feels a lot like defeat

Just had a sudden thought…

In 223, Nea said he only needed Timcampy to help him – and then Link informed him that Tim had been destroyed by Apo.

In 222, we saw another Tim-like golem named Urcampy, residing with Lucia and Joe-sensei at the Campbell Mansion.

What if both Nea and Allen end up needing to go the Campbell mansion, Allen because he needs to speak with Katerina (and probably Bookman Sr.), and Nea because Ur is Tim’s backup?

That would resolve the issue of both of them trying to go different directions while they fight over control of Allen’s body.

Hm…just an idea.

i have this not sure headcanon… where ollie likes rin and i know u guys saw my comic about ollie interfering piko being with rin.. well i kinda find it cute where ollie have insecurities to piko and keep snatching rin’s attention away from him…
there is this time where he ask rin why she likes piko.. she said bc of his eyes.. no she means his whole existence means a lot thats why she likes him… ollie feel a bit defeat but he feel a bit hope that someday rin will notice his efforts..
ollie one day approach piko and get into a small fight that piko accidentally take off his bandage.. that he saw hes other eye is blind and dull.
ollie kinda get emotional that he envy piko’s eyes which he find too attractive unlike him one alive and one dead… piko try to comfort him and stuff but he keep insisting that its not look good at all.. he rather have eyes like piko… but piko said its cruel to have someones else eye and made ollie suprised and got curious which one is the artificial… piko get a bit depressed and end the conversation and leave ollie speechless..

but honestly its cute to have obstacles for piko before getting to rin… we have kaito which rlly disagree to their relationship…
and mikuo that have a bit crush to rin bc hes always visit to rin house and i cant say if the feelings between them is mutual but mehhh…
and we have ollie that acts innocent and cute when rins around and become the opposite when hes alone with piko…

i am planning of having more but lemme think if im being exaggerating to my upcoming obstacles hehehe

泡沫の記憶/Ephemeral Memories DLC Final Map Dialogue - Team Hoshido

All the kids (except for the Kanas and Shigure) have unique dialogue with certain enemies in the final map of the Ephemeral Memories/Failed Revelation/Dead Parents DLC. I thought they were pretty interesting so I wanted to translate them.

For now, here are the conversations with the Hoshido kids (including Midori). Obviously, mega spoilers for the DLC.

Here is the dialogue with the Nohr kids.

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What We Were - 8.2

AN#1: Here you goooo (sorry for being late bbies) I’m not sure how well edited this is. At all. So pls leave feedback.

Grace’s pov - Lasts and Firsts and All-Over-Agains - 1.6k+ words

I move my toes. Soft carpet tickles my soles lightly, as light laughter fills my ears. Hannah’s laughter, because Hannah and I have stopped working on wedding-stuff, and are now on the couch, laughing about silly things, with carpet tickling my feet and Hannah’s laugh resounding inside my belly.

A hand comes to rest on my shoulder, grabs my upper arm briefly as the talking and the laughing continue, and I swallow. Because carpet is tickling my feet, and feelings are rushing through me, from the tips of my bare feet to where a warm palm meets my skin in the friendliest of gestures.

She’s talking, and I vaguely remember that listening is a thing, a thing I should be doing. 

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You know, it’s a lot of times I feel defeated, I feel down, feel like the enemy has won. We all go through things. We have tests in life that would make us want to pull our hair out because it’s beyond stressful.

…although it just came to me. I’m a Witch. I can deflect negativity. Cast a self empowerment spell. Bring protection around me. With this being said, I need to know how amazing I am. I need tocremind myself that the enemy will not win. I need to know that I am okay, because I am magical and that’s something no one can take from me.