Epilogue: Redemption

Summary: Dean and Reader had a relationship–which resulted in a pregnancy that she hid from him.  She left.  When Dean found out, it was during a hunt and Reader ended up in a coma, able to hear the words of the people she loves the most. Title and song lyrics from Redemption by The Strange Familiar.

Words: 185 (super short I know)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst.  The whole series is angst.

Author’s Note: This is an epilogue to a three part series that I thought was done, but due to some follower feedback I decided to continue.  Hope you guys like it!

The Series: Part 1: Timshel 

Part 2: Come Back When You Can 

 Part 3: From Where You Are

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The night is slowly closing
But my eyes are slowly opened
And I see that somewhere in you
There is a good heart
There is a good soul



“Hey, I’m here Sweetheart.”

For everyone lost in the silence
For every one missing piece
For every will that is broken
No matter how dark it may be
There is redemption

“What…where…the baby?”

“Hey, hey, shhhhh. You’re fine. She’s safe. She’s a fighter; a true Winchester.  Sam’s with her in the NICU.”

I feel the threat of thunder
But this rain can’t last forever
The light chases the dark
Where there’s a good heart
There is a good soul

“Dean, I…”

“No. Just rest.”

For everyone lost in the silence
For every one missing piece
For every will that is broken
No matter how dark it may be
There is redemption
There is redemption

“No, Dean…I’m- I’m so sorry…I- I love you.”

“I know. Shhhhh. I love you too.”

For everyone lost in the silence
There is redemption.


“We’re all going to be ok now.  Get some rest.  I’ll be here when you wake up.”


Okay, so I’ve been thinking about a Doctor Who/Stranger Things crossover for, like, months now (I mean. Eleven. And Eleven. My two favorite characters in existence. How could I NOT?). Just imagine it!

Elle is trapped in the upside down after what she did to the Demigorgon. Afraid and once again alone, she sobs quietly, asking for help that she know can’t come.

Somewhere in the universe, the Doctor (currently traveling alone) gets a message on his psychic paper. All it says is, “Help me.” He of course springs in to action, tracing where the cry for help came from, and is surprised to find that it’s from a small pocket universe.

He manages to fly the TARDIS in, and when he lands, he (for once) turns on the monitor instead of simply going outside to see what’s there. He sees a young girl, sitting alone against what appears to be a large tree. She’s got her knees pulled close to her chest and is sobbing rather heavily, this is evident only by her quivering body, as she makes no sound.
Then he runs out of the TARDIS doors to get the child. The TARDIS has warned him that the environment is toxic, but doesn’t care – the girl has already been here too long.

Elle looks up and sees a man running for her, but he doesn’t seem threatening. In fact, he looks worried. Worried about… her? She doesn’t move, or make him stop. She can tell he wants to help her.

When the man is in front of her, only perhaps a foot away now, he stops, and kneels down so that he’s at eye-level with her.
“Hello,” the Doctor says, with a small but kind smile, “I’m the Doctor,” the child flinches at the word. “I know you’re frightened, but it’s going to be okay. I’m here to help.”

Elle stares into his eyes for a few moments, then nods as though she’s decided to trust him. The Doctor’s smile grows a little now that he knows she’s not afraid of him. “What’s your name?” He asks gently. She stares at him again for a moment before answering in small voice, “Eleven.”
“Well, Eleven, we need to get you out of here. Will you let me help you?” She nods again and wraps her arms around the Doctor’s neck – they both know she’s too weak to walk.

