feels like thunder

ily: i love you

ilysm: i love you so much

ilysmichbilysmifligtaliomymmnbyammcrccahgmbcykmcfl: I like you so much, I can hardly breathe. I like you so much, I feel like I got thunder and lightning inside of me. You make me nervous but you also make me calm. Real calm. Calm almost how god must be calm, you know, Mylene? Calm from loving. 


I wanna be your man, Mylene. I know you like me. I like you so much, I can’t hardly breathe. I like you so much, I feel like I got thunder and lightning inside of me. You make me nervous. But you also make me calm. Real calm. Calm almost like how God must be calm, you know, Mylene? Calm from loving. I love you. Mylene, I love you. What do you think about that? I don’t mean to be conceited or nothing. You know I’m not like that anyway. But if you see how you’re looking at me right now, that ain’t the look of someone who don’t like someone. So, come on. What do you say? Hm?


“So apart from the salmon, the whisky and the beef, I ask you, what have the Scottish ever done for us?”


“Well, there’s the telephone.”


“And the television.”

“Right! But except for the salmon, the whisky, the beef, the telephone and the television you tell me, what have those Scottish bastards ever done for us?”

“Well, I’m wearing a waterproof jacket. And our Denise is taking penicillin to clear up that rash she had.”


“And there’s the oil and gas, that’s all quite handy isn’t it?”

“Okay, okay! But except for the salmon, the whisky, the beef, the telephone, the television, waterproof fabric, penicillin, oil and gas you name ONE THING the Scots have ever, ever done for us…..you can’t, can you?”

*long pause*



Yeah it doesn’t feel like thunder.
No you don’t send lightning pulses down my spine.
Rather, you fill my body with calm
With gentleness
With wholeness.
We are both growing.
We have so much to learn.
But my soul remembers your soul darling.
When I met you I knew.
When I saw you,
I remembered.
—  @likewedr

AU. Lance and Keith get stuck in an elevator - no phones, no one to come for hours yet, and Lance’s claustrophobia… this can only end in disaster.

or, that one au i hijacked from @yaxxm​. sorry.

Two hours of being stuck in an elevator with Keith fucking Kogane was, quite possibly, the worst thing that had ever happened to Lance.

It definitely wasn’t great first date material – not that this was a date, of course, but still.

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He said to himself, that he hated Margaret, but a wild, sharp sensation of love cleft his dull, thunderous feeling like lightning, even as he shaped the words expressive of hatred. His greatest comfort was in hugging his torment; and in feeling, as he had indeed said to her, that though she might despise him, contemn him, treat him with her proud sovereign indifference, he did not change one whit. She could not make him change. He loved her, and would love her; and defy her, and this miserable bodily pain. North and South, Chapter 26.

in little flashes,
sounds and smells
that strike chords in me -
lightning bolts jolt
straight into my brainstem.
They come on like holograms,
blurry projected visuals rolling in
of memories that don’t feel real.
Swarmed in static, barely lucid -
but I can taste the sick in my mouth,
and I can feel the sinking stones settling
in my surging stomach; I swallow but my
mouth is as dry as a desert in a dust storm.
Flash, flash - FLASHING flits in front of eyes
squeezed shut/CRASH, oh this feels just like
thunder thumping at the inside of my skull -
banging and reverberating around until these thoughts generate a whirl of sound, cacophonies live inside these awful recollections - and they are SCREAMING at me, meanwhile I’m frozen, unable to make a sound.
—  Is it too much to ask, that I might be able to forget remembering in little flashes?
They are burning me up from the inside,
there will be nothing left of me but ashes // © @rarasworldbro
i wish i didn’t show my selfish side as much as i do.
i wish i didn’t cry over people who never would or will cry over me.
i wish people could take me more seriously.
i wish i enjoyed school more than i did.
i wish i got better grades.
i wish i didn’t move away from him when we loved each other the most.
i wish i didn’t look back, ever.
i wish my relatives were still in touch with me.
i wish i could talk to people easier.
i wish my mind could just forget some things.
i wish i could just focus on my healthy relationships instead of the ones that’ve been toxic.
i wish i was an extrovert.
i wish that i had sibilings.
i wish i never got depression or anxiety.
i wish i could talk to people on the phone without feeling like a thunder is going to explode inside of me.
i wish i didn’t see the world in a gray blurry filter.
i wish i could live on sweet memories more than dwelling in sad ones.
i wish my heart was softer and stronger at the same time.
i wish i lived somewhere else.
i wish i was nicer.
i wish i lived close to all my friends.
i wish i could stay at two places at the same time.
i wish my mom and dad could live as long as me.
i wish i was fifteen years old again.
i wish i was six years old again.
i wish i could fall asleep instantly and not worry about everything from heaven to earth two hours before i actually start sleeping.
i wish i matter. 
i wish that my ex-boyfriend gets nothing but peace and happiness. 
i wish my mind focused on more important things.
i wish i didn’t wish things.
i wish i didn’t regret anything.
—  tina jaxén // little things i wish at the age of 20

Sometimes I want to dance in the rain with you, sometimes I want to be cuddled up with you under the covers while the thunder booms above us.
Sometimes I want to walk down city streets with your arm around me, sometimes I want to explore coffee shops and take cute pictures with you and of you.

But I always want to be with you. 

I always want to be yours.

—  You’re kinda my favorite human
A Bughead Drabble

Skin on skin.

