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Thoughts on BnHA 143

Another action packed chapter wOOT

So it really seems like in Kirishima’s past, he may have failed to save someone or possibly blamed for it and his thoughts of being unable to save Fatgum and repeating that mistake is making him feel devastated. 

Through his inner monologue, I feel that Kirishima’s self-esteem is on the line here, seeing how he’s saying ‘It’ll be your fault!!!, Is there nothing you can do, you useless bastard!!, Is there seriously nothing you can do..?!’. It really seems that something must’ve happened previously where Kirishima couldn’t use his quirk. I’m smelling a flashback sometime soon..

Never underestimate a pro-hero - Lesson learnt through this chapter because of Fatgum. Wow the recent chapters sure have a bunch of lessons (previously, on how to be a man)




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BUT he mustered up all his courage to jump in and give it all he’s got to aid Fatgum. NOW THAT IS SERIOUSLY HEROIC AND ADMIRABLE!! /salute/

H-He’ll be alright. He’ll definitely be alright. RIGHT HORIKOSHI-SENSEI??????

AND BOY FAT GUM?????? DAT YOU??? I feel attracted to him now

Do I seriously have to defend this fucker? Yeah, I do. Shit. (Lady's Thoughts)

Don’t read if you get easily offended, butthurt, or unable to comprehend another human being’s opinions.

Apparently, nobody is allowed to make offensive jokes because it’s “normalizing” and “just as bad” as actually doing the offensive thing!

Okay then. Let’s play this game.

No more murder jokes.
No more suicide jokes.
No more man jokes.
No more Trump jokes.
No more patriarchy jokes.
No more conservative jokes.
No more Christian jokes.
No more jokes that reference your mental illnesses.
No more Republican jokes.
No more penis jokes.
No more any offensive jokes–ever.

Why? Because it might hurt someone’s feelings and it will normalize hatred against white men or people who’s family has been murdered.

Only puns and good old fashioned humour, like Leave It to Beaver.

Oh, and while we’re at it:
No more plane jokes.
No more sex jokes.
No more America jokes.
No more jokes with coarse language, like shit, tits, cock, cunt, cum, fuck, etc.
No more jokes that could offend anyone at any given time ever.

That means no more jokes about any tragedy or bad things. Even if those things are personal, because it could trigger son or make them feel bad.

How about no humour at all? Even chickens crossing roads could offend someone whose pet chicken died when it got loose onto the highway.

Tumblr wouldn’t last a week.

Now, do I dislike certain jokes? Do I think some are garbage and tasteless? Of course I do. I hated that “All Jews must die” joke. But did you know what I did? I rolled my eyes and moved right along. That’s what adults do. They go on about their lives when they see something or hear something that they do not like. A joke won’t kill a Jewish person. A bullet does. And guess what? All of this attention on Felix for a bad joke is turning your backs on REAL crimes against Jews RIGHT. NOW. I bet your ass right now some little Jewish girl just got shot in the fucking face over Bast knows where while y'all are harping on ONE ignorant fuckface for making a 4chan joke. (Let’s also not forget that the man is known for making offensive jokes.)

Do you have any idea how many fat jokes I hear? How many gay jokes and witch jokes? Do you see me shitting myself and saying that their preferred brand of humour is encouraging witch hunts? Fuck. No.

It’s like saying South Park or Family Guy promotes domestic violence because of their abuse jokes.

This is a Swedish dumbass who’s job is to sit his ass in front of a telly all day, not fucking Hitler or a Grand Wizard of the goddamn KKK.

Should he be condemned? Yes. To this extent? Take your meds if you think so.

Bad humour and bad things will always exist, and no matter how much you want those things to disappear, they won’t. It has been proven to us time and time again that the more that you suppress an ideology and try to censor it, the worse it becomes. Look at how Trump got to office. (Also, because of all of this hubbub, a shit storm of actual antisemites have come out of the woodwork. If you would have left him alone, this shit wouldn’t have happened. Woopsies, right? Fuck you.)

No wonder people hate fucking liberals. Bunch of whiny ass pussies that need to have their coffee taken away from them and actually show them what REAL antisemitism is. They’d think that Pewds is the funniest bastard in the world after they’re done witnessing the horror of what other countries think of Jews and what they do to them.

