forget to dance along the way!)

I also find it sad that people are shaming him for dating someone 9 years younger then himself…. So what!?! wasn’t Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds there at the party? she’s 28 and he’s 39 and they have one child, a baby on the way and a great marriage! They were out there having a great time. does that mean they are horrible parents or a bad husband and wife?? (Part of me thinks Mr. Reynolds is behind the I ❤️ T.S. Shirt hahahaha he seems like the type of person that would do that!) Love comes in many different forms and we all deserve love! I hope I find that kind of true love one day.

I don’t know much about Taylor Swift or listen to a lot of her music. But since it came out that they have been dating I did a little research on her (wow that sounded really creepy haha) but anyway, back to the point I’m trying to make lol It seems like she is a very nice person who loves life and loves her fans (like Mr. H) but who also has some flaws (don’t we all!?) No one is perfect and we should never judge a book by the cover.

I wish Tom and Taylor all the best. And none of this changes my love or perspective on Tom. I do hope that one day I do get the chance to meet this man. I also hope they don’t let the media or crazy fans or ex fans ruin their happiness.

(I now understand why Tom doesn’t do Facebook or Twitter (that much) or Instagram. I’ve seen for the last couple of weeks just how crazy some people are.

Wow! Why do I feel like something has been lifted off my chest? Hahaha.