feels good to finally wear letters

a lot of reasons to love park jimin
  1. his smile
  2. his adorable fingers and how shy he gets over them
  3. his rainbow equivalent laugh
  4. works so so so hard on his dancing and vocals
  5. has the cutest eye smile in the entire world
  6. the way he throws his head back with a small laugh when he’s shy
  7. his scrunchy face
  8. how obsessed with twitter he is
  9. the way he walks is too attractive what the fuck
  10. the way he can literally rock any hairstyle or color
  11. the cute surprised face he had when they showed his ballet videos on the yangnam show
  12. how small he is compared to any other member
  13. how sensitive and sweet he is
  14. jungkook: breathes
    jimin: i was born in busan first
  15. loves taehyung so much
  16. his adorable selfies with jin lately
  17. so sexy on stage the
  18. his intense gaze when he’s dancing
  19. tries to roast a member but immediately apologizes
  20. when he forgot hoseok’s part in miss right and looked rlly sorry and laid his head on hoseok to make up for it
  21. how smol n adorable he looks next to namjoon
  22. his sugary sweet and honey smooth voice
  23. his high notes!!
  24. is finally gaining weight and is happy with himself
  25. his confidence!!
  26. the way he can never wear a headband right at a fansign
  27. how far he’s gotten from debut is so inspiring
  28. has a rlly nice relationship with all the members
  29. can never do anything even slightly mean without feeling bad and apologizing immediately
  30. “the jacket falling off was an accident” *does it 15 more times*
  31. he looks!!! so good!!! in the not today mv!!!
  32. his rlly soft vlives and logs
  33. that one vlive where he literally came on to color and colored in like 3 letters before being like “that looks good! i’m done now”
  34. when tae did that short video singing have yourself a merry little christmas and he responded with a video of his own
  35. “#JIMIN”
  36. his terrible but somehow still cute aegyo??
  37. when hoseok made a heart out of his hair and he just kept saying “heart!” at the camera and smiling
  38. “띠미니”
  39. that face he does when he tilts his head back and stares with big eyes right into the camera
  40. the way he somehow makes speaking in busan dialect sexy?
  41. his adorable english omg
  42. in the same vlive where he was coloring he was showing off his puma sweater and he was so happy because of how pretty it was
  43. in the vlive with jin and jeongguk when he kept flipping the camera back to himself like a little shit 
  44. and also couldn’t stop laughing at everything jin said
  45. jin’s #1 dad joke supporter even tho he hates how much he laughs at them
  46. his 3:33 move 
  47. the way he gets rlly shy when the other members hype him up
  48. but also begs for praise all the time
  49. in bon voyage
    jimin: no one’s praising my santa
    members: all suddenly praising him and talking over each other
    jimin: shy smiles and giggles at the camera
  50. in bon voyage: “he he he heh heh heh”
  51. cares about the members so much
  52. when they won an award and he started crying and namjoon kept saying “we couldn’t do this without jimin”
  53. his contemp choreo in butterfly and spring day!!!
  54. jin says he learns dance from jimin because he’s the nicest 
  55. he’s so humble no matter the amount of fans they get
  56. always says he’ll work harder even if he did perfectly
  57. his sarcasm when he was playing the i see game with seokjin in run bts
  58. lie saved 2016 and 2017
  59. when he harmonized with himself in that one performance of dope and literally killed us all
    1. he was soso soso cute in the hope on the street vlive he was in
    2. when he and tae were annoying hoseok while he was asleep in that one bbomb and they both ran away screaming
    3. his iconic excuse me
    4. the amount of times he’s danced to gg songs with hoseok
    5. when he and tae were jamming to bigbang
    6. when he was talking to chanyeol at isac like they were best friends!!!!
    7. his super messy hair in one of the latest bbombs
    8. his rlly adorable vlive with hoseok on hobi’s bday 
    9. the amount of times he and hoseok pushed each other down onto the bed during the blanket kick choreo omfg
    10. his dirty dancing with jin in the wings countdown vlive
    11. plus how adorable n smol he was in that vlive!!
    12. when he went to namjoon for help for lie instead of yoongi and yoongi kept glaring at him from across the stage at muster
    13. the bbomb of him and tae dancing like idiots
    14. his adorable striped sweater that gave him sweaterpaws!!!
    15. the one video he took of him and jeongguk after they ate spicy ramen and he licked his swollen lips how dare he
    16. how soft he gets when he’s cold
    17. his performance with yoongi of tony montana and instantly became the main rapper
    The signs on their last day of school || @zodiacsign.s
    • Aries: *snapchats everything with inspirational quotes*
    • Taurus: *burns their school supplies* "Yas bitches!" *and then tries to save their stuff since they still need them next year*
    • Gemini: "What time is it? SUMMER TIME" 🎶
    • Cancer: "Omg I'm gonna miss you so much! Oh, and you, and you..."
    • Leo: *its a busy day for them, since they have to sign everyone's yearbooks*
    • Virgo: "I'm not gonna miss you, you, DEFINITELY not you..." *points at the library* "but I'll miss youu"
    • Libra: *gave their best on looking good just for the photos*
    • Scorpio: *finally gets the courage to slip a love letter into their crush's locker*
    • Sagittarius: *isn't there cuz they kinda got sick?¿*
    • Capricorn: *feels kinda empty cuz they have nothin to do now*
    • Aquarius: *is already wearing a bikini under their clothes*
    • Pisces: *goes on the "get him to sign my yearbook" mission*