I’m taking a shower. Fuck this. If you disagree with me, I’m not sorry. If you feel the need to unfollow me, then you aren’t a very strong person. At all.

FEELINGS - jason blossom SMUT (requested)

Jason’s eyes were like burning daggers as they gared at Archie. Hot and accusing as they shifted to me. 

He looket beautiful and dangerous as he stalked towards us. His green eyes never left mine as he grabbed my wrists, then turned and dragged me behind him. 

I heard Archie move and I looked behind me, giving him a warning shake of my head. I let out a breath of relief as Jason stayed where he was. 

Jason’s legs were long. For every step he made, I had to take twice as much. 

In high heels. 


He kept walking. 

“Jason, wait!” 

“Don’t tell me what to do,” he snapped. 

My heart dropped in my stomach. 

It wasn’t what he said, more than the tone he used that registered first. And then the worst did.. 

What did he just say to me? 

I just couldn’t belive it. He was mad at me? What the hell for? 

Did he thing I was doing something with Archie back at the stage? 

The way he kept glaring over his shoulder told me he did. My temper soared viciously. 

I jerked my wrist from his hold but he must have been expecting that because his grip only tightened and his steps quickened. 

“Let go of me,” I warned him. “If you don’t let go of me right now, Jason, I swear to God-” 

“Shut up.” 

My jaw fell to the floor. For a moment I wondered if I heard him correctly. 

Did he just tell me to shut up? 

It schocked me how he could be like this. He was always playful, always gentle even when he was angry. I wasn’t sure how to process the way he was acting now. 

“What the hell did you just say to me? Who the hell do you think you-!” 

The scream caught in my throat as he suddenly stopped and faced me without letting go of my wrist. His handsome face was a tight mask of anger. Next thing I knew, I was on his shoulder, looking at his back upside down. 

“Put me down, Now.” 

He started walking faster. I could feel the strong muscles on his back and shoulders bunch as he almost ran and carried me like I weightless. 

“Oh, is that what the princess wants?” 

For the second time in the space of a few minutes, my mouth fell open again. 

Where does he get off talking to me like that? 

Indignation boiled in my blood. It pulsed in my temple, down to my limbs to my fingertips so that I felt like physically attacking him. 

“You bastard! Put me down!” 

I flailed around in his arms furiously, hitting his back, his ahoulders, his arms. Everthing about him was rock hard and my struggle didn’t seem to affect him. It only made me angrier. 

“Now is not the right time to argue with me, babe.” 

I heard the loud bang of a door as it hit the wall with force. A few second later, I lost my breath as he dropped me unceremoniously on a bed. 

“What the hell!” I fumed. 

I fully expected him to grab me again, but then I sat up, he wasn’t anywhere near me. Shocked, I watched as he strode to the door. 

Was he going to leave me here? 

Livid, I scrambled up and jumped out of bed. 

“Who do you think you are!” I screamed. “Get back here!” 

I caught him before he reached the door, snarling as I grabbed his jacked and yanked. 

He turned around so fast that my breath caught and I took a step back. 

His face was beautiful even in anger. Half of it was covered in shadows but the unmistakable fury in his eyes reminded me of a wild panther. 

His big hands clamped around my arms and jerked me to him so that our faces were only inches apart. I could feel and smell his hot minty breath, his intense eyes boring into mine. 

“I’m trying so damn hard right now. Don’t test me,” he whispered it. 

Like a warning. 

A threat. 

A promise. 

I felt my eye twitch. 

With a snarl, I slammed his back to the wall, heard his surprised grunt at the impact. 

The slap that I was meant to deliver froze in place as I saw the hurt in his eyes. 

I couldn’t belive that this was all just about Archie. Did he really think I could cheat on him?

It hurt that even after everything that we went through, he would think this of me.

My eyes roamed his face, at the naked vulnerability that suddenly appeared in his eyes. He was breathing hard, his cheeks flushed. The beauty in his face and the strength in his body that he controlled so throughtfully always affected me, but it was the way he let me in where he allowed no one to see, the way he exposed his weakness and his real emotions to me that greatly pulled at my heart strings. 

But never since he had seen me with Archie at the stage, he had hidden himself from me, only allowing his anger to show. Until now. His eyes had always been expressive, and they were looking at me with pain and sadness. 

