Something's I'd like to talk about in episode 10



Third of all: Yurio and Otabek gettin the friendlys on.(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Forth of all: Phichit is the best supportive friend you could ask for.

Fifth of all: Yuri, how scANDALOUS WERE YOU?!

Sixth of all: Rip JJ for no one taking him seriously.


Eighth of all: Yurio. Find some chill lil dude.



Episode 10 has changed me and my life.

tadhdfw you’re trying to do work but you keep getting distracted by noises around you so you put on some instrumental music to drown out the noises but you end up getting distracted by the music so you turn it off and then you start getting distracted by noises around you so you put on some instrumental music to drown out the noises but you end up getting distracted by th

Today I learned some life lessons:

- Time spent with me means nothing.
- I am easy to forget.
- Being nice with a good heart gets you fucked up.
- If you treat people how they treat you, they hate it. But don’t realize.
- You can give someone the world and that won’t change a damn thing.
- Bitches be crazy.
- You could have so much self love but when people make you feel unimportant it still hurts.
- You should listen to your gut and your friends.
- Tacos make me smile.
- My love ain’t worth shit.
- Never ask why something happened.

- don’t eat things you’re allergic to

What she says: I’m fine
What she means: but what happened to victor when he was 7 years old?what made him neglect life and love at a very young age?who hurt this precious cinnamon roll?when will we get an episode explaining his backstory?will i ever be ready for that sort of heartache?

Ok so I imagine the first I love you between Rick and Michonne to be said by Rick simply because I think he’s more of the type to say the things he means in a rant:

So he’ll be talking about how much he wants to protect Judith and Carl and he’ll say something like ‘and you, because I love you and I can’t lose you’ and keep ranting about the enemy and Michonne just stands there in shock like 'boy just dropped the l bomb on me’

theycallmebecca  asked:

What is Christmas with Chris like?

Ima do two scenarios for this because it begs for it. :) 

I. Christmas with the Evans/Capuano clan in Massachusetts

It’s a big, loud event. Kids are running around, laughing with no cares in the world, wearing superhero PJs. 

Chris joins in the fun. 

His mum suspects it’s a way to dodge helping with preparations. 

Lisa always cooks home made. She loves feeding her big family and seeing their contented faces around the traditional Christmas dinner table. The food is AMAZING!

When presents are unwrapped, you see that everyone followed the rules. The kids got what they wanted, but not that many sweets. The rule for the grown ups was a maximum of two items and a value no bigger than 75 dollars per gift. 

You bought presents for everyone there and it’s tasteful gifts they can use. 

You got Chris a Norwegian pattern sweater (to also cater to your own fantasies tbh) and a pair of hand-knitted wool socks for wearing inside weinter boots. 

He puts them on at once and declares himself toasty and happy, coming to smother you in a long bear hug. 

Chris got you a month’s worth of spa treatments at a place you like and a silver engraved pendant with your birth stone. He had something super heartfelt etched into the metal (the dude IS sensitive!).

Once everyone goes to bed, he asks you to stay up with him for a glass of Ultis and he pats the spot on his side on the sofa. 

You cuddle and watch the tree lights change in silence. He’s still wearing the things he got from you, delighted. 

Towards 2 a.m. he takes you to bed in his childhoood room. 

“I’m not having sex with him watching, Chris! That’s a bit too extreme.” You say, pointing at the large, laminated poster of Tom Brady on the wall at the foot of his bed. 

He finishes undressing and goes to a drawer and glues googly eyes onto the poster. 

“Now you made it worse, you meatball!” 

But he’s naked and laughing, complete with boob grab and that’s sexy enough to cancel the feeling that you’re in an honorary threesome.

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II. Christmas alone in Europe and with your fam, and Chris is visiting 

He has many questions, but he asks them in private. “Why does almost every man here have a moustache, but no beard?” 

He loves the food everywhere you go. 

First, you land in Budapest. Their Christmas market is out of this world. Chris gets ideas for 56576386783456983948 movies while walking hand in hand with you on those streets filled with history, now glowing with the myriad LED lights everywhere. 

You take him to an indoor market and have to persuade him not to leave with all the sausages there. They are that good. 

Then it’s off to Prague, and to Vienna. Sitting in a cafe, eating a Sachertorte and Baumkuchen, you watch Chris nearly have an orgasm with everyone watching. 

