|Late Night Conversations| R.MANTLE /PART ONE\

It was hard day for me. My arm is bandaged, it hurt like shit but I have this thing for you and I hope you’ll like it. 

Funny story: I came up with this idea when my doctor pulled the glass out of my skin. I’m good fam. I’m a survivor ;)) 

IMAGINE ABOUT: Reggie and reader kinda had ‘a thing’ with eachother but when Jason Blossom death comes out. Reggie immediately leaves the city leaving her with nothing but her feelings. 

I’m not supposed to be like this. 

I’m not supposed to be the sad girl who doesn’t know where the hell she’s going and what the fuck she’s doing. I’m not supposed to care too much about what anyone thinks and I’m not supposed to let words affect my choices. 

I’m supposed to be that bitchy, funny maybe a little nice girl that hungs out with her friends on weekends and goes to an average school to pursue average career. 

So far. I’ve menaged to let one person change up my life like a span of a few months. What’s killing me? I think some part of me thinks I’m supposed to be the girl who cares too much for her own good. 

My parents don’t understand me. I don’t blame them. I fucking love my parents but sometimes, I just need a break. I need a break from a lot of people and I need a break to recycle my old self to keep anyone from getting in and ripping my heart to shreds. 

Sort of like how I’m feeling right now. 

There’s no way to better describe this feelng other than the fact that I’ve tried to drown my feelings multiple times, only to find out those fuckers can swim and do  water tricks as well. 

Exams have been like hell, although I did imagine this week to consist of Reggie kissing up my neck as I study. I shouldn’t even be thinking about this, he’s gone, whatever, he didn’t choose me so fuck him right?

It’s been a few days since Reggie left, and a few days since Archie and I last spoke . Archie and I have been making eye contact at most, and I can tell by the look in his eyes that he has so much to say but can’t. 
I’ve ignored his glances and ignored his silent plea’s to confess to him my true feelings and opinion, so far it’s been good. 

In other news speaking, Reggie’s been leaving me numerous messages, in all shapes and sizes, and every single on of them made my feeling stronger than a rock.

iMessage from Reggie:

i feel sad i dont like this 

(read: 11:34pm 12/04/2017) 

iMessage from: Reggie

i let you down and i know that, but im gonna need u to not give up on me okay?

(read: 9:10am: 13/04/2017) 

iMessage from: Reggie

i dont know what is it or what we are but all i know is that im here in the middle of nowhere hungover as fuck by myself thinking of you and only you

(read: 2:47pm 14/14/2017) 

iMessage from: Reggie

i dont know what to do

(read: 9;15pm  14/14/2017) 

iMessage from Reggie: 

youre mine 

(read: 1:42am 15/04/2017) 

iMessage from Reggie: 

baby girl 

please let me know ur okay

(read: 1:45am 15/04/2017) 

iMessage from Reggie: 

i miss you like crazy 

(read: 1:50am 15/04/2017) 

iMessage from Reggie: 

im not to blame i swear to you

im so scared 

(read: 3:05am 16/05/2017) 

I sat there re-reading every message he sent, analyzing over the words and thinking about what he meand by all of them. This alien feeling in my stomach makes my eyes water whenever and my lips quiver as I read. I don’t know this feeling, and I don’t like this. Reggie’s that kind of persons, he’s the kind I think I’d never be fully mad at. 

I lay in my bed in the late at night. Thinking of nothing but Reggie’s body an my last fucking exam tommorow morning. I like this quietness, althought it would be better with Reggie. Fuck. I should stop thinking like that. I like the moonlight at this time and I like the feeling on my skin against the bed. I like it, all that it is

Just as I was about to exit my messages app, it scrolls back down to Reggie’s chat, notifying me of a new message. 

iMessage from Reggie

i wanna go home 

you read that in 2 second, u were waiting for me? please tell me u were waiting for me 

i miss your lips 

so damn much i could almost taste them 

(read: 3:27am) 

I feel so tempted to reply back. To tell him that thoughs of him have taken over my brain and I can’t help but feel like shit although he’s the one doing all the demage. He’s the one who walked out when I asked him to come clean with me, and he’s the one running away now for a reason he won’t bother telling me. 

