okay so Sheldon and Amy, guys

In the Love Spell Potential, when Bernadette casts the spell, did anyone notice Sheldon’s reaction versus Amy’s? Amy was extremely uncomfortable the entire time, but Sheldon went from:

“what the hell are you guys serious” 

“oh my god you are serious”

“wait this is actually interesting”


“I sure know how I look at her”



What if Dean said I love you in Goodbye Stranger?

“This isn’t you. Cas, I know you’re in there. I know you can hear me. Cas, it’s me. We’re family. We need you; I need you.” Dean is on his knees begging and there’s one more thing to say. It’s on the tip of his tongue. 

“I love you.”

Cas’ blade is raised over Dean and his eyes clear, just for a second, a micro second, but it’s enough time. He makes the decision the only one he can make, the only way he can see to putting a stop to this. He plunges the blade down hard. Straight into his own chest.

The room flickers furiously from Naomi’s office to the warehouse as he falls.

“Castiel, what have you done?” Naomi cries, but he thinks maybe Dean does too. There’s Dean’s hand on his shoulder, he can feel the warmth of his palm. 

“I do what I have always done, Naomi, I fought.”

“You fought, that didn’t look like fighting to me, it looked like giving up!” And  yes,  that’s definitely Dean’s voice.

“I did what I thought was right,” he chokes out. Words are getting harder now, sticking together like wet sand.

“And that was killing yourself?” Naomi barks through the air but her face is gone. 

“And that was saving Dean Winchester." 

Somewhere he thinks he hears Naomi laugh at the same time he hears Dean sob out loud. 

And then he hears nothing.


Remember when S1 ended with “Vide Cor Meum” from Dante’s La Vita Nuova?

Well, La Vita Nuova is a book consisting of poems concerning Dante’s idyllic love for Beatrice. Beatrice to Dante…is everything that is pure and righteous in a person. Dante puts Beatrice on this pedestal that no other human can achieve, because to Dante no other person can move him spiritually nor fulfill him physically. But its an unrequited love. Beatrice and Dante met very briefly once and Beatrice never saw him again. Obviously things are a bit (okay more than a bit) different with Hannibal and Will but the basic premise is the same.  

To Hannibal, Will is his Beatrice. And here is why:

Immediately, he can see and witness that Will’s purity and the righteousness that he utilizes while working on cases with the FBI is something unique. A gift. That integrity and keen sense what is right and wrong allows Will to see clearly what the motives and symbolism behind the murders are. Will is someone who can see the world Hannibal lives in for what it is. Hannibal picks up on this and realizes that he has found someone with whom he can pour his passions to. He wants to create a setting for Will. He doesn’t have to hide. He wants Will to see him and yet he wants to see Will fall while he does this. Why?

Will Graham is his antithesis.

What would take a good soul like Will’s to fall to my level? Hannibal is presented with a perfect opportunity to experiment firsthand. All the clues, all the signs, all the words, and time that Hannibal will leave behind will be seen by Will. So Will, of course, inevitably figures this out as we all know and we all see the unfortunate happenings as a result of this. But it’s only the beginning. Hannibal wasn’t done yet. Isn’t done yet. We witness the visceral reaction (x) Hannibal has to Will during the S1 ending. This has gone far beyond mere simple curiosities to a deep yearning. 

And thinking of her, sweet sleep overcame me.
I am your Master. See your heart.
And of this burning heart, your heart,
She trembling, humbly eats.
Weeping, I saw him then depart from me.
Joy is converted to bitterest tears.

This prose in particular is fitting to the setting (although it twists the meaning behind the words) because now we know that Hannibal is up to no good. Bad boy Hannibal is finally out to play. He has steadily lead Will to the gate of Hell with cleverly veiled half-truths only to push him into Acheron himself.

Through me you pass into eternal pain:
Through me among the people lost for aye. ||
Canto III, Inferno.

Hannibal is flawlessly conducting the tragic aria of Will’s fall from grace. And Will’s vita nuova is him grievously realizing that Hannibal has forcibly taken him into Hell with no foreseeable way out.

Hannibal has thus far impeccably paved the way to create his own Divine Comedy. Because traditionally, Beatrice guides Dante through Heaven. Dante has to make the arduous journey from the pits of Hell, climb through Purgatory to then be received by Beatrice before entering Heaven. But there’s no way Hannibal is going to heaven and he realizes that, but he craves to have that companionship with his muse within the bowels of Hell and so we witness his craft in the demise of Will Graham. This isn’t about love, this is about corruption.

This trailer begins with Hannibal reciting Dante’s first sonnet from La Vita Nuova:

Allegro mi sembrava Amor tenendo
Meo core in mano, e ne le braccia avea
Madonna involta in un drappo dormendo.

Joyous appeared he in his hand to keep
my very heart, and, lying on his breast,
my lady, veil-enwrapped and full asleep.    

As per usual, here he tells everyone cleverly of his crimes with no one the wiser yada yada he’s done this before, this isn’t new. Oh but now everything is different. Now he knows that Will is awake and that this will push Will into action. Will Graham will fight him, but will not compromise his morality by doing so. 

And that is what Hannibal wants. 

So long as Hannibal runs and hides, Will is going to give chase and search. This is now a game of touch and go, cat and mouse, and Hannibal loves it.

That stagnancy of life is no more, the predictability of humans, no more. Things are no longer easy, no longer quaint. And only Will can provide that for him. Has provided that. And exactly like Beatrice, Will fulfills him and provides constant inspiration. Just as muses are supposed to envoke.

Except instead of heaven, instead of the normalcy of these ‘earthly plains’, it is an inferno. Hell on earth.  And in the very center of Hell, we see the Divine Comedy’s Satan, whom is also depicted in this trailer. 

Mads Mikkelsen compared Hannibal to Satan from Paradise Lost. Oh no, no no no. Hannibal doesn’t even pretend to play God. That is not Hannibal’s modus operandi. He embraces the humanities, the arts, culture, you name it. The ability to cause destruction, wrath, is something humans have done for so long historically anyways.

Dante is the you and me, the everyday person that has flaws and sins that learns through Virgil and Beatrice to surpass them. This Dante strives to be allowed entrance into Heaven and be alongside Beatrice

Hannibal Lector however, is the Dante that embodies sin, vice and indulgence. And he indulges his compulsion by violating Will in the cruelest way possible. By forcing Will’s hands to do something so macabre it will damn his already damaged soul into remaining in Hell for the rest of eternity. Into the very same Hell he himself situates in.

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that adhd feel when you keep thinking you lost your phone or forgot it in a different part of the house, but it turns out it was right next you you/in the same room the whole time and you did all that searching and freaking out for nothing.