How the mysme peole convey thier feels
  • 707 : Morse code with tap dance
  • Vanderwood : Smoke signals with his cigarette
  • Jaehee: Latte art
  • V: Makes aesthetics
  • Jumin: Writs a 1000 page half year report on his feels
  • Zen: Singing songs that are not subtle at all
  • Yoosung : Writes a poem but never shows it then just tells them like 2 mins later
  • Unknown: ummm just forget it he will just bluntly scream it in your face one day all off his feels

When you realize that Livia Blackthorn will never get to see the Malec Wedding™ that she was hoping for in the middle of LOS somebody hold me

TODAY IS THE DAY PEOPLE!!!! I’M GOING TO SEE MORNING MUSUME LIVE! I’m in Hong Kong right now, the concert is today at 6pm! I’m super excited~ I have been a fan of MM since the end of 2001 and this is my first time seeing them live ♡♡♡ I hope my girl Miki speak in English during the concert because my Japanese is very basic as well as my Chinese!!

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Can we talk about how Sana opened up to Yousef about not being as good of a person as she wanted to be this Ramadan? How she opened up about getting bullied in Middle school and how it kind of shaped her and her responses to things?

Can we talk about how Sana admitted that sometimes she has doubts and that she’s not always so sure of everything? How she hasn’t made this admission to anyone besides Jamilla who was there when it happened?

Can we talk about how Yousef was just there for her, being respectful and never trying a single thing? How she was so excited to see him that she didn’t think about bringing food, but he DID and he counted down to sunset so that she could eat? How he sat beside her and watched her break her fast, beside her, not judging, not shoving his views down her throat, completely understanding that religion is between you and what you believe in and what you feel and that no one can tell you how to feel?

Can we talk about how he never wants to make her doubt her beliefs and religion, but rather supports her? How he wanted to make sure that she trusted him even if it was a silly game? How he really wanted them to trust each other?

This guy is the definition of partner. When she has doubts, he will remind her of her faith and beliefs, not push her further away from them because he has the utmost respect for her. When she has doubts, he will be right there to remind her.

Mama Bakkoush, you is wrong 💛 This is a partnership. A beautiful and strong partnership with incredible potential. Alt Er Love 💛.


“Listen to me, Eren.
There’s something I want to say.
Thank you… for being with me.
Thank you… for teaching me… how to live.
Thank you… for wrapping this scarf around me.”

-Mikasa Ackerman, Chapter 50

SNK Ch 50 | Redraw