I need to stop reminding myself that we’re not together. He can do whatever the hell he wants and i have nothing to say in it whatsoever. I can’t even allow myself to be mad at him. 

I debate in my head wheter I sould reply to ease this misery, knowing he’d been messaging me desperately for the past few days. I miss him like hell. If this is what it felt like not having his arms curled up around my body and his hair tickling my neck. I can only imagine what it would feel like withouth him at all. I decide to message him, a reply something he said says ago. My fingers type the words, staring at them for a few seconds before I press send. 

iMessage to: Reggie

I’m yours 

iMessage from: Reggie 

really?? u decide to text me back when i go to pee? now im happy and the pee wont come out properly 

iMessage to: Reggie

where r u? 

iMessage from Reggie 

im scared and im tired and i just want you 

i fucked up so bad princess, like i always do, but i want you so fucking bad 

iMessage to Reggie

you already have me 

iMessage from Reggie 


i want you now 

iMessage to Reggie

my heart hurts Reggie 

and the only person i can tell is the person who hurt me 


so fuck you 

iMessage from: Reggie

you dont understand 

iMessage to Reggie 

then explain, cause i cant go through this, im not someone you can play with and throw away, talk to me, im beggining you to talk to me 

iMessage from Reggie: 

park on 5th, right fucking now! 


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If You insist// Brett Talbot

Relationship: Brett x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, LOTS OF SMUT, Daddy Kink, Oral (Male), Teasing, Swearing, Orgasm Denial, Biting, Spanking, and a Bunch More.

Prompts: “You’re so cute when you’re mad.” “Bite me!” “If you insist.”

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Brett hasnt spoken to y/n in hours because h feels as if its his fault that you were attaked tonight. It was her first night seeing him completly wolf out and it was intoxicating, she wasn’t abdouly terrified because she knew what she has signed up for when getting involved with him and the oher suprnatural beings in Beacon Hills.

“Brett just fucking speak to me, im safe im fine. its been 3 fucking hours. you cant keep fucking ignoring me anmore i’ve fucking had it up to your long ass neck, now be a man and fucking speak to me.” Y/n yells out steam almost literally shooting out of her ears.

“You’re so fucking cute when you’re mad” Brett chuckles walking into your home simply unfazed by anything you had spoken to him.

They enter the house and Brett pulls his shirt off heading toward the couch and Y/n immediatly feeling the need to be touched and to touch Brett. He sits and places his hands by his thighs while sighing in releif that everyone is safe and so one is horribly injured.

She stood by the door, watching Brett take hi place on the couch practically not moving a muscle and the heat between her legs start to grow. She could still sense the darkness from him still linguring, which is why she probably make eyecontact, speak, or even touch her. She wasnt scared of the wolf inside of him, eah it was intimidating but not scary. There was no reason to be the slightst bit of scared, he disnt even grow fucking sideburns when he turned. He had taken endless care of her, saved her over and over again, and given her chance after chance even when she was afraid and didnt trust him. so why be scaared now?

Y/n knew if she hadn’t yelled at him for being overprotective and stormed out that today would have gone very differently.

She walked until he was standing next to a set of stairs, standing there she dared not to look away from him. he still didnt move. She journeyed into the living room standing dead ceter in his view of the TV than went to her knees so she was facing him eye to eye. He still didnt dare to move, instead he stared into her eyes as if she was looking through her like she wasn’t even there.

Biting down on her lip, she makes a dangerous move by reaching out and attempted to touch his torso.

Brett snatches her hand, holding it very tightly. “You definatly dont want to do that right now.” He warns almost inaudible.

She moves her other hand to try and grab ahold of his jeans but only to fail miserably.

“I am trying to be fucking nice to you right now, What the fuck is your problem?“He growls out placing her arms by her side ” Go. To. Bed.“

Looking up at him she noticed that his eyes where still glowing similar to what she had saw when the pack was fighting. But this glow felt more dangerous, more frightful which so happen to tun her on even more

You don’t scare me anymore.

Her eyes trailed down his bare chest. he had never let her touch him, expore his body, better yet even fuck him back! She knew it was because he couldn’t take it, too afraid that the darkness would come out and he’d rip her to pieces. She had just stopped trying to touch him all together knowing it would be pointless and being afraid herself to meet the darkness.

