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art collab with @lumieremorte !!

lined the first one and colored the second one


The Haunted Mansion → Aesthetics 

“Welcome! Foolish Mortals, to the haunted mansion, I am your host, your ghost host. Here where you see paintings of some of our guests, as they appeared in their corruptible, mortal state. Kindly step all the way in please, and make room for everyone. Theres no turning back now… Your cadaverous parlour, betrays an aura of foreboding, almost as though you sense a disquieting metamorphosis. Is this Haunted room actually stretching? Or is it your imagination, hhmm?? And condsider this dismaying observation, this chamber had no windows, and no doors. Which offers you this chilling challenge, to find A WAY OUT! HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!! Of course, there’s always my way…”


G.C.F in Tokyo (정국&지민)

Neptune in the 3rd house - Ocean Minded

Closed in a room, my imagination becomes the universe, and the rest of the world is missing out. - Criss Jami

The mind is like watercolour artwork with Neptune in the 3rd. Thoughts turn to liquid and infuse into one another, crossing boundaries between many worlds. The imagination is spectacular. And the dreaming so entrancing that she may live through an envisioned and idealistic world. Neptune promises salvation. But she can be kind of mysterious, and shadowy too. Maybe the individual is so lost in creative reverie that she neglects everyday tasks and withdraws. Or she could struggle to feel content in reality because within she perceives such a magnificent, inarticulate world. She can seem a million miles away, lost in cloud of daze and thought. The individual may be very receptive to unspoken thoughts and speak with a cryptic and colourful tone. Flashes of insight may also be somewhat prophetic.

Through the spellbinding Neptune imagination, the individual can express knowledge like poetry. She can be a great story teller, and remember even seemingly mundane events. It’s like she blows a Neptune bubble of hypnotism that pops every time she speaks. But this bubble can also be obscure, and cloud efforts at communication. She can feel disconnected from people because it can be so challenging to truly share what she finds meaningful. It can be hard to form words from thoughts, and thoughts can vanish, run into one another, and play out imaginary events in vivid detail. Neptune’s trickery may cause events to be remembered obscurely and tales can be embellished. The 3rd house is our perception of the world. And everything is not what it seems here. To experience in the mind may seem like the real physical encounter. Everything can become too confusing. Dreams can become mistaken for reality. The imagination can be so vivid that the individual can ‘see’ things that others can’t.

The individual with Neptune in the 3rd can have lapses in concentration and struggle with more calculative topics. The 3rd house is the epicentre of communication. Maybe the individual had trouble with schooling because her mind frequently drifted off into reverie. When encouraged, the person can offer an alternative and holistic point of view, one that is unique and wise. In this way she can be an asset in the classroom, one that the curriculum does not recognise but teachers see a brilliant light in. It’s common for Neptune in the 3rd to find inspiration or peace near the ocean. The individual may also feel somewhat mentally lethargic, as if she is always tired, or always unready to learn or write. Maybe she is intellectually lazy at times. She may wait for the spark of inspiration and let the lure of procrastination win. When she can direct Neptune through her pan flute, she can translate striking imaginative ideals into words and prose. She can share a world of treasure to marvel. She can make people feel like they are in Disneyland.


concept: the entire smh crew + friends working at the disneyland parks.

bits is working as a chef at the jolly holiday bakery cafe who occasionally visits jack, an animator who works at the animation academy and is best friends with shitty, tho he’s referred to as mr. knight at the parks.

shitty doesn’t work at the parks but is involved at disney animations a lot since his girlfriend lardo is both an animator for disney shorts and an occasional imagineer for the parks. she loves going to the parks bc a) her work is there woot woot and b) ransom & holster are performers in the parade and shows. (occasionally they’re seen at  Le Salon Nouveau in D33 but shhh no one knows that).

nursey and dex are apart of the college program, along with chowder. nurse is always operating rides and somehow, dex is always there to fix it. chowder is an assistant to all face characters and loves hanging out with farmer, who plays belle in the shows and at meet and greets.

they definitely have a blast closing down the park occasionally 

mingyu: *looks at the writing on his palm* hey wonwoo, there are people who say disneyland is the happiest place on earth-

wonwoo: well it kind of i-

mingyu: apparently none of them have ever been in your arms

wonwoo: bro….


