Daryl isn’t a much affectionate person. He has never been. It’s not like he had much of it during his childhood, his mom died when he was young and Merle and his dad weren’t the current people to look love in.

Since the apocalypse, Daryl is sure he had got at least 5 hugs from Rick, Maggie, Michonne and Carol. They were all on really overwhelming moment, so he had been aware that he was going to get a hug. But this time it was different, hell it was.

He was literally fighting with Paul, the reason already forgotten as they yelled at each other and changed the fight’s topic over and over again. But then, Paul stopped yelling at him, just staring at him with a small frown that looked more like a thoughtful look while Daryl kept yelling. And them, in a rush, he had the younger man’s arms wrapped around him tightly, he hadn’t been expecting that, it had been so unexpected, so fast but yet careful, that Daryl didn’t knew how to react.

He felt himself breaking down and his arms wrapped around Paul roughly, pulling him even closer. He cursed and sobbed against his shoulder and Paul just stayed there, holding him while he was about to break.

That was the first time Daryl received a hug which he wasn’t prepared for.

What if one day Robbie is looking through his periscope and sees the kids doing a quiet activitie with Sportacus so he goes up to see what everyone is up to. Turns out there working on family trees. They get Robbie to participate and give him a paper to fill out. They tell him to fill out the spaces her knows like mothers and faters name and explain that during the week they will be filling it out by talking to family and doing research to fill in the blanks and to not ket anyone see it till the end of the week when they will share. Robbie wanting the best family tree of anyone acctualy does his best but he only knows 2 of his relatives. So during the week he “tricks” the kids to help him do some research at the library and online ( a villain would not ask for help to fill in his family tree). But by the end of the week when it’s time to present the family trees Robbie is nervous and gets more sad and upset as Everyone presents there family trees and they all have so many names and he only has 2 names his mom and Galnni. Wanting to get it over with Robbie insists on going before Sportaflop. He does his presentation really fast and is about to leave but seeing he is upset Stephanie and Sportacus stop him and say he did it wrong and for a moment he is even more upset till they say he is missing people and ask if they can see his paper. With Robbie hovering nervously arround them they show him he missed a whole branch of his tree and draw a new branch on his tree and start to put all there names down and tell him not all families are related by blood and he looks at everyone’s family trees again and realizes they all added some branches to add people but he had been to upset to notice till then.


Percy’s sword has 4 different forms: sword, capped pen, and uncapped pen. The last form he found out when he was conducting an experiment…

If he acts like he’s clipping the sword like you clip a hairpin, it actually does turn into a hair pin.