She shifted herself closer to him careful not to touch him.

“Please, Brett. Let me touch you.”

Brett gave her one last stern warning, “Touch me and there will be no running until i am completly done with you.”

Y/n licked her lip in anticipation, her hands reached out again, She had done it. She had touched him and there is no turning back.

He’s so fucking perfect it hurts.

Leaning down, her lpis lightly kissed over his skin. She gazed up at him through her long thick lashes, once he left a hickey on his chest she noticed tat he didnt move or even give the slight hint that of desire she decided to move lower. She kissed and lickd on his abs, moving her hand down t the botton of his jeans and slow began to unbutton them.

Brett kept his hands to his thighs, not moving his eyes off her as she slowly unipped his pants. once his hard cock sprung free she could finally see what he was feeling.

Lightly grabbing his dick, she almost expected him to move. When he didn’t a wave of wating to pleasure him shot through her like fire.

She began to stroke him up and down, her tongue licking the tip before she swirled it around the head of his dick. Taking it slowly in her mouth, she begn to soflty suck. That was when she could hear his low growl in response. She started to take more and moreof him, wanting to please him. The sounds he howled out only made her want to do more.

He still hadn’t moved. It took for her to pull complely out, blow cold air on his tip and shove himm completly back in for him to move.

Finally, Brett took his hands to her hair, causing her to smile, she began to bob her head up and down faster. As she began he pulled her hair tighter, tarting to fuck her mouth.

Y/n was stunned at first yet found it erotic as he moved in and out of her mouth. She relaxed her throat, letting him slip deeper, which only made him fuck her faster. As he let up for air, lightning hot through her body. Staring at him she began to lose control. That was the only start, And she burnedd in anticipation.

She eagerly took him back into her moth as he started to fuck it again. She felt his cock throbbing for release, and didn’t expect it when he pulled out of her mouth.

“Take off your clothes then get down on the floor on your hand and knees.” he told her harshly, yaking her hair before letting go.

Her reath was heavy as her chest fell up and down whilw he removed her cothes as quickly as she could. The heat and need between her legs was almost painful by the time she made it to the ground. Y/n faced away from him, doing as he asked by going to her hands and knees. Please, Hurry. She felt as if she was going to explode aiting for him to finally touch her.

She could feel him move behind her and when he went to his knees, it made it all the more torturouus.

Brett grabs her ass “ I have waited so fucking long to fuck you like this.” His hand ran up her back and pushed her head to the ground.

“Bite me.” She calls back with her ass sticking straight up.

“If you insist, DO no hold back your screams or moans anymore. i want to fucking hear you scream for me” he pressed his thick cock against her opening “ Do you understand?”

“Yes!” Y/n screamed out, without feeling any physical stiulation she felt as if she could orgasm right then and there.

“Good girl.” He cooed as his hand roughly slapped downn her ass.

“Fuck me. please!” She moaned, the words slip hou as he wiggles her hips hoping his dick would slip in.

His telling her ‘good girl’ drove her inane! He hadnt called her that in what feel like forever.

He gripped her hips, stilling her. “ If you ever run from me, risk your life, or do anything remotley stupid again, this strong feelng you have of me wantin to fuck you will be your punishment.”

Y/n screams out in pleasure as he slides his dick into her fast and har. “Do it again, and next time my dick will not slide into that tight, little pussy of yours. Do you understand?” Brett kept still and ddn’t move the slightst bit inside her.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I-I-I understand.” She practically crys out.

“Good girl.”

His message was loud and clear, and exteremly tortorus as it is. That he stops and leaves.

“What the fucking shit Brett.” She calls out

“You have been through alot today, goodnight.” He calls Shutting the lights off

Fucking hell he just likes to leave a girl high and dry.

Eyes On You

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Description: Gang!AU based off the Limitless MV w/ NCT 127. Yuta X Y/N + Yuta’s unique kink.

Warning: Swearing/Smut i tried

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A/N: I know the request said to exclude the nuggets(aka Mark/Haechan) they’re briefly mentioned, but they’re good little nuggets in here, no worries.

