feels good to be a march baby

Preference 19 - What they would say in bed...

- “Oh baby moan like that again!”
- “Your mine! You belong to me!”
- “I love you so much… so fucking much”
- “Scream for me baby”

- “I love making love to you”
- “Oh you feel so good doll”
- “I love the sounds you make”
- “You sound like an angel”

Kyle (Pre-death) :
- “I don’t want to hurt you…”
- “Holy fuck baby girl”
- “Your so tight babe”
- “I’m so glad your mine”

- “God you feel so good wrapped around me”
- “Scream, I want everyone to know your mine”
- “I love you doll”
- “What did I do to deserve you?”

- “Scream! Let them all know who’s making you feel good!”
- “Call me Master”
- “Darling your mine you know that”
- “I’m going to have fun with you”

- “Your body is like an art piece”
- “I love you more than my paintings”
- “Oh darling…”
- “My dear your marvellous”

- “I can’t believe your mine”
- “I love you with all my heart”
- “Hmm…. I bet I can make you scream”
- “Your so fucking beautiful”

the signs as stuff my band directors have said
  • Taurus: "do not let the love fern die"
  • Gemini: "no that...thats not your dot...stop...stOP YOU ARE GOING TO LITERALLY TAKE THAT FLUTES HEAD OFF"
  • Leo: "rain is not a factor band" *wearing a full rain coat and umbrella during a mild rain downpour*
  • Virgo: "hydrate to the point that you feel like your bladder will explode. just, dont pee on the field"
  • Scorpio: "will the owner of the baritone please retrieve your instrument off the 50"
  • Sagittarius: "dont turn the metronome too loud, itll make splodey sounds"
  • Capricorn: *sarcastic dope voice* "huehue he said chart 69"
  • Pisces: "hahaha did you know im afraid of heights" *climbing a shaky 20ish foot scaffolding*

anonymous asked:

its embarrassing that you think that "women march" did ANY good, planned parenthood sells baby body parts to people to make skin care and to put in fast food meat, you are a stupid troll that is under the mind control of the fucking government, no rights have been taken from you, making fun of trump is like being on a plane and asking your pilot to die GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF AND DO SOME FUCKING RESEARCH ON WHAT KILLARY HAS DONE WHICH IS NOTHING BUT STEAL FROM AND KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE

In all honesty, I feel sorry for you. I have not resorted to cussing at anyone on social media, just to make sure that my opinions are heard loud and clear. I get that you have an opinion. I also have an opinion, and one that I’ve spent time researching. People are allowed to exercise their 1st amendment rights. We live in a democracy, meaning that people are encouraged to share their views, as long as they don’t infringe upon the rights of others. I will NOT condone Trump’s behavior. The way that he treats others is completely unacceptable, and to think that he is now president of the United States floors me. He’s in the highest position of power. This is a man that we are supposed to aspire to. President Obama was a role model and someone I knew I could count on to always act with grace, intelligence, and reason. I am sad to say that I don’t have any faith in Trump or the people he chose to surround himself with in office. With that said, I’ve never said that I’m hoping for him to fail. I just don’t support his beliefs or anything the man stands for. I hope you can respect my opinion, just like I am willing to hear and respect yours if you talk to me civilly. Have a good night. 

I don’t care who sped up the pregnancy. (Aka: I don’t care that the Evil Queen sped up the pregnancy) Because even though Rumple didn’t actively drug her he pulled all the strings that lead to it happening and Belle was completely right in sending the Gideon away to protect him and not giving Rumple his name. He may not have used the dust on her himself, but he was saving it. He was also still marching in there to take the baby away from her and manipulate Gideon’s fate and feelings.

Rumple is the one who started all this down hill shit when he declared he was no longer going to try and be a good man for her or their child. He’s the one who prevented them from moving forward. I don’t feel sorry for him. After all the shit he’s pulled on the people he ‘cares’ about in the past 5 ½ seasons? I don’t feel bad for him. He’s been given all the opportunities to be better and he thrown them all away. No pity from me.

If anyone wants to claim that Belle did the wrong by protecting her child from the man who had been threatening, stalking, and quite literally attacking her that day. Not to mention whom the child has told her they didn’t want him in their life and told her to send him far away to protect him from said Rumple taking away his agency please stay in your lane. Wayyyyyyy over there ——->->->

But seriously, if you think Rumple has the right to control both his wife and child’s lives because he’s lived a shitty one and you feel bad for him that’s scary. Having a bad life doesn’t make it okay for someone to treat others like they don’t have any rights or choices.

Or if you think it’s okay for him to behave the way he has this season because Belle has stopped coddling him in favor of caring for their actual CHILD’s needs that’s a fucking scarier notion. Being a parent means sacrifice and if he can’t sacrifice anything- including his selfish need to control people’s lives, he shouldn’t be a parent.


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What’s your age?

