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Okay, but like the first time Hoseok ever cried in front of Jimin, I 100% guarantee you that Jimin started crying too. 

Like it’s just them chilling in the dance room, and Hoseok just starts talking about his worries about not being good enough and before he knows it there’s tears streaming down his cheeks. He apologizes, super embarrassed, but when he looks at Jimin, the poor kid’s face is scrunched up and just COVERED in tears. And Jimin just tackles him into a hug and blubbers about how amazing and talented and GOOD Hoseok is and “Hyung I get inspired by you everyday, you’re one of the strongest people I know” and wow Hoseok was only kinda crying at first but Jimin’s word are making the tears flow harder. And they just sit there holding each other for a few minutes, occasionally sniffing until Hoseok looks at Jimin and starts laughing because Jimin’s face is all red and puffy and snotty and gross but so fuckin’ cute, which he says, making Jimin’s cheeks flush. 

Why am I ALWAYS wrong???

I mentioned to my mom about signing the boy up for the Big Brother program, I think it would be good for him having another male role model. He gets super attached to any guy I bring around, even if the boy doesn’t know we are dating. Like Manny, he thought we were only friends. So she tells me today that if I sign him up it’s basically telling my dad he’s not a good enough role model and I’d rather have a stranger around instead of him and it will hurt his feelings. No matter how I’d respond to that I’m fucked. Yes my dad is around and a role model to look up to, but d-bag isn’t around and the boy can’t have enough men to look up to. Not to sound like a bitch, but it’s not about my dad, it’s about what I think is best for my son.


MY FIRST SHINY IN TWO WEEKS I’M SO HAPPY. took a break from ralts to chain while watching the carbon overwatch series finals and i didn’t even notice him come in!!!! i was in the middle of watching complexity winning hanamura point B when i looked over and noticed him!!! he came in around 20-30 encounters, i really wasn’t counting.. want to thank @vikavolt-giveaways for MS Paint the smeargle, my spore holding morelull got taken out by a sludge so his thunder wave came in handy!!!

I feel like I need to rewatch SGRS and just pay attention to everything Shin does. I mean I could write essays on Bon’s love for Shin but I always thought it was one sided what with all the talk of brothels and running away with Miyokichi. After episode 11 though I’m not sure. I mean look at his little face! It makes me think I missed something important by focusing on Bon all the time.

I mean what if all the talk of brothels and bringing women home were to get a rise out of Bon because Bon was always very closed with his emotions so maybe Shin felt like he needed to do something dramatic to make him talk about his feelings?

Also when it came to Shin and Miyokichi’s relationship - I feel like a big part of their getting together was Miyokichi not being able to have what she wanted but what if it was double sided and that’s why their relationship was so disastrous?

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Show us a picture of you in a dress!!! Or put one on!


// Pretty sure you just signed your death sentence


hii everyone! im faaya and I was going to make this intro post like an hour earlier but then my power went out ugh, anywayyy im super hyped to be here and under the readmore are so #facts and possible connections. i would love love love to plot so hmu bcos im down for anything or give this a like and i’ll pop in your IM <3

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Hi! Just out of curiosity what do you consider the ages to be an "adult" fan for this blog? Like you say adult fans but do you mean adult like 18+ or like adult like proper adults who have their shit together and have lives lol? Like are we talking technically adults but everyone knows we all just pretending (like 18-26ish) or real Adult adults (like 30+) lol? Sorry this is such a mess lol. (Basically what are the ages of some of your followers?) Anyways I hope you have a nice day.

hello! Both cassie and I are 28, and we have a lot of followers around that age. But we also follow and have followers who are older (into their forties) and younger (early twenties, college age and I’m sure younger although we don’t talk regularly with anyone who’s that young that I know of).

So when we refer to adults I guess we’re talking about ourselves in our late twenties, but that’s not to exclude any other adults (or anyone for that matter!). All are welcome no matter what age group or life stage they’re in. 

When we made the name we weren’t really on tumblr at all and brand new to the fandom so we thought we might be the only ones in our twenties but we met so many other people who are “older” fans.  I like that our name alone has connected us to so many other people who initially thought they were the only older fans. 

Hope that clears it up! 

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I love every taako