The printing staff of the Inquirer were in a ring around Goodmountain.
“Right, lads,” said the dwarf, “here’s how it works. Everyone who goes home early tonight ‘cos of a headache gets a hundred dollars, all right? It’s an old Klatchian custom.”
“And what happens if we don’t go?” said the foreman, picking up a mallet.
“Vell,” said a voice by his ear, “that’s ven you get a… headache.”
There was a flash of lightning and a roll of thunder. Otto punched the air triumphantly.
“Yes!” he shouted, as the printers ran madly towards the doors. “Ven you really, really need it, zere it is! Let’s try vunce more… castle!” The thunder rolled again. The vampire jumped up and down excitedly, coattails flying. “Vow! Now ve are cooking! Vunce more mit feelink! Vot a big… castle…” The thunder was even louder this time.
Otto did a little jig, beside himself with joy, tears running down his grey face.
“Music vid Rocks In!” he yelled.

– Otto’s happiest moment | Terry Pratchett, The Truth