“You know, for a place that has nine people living in it, I’d expect it to smell a little less like…mold.” You complained loudly, following the sound of chaos through the run down apartment you always found yourself in.
“Well, when you get some money for candles, I’ll gladly light ‘em,” Johnny teased from his cocoon of blankets, him and the boys all curled up on the couch. “Till then, I guess you’ll just have to deal with our stench.”
“I’m just going to get a can of strawberry shit and spray you in the face.” You snickered at the annoyed look you received and plopped down on the floor. “Where’s Yuta?” 
“Took the kids to school,” Taeyong replied, though he was buried so far under the blankets you couldn’t even see him. “He should be back soon if he isn’t out there just twiddling his dick.”
No sooner than he’d said that, Yuta was strolling through the door, “Nah, I have someone to deal with my dick. You might wanna find one, too.” 
His hair was a mess, you were pretty sure he’d been dead asleep before someone pushed the job of walking the kids to school on him. And of course, he was carrying that damn camera. You’d gotten it for him a few Christmas’ back, and Yuta was instantly obsessed with it. Although, you never did see what he recorded, you knew he filmed you and the boys around the hide out a lot, but he took that thing everywhere. “Besides, did you forget the little chat we had?”
“Do we really have to leave?” Johnny whined, letting his head hit the back of the couch. “I’m too tired to go do rounds today.”
“I vote you just keep it in your pants,” Taeil snickered, “And let us freaking sleep.”
“No negotiations,” Yuta scowled, “We already talked about it, move.”
Taeyong’s head popped out of the blankets, blinking harshly at the new light before locating Yuta, “C’mon man, it’s barely noon. How’re you going to keep me out all night on your drug runs and make me leave?”
“You can stay tonight, I’ll take Doyoung, just move your asses.” Yuta commanded, yanking the blanket fully off of Taeyong. At the idea of not having to help Yuta with the drug peddling tonight had Taeyong up light a jack in the box, “Alright boys, let’s go.”
“We’re just going to leave? What the hell are we going to do while Nakamoto has a goddamn boner all day?”
“Well…the kids need food before they get back from school…” Taeyong snatched his blanket back from Yuta to take with him. “So money is the game right now, move it.”
“Grumbling, the lot of boys followed Taeyong out the door sluggishly, leaving you alone with Yuta.
“Lots of boner talk today, huh?” You teased him, laying back on the mess of blankets they called a bed. “Got something you wanna do? Or someone?”
“For such a good girl,” Yuta smirked, “You’re certainly bad for me.”
“Hmm, only for you.” You cooed. “That’s what you wanted, huh? Kicked all the boys out just to get in my pants?”
“Well yeah, I thought that was obvious.” Yuta walked over to plop down beside you. “But, that’s not the main thing. I wanted to ask you…something…”
“And that is?” You asked.
“I…I want to film us.”
“Film us? Like fucking?” You giggled, “You act like you just spilled your biggest secret!”
“Umm I kind of did…” Yuta trailed off, looking away from you.
“What is it, your kink or some shit?” You teased, and got no response. “Oh shit it is! Hey, no judgement babe, it’s all good.”
“Really?” Yuta’s wide eyes turned back to you, suddenly way more excited than you’ve ever seen him before. “Can…can we film us?”
“As long as it’s only for your eyes, sure.” You shrugged, grinning at how happy your boyfriend looked. 
“Okay I..I never thought you’d agree, alright!” He shot off the couch like lightning to find the tripod that went with your gift, returning a moment later and almost tripping over his own feet he was so excited. “Just, sit still, lemme make sure you’re in frame.”
Disregarding him, you stretched out on the couch dramatically, making faces at the camera that he aimed towards you. “I literally said not to move.”
“And I’m telling you to make me.” You stuck your tongue out at him.
“You’re gonna get it, just watch.” Yuta muttered while he focused, letting out a small aha! when he got the camera focused and charged back to you. In an instant he’s sprawled across you, working to removed your hoodie, casting it aside and letting the drafty air hit your skin.
“It’s cold as fuck.” You complained against his lips, hands grasping his back to tug his warm body closer you yours, protecting you from the cold.
“I’ll keep you warm, babe, no worries.” Yuta chuckled against your lips, moving to kiss a trail down your neck and pausing to suck a new purple flower onto your color bone, noting that the previous one had faded too much for his liking. Satisfied with his work, he sat up to yank his top off, settling back to press his skin to yours, enjoying the feel of your lace against his chest. One kept your hip pinned, while the other warm hand covered the fabric hiding you from him, too impatient to take it off, he simply pulled the bra down far enough he could engulf a nipple with his mouth, teasing the taunt skin with his tongue and nibbling gently, pulling a soft sigh of his name from your lips. Distracting you with his mouth, his hands went to business, yanking your shoes off and working your tight pants and underwear down your legs in one go. 