Instead he catches himself in time and leans in, kissing you. He tastes sweet and caramelly, like the Baumkuchen. 

Then you take him to your home. It’s a small city, but it looks like a miniature Austria. 

There are even more moustaches than in Hungary. Chris contemplates getting one. 

He asks you if you’d like him with one and you light up and say you’d LOVE him and pull up a pic gallery of moustache designs you already tried on his face in an app. 

You both help your family with cooking and preparations. 

You both use your ninja skills to put the presents under the tree. Everyone’s an adult here, but Santa is an institution. :D

Tradition says there’s no Christmas Eve dinner, and the presents are opened the second day, while the Christmas goodies are eaten throughout the day. 

You still make something non-Christmasy to eat with Chris while you watch something in tune with the holiday spirit on TV. 

Your parents make you sleep in separate rooms at different ends of the house (because unmarried people should not share beds, OMG *gasp!*) 

Later during the night, you tiptoe to Chris’ room and wake him up. 

He startles. You’re wearing a white night gown and he thought you were a ghost. 

You cover his mouth with your palm and tell him to quietly follow you. Taking his hand, you lead him through a dark door up some stairs to the attic. 

There, on the soft beds and carpets, your family’s cats are sleeping, opening an eye each to see who came, then sleeping on. 

You find your childhood bed empty and freshly dressed with new sheets. 

“We can get away with much here, the cats always wrestle and make noise in here.”  You tell Chris. 

He’s already pressing you into the mattress. “So if I fall out of bed with a thud, I should just meow?”

*medieval porn music*

In the morning, everyone meets in the kitchen for breakfast on Christmas Day and everyone is in fuzzy, plushy robes. your parents are none the wiser and Chris puts on a stellar performance of someone who is jetlagged, grumpy and still sleepy. 

You take coffee to your room, where Chris sees how many pics of Jesus, saints and martyrs your mum put on the walls of your room. 

“And you gave me shit for one Tom Brady poster.” He says, raising a judgy eyebrow. 

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Thank you Becca so much for this lovely ask! You made my week! 

I frickin don’t know how to think about Bakugou anymore. Like, every time a new chapter comes out, my view about him changes. It’s kinda interesting but also tiring at the same time. I can’t get a straight picture of him. On the one side he presents himself as selfish and mean. His was of talking and acting seems so rude. But on the other one, he was always so insecure and confused about Midoriya. He tried to push him away since they were children but he still did never let go of Baku. And now, after all these years, this weak crybaby of a childhoodfriend is getting stronger and stronger and stronger. He is surpassing him in such short amount of time. And if this isn’t enough, Deku seems to get along with Bakugous role model. All Might. The hero he admired the most! His view on All Might is changing so fast that he doesn’t have time to understand what is going on. He finds out that Deku is getting his power by All Might and that his hero is getting weaker at the same time. He has to bear this big secret even through he don’t know what is happening. Just imagine that! He is a 15 years old. Never really learned to take care of others or to worry about them. And now everything is coming at him at once!

Good. Now we have cleared, that there is a lot of things happening around this boy, but is this really reason enough to let him behave the way he is? I don’t know…I really don’t. When I read the manga first, I started off disliking him. Not really hating him, but because I identify so much with Midoriya, I was mad at Baku. He bullied Deku and I bet also other children. He got violent and always put himself above others. His vocabulary is full of insults and wherever he goes he picks up a fight. This boy is student of the UA! I mean, he can’t just walk around and bark at everyone how he pleases! In that way he represents his school so bad. In my eyes this is disrespectful. And not just that. It shows his bad character and how much of a child he is. Never thinking about others or how he behavior influences others.                                                               Now after 119 chapters we know more about Deku, All Might and also about Baku. That he was spoiled as a kid and just never learned to respect others, because he was respected by everyone. He got everything he wanted and he just needed to do his best, when HE wanted to. It’s not like he never works hard for something. At this point I can say, he is one of the most hardworking characters in this show. Just taking Deku beside. (Nobody can match with him when it comes to hard work) So he has good traits. And in the end he is just too insecure and full of emotions he can’t understand. And because he can’t and because he never had to. He shoves them aside. They start to build up and now when he just lost against Deku, everything explodes. 

So I shouldn’t be mad at him, should I? I DON’T KNOW! Arrrgg~ This character of his is so hard to understand…