[필독] 온리원이 보내준 인증샷들보구 기분좋아서 폭풍셀카쏩니당 !!!! 그런데 인증샷 중간중간 엽사가 … 다들고맙구 담에 만나용 ~~ #빅스타 #일단달려 마지막사진은 온댕이들 잠못자게 꾜꾜 안녕 !!!!!!

[Feeldog] Because I look at the proof pictures Onlyones sent and feel good, I upload a storm of selcas !!!! By the way the photos were in the center of the program … Everybody thank you and let’s meet next time ~~ #빅스타 #일단달려 The last picture will not let you sleep Gyogyo Bye !!!!!!


FeelRam OTP  … amg they are so cute ;//A//;

[필독] 조금있으면 #예체능 하는시간이넹?? 다들 자는거 아니지? TV앞에서 수박과 함께 본방사수 해듀데요-,.-나오늘 부산간거라서 분량 많을것(?)같아요 는 제생각 꾜꾜 본방사수 인증샷 남겨주면 셀카올릴게용ㅋ

[Feeldog] Do you have a little time for ’Cool Kiz On The Block’ ?? You’re all not asleep, right? Put yourself in front of the TV and look at it -,.- Because I go to Busan today It seems as there’s a lot quantity (?) GoGo If you bequeath a proof picture that you are watching the show I’ll upload a selcaㅋ


잠시후, 10시 15분!! #빅스타필독바람 이 함께한 KBS 출발드림팀 시즌2가 방송됩니다! 빅스타의 리더와 맏형의 눈부신 활약상(?)을 기대해보며 꼭 #필독 ! 본.방.사.수 하시길 #바람 !!!!

After a while, at 10:15AM!! KBS Let’s go Dream Team season 2 with #BIGSTARFeeldogBaram will air! Expect a dazzling performance(?) from BIGSTAR leader and the eldest hyung. #It’s undoubtedly a must! so #we hope that you will watch the broadcast !!!!

(Note: They are doing a wordplay with the name member’s in the last two hashtags. #필독 (Feeldog) also means something that you must read, and #바람 (Baram) is a short way of saying “I hope that…”. Very smart ^^)