I was so furious with him, taken back by the uncharacteristic carelessness of his actions, stunned by the whiplash of  his anger subsided.

“What’s wrong Jason?”

But he remained silent, gritting his teeth. Suddenly his eyes blazed with heat and accusation once again, wipping out the vulnerability in his face. He haad closed up and he wouldn’t allow me in. All the understanding and sympathy I was feeling a few seconds ago left me, and I knew there was no way my anger would subside now utill it spilled out. 

He loosened his tie, narrowing his eyes at me. The muscles in his arms stood out and strained his jacket. The hardness of his jaw was evident in his anger and it made him appear more masculine, more alluring. It made me more furious that I would still want him even now. 

Lust and anger sang in my blood as I grabbed his jacket and pulled it off him, tossed it carelessly to the ground. I moved onto him, grabbing the back of his neck and pulling him down or a punishing kiss. 

it was like swallowed by a tornado. If his hunger didn’t match mine it would have scared me in its intensity. 

My breath caught in my throat as he spun me around, shoved me against the wall. My palms spapped against it as he pressed his solid body against my back and I felt his hardness pushing against me. 

Without warning, he gathered my hair in his fists, coiling it around like a rope as he pulled it back. 

“You drive me fucking crazy, Y/N,” he murmured in my ear dangerously. 

His lips hovered over mine, a silent demand for a kiss thickening the air. 

He shut his eyes for a moment, almost as if he was in pain. When he opened them, they were filled with an impatient hunger. 

“You do this to me, Y/N. Every fucking time. I’m losing my mind with all these feeling I have for you. You have no idea…” 

He kept his grip tight around my hair as he ran his other hand down to caress my neck and shoulders, slide his palm to squeeze my breasts. 

“I won’t be gentle with you tonight,” he said before he crushed his mouth against mine. 

He bunched the material of my dress that hindered him from touching that was underneath. 

And ripped. 

“Oh,God.” I panted. 

I was so unbelievably turned on as his rough palms molded, as his fingers tweaked and teased. I strained against him, needing him to give me more. 

The craving I felt for him was as huge that it scared me now. I wasn’t sue if he was ready for what I needed from him tonight. If I was . 

“Stop me now if you don’t want this, Y/N. Otherwise,” he breathed heavily, releasing my hair as he removed his belt, as he opened his zipper. “I’ll take you right here.” 


I felt him stifen, and I smiled in victory as his hard hold slackened. I don’t want you to be gentle.” I told him. 

I whipped around, reached for his tie and yanked him down to me, fusing his mouth to mine. 

Need was a furious demand in my stomach as i tackled him to the floor, straddling him and biting his bottom lip. He let out a low moan before I felt his tongue slip inside my mouth. 

He raised his hips, shoving his pants and boxers down. I grabbed his shirt and pulled. Buttons flew and made a snapping sound in the air. It only urged me to take more. 

With his fists, he cluthed at my dress and pushed it up to my waist, stroke the pad of his fingers in my center until I was gasping for breath. 

I but my lip to keep from making a sound as he gripped my hips and pulled me right where he was rock hard between his legs. It felt so good. 

I had to place my palms on his naked chest to stedy myself. His skin was burning hot and was lightly covered with sweat. It shocked me that I wanted to lick it. 

I was breathing hard. My skin felt tight and sensitive everywhere. 

“Lift your hips for me, love.”
I was still so angry and I wanted to punish him for what he said to me earlier, for his stupid conclusions abot Archie, and for everything else that happened tonight that I ignored him and kept rubbing myself against him. 

But he wasn’t to be denied. His strong arms banded around my thighs and cupped me from behind, ripped the tiny scrap of lace that covered me from him and pushed it aside. 

I cried out as he slammed into me. He was so hard, so huge that I felt so full inside. 

“Ride me, babe. Yeah, just like that.” 

Biting my lip, I rocked my hips against him. 

Up and down 

Back and forth 

Up and down. 

“Put your arms up, hold your hair. Fuck, you’re so beautiful. Fuck, yeah. Like that.” 

His hands gripped my hips as I let my head fall back, lifting my arms as I held my hair up for hm. 

And rode him. 

The love and need and longing I felt for him overwhelmed me as I watched the haze of pleasure play over his handsome face. His eyes darkened as he watched my on top of him, his face a tight mask of control as he gritted his teeth. 

