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BTS Sightings in Chicago:

  • Taehyung and Namjoon were spotted at the Chicago Art Institute (Tae was wearing his glasses and looked all scholarly lol)
  • All of them were seen shopping at a mall
  • Jimin, Jin, Hoseok and Tae were taking pictures and videos with selfie sticks.
  • There was also filming going on which fans in NY said was for a show based on what the camera crew told them at the concert

The best part is that none of the fans are disturbing them or sharing their specific location.

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Don't know if you take requests or suggestions, but how about a cold but cuddled in Kallus surrounded by Zeb and many many pillows and blankets?

Ahhh normally i don’t but when it’s Kalluzeb how can i say no ;v;? (I switched it up cuz i’m a weenie.. but here’s Kallus cuddling up with zeb after getting rescued cuz i want moreee ;A;!) 

Bonus(Tiny Kallus and Senor Muttonchops ;v; <3):

Sweet dreams, my lil prince!

Thank you for thinking of me though, anon <33!


@brightki IM SCREAMING

anyway hi yes hello apparently im finishing the ginny x scabior fic this week lmao and also i guess my soul is like up for grabs to the highest bidder good fucking luck with that but MAGIC IS REAL AND ALIVE IN ALL OUR HEARTS, #BLESSED

  • Jimin: I don't want a lot for Christmas
  • Jungkook: There is just one thing I need
  • Jimin: I don't care about the presents
  • Jungkook: Underneath the Christmas treeeee
  • Jimin: I just waNT YOU FOR MY OWN
  • Jimin: Make my wiSH COME TRUEEE!
  • Taehyung: *kicks door open* ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOUUUuuUUuuUuUUuuuuUUUU!!!

femslash february continues w/ pharmercy, Zarya/Symmetra/Sombra, and Tracer/Emily! happy valentine’s day!!

for valentine’s day I drew some of my favorite pairings (& ot3) from Overwatch! the f/f (and f/f/f) ones are in their own post for femslash february; the non-femslash ones (reaper76, mcgenji, anahardt) are here. :D

The fact that Namjoon released a solo track after so long, and that too as a collab with Wale is extremely noteworthy. He always puts Bangtan before himself and it’s so good to see that he’s getting such opportunities and being recognized for his individual talent. Also, he rapped in English…a language that he taught himself. That’s seriously impressive.