Once they’re safely in the TARDIS he puts Eleven down on a small chair that the TARDIS has provided for her. The Doctor goes to the console and take them into the time vortex where he knows they’ll be safe. He then goes back over to the little girl, Eleven, and kneels in front of her again. Now that he gets a good look at her he can see what a mess she is. Her face is stained with tears and blood, there’s even dried blood that had come from her ears. He doesn’t ask what had happened though, he already has a pretty good guess.
Instead he asks, “Where is your home?” This time she doesn’t need to take any time to answer and says “Mike.” “Who’s Mike?” “Friend.” She smiles very slightly when she says the word, and the Doctor understands. “We’ll find him. I’ll get you home, I promise.” She nods, and then she does something he finds a bit odd. She places a small hand on his chest, feeling his hearts beating. Then she looks into his eyes again, seeing how old and how sad he is, and she says softly, “Eleven.” The Doctor smiles just slightly and nods.

The Doctor had got her home safely. She’d insisted that he meet her friends before he left, and they never forgot the strange man in the bow tie who brought Eleven home.

Years pass – for both of them, many for the Doctor, only a few for Elle. Something goes wrong; the bad people are back. She remembers the last time she was afraid and alone and who helped her. So she uses her powers to try and contact the man – the other Eleven.

And he comes. But he’s different this time. He’s not wearing a bow tie now, and his hair is grey. His face is different too, not just older, but different. However, when she looks into the man’s eyes she knows that it’s him.
Eleven smiles and puts a hand on the man’s chest, feeling the unmistakable vibration of two hearts beating, and says “Twelve.”

So I just finished Yoosung's route (spoiler alerts everywhere)

Let me tell you that it was possibily the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my entire life 😭


This slacker of a college kid turned into the most dependable, strong and loving man that you could ever marry

Now at first, like most people who started his route, it was rather annoying to hear him constantly talk about Rika. “Like dude, we get it. You miss her, now shut up about it” or something of that caliber.

But you have to take a step back and really analyze the situation at hand; Yoosung was only 19 when he had found out that his cousin had committed suicide on the day of his graduation. Mind you, Yoosung and Rika were rather close as cousins and he looked up to her as a role model. He even goes as far as to say that she was a magician for him and other people around them, and he was there for her when she had lost Sally (her cute pupper) and swore to become a Veterinarian so that no one else would have to suffer any type of pain

Now following Rika’s death, Yoosung basically went from a hard-working student to a severely damaged and depressed person that would pass his time by playing LOLLOL and pretending that everything was fine. When in fact he was far from “fine”. He just wanted answers, but V wasn’t giving him any. So now he has built up hatred against V.

So a a year and a half passes by, and then here comes Ryosuke (my name for the MC) and she starts guiding him in the right path through life while helping him get through the last bit of the grieving process. In the game there’s a time that he calls you, but he’s not his usual energetic self; instead he sounds drained. Why? He tells you that he knows that you’re not Rika, but he can’t help but see that you and Rika have so many similarities. Yoosung knows that it’s not fair to keep you in her shadow, but he’s just so confused. So what does he do? Says that he needs to get his shit together because he likes you and doesn’t wanna screw things up with you.

Then as the game progresses, and the situation gets worse, i.e, the bomb and Unknown being a threat, Yoosung willing puts his life on the line, knowing that there could be a possibility that either he could get hurt or die trying to help Luciel. Yoosung knows what he’s doing, and even when you try to talk him out of it, he basically puts his foot down and tells you that he’s tired of not doing anything, and that if he’s gonna do something, it’s going to be helping Luciel out with the hacker and going to his hideout.

Where in the world do you find someone whose willing to put their own life on the line for the person they love with thw fiber of their being? (I know there are people like this in the real world. Don’t worry 😁) But we’re talking about how he hasn’t even seen this girl and yet she’s helped him through the lowest point of his life. So he makes this girl his “pre-girlfriend” and then his wife

Overall, I believe that the lesson for Yoosung’s route is ‘that it’s alright to be depressed in life, but you can’t let your life stop there. Someday you’ll find a person that’ll help you through the toughest time and guide you back on the right track in life. And when you find that person, cherish them and never let them go’

I dunno, maybe this is how I interpreted this route, but hey, it makes me feel so much better about my life. How there’s a possibility of somone being able to love the broken side of me, heal and show me what it’s like to be loved dearly.