Then his hands were cupping my breasts, squeezing, his thumbs circling. 

Take me 

Take me

Take me

My eyes shot to his. 

Suddenly, I wanted him to come. Desperation pushed me to go faster. I could hear the slap of skin to skin, feel the damp slippery wet slide between our bodies, smell the intoxicating scent of his sweat. 

His hands curled around my neck as he pulled me for a desperate rough kiss. 

“Just like that, Babe. Go slow. Fuuuuuck.” 

He pressed his lips to my ear and whispered dirty secrets he said he always wanted to do to me. 

It drove me mad. 

I pushed away from him, keeping my hands on his chest. My naild dug into his skin as he grabbed my hips and hammered into me. 

Fast and shallow, slow and deep. 




Until my head was spinning and my lungs felt tight and everything around me exploded in burst of light as I climaxed. I slumped on top of him, boneless. 

“I’m not done with you yet,” he whispered with a warning. 

I gasped, swallowed hard as he shifted us and he was on top of me. 

“Hold on to me,” he said before he drove me to the brink once again. 

And again. 

And again. 

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Not edited. 


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It’s Dark Out And We’re Wearing Sunglasses - Part 6



Warnings: OOOOH UH…masturbation, Negan’s filthy mouth, dirty talk, verbal humiliation I CANT BELIEVE I WROTE THIS SHIT YA’LL LMFAO

Also, go check out @lovingzombiechaos she’s amazing and also writes Negan. 

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I Thought You Were Different: Book 4 (Part 17/?) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Part 16

“Do you know where Steve Rogers is?”

“No, we haven’t heard from Steve in the past eight weeks,” Nick answered as calmly as possible in front of the sea of faces eagerly looking to him for explanations that he didn’t want to give.  “As you know, because you’re all a bunch of nosy bastards, his family has been through a recent personal tragedy, and I’m not exactly inclined to push the guy into getting back to work until he’s ready, and I don’t care how long that takes him.”

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Words: 3,848
Sam x Reader
Warnings: mentions of blood and disturbing imagery, language

Deliberate cliffhanger this time people! MUAHAHA! This is part of a series! Catch up on the other parts here:
Part 1 - The Wolf On Your Doorstep
Part 2 - The Person in the Pitch
Part 3 - The Blood in the Bathtub

Your name: submit What is this?

The light Sam flicked on revealed a hotel room that looked like a piña colada had thrown up all over it… Everything was pineapple yellow or lime green and the wallpaper was adorned with a pattern that was unmistakably miniature pineapples. Jest mewed and squirmed in your arms as you stepped inside behind Sam, who was carrying your bag for you. Dean slammed the door shut behind the three of you and locked it immediately. The deadbolt clicking into place still sounded ominous despite the absurd décor you were standing in the middle of. You said nothing as you moved farther in and Jest sprang down from your arms, eager to explore.

”We got you the adjoining room,” Sam said, pulling open a door in the middle of the wall. “That way you can have some privacy but we’ll always be close.” He ran his free hand through his long hair, feeling a little awkward, and you managed to give him a small nod. You still felt like you were walking around in a trance after what you had seen at your house… in the bathtub. The deep crimson against the porcelain and the unmistakable shape of slender fingers breaching the surface, creating ripples in the violent red as they floated–You briefly shut your eyes against another flashback and a wave of nausea. It seemed like you hardly had to think of it at all before the horrifying images rushed forward. Just like your nightmares, they were waiting on the periphery.

”…Y/N? Are you alright?” Sam’s voice called you out of the flashback.

You cleared your throat but your voice still came out raspy and a little wilted sounding. “I’m—I’m okay.”

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I would hope it’s obvious that the Red Hot Chili Peppers aren’t going to write lyrics that aren’t explicit, because then we’d be a bunch of vague bastards. Our point is to get explicit within our lyrics, within our music, within our stage performances. The fact is, we’ll never change what we feel and what we say to suit anybody’s criteria.  – Anthony Kiedis, 1991

It’s Dark Out And We’re Wearing Sunglasses - Part 8



Warnings: HOLY SHIT THIS CHAPTER IS BASICALLY JUST DICKS EVERYWHERE. Ahem spanking, anal sex, oral sex, fingering, Negan’s potty mouth.