@dinahjane97: I’ve been sitting here watching a movie and It’s almost done! I swear mani has been in the shower for an hour & 58mins ??? @NormaniKordei

Fic where Sam takes Steve and Bucky to Disneyland.

Steve buys Mickey Mouse ears as soon as they enter the park and refuses to take them off the rest of the day.

Steve and Bucky are the only ones who laugh at the lame jokes on the Jungle Cruise, and Sam pretends he doesn’t know them.

Bucky throws up on the teacups and Steve laughs for seven minutes straight and finally pulls it together enough to gasp that this is payback for the cyclone at Coney Island.

Steve buys Bucky Captain Jack Sparrow dreads after they go on Pirates of the Caribbean, and the two of them spend the next two hours singing yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me and Sam wants to kill them.

Steve and Bucky somehow squeeze into one buggy on Haunted Mansion and at one point the ride stops and their buggy is sort of turned toward Sam’s, and Sam starts to ask what they think of it, but then he actually looks at them and they’re full on making out, and even though he looks anywhere else it is literally ALL HE CAN SEE for the next five minutes the ride is stopped and it is one of the most uncomfortable experiences of his entire life.

Steve insists on taking pictures with and getting autographs from every single princess and character they see, even though he barely knows who half them are.

Steve and Bucky love Indiana Jones, and Sam is horrified when he finds out they’ve never seen an Indiana Jones movie.

Sam makes the mistake of taking them to Innoventions, which causes Steve and Bucky to get into a fight about Howard Stark, and then they get so wrapped up in a video game that Sam only gets them to leave by finally grabbing a controller and kicking both their asses.

Steve and Bucky cannot for the life of them figure out how to drive the shitty Autopia cars, and keep running into the middle track. ‘ON YOUR RIGHT!’ Sam screams as he zooms smoothly past them, giving them the finger. 'There are children here!’ yells Steve. A few feet behind him Bucky shouts, 'FUCK THESE SHITTY CARS!’ and jumps out of his, picks it up, and beats Sam on foot. When Steve jerkily makes it to the end ten minutes later, Bucky and Sam are still assuring an employee that they are so sorry and it will never happen again (although Bucky doesn’t actually look that sorry).

Sam is the only one who gets wet on Splash Mountain. Steve and Bucky think this is hilarious, and won’t shut up about it the rest of the day. Steve buys the ride photo, and then Bucky takes a picture of it with his phone and texts it to all the Avengers.

Steve loves It’s A Small World and makes them go on it over and over again until the fifteenth time Sam can’t take it anymore and just THROWS HIMSELF OUT OF THE BOAT and then claims Steve pushed him and gets them banned from the ride.


Dzień dobry from Warsaw! Today is Polish Independence Day, commemorating the restoration of Poland’s sovereignty
in 1918. Polish history is pretty fascinating, something I have thought since I first came to Poland and that I am especially appreciating here in the capital.

If Kraków is a weird place to be a Jew, Warsaw is an even weirder place, because all the Jewish history of this city is invisible. Something like 80% of the city was destroyed in World War II, obviously including all synagogues and other Jewish things. I often think that Kraków feels like Disneyland, but Warsaw feels even more like Disneyland, because everything beautiful here is fake. Everything beautiful here was built in the 1950s like a big architectural BandAid over the war.

So that’s fairly disconcerting. But it’s a cool city. It’s enormous; it feels to me like Chicago or Los Angeles. There are a lot of amazing museums, including the Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews, the Marie Curie Museum (in the house where she was born), and the Historical Museum of Warsaw. I’m not leaving until Monday morning, and I will probably go to at least one more museum tomorrow. Maybe the Copernicus Science Centre, maybe the Chopin Museum, maybe both.

  • Ben: I can see what's happening.
  • Pedro: What?
  • Ben: And they don't have a clue.
  • Pedro: You're quoting the Lion King, aren't you?
  • Ben: They'll fall in love and here's the bottom line, our trios down to two.
  • Pedro: Ben, I swear to God...

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