“Yuta, I’m cold~” You sighed, your fingers twisting into his purple hair, he quickly pressed his hips to yours, trying to keep you as warm as possible. You could already feel his arousal beneath his jeans, as he pressed against you, trying to relieve some of the ache. In the process, his pants scrapped across your clit, you jumped slightly and grasped at Yuta’s arms harder. “Yuta don’t tease me, c’mon.” Working on another hickie, he complied, and sank two fingers into your heat, feelng your body tense, then relax at the little bit of relief as Yuta went to work, pushing the digits in and out of your core at a relentless pace, thumb rubbing your clit harshly as he drank in your means. 
“That’s it,” Yuta panted against your neck, feeling your walls tighten around his fingers, “You’re such a good girl for me, you gonna cum? Huh? Is my good girl going to cum around my fingers? On camera too, aren’t you? You’re gonna cum for my on camera. Oh nooo, I don’t think you’re a very good girl at all, are you? I think it’s all an act…” Yuta’s voice cooing in your ear, topped with his fingers curling inside your pussy, you felt the coil in your stomach snap, fingers digging into his arm as you nearly screamed his name as you came.
“Naughty girl,” Yuta teased further, pulling his fingers from you, holding eye contact as he cleaned his fingers of your release. He smirked at your flushed face and how you panted. “I always knew you were, you just hide it under your cute little smile and A+’s, don’t you? Well I know, I know now.” 
Yuta roll his hips against yours, nodding down to his belt, letting your shaky fingers pull the leather away and drop it to the floor. In the quiet room, the sound of his zipper being pulled down sounded around you. Yuta was too impatient to mess around with kicking his shoes off, just yanking his pants down to his thighs, he grabbed your thighs and pulled you closer, rolling his hips again, his bare cock against your pussy. 
“Say it,” Yuta groaned, pushing against you harder. “Say it, you’re not a little good girl are you? No, no you aren’t. You’re a naughty girl, you just play dress up like a good girl, huh? Say it, say you’re a bad girl.”
Your hands have moved to grasping his lean back, head rolled back and eyes fluttering shut and the feeling of Yuta rutting against you like an animal, “I’m..I’m a bad girl, oh god Yuta! It’s all an act! I’m a naughty girl!”
“Who’s naughty girl are you?” Yuta almost growled against your throat, nipping at the skin.
Yours! I’m yours, Yuta!” You practically cried. Satisfied, Yuta reached down to grasp himself, pumping his cock twice before teasing the head against your entrace. 
“You ready?” Yuta almost teased.
“Please just fuck me already!” 
Not wanting to drag it out any longer, in one long thrust, Yuta was pressed flush against your hips, the feeling of him stretching you had you nearly speechless aside from the instant curl of your back, nails biting into Yuta’s back before a loud moan escaped you. Yuta was no better, the feeling of your warm walls finally around him had him freezing to take it in, the way you were panting for him, your grip on his back, it was almost too much. Almost…
Unbearably slowly, he drags his hips back and pushes forward. Over and over he throws his hips into you. His eyes cast down and watching how he just disappears inside your wet core, mesmerized by how well you take his cock. His hands move to hold your thighs, curling your legs around his hips to let him reach deeper. When your lips found his neck, teeth pulling at the skin beneath his ear. His hips stutter when you breath against his ear, “There, right there!
Yuta moaned at the eagerness in your voice, pounding into your pussy now, give you everything his cock can give, feeling your walls continuously tighten around him as he makes sure to keep brushing that special spot. Whimpering that you were close to him, made him move his hand back to your core, thumb drawing shapes over your clit relentlessly, he almost came on the spot when you miraculously tightened even more around him, holding on to him for dear life and called out that you were coming. The flushed look on your face, the way your eyes scrunched shut with the feeling of him thrusting you to your release, was true art to him. Feeling you barely relax against him, now whimpering for him to cum, sensitivity now taking over, Yuta’s thrusts grew sloppy as you nibbled on his neck again, hands smoothing up and down his back as his hips stuttered again, and he groaned lowly against your neck as he spilled inside you. His hips subconsciously twitched a few more times through his release, before he slowly pulled out finally collapsed against you. Panting heavily, his arms circled your waist and rolled you to lay side by side. Your hand found it’s way to play with his sweat drenched hair while his touch remained trailing shapes on your thigh.
“You know,” Yuta muttered. “I think this could win movie of the year.”
“Yuta, I swear to god I’ll kill you.”