If you wanna be tagged or untagged lemme know! (It’s been a while since last chapter so I hope i managed to tag everyone. If not don’t be afraid to drop me a reminder!)

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Midsummer’s Light on the Longest Night of the Year

Taking a long walk late on Midsummer’s Night (St John’s Day for you out-of-towners) in Sweden. Even though we are not very far North, the sun never seems to really set. A magical light encapsulates you; time becomes fluid; the landscape swallows you. It is not difficult to imagine olden times when people, after having stayed up much later than usual on Midsummer’s, eaten much more fatty food than usual, and been drinking like a bunch of bastards, would dream up all sorts of mythical creatures lurking in the woods and on their very doorsteps. There should not be such long shadows that late at night, one might think to oneself walking through what feels like pure, albeit lithe, sunlight which, despite its persistence, does not offer much warmth anymore.

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'The IT Crowd' Starter Sentence Meme
  • Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  • I'm sorry, are you from the past?
  • Really? You do the whole "lonely hearts" thing?
  • I feel delicate... and annoyed, and... I think I'm ugly!
  • People; what a bunch of bastards.
  • Did you see that ludicrous display last night?
  • I like being weird. Weird is all I've got. That and my sweet style.
  • It's like being tased in the balls. Like being tased in the balls, except painful.
  • I'm not aroused, it's only cars!
  • Goddamn these electric sex pants!
  • It was like breaking up with the Joker!
  • Balloons explode, ____. They explode suddenly, and unexpectedly. They are filled with the capacity to give me a little fright, and I find that unbearable.
  • When I was eleven I broke the patio window and my mother sued me...
  • Book recommendation? I can't read!
  • Come on you crazy bitch.
  • I always get confused between "golf" and "fire".
  • Why are you giving me the secret signal to shut up?
  • Look, the nature of the thing that is happening has changed slightly, rendering it yet more interesting!
  • Would I blow everyone's mind if I ate dessert first?
  • If you were a murderer, what would your nickname be?
  • You're not going to Adam and believe this!
  • I came here to drink milk and kick ass. And I've just finished my milk.
  • Did you have sex with that lady?
  • Oh shut up, Dumpo! The elephant that got dumped!
Kiss It Better

 Pairing: Jikook (Jimin x Jungkook)

Genre: (/^▽^)/**

Rating: G

Words: 2.2 k

“Jimin was asked who takes care of Jungkook the most and he said all of them but of course it’s him…”

Jungkook is down with the flu, and Jimin is doing his best to take care of him. But Jungkook thinks he knows the best way for him to recover…and it involves Jimin…

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anonymous asked:

So I had this idea falling asleep last night :) What if Sirius stumbles upon the mirror of erised – somehow – and in it he sees a boy kissing him (and let's be real, it was remus) and that's how he finds out he's gay. Cue distress and fluff :P....Discuss.

Sirius Black had never backed down from a challenge in his life. So when he was dared to break into Dumbledore’s office and steal something, he obviously was going to do it. It took him a few tries to guess the right kind of candy, but when he did, the stairs began to move and he went up under the invisibility cloak, knowing the rest of the Marauders were tracking his movements on the map. 

He made sure to stay underneath it since a lot of those portraits were nosy as hell (not to mention some of them were his awful relatives who liked the gossip with some of the portraits at his house.) He looked around for the right thing to take, something small that would go unnoticed, when something caught his eye. A glimmer in a mirror caused from the cloak moving around the room.

Maybe because of his vanity or because of his natural curiousness, Sirius found himself making his way to the mirror. He carefully slipped off the cloak and gasped. In the mirror he saw himself with all his friends. They were grown up and happy, with little families of their own running around. There was a little boy who looked just like James and had Lily’s eyes. A little dumpling of a kid who resembled Peter. They were all laughing and having a good time but Sirius was transfixed on a little boy with curly hair who looked just like Remus, standing in between Remus and Sirius, holding both their hands. 

Sirius glanced away from the boy and looked at himself, ten years from now, happily surrounded by the people he loved. Then, his reflection winked at him and turned its head, capturing Remus’ lips in a kiss. 

Sirius was so caught off guard that he stumbled back and nearly tripped over the cloak. He snatched it up quickly just as one of the portraits called out asking who was there. He pulled the cloak on and fled, wanting to get as far away from that mirror as possible.

