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If you like so much to read (watch movies) with strong woman protagonist, I recommend to read a webcomic (not based on true story, of course, but it has a great female protagonist and is all over cool -and not only one woman, but a lot of female characters there are pretty strong and well written), a steampunk fantasy webcomic (if you like this genre) called Girl Genius, written by Phil and Katja Foglio. Its free to read and you can find it on its website. Great stuff.


It’s like my favorite thing. I hooked my ex-roommate on it just so I could fansqueal with him. I would come up with fan theories and stuff - I was convinced for the longest time that the invisibility device they use to escape from Castle Wulfenbach in volume two was actually the time machine, but that appears to not be the case. My last two phones have been named Otilia and Castle Heterodyne. I reread “opera week” (Wulfenbach vs the circus) on like a weekly basis. I’ve been fiendishly devouring thrice-weekly updates for well over 10 years.

So yeah. Girl Genius is the business.

(weirdly enough, I believe my parents knew the Foglios in passing - my folks were fairly well-established Kentucky SCA/con folk in the 80s, and I remember them mentioning the Foglios once or twice, back when they were doing Myth Adventures, What’s New, and Buck Godot. I also recall my dad mentioning that my brother and I made some sort of cameo appearance in one of Richard and Wendy Pini’s works, but I’ve never been able to figure out which one. This may have been my overactive childhood imagination misinterpreting his words though.)

(this may have been the hardest I’ve ever publicly nerded out.)

hhhng i still felt bad abt not getting her skin color right so here’s my bby

also i kinda finished pokemon moon finally so


Thank you everyone- my friend has raised the goal amount and… guys… thank you. To those who reblogged and to those who donated… guys you gave her a chance to say goodbye to her nephew. To grieve and support her loved ones. A time when you’re supposed to be with family- you gave her that. 

Thank you. 

You gave a family closure. 

Thank you. 

You are all angels, blessed and kind and rekindled not only my faith in humanity- but hers. This is the first truly good thing that’s happened to her this year… and to come from such tragedy… it will help heal the wounds. 
You are all beautiful and she wants to thank you from the bottom of her heart- I know that her family will never be able to completely show you their gratitude- but, know that it’s there. 

Thank you. 

“My tears are bittersweet as I can now be where I am needed. Thank you all for helping me in such a tough time. God bless you all.” - Trigmy