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So what does it mean when his font goes a dark colour, like in the last panel?

It’s partially because I wanted no qualms over whether or not people could read what he was saying there, but also partially because it’s an indication of him not talking normally/feeling a rather high level of emotional distress. It’s almost like he’s making an extra effort to annunciate his words. :)

lately i have been resenting having to get on my bicycle to get to and from school which is how u kno things are Bad

36 hours I’ve been awake.

I think I understand everything now…and nothing at all.

Time is relative, fatigue for the weak hearted. I am but a speck among other specks and together we form a beach, eroded by the tides of time…many lost to the deep.

People don’t realize their impact on each other. Like this lady nearly killed me because she wore too much perfume and my lungs began to ache. She had no clue and even now my chest hurts.

I’ve reached the beyond. I know exhaustion, blackout tired, and then too tired to rest.

This is my new record and I’m seeing the world in a whole new way.

Go the fu k to sleep, kiddies.


Keyblade Trio Hogwarts Houses
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Why does Gaara have to be whatever we want him to be? Why impose on him to have a certain sexuality? He can be ace, gay or hetero, whatever. He can literally be anything, so stop saying that him being hetero is not realistic. It’s just a little hurtful because to me he is hetero, even though I like seeing him coupled with everyone besides Matsuri. He said that Lee was ugly, and in the Gaara Hiden he claimed Hakuto was beautiful. And his admiration towards Naruto is profound indeed, but only because he changed his life; he’s practically feeling like his life belongs to Naruto. He just feels a high level of dedication. Gaara is a mysterious character. Is it that impossible for Gaara to be seen as hetero? 



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How much is all of your salaries? (Anthea, James, carol, Walter, etc)? I feel that such high level ranking agents would be making a good chuck of change

We’re all very comfortable. I don’t want to list numbers but there’s a reason I could buy my flat without a mortgage.

The rank of salaries from highest to lowest goes: James, Carol, Walter, Me. I’m not on agent level hazard pay. Mycroft isn’t on hazard pay either but he makes more than James.

- A.

Extroverted Feeling

Exerting high levels of extroverted feeling is the emotional equivalent of jumping through fire and rescuing someone from a burning building.

Sometimes people NEED emotional saving, it just looks different because it’s not something tangible.

And Fe users are usually the ones willing to throw their own emotions into the fire to rescue someone else from feeling deep levels of emotional pain.

because i’m both Melodramatic Hurt-Comfort Garbage but also congenitally unable to take anything fictional 100% seriously i have this scenario in my head that’s like funny to me even though it’s actually kind of sad that like maybe War Regens 1-20 Pearl still had just like. the frailest little body. like i’m imagining when they say ‘pearls aren’t built for fighting’ they mean they’re like deliberately made to be super fragile and feel strain at high levels of physical activity
but anyways i’m imagining in my head this little scene-let where like rose and pearl get back to safe ground after fucking shit up/Rebellion Activities and pearl just like. lays down on the ground
and rose goes “are you okay?”
and she emphatically holds two thumbs up in the air and then poofs

Cold Hands

Just in case it hasn’t been pointed out and people are concerned about it, when people get scared or feel a high level of anxiety, it triggers our fight or flight instinct. Blood flows away from parts of your body like your hands in order to have more blood for areas that you’ll need for fight or flight. The human body is a complex thing, so cold hands aren’t always the result, but it does happen.

Jemma was scared and feeling anxious about Fitz being missing, that’s why her hands were cold. That’s it. ;)