When he got back to the common room, he made up some lie about not finding anything good to steal and then made excuses to go to bed. 


Sirius sat down at the Gryffindor table for breakfast and was careful not to look Remus in the eye. In general he kept his eyes trained on his plate of food, chewing everything slowly so that he couldn’t have to talk.

On their way to DADA, James pulled him aside in the corridor. “You feeling all right, Padfoot?”

Sirius shook his head and swallowed around the lump that had been in this throat since he’d seen that stupid mirror. “Jamie, would you disown me if I liked boys?”

“What?” James asked, his eyes widening. “You takin’ the piss, mate? You flirt with girls more than I do.”

“I know that,” Sirius said, running his fingers through his hair in frustration. “But what if I like boys too? You know I’ve always thought the beater off the Irish team was fit as hell. What if I’m into blokes?”

“Where is this coming from, Pads?” James asked, his brow furrowing in concern.

“Last night there was this really weird mirror in Dumbledore’s office,” Sirius explained, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth. “I saw things in it. A lot of it was nice, you know, like the four of us being older with families and stuff. But then my future self kissed Remus and seemed to really enjoy it! Like a lot.”

“So what?” Jame shrugged. “It was probably just one of Dumbledore’s weird tricks. Probably something to scare the shit out of anyone that breaks into his office. This school is full of stuff like that. You’re lucky you didn’t get something worse.”

Sirius shook his head. “It didn’t feel like that,” he said, wrapping his arms around himself. “You don’t think it was showing me the future or something, do you?” 

“Of course not,” James said adamantly. “We all know wizards can’t tell the future. Divination is a bunch of bollocks.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Sirius said, letting out a sigh of relief. “Besides, you were with Evans in the mirror, so it couldn’t have been telling the future.” Sirius shifted his bag on his shoulder and began walking towards their classroom.

“Wait, what?” James called after him. “What about me and Evans?” 

“We’re going to be late!” Sirius called out tauntingly.

“You bastard!” 


Sirius sat in the library across from Remus, watching Remus suck on the end of his quill. Inexplicably, it was causing something in him. He felt his trousers growing tight as he shifted uncomfortably. Maybe his mirror self did have a point. 

Remus glanced up and saw Sirius staring. “What is it?”

“Nothing,” Sirius said quickly, averting his gaze. 

“You’ve been acting really weird towards me lately,” Remus said, bookmarking his page and then closing his book. “Was it something I did?”

“No Moons, it’s nothin’ you did,” Sirius assured him, trying to give him a reassuring smile.

Remus smiled back and then nodded, taking Sirius at his word. 


Sirius couldn’t get the image of himself kissing Remus out of his head or that small child that so clearly was theirs. How would that even be possible? They were both blokes and neither of them could have babies. It was absurd and would never happen in a million years. 

Unable to sleep ,Sirius kicked the covers off and crawled into the bed next to his, Remus’. As he got in, he accidentally kneed Remus in the stomach. “Ow, Padfoot, what the hell?” Remus whispered harshly. 

“I have to ask you a question,” Sirius told him, curling up next to Remus.

“And it can’t wait until morning?” Remus asked in annoyance.

Sirius shook his head and wrapped his arms around Remus. Remus visibly softened next to him and put his arms around Sirius in return. 

“What’s bothering you?” he asked, kissing the top of Sirius’ head. 

“Do you ever think of kissing blokes?” Sirius asked, tracing lazy patterns on Remus’ chest with his fingertip. 

Remus did a sharp intake of breath. “Why do you ask, Pads?”

Sirius huffed. “Just answer the question.”

“Yeah, sure,” Remus murmured softly. “I’ve thought of kissing blokes before. What about you?”

“Yeah,” Sirius said quietly, blushing with embarrassment. “Have you ever thought about kissing me?” 


“What?” he asked, holding Remus tighter. “I need to know.”


“Because maybe the bloke I want to kiss is you.” Sirius gave it a moment to sink in and then looked up at Remus nervously.

“Is it?” Remus asked, gently carding his fingers through Sirius’ hair.

“Yeah,” Sirius whispered, ducking his head and hiding it in the crook of Remus’ neck. “I think I want to kiss you real bad.”

