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Another thing I appreciate about Persona 4–Saki Konishi wasn’t “nice”.

It should be obvious why I’m airquoting that. Saki’s treatment of Yosuke doesn’t define her as a person, but the player is inevitably left with a rather negative impression at first. And that’s just it–the game doesn’t continue to reinforce her as either an evil bitch or a virginal angel. There’s Yosuke getting over his feelings for her and what he imagined her to be, but that’s very clearly Yosuke’s issue and not her responsibility (or rather, the responsibility of her story) to deal with.

You see the harsher side of Saki, but through her brother and through the glimpses of her life you get you also see a person who’s missed very dearly. Yosuke’s crush–and her true feelings about him–don’t solely define her character.

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i rly appreciate your finance info bc my parents didnt have things like savings. to this day i feel so disconnected from the middle class world. everybody be like oh get a credit card to build credit but i was taught that shits evil!! like dont do no credit cards, no payday advance, no pawn shop


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Theo nott and hermione granger??????? Like seventh year after the war???????

  • so.
  • man.
  • hermione is, like, really tired.
  • like, she’s been fighting the good fight for what feels like a thousand years, right, and she saved the world, she knows that, she’s proud of that, proud of herself and harry and ron and everyone–but it turns out that running for her life and watching people die and dealing with the ensuing emotional fallout is incredibly draining, and she’s just. she’s tired.
  • so, she goes back to hogwarts to finish her education, yes, but also to take a nap.
  • figuratively.
  • literally.
  • she does not have a contingency plan for theodore nott.
  • tall, lanky, quiet theodore nott, who’s always checking out the really complicated books on magical theory, and whose tie is always slightly too loose around his neck, and whose hands are big, and elegant, and surprisingly graceful as he takes meticulously detailed notes in the kind of shorthand that hermione has only dreamed about having the time to develop–
  • theodore nott is sly, and theodore nott is smart, and theodore nott is a slytherin.
  • she sits next to him in ancient runes, and she marvels at his indifference. he barely glances at her. he doesn’t ask her what it was like, or badger her for information about harry, or do anything at all besides solve equations and absently brush the underside of his jaw with the feathered end of his quill.
  • “it’s a bit weird, isn’t it?” she asks him one day, tapping her foot against the leg of her desk. “being back here? with the war over?”
  • he furrows his brow, tongue flicking out to rest on his lower lip as he considers how to respond. “the war,” he says, and then pauses. “it…happened, i suppose.”
  • she blinks.
  • he continues, blandly, “did you get an answer for the last problem set? i figured a zero, but that doesn’t seem right.”
  • she blinks again.
  • her smile, when it finally comes, feels so incredibly light.

“You okay? Did your face get burned? Ahh, your eyelashes are a little singed! King, I think you went a little overboard!”
―Totsuka Tatara checking up on Fushimi after Mikoto saved him from the Green Clan

Enough For Now

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Pairing: Dean x Female Reader
Rating: M
Warnings: Smut, language.
Summary: You haven’t seen Dean in over a year, and the sudden scruff he’s got lining his jaw is doing things to you. 
Author’s Notes: I’m almost at 100 followers and I’m so grateful for all of you. I’ve only had this blog for a few months and already the feedback has been amazing. So, as a thank you: here’s this.

It’s been forever since you’ve been to the bunker. You jumped at the chance to take a vacation when Dean called, saying that it’s been too long since they’ve seen you, and that he and Sam had some major stuff to fill you in on.

When you get to the giant front door, you’re suddenly overcome with nerves. What if something’s really, really wrong? What if one of them is going back to hell? What if– no, you stop yourself. You don’t want to worry yourself too much. Besides, Dean sounded fine on the phone.

You’re pulled from your thoughts when the door creaks open, and Sam grins when he sees you. “Hey.” He says, and he grips you in a hug before you can react. “Good to see you.” 

“Good to see you too.” You say, hugging him back. “God. You guys still haven’t spruced this place up?” You tease as he takes your bag and leads you inside. 

“Been a little busy.” Sam says, sheepishly. 

You haven’t seen Dean yet and you don’t– you don’t want to seem too eager. It’s just… he’s the one that called. And you miss him, okay. You’ve always been a bit closer to Dean than Sam. You love them both, so much, but you and Dean are two sides of the same coin. 

“Dean’s in the kitchen,” he says, like he can read your mind.

You smile a little sheepishly. “That obvious?” 

“Only to me. I’ll take your bag to your room, you go down. He’s been a little anxious.” 

You follow the familiar path to the kitchen, and stop just inside the doorway when you see Dean sitting at the table, fidgeting. He’s got his laptop in front of him and he drums his fingers on the tabletop, then on his cheek as he shifts his weight and puts his head in his hand. 

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me: maybe i should draw something other than osomatsu-san! like 1000 drawings of Turing from ROM, my blue ray of sunshine, my robot child, my AI angel,
ROM twitter @ me: Turingmatsu-san
me: okay


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003) | Mina Harker

Is the vampiric sucking of people’s blood radical behavior?

