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Declan Lynch, the oldest of the Lynch brothers, was never alone. He was never with his brothers, but he was never alone. He was a perpetual-motion machine run by the energy of others: here leaning over a friend’s table at a pizza joint, here drawn into an alcove with a girl’s palm to his mouth, here laughing over the hood of an older man’s Mercedes. The congregation was so natural that it was impossible to tell if Declan was the magnet attracting or the filings attracted.


story of another us // 5 seconds of summer

My first follow forever (not really my first, but the first since I remade)!!

I have a couple of reasons to why, I decided to make this follow forever. 

1. I’ve reached 300+ followers
2. It’s been almost a month since I remade (the 26th)

I want to keep this short, but I’m really really thankful to all of you who welcomed me back. It really means a lot that all of you hadn’t completely deleted me from your memories. I’ve missed everyone a lot, and I honestly really missed being on tumblr too, so as you all know, I decided to come back because I was feeling better~

I want to say a speciel thanks to @weirdo-5-er for remembering me even before I had decided to come back. Thank you so much. ♥

Follow forever under the cut~

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