Remus placed his finger under Sirius’ chin and tilted his face up. “Then why don’t you?” 

Sirius searched Remus’ eyes for some hint that he was joking. When he found none, he leaned in and kissed Remus tenderly on the lips. After a moment he pulled back to make sure it was still okay. 

Remus grinned. “Is that the best you can do?” 

Sirius Black had never backed down from a challenge in his life. 


***Hey could you do a teenwolf image where (y/n) is Ethan’s and Aiden’s triplet, she doesn’t go out much until she is forced but the twins made her go to school with them. They pack kidnaps her to blackmail the twins but Derek stops them and takes her back to the twins because if the twins came and all three of the triplets became a wolf together they could kill everyone. Please could you do this?!😊 Ps love all of your fics!😘***

You walk into school with a scowl on your face, much like every other student, but you’re not every other student. When Ethan puts his hand on your shoulder, you break it.

“Ow!” He whispers sharply. He shakes it as it starts to heal. “What was that for?”

“Because the first place I get to go when I get let out of the house is school.” You snap.

Aiden’s hands grip the strap of his bag. “Okay, well if you had stopped sassing Deucalion we wouldn’t have to bring you in the first place.”

You really hated Deucalion. The only reason you were still in his pack was because Ethan and Aiden wouldn’t leave and you couldn’t exactly leave without them. You make an unintentional growl at the name and the boys push you against the locker.

“Cool it. You can’t just go around growling every time someone does something you don’t like.” Aiden’s voice comes out as a growl. Hypocrite. “Now, take your stupid timetable and get to class.”

Muttering, you snatch the timetable out his hands and go to English.

It takes approximately twelve and a half minutes into lunch for you to get kidnapped. You were mumbling angrily as you try and cut through what they are trying and pass off as food, when you were grabbed from behind. You fight back of course, but you were caught off guard and you don’t exactly have backup. You feel a sharp pain in your neck and the world is swallowed in black.

When you come to, your mind feels like it’s trying to move through mud. Your thoughts are jumbled and unclear. The longer you keep your eyes open, the clearer it becomes, until you’re coherent enough to tell that you’ve been chained up. 

“She’s awake.” Stiles almost falls out of the chair. Next thing you know, there are a bunch of teenagers standing around you. 

Your head is lulled to the side in a very uncomfortable manner. You’ve been drugged. Bastards. “What do you want from me?” It comes out jumbled and slurred but they catch your drift.

“You’re our leverage.” Stiles smiles proudly and Lydia slaps him in the arm. You hope it hurt.

“Leverage?” You ask.

“Well, you can’t exactly blackmail without leverage, can you sweetie?” This time it’s Lydia who responds.

“Besides, this way you can tell us your plans.” That was Scott, you think he’s on your right but you can see him properly from your position.

The door swings open and Derek struts in, not yet noticing the scene in front of him. The teenagers stand still, they probably think if they don’t move, he won’t notice them. He looks up and then continues with his walk but then he stops and does a double take.

“Why is there an alpha in my living room?” He asks, crossing his arms over his chest, his stance saying that the answer better be good. Even Scott, who is on his way to becoming a True Alpha, looks uncomfortable.

“Well, we were just hanging out…” Scott scratches behind his ear.

“Kidnapped.” You manage, your tongue still feels thick. 

“You take her back right now! Before Ethan and Aiden find out.” Derek snaps.

“But she’s our leverage?” Stiles is obviously confused, exasperating Derek entirely. He rubs the bridge of his nose.

“Did you every think of what would happen if they found her here and the wolf-out?” He asks.

They all kind of just look around, avoiding Derek’s eyes.

“They won’t take any survivors.” He answers his own question. “Take. Her. Back.”

Stiles grumbles and starts to take the chains off. 

“I think I’m going to eat you first, Stilinski.” You mumble.

Good Lock-Picking Skills Make Good Neighbors : Steter AU

Derek Sebastian Hale, if you do not unlock this door right now I am going to redefine your adolescent definition of pain.” Peter stands outside of his apartment door, struggling not to let his claws spear the doorknob.  

He’s been in charge of his sister’s children for less than a full day, and he is so incredibly close to losing his mind all over his oldest nephew it’s not even funny. In moderation, he loves them like crazy. In his apartment, he’s struck with the impression of a particularly effective ad for birth control.

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