Guardian (XI)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jongdae / Baekhyun

Rating: PG-13

Warning: Torture (razor blade, physical abuse)

Word Count: 3,905

Summary:  You keep seeing the same guy everywhere you go. In the coffee shop, on the streets, in your philosophy class. It’s getting to the point where you think he’s stalking you - only to realize that maybe there’s something much more mysterious at play here. (AU: Jongdae is your guardian angel)

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"You don't need makeup"

“Need” it or not makeup is super fun and when I see that contour carvin out that cheekbone, I’m glowin like a motherfucker, my eyeliner is a whole angel wing, and my lips look like Aphrodite herself painted them I feel like I can save the world and ruin lives simultaneously and I’ll be damned if I ever give that shit up because d a m n son

Let’s talk about the evolution of Percy Jackson throughout the PJO series

He starts off as a confused, lost, awkward 12 year old who had been to a completely different school each year and never felt like he fit in. He’s witty, angsty, sarcastic, and bitter. His looks are average, he has a lack of self-esteem, and doesn’t seem to care about much. He lives with an abusive step-father, and him and his mom have barely anything to get on.

Slowly, as he learns he’s a demigod, he begins to realize that Camp Half-Blood, the place he discovers, might just be his home. He starts to go on quests and actually succeeds, which is something he had never thought he could do. Percy tries to save the world because he finally feels like there’s a purpose to his life. He had felt angry and betrayed by his father, but now acknowledges what Poseidon has done for him, and actually respects him.

Then comes Thalia Grace, who begins to make him question his confidence. He starts to think: Am I really that great? Couldn’t anybody do my quests just as I did? She makes him doubt himself, because deep down he secretly wants to be the boy from the prophecy. He finally feels like there is a reason for him to work hard in life. But Thalia makes him feel threatened, hence the ever-important fight between them.

By the end, they reconcile and learn from each other’s mistakes, which in turn strengthens Percy’s confidence. As the prophecy nears, Percy fights and trains more than he had ever before, and now is seen as a leader. Someone the demigods can count on. Someone they look up to. He takes a risk by jumping into the River Styx, but he does it for his camp, his friends, his f a m i l y. Never would past Percy do something like this. But this Percy does, because he legitimately cares. Later, he storms through rows of monsters, slashes through countless enemies, and hurries from one group of campers to another in order to save his city.

Think about what he had said in the Last Olympian: “‘What did they do?’ My voice sounded tight and angry. ‘What did they do to my city?’”. His city. The city he’s been living in his whole life, the one that he never really thought much about in the past. But now, it’s his city. And right then and there we can tell that he will do anything to protect those who call it their home.

Percy Jackson learns to become a role model for the demigods who are scared out of their minds, because to them, Kronos is a nightmare. They don’t have self-hope, they have no idea what will happen to them. But Percy gives them that hope. He inspires them to fight as hard and strong as they possibly can in order to save their camp. He treats them as strong warriors, and he believes in them. More importantly, he believes in himself.

When confronted by Kronos in the Battle of the Labyrinth, he had had no confidence at all. In fact, he ran. He ran. But in the Last Olympian, there was no running. The only thing he would do is walk straight forward. Because he was tired of countless enemies tormenting him and his friends. He was exhausted, and wanted to put a stop to it. It was difficult seeing Luke, someone he had thought of as a friend, standing in front of him as his greatest enemy. And in that moment, he makes a choice. The choice of leaving the responsibility on Luke, and trusting that he would make the right decision. This was something only a leader could do, and a leader is what Percy had become.

Gone was the lost, scared, confused, and awkward little boy. Gone was the boy who had little self-confidence, who gave into taking a potion that would change his appearance, simply because that was what he had thought mattered. Gone was the boy who felt constantly bitter, who was antagonized and targeted by his ADHD and dyslexia, who lived each day knowing that by the end of the school year, he would surely be expelled, and his mom would have to send him to another one.

The older Percy, the one that saved Olympus, saved the world, is so much different. He manages to last two years (and counting) at Goode High School, something he had never thought he could do. He embraces his flaws because he knows it makes him stronger. He learns to accept his ADHD and dyslexia because it in fact makes him a more powerful demigod. He leads the Camp Half-Blood campers into battle and helps them gain their own confidence. He has friends who truly care about him and would sacrifice themselves for him, just as he would. He gains much more knowledge and experience about his abilities and realizes that they make him special.

Perseus Jackson has had the smoothest, and most perfect evolution throughout the series. 

Hold Me Up

Ship : Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Warnings : None

Author note: Here it’s my first imagine (more like a drabble since it’s short) on this blog! Thanks @milleniumxhan​ for requesting it ;) It’s been quite a challenge! 