26, almost 27. I’ll be 27 in March; little Pisces baby

What’s your current job?

I’m a LMT (licensed massage therapist) and Reiki Master. 

What are you talented at?

Hurting you so you feel better,lol I know how to find all the good spots, and knitting you a wicked warm hat, fingerless gloves, or scarf. Just don’t ask for a sweater, started and never finished too many of those. 

What is a big goal you are working toward (or have already achieved)?

Getting my massage license and working full time as a therapist has been a big achievement of mine (May will be 2 years!). I’m currently and probably always will be working on opening myself up (safely! The past 2 years have really knocked this little empath out sometimes) and furthering my spiritual path and esoteric knowledge. 

What’s your aesthetic?

The deep dark wood, walking along a path near a river bed, the loamy smell of the earth and water meeting, the sound of running water through the dark musky forest, giant trees that tower over you, their canopy completely blocking out the sky, the inky purple, blackness of a raven’s feathers, the Milky Way and Aurora Borealis dancing together across the sky, a mountain top in Autumn–a riot of color, an old, oft read book in your lap while you sit next to an open fire, paw prints echoed in the first snow of winter, crystals of every kind being tucked into every corner, nook, and cranny in your house, being on a cliff overlooking rolling hills as thunder rumbles off the ocean behind you–a violent summer storm, the ocean (not the beach), petrichor 

Do you collect anything?

BOOKS!, Crystals, knitting needles (nalbinding needles now too), yarn, little pieces of nature

What’s a topic you always talk about?

I talk a lot about massage therapy, muscles and body mechanics, crystals, energy work, the moon and space

What’s a pet peeve of yours?

When anyone who does energy work but has not been attuned says they do Reiki (sorry but Reiki is a closed tradition you have to be attuned to do). 

People cutting me off without a turn signal while driving, people being selfish assholes in general with an, “its all about me, me, me” mentality. 

These “flat-earthers”, pick up a goddamn science book! Or step back into reality for a second; I’m sorry but the earth is not flat, there is not a “glass dome” over the earth and I’m sorry (not sorry) but SPACE DOES EXIST!

Good advice to give?

“Keep moving forward.” “It is what it is.” “Things will get better, don’t let asshats get you down, you do you and shine.”

What are three songs you’d recommend?

  1. Mr. Bone Man by Meagan Jean and the KFB
  2. Can’t stop the feeling (cover) by Leo Moracchioli
  3. Renge Chance ! by Lady Baby

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You now what it does to the ovaries when you see Obama holding a baby?! That's how I feel when I see Gillian pushing a stroller while marching for women and wearing a beanie. Someone catch me I'm falling or I'm going to hit my head hard on the tarmac. Gillian has my ovaries.

Obama holding a baby did nothing to me. But DD holding a baby….good lord. Considering I got pregnant from his eye contact, my ovaries throb with an awareness of him, like my shoulder does when it rains.

(Wow I’m tired)

New Ep: DonMonique’s Debut Project “Thirst Trap” Arrives.

Been hearing good things about this artist time & time again since back in last March waiting on a full project to fully assess how I feel, And finally the uneasy wait is over for the 20 year old BK artist Don has gave birth to her first 8 track baby. Hardcore, Nuts draggin, Brooklyn swag all through this project, Beat selection cohesive w/ the artist, The femcee keeps my attention with a plethora of flows & melodic harmonies it’s easy on the ears and my attention span. 100% of production done by Stelios Phili. (Ferg’s Go-to-guy). This is one hell of a debut not crashing the net but a good deal for Don to break into the league with. Not to mention, the boastful artwork Donmonique & good friend Chasity Samone. I’d put a good bet this one is sticking around for a while. Listen below.

Stream “Thirst Trap” here.

happy march 1st babies!! don’t forget that ur body is kind of like this big tree and even the strongest trees shed their leaves sometimes and thats ok cause they always grow back!!! take care of urself and feed ur body physically and emotionally!! take advantage of the nicer days ur body needs sunlight and fresh air grab a book and a piece of fruit and go outside!! pet a stranger’s puppy!! its gonna feel so good i promise!!

So after thinking on this...

Megan Boone’s stunt double going for a chilly swim in March can not be good in terms of what is potentially going on with Liz on The Blacklist in episode 19. I don’t know about any of you, but I sure as hell would not feel compelled to go swimming in the freezing Atlantic after just getting married and having a baby. Unless of course, the marriage did not take place, I learned something terrible about my fiance who I thought had changed forever, and I realized this after giving birth that I was not going to be getting my happily ever after after all. Mix all of this in with postpartum depression, then yes, I think I might feel compelled to dive into the Atlantic and succumb to hypothermia if the ocean currents don’t take me under first.

I’m predicting based on this that Liz’s psychological state is going to sadly take a turn for the worse. The only good that comes out of this narrative, is that this disastrous Keen2 arc will be over.