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It’s actually kinda hard when you’re out as gay irl but then try to explain that you’re also asexual.

Yes i love girls no i dont want to fuck them bc my brain just doesnt even comprehend that way.

“Have you tried?”

Yes ive actually attempted really shady hookups thinking if i just got it “over with” id be fine, and bailed bc sex freaks me out at worst, and at best im like “fuck, what am i supposed to do?” *pokes the titty politely*

“You need to try again”

Bruh. This isn’t for lack of trying.

“You need to try with someone who’ll show you what to do”

The thing is, I KNOW WHAT TO DO. I’ve written kinkier porn than you even know exists, I’ve set thousands of readers on fire, I’ve expanded the sex lives of strangers (literally), and irl im still like “oh fuck, this beautiful girl is naked beside me and this is extremely inconvenient.”

I researched sex at a young age bc I didnt get it. I started writing smut at a young age bc i was trying to grasp my mind around it. If i could understand it, I’d warm up to it. I can write really good shit that i KNOW is good bc ppl will tell me it’s top notch in the fandom, and I’m like “lol maybe?” bc i literally cant tell for myself and over fifteen years later I still 👏 cant 👏 grasp 👏 this 👏 shit IN REAL LIFE.

i used to think “why am i so bad at being gay?” until i discovered asexuality existed and everything finally clicked.

I can’t tell you how good that felt. And i still doubted myself for a long time afterward.

It’s hard enough that my OWN brain is still like, “but maybe if they are beautiful enough and patient enough maybe you’re just shy maybe youre just-” but i literally had my fucking soulmate send me nudes and there was zero pressure bc it was long distance and my reaction was literally “oh no, now i have to figure out how react correctly” and she was fucking gorgeous and i loved her more than anyone else, i thought we were going to get married. I hated being so uncomfortable or at best thinking “i could tolerate it for her” and i cried myself to sleep more than once bc I was worried she’d think i didn’t actually love her, so please dont talk over my experience, you dont know it.

“Right then. Thanks, you two. I can handle this. See you later.”

I’ve thought a lot about what was the moment where it all went wrong for the Doctor in the Turn Left universe, and I think it’s right here. We know he has to make his way to HC Clements and the Torchwood base below it, and to do that Lance and his unfortunate bride would have to come with him this far.

But then the Doctor says this. He still thinks he’s better off without taking on a new companion and he’s projecting an air of absolute confidence and ease. And considering we know most of what whoever took Donna’s place would have been through, is it any stretch of the imagination that she would take his word for it?

Most people would head for the hills at this point. Nearly dying, attacked at their own reception, the company they work for revealed to be harboring shady secrets? Maybe they might even leave to phone the police. It takes a special kind of person to say, “No chance, Martian. You’re the man who keeps saving my life. I ain’t letting you out of my sight” and get right on the lift with him to unknown danger.

It takes Donna Noble.

A lot of people tend to describe Turn Left as a “what if the Doctor died story” and they entirely miss the point. It’s a “what if Donna never met the Doctor” story. Because Donna was the crucial element that, if missing, sent the whole thing crashing down. No other substitute would do. The Doctor needed someone as loud and strong-willed and stubborn as he was, who both could see through his lies and could reach him at even the worst of his downward spiral, and who needed healing of her own. Only one person could save him in so many ways, and that was her.

This kind of story had to be done with Donna. To me, Turn Left is far more a showcase of her ability than Journey’s End. Because she saved the Doctor on her own just by being herself, and in turn ensured the survival of countless others. One seemingly inconsequential, coincidental human was all that stood between the Earth and total ruination. One simple act of kindness.

And I absolutely think the Doctor knows it.

there was a scene in Justice League last night (which was fine… whatever) where Wonder Woman ran someone through with her sword and literally all i could think about was The Recruit. 

just the reader throwing a dagger, just how Mitch taught her, straight through a bad guy’s heart, and then like running up, putting her foot against his chest, hooking her fingers around the grip of the blade and like shoving his body off her knife, and then just being on her merry way. 

now im gonna go watch The Punisher for the next eight hours and soak up more violent inspiration. :D

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Oooh, you used to be into archery? That's so cool!

Yeah, it’s super fun! I actually have a bow and a set of arrows still, though I’m not exactly sure where they are right now.

(The bullshit thing is that for some reason a lot of misc stuff (including archery) is really politicised in my country, so I never got to get into it as much as I wanted to or get regular practice under someone who could teach me properly, because I didn’t want to get included with any of this maddened fuckery of politics we have going on.)

I know I’ve posted a fair amount of personal stuff today, but I’m excited about the future and want to tell someone. (Only my mom knows so far because of the lack of confidence from other family and friends.)

So, I start practicing for my driver’s test tonight. Depending on our weather, I hope to have my license by my birthday in March. I’m also updating all of my records at school. Assuming there’s no snares getting the hold on my financial aid off, I start school next fall at the local community college, studying music. (I transfer to one of the private universities afterwards for music therapy studies, along with a super cool minor in medieval studies!)

I found out my GPA is way higher than I originally thought, which means in the first semester I’m back I could make the academic Dean’s list with a 3.5 mark. WHICH means I could be invited to Phi Theta Kappa (2-year college honor society) and the school’s Honor’s program! Plus, there’s a leadership program I want to try. Maybe some volunteering.

I know I might sound too excited. Heck, maybe some of this sounds too ambitious for the guy that burnt out the last time he attended college, but I’m finally starting to feel like this is a new chance for me! I’ve failed and disappointed myself and my family for so long, but that’s finally changing! I have the opportunity to not only succeed, but BLAST people’s low expectations of me out of the water! It may have taken longer than most, but I could actually be that role model that people think of! Think of what my nephews and niece would say!

For the first time in so long, I get to live my dream!

We don’t have to have a name, we could have no name.

So now that Ragnarok’s come out in more places I feel like I’m allowed to draw things from it :D It was so much FUN. 
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Hilda Berg in Threatnin’ Zeppelin

oh and also thnx for comin to the streams when i was making this >:’))


i want peridot to understand better than anyone and to be there for her

the signs as reputation by taylor swift
  • aries: ...ready for it?
  • taurus: don't blame me
  • gemini: this is why we can't have nice things
  • cancer: new year's day
  • leo: i did something bad
  • virgo: call it what you want
  • libra: king of my heart
  • scorpio: so it goes...
  • sagittarius: end game
  • capricorn: look what you made me do
  • aquarius: getaway car
  • pisces: delicate