I’m hoping I one day can meet a man who can make me feel the things you have. I truly hope so. I mean I’m not here to say I’m deserving but I would like to think I have some ounce of “deserve it” in me.

I’m hoping to meet a man who can make me laugh, make me cry, make me smile like you have. I’m hoping to meet a man as warmhearted, kind, compassionate, driven, loving, hilarious, sexy and extremely remarkable as you.

I don’t mean to put you on some kind of pedestal but I have yet to meet a man that hold these qualities and traits you possess. If I had ever listed off what I’d want in a man….one I’d want to spend the rest of my life with, he would be a lot like you.

Any one who has ever had the pleasure of being with you, being near you or meeting you at all, have been the utmost lucky. I’m hoping though that one day I can meet you as well. I have cherished every single time you have ever noticed me and I will continue to as long as I will be around to remember you.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the only man that has never hurt me. I want to thank you for being my voice of reason in the dark. I want to thank you for making me laugh until I can’t breathe.

Thank You.

I know you probably won’t see this or read it all….it’s a lot sorry but I just needed this time to vent..

Photo Set 2. 


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Hey hey hey Can I ask you for a jealous Bokuto, Noya, Tsukishima? Their s/o is getting too close with a guy ( e.g. Tendou), how will they react? (Ps. They are not already dating with their s/o)

Bokuto: Bokuto would be annoyed by the fact that Tendou always seemed to be one step ahead of him, catching his crush’s attention even though he had wanted their eyes on him. It’s possible that he would get a little too loud and obnoxious at times, leaving him in a more embarrassing situation than a prideful one. Perhaps he would even fall into a state of dejection, unable to figure out what to do until his crush would actually come to him when he would least expect it.

Nishinoya: Feelng challenged like that would excite Nishinoya slightly, although he certainly wouldn’t like seeing his crush with Tendou. He would try to make sure to be by their side most of the time, perhaps even throwing over his plans of officially confessing to them and doing it sooner than truly wanted. He would even be open to them about his rivalry with Tendou, claiming that he wouldn’t be a true man if he didn’t lay his feelings before them like that.

Tsukishima: Although Tsukishima would desperately want to pay Tendou back for trying to snatch his crush away from him, he would also feel like it wasn’t his place to get overly protective over them. He would take his time to brood, eventually having to admit to himself that his feelings for them were too strong to simply disregard them. Back to his old sarcastic self, he would show his crush more of his gentle side, although Tsukishima would make sure that nobody else took notice of this.


One reporter leaned across to Pattie and asked her, “How does it feel to be the one girl that all the others envy because you’ve got George?”

George gently interrupted the reporter and said, “Why don’t you ask me what it feels like to be the fellow that all the others envy because he’s got Pattie?”

From press conference January 22, 1966

Pattie remembers feelng nervous, but proud, at the press conference the day after she and George got married.

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A/B/O Hc 1): (He still gets All Might's quirk) Izuku's heats do make him hornier but he's actually a little more touch starved then most omega. Not because of lack of affection, he just loves the feelng of being cuddled by someone/cuddling someone. Shouto is also touched starved do to the shit he's endured at home & because of lack of contact with his mother after she was sent away. Endeavor also forbid Shouto from seeing her because he "couldn't risk having his masterpiece damaged any further."

even without the a/b/o verse, i feel like tddk would both be a little touch starved, shouto more so than izuku because, like you said, he was literally deprived of any kind of gentle contact for a majority of his life, not just his mother’s. he probably didn’t really get to be touchy with fuyumi or his brothers (i’m talking about those good ole rough-housing stunts, noogies, smothering hugs and high fives) nor did he really have friends to experience those mandatory swimming days with, where ur butt-naked and doing stupid shit cuz ur young and allowed to.

shouto is probably touched-starved in the most mundane ways, as in physical contact we normally take for granted. he wants to be given high-fives, pats on the shoulder for congrats or comfort, and hugged. god, does he probably need to be hugged.