Maybe it’s a bit too sad, you know :c Anyway, feel free to correct my grammar and everything if there are mistakes :)

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Listen to it while reading : Conrad Sewell - Hold Me Up


In a minute you can realize you lost it all
In a second you were always there to break my fall
Till you came and saved my life

Feel like his world have fallen apart, maybe it’s because she isn’t here anymore. He knows too much the feel of her skin against his. He needs her right now, it’s the only thing that can make him stay James Buckanan Barnes. Not even those words can make him turn in his dark side when she is here.

In the lonely hour
In the lonely hour
Oh I’m praying for some help

Loneliness, that’s what he feels right now. He is screaming her name, wishing she was here, telling him that everything will be okay, but he is taking control of him, he can feel it.

I can’t do it by myself, need you now
Need you right now
You know there ain’t nobody else
Who can save me from this hell
Need you now, I need you right now

He’s not strong enough when she is not by his side. He had tried to find someone else, spending hours drinking in the bars, seeing her in every woman who came sitting beside him.
“Aren’t you foolish Barnes, thinking you can replace me after all of this?”
That’s the only thing she had said to him when he dreamed about her.

So hold me up, Oh
I know you’ll never let me down
Need you to hold me up, I
I need someone like you around

His hands exploring every curve of her body, kissing the nape of her skin, caressing her legs. She is his drugs. He need his drugs, because it’s the only thing that make him stay strong enough.

I wanna tell you secrets no ones ever heard before
I wanna give you everything, all of my heart and more
Cause you came and saved my life

Maybe if she had given him the time he needed, she will know everything. She will know everything that he feels when he is around her. She will have everything, his heart, his body, his soul…

In the lonely hour
In the lonely hour
Oh praying for some help

Even if the years have faded, he can’t forget her. Every memory passes fast in his head, fading away.

I can’t do it by myself, need you now
Need you right now
So hold me up, Oh
I know you’ll never let me down

Everything was getting out of his head. The way her red lips curved up in a smile when she says those words. The way her pupil dilated when she saw him. Everything was gone, maybe for the best, because, she was gone because of him…


There it is :3 I didn’t use the full song because I was running out ideas, sorry!

Tell me what do you think about it and sure don’t hesitate to send a request!

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What if Infinity Wars ended with Tony dying, but then the end credits shows that Tony saved the world and is now chilling somewhere on another planet or even just on a space ship, giving earth the finger because he's tired of their bs

See I have thought about this, and I feel like he reaaaally needs a break. 

But at the same time, I feel it’s a bit ooc? Like Tony would probably save the world and be back to save it again. And again. And again. He loves earth, and he’s a very… earth-based superhero. 

Still, I do hope he joins quill for a bit, to explore space. 

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I have a lot of feelings about scanman. It seems like he never wanted to save the world, nor die for it. But then there's how absolutely willing he is to defend whitestone when he gets to jokingly act like the hero. It seems like he would die, not for the world which took his mother and gave him a daughter, but for Percy, and the rest of vm. But they seem very into the idea of being the saviors of Exandria. Scanlan just wanted his friends, His family, To put him first, cause nobody else ever did

Oh, absolutely! Scanlan plainly insists he’s sort of along for the ride that Vox Machina is taking him on because it’s better than whatever he was doing before hand (he’d left Dranzel’s troupe at some point before hand which leaves some time where Scanlan was probably just tavern and brothel hoping through various cities). I don’t think Scanlan ever intended to be a hero. It was kind of just the thing to do? And, well, if his friends are going to go risk their necks then they need someone alongside them to make sure they don’t die and it seems like he’s the one for the job. 

I think he likes to play up the hero card but I don’t think theres any true heroism in his body. He’s sort of just a go with the flow kind of guy. The sort of character that wanders around aimlessly and without purpose until he falls into situations and then it becomes his purpose to figure the best way to get out of that predicament.

 He never really cared about dying before either? Well, I shouldn’t say that. Scanlan joked so much about the rest of VM dying while he lived to tell the tale, that I think he actually started to believe he was untouchable for a while there.

However, when the Conclave attacked and VM lost pretty much everything. And it’s really important to note that the Conclave’s attack on Emon happened only two episodes after his meeting Kaylie. So, I really do think the ‘situational heroism’ starts here because he feels a) he’s gotta protect these goons he calls friend, but also b) he knows he has a daughter out there in the world now and he can’t just let it all go to shit.

And anytime someone brings up what Scanlan’s motivations are, I always point them to this conversation that he had with Jarett, while he’s intending to enlist his help in buying suude. 

Scanlan: “The problem here Jarett is that I’m distracted. I’m distracted by things that haven’t ever distracted me before. I’ve made a promise to someone to stay alive. I’ve never valued my own life before and when we get into the shit I’m second guessing things. I’m making stupid decisions that I wouldn’t have otherwise made.”
Jarett: “Because suddenly you have purpose?”
Scanlan: “Exactly.”
Jarett: “You have a reason to come back.”
Scanlan: “Yes.”
Jarett: “Thats not a bad thing, though.”
Scanlan: “I just don’t know how to harness that kind of stress.”


No one on the ship would be here if not for you.