Smooth skin and rough hands. I pull.

I can’t pull any closer. I can still taste tobacco on my lips and taste her hair on the tip of my tongue, her nails dig into my skin. Breaking of skin.

I can taste sweat in the air and the sourness of her perfume from her neck. My nose burns from the strong smell of vanilla. Her back arches just to get a little closer.

Tonight I sleep in a warm bed, satin between me and the rest of the world. No amount of math was going to separate me from the warmth of the sheets.
My nails dragged over the rough gap filled lacy bra. My teeth get caught too as I bite down.

The aftermath is filled with her laughter. I hate to admit it but I was enchanted by her, by her voice, by her laughter.

She talks about things that feel like the clashing of thunder. For such a small body her laughter booms like lightening, her hands feel like steady rain on my arms. Her kisses, well, how does one describe something so other worldly?
“How did we end up here?” I ask her.

“We left Archie and Veronica and came up here, don’t you remember?” she answers me literally.

I shake my head against her, her hands smoothing over my hair, her cheer skirt tucked under my head like a pillow. “No, I mean, how did we get here? You and I, the only people on the earth.”

She chuckles – she thinks I’m funny. I would tell a million ill thought out jokes just to get her to laugh at me, to think I was the funny one in her world. “If the earth was this room, then that would make sense.”

Doesn’t she see that this room was my world? My earth, her bed, my new home. The distance between her room and the floor of Archie’s room which has been my home for a long time is so small, a twenty second walk but in this moment, the distance was great, there would be an ocean that could fit between here and there now, that’s how I felt. “The earth is this room,” I correct her.

“Oh yeah, and why is that?”

“Because you’re in it.”

Betty inhales deeply, causing me to shiver but my rough fingers still play against her skin, making her move closer to me. “You say so many things, sometimes I don’t understand you.”

“You don’t like them?” I ask her, my lips against hers.

“I love them,” she sighs. “You make everything better.”

“You make everything better to me too,” I tell her honestly.

“They say I need fixing – my mom and dad – I don’t know if I do, but maybe I did. Who knows?”

I laugh quietly. “Everyone needs fixing, Betty, I’m sure you can think of a million things that they need fixing.”

“I don’t think I want to be fixed. Sometimes there’s a lot of dark…” she trails off.

There was no dark in her, there were varying shades of colour pulsing through her, some deeper in tone, “You’re not dark.” I couldn’t tell her about the dark that laced my own mind or how sometimes, in the spur of the moment, I try to salvage my own glue within in and feebly try and put things back together in my mind erratically. She wasn’t the glue but she made me feel like I didn’t need to keep erratically piecing myself together. “I love you,” I whisper. “I love you,” I try again with more depth.

“I love you too, Jughead.”

I smile to myself. “I know I’m a little…” A little different. A little strange. A little off-rail. “A little weird…”

“A little?” she laughs.

“Well, yeah, a whole lot. But that’s not what you’re supposed to say,” I say amusedly. “You’re supposed to tell me how normal I am.”

“I don’t lie to you, Jug. You know that.”

I was barely in the room. I felt like I had drifted into some sort of alternate world. Just me, Betty and the satin sheets. “Thanks for not humouring me.”

She turns in the bed to look at me in the eye. “You know I mean it when I tell you I love you right?”

I nod against her forehead. “You’re different,” I say quietly. “I don’t even know how to describe it. You’re amazing.”

She shakes her head. “Don’t, I’m just me.”

No, she doesn’t understand. “You’re like… I can’t get enough air in my lungs or,” I sigh, starting to feel stupid. “You make my mind spin, Betty. You make me want to ask you a million questions just to hear your voice.”

“Jug,” she says warily. “I’m not that great.”

I couldn’t stop talking about her. I needed her to know what I saw, to see what I see, to listen to what I hear when it was just us two in the universe. “Your like I will never get enough water or maybe I don’t feel enough until I’m with you. And,” I stutter. “And I know I’m more of a shell of an engineless car,” she laughs at my comment.

“You are not!” she argues, beating at my chest. “You have to be the truest person I know.”

I sigh and inhale, vanilla. “I just want you to know I might not have much to offer, but you feel like home.”

She pulls herself closer to me. Never close enough. Her lips in the crook of my neck. “You’re my home too, Jughead.”

Just a drabble. Nothing more. Well, there is more here: Lipgloss and Marlboros and then my full fic: Vanilla Lips and Cigarette Tips.

Present for🎁 @cozymochi because she is seriously an incredible, gifted, lovely person and she deserves to be pampered more often💙💖🌟✨👏⚡️

Check Mars

When you are angry you are animated and your face becomes red and you become loud and physical. People feel like there’s a thunder that will hit them out of nowhere when they are around you:

Taurus, Aries, Capricorn, Leo

When you are angry you become so cold, sarcastic and so very calm and you have a death stare that makes people feel like dying. You will be surround with an aura that is so dark and empty and people won’t come near you:

Scorpio, Cancer, Sagittarius, Virgo

When you are angry you will say the most meanest horrendous things ever and you will reveal the weakness of the person who made you angry and they will feel so little in front of you:    

Pisces, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

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Do you like Imagine Dragons? 'Cause when I opened yr blog I was like "Thunder, feel the thunder, lightning and the thunder, thunder, feel the thunder, lightning and the thunder, thunder, thunder" lol

i like couple of their songs but thunder is shit honestly