A/B/O Hc 2): Now that Izuku & Shouto live together they would often cuddle, especially throughout Izuku’s heat (or do more if that’s what Izuku wants). Shouto rolls Izuku into a blanket burrito on the 1st day of his heat. A habit they made since the 1st time Izuku spent one of his heats with him.

same thing, even without the a/b/o verse izuku and shouto are probably an oddly touchy couple??? you would think they’d be more conservative since izuku gets flustered really easily and shouto just doesn’t seem like the v touchy type (as shown above, he’s actually v touched starved and probably needs some hugs). they probably lock pinkies, put their hands on the small of each other’s backs, hover over each other’s shoulders, or just. like. brushing against each other. shouto is probably at first overwhelmed by the amount of affection (as, ofc, it’s izuku who initiates the touches first), but he quickly learns how to be at ease with it, since he doesn’t want izuku to ever think he’s uncomfortable.

izuku probably isn’t the only one who would have a buritto blanket :> izuku would probably buy shouto a sleeping bag like aizawa’s, as a joke because of that one time shouto kept saying he was sleepy while looking at people’s dorm rooms, but it quickly becomes shouto’s favourite snooze spot. he would often sleep in it because it feels like a warm embrace–it’s even better when he remembers how it was izuku who’d initially bought it for him.

A/B/O Hc 3): The reason for that habit was that Shouto had once heard that some omega tend to have super sensitive skin/sensory overload during the 1st day of their heat (this happened to omegas with electric/heat/fire quirk & their quirk power/energy just goes crazy for the 1st day then goes back to normal the next day). Even though this didn’t apply to Izuku, Shouto refused to risk it. The last thing he wanted to do was make his boyfriend uncomfortable around him. The habit continued later on. 

interesting!! i’ve always figured that shouto would be extra careful (in regards to anything, really), because he doesn’t want to screw anything up or unintentionally hurt anyone, especially not izuku.

andddd because i’m a terrible piece of shit–with a/b/o verse or not, shouto probably apologizes a lot. for the smallest things, he’d say sorry, or think anything bad happening was his fault, because fucking enji man. 

he would probably apologize on the behalf of other ppl a lot too. i imagine there’ve been incidents where fuyumi accidentally breaks something, like a plate, and enji gets so mad at her, close to hitting her like he had done with their mother. shouto would immediately intervene, telling enji that fuyumi is sorry just leave her alone, because he’s used to getting hurt and he never wants to see fuyumi at the receiving end of their father’s hand.

Journaling is without a doubt one of the most therapeutic things I have ever done….I finished this whole journal in less than 3 months, record timing for me, and let me tell you, it’s been a great 3 months.

Things I usually journal about:

- I keep a gratitude journal and every morning with my coffee, I take the time to write down 10 things I am grateful for and why.

- I take the time to set my intentions for the day…what do I want to accomplish? How do I want to interact with others? How do I want to feel?

- I dream about my ideal future.

- If I have an issue, I try to tackle it in a constructive way that promotes moving on, asking myself the following questions: How do I feel? What happened? Am I assuming someone else’s intentions? What is going on internally that I am projecting these feelngs?

- I’ll use it to do a little collaging or tape or paste in an article I found and I liked!

Honestly, if you don’t journal, you should. My life and my handle on my emotions has significantly improved since I started. 

I especially enjoy doing it in the morning, I know, I know, you don’t have time in the morning…let me tell ya something folks, you have time for what you decide to make time for. Sleeping 15 min less in the morning isn’t going to significantly make or break your energy for the day. If anything, you’ll feel so good afterwards that you’ll be filled with excited energy and get ready even quicker in the morning.

I  have more peace of mind. I’m more in tune with my intentions and goals. I find more purpose in everyday. I handle anger and disagreements drastically better than I used to. 

Give it a whirl and make yourself do it every single day for a month and I promise you, you won’t wanna stop.