feelings: what a bunch of bastards

holly and i went to see frankenstein last night (with benedict as frankenstein duh) and it was bloody brilliant but there was a girl sat next to us who was checking her phone the whole way thoughout the performance

like seriously

if you are bored by some of the best actors ever then please leave the fucking cinema so you don’t ruin it for other people. cunt

"Bruce Springsteen's songs all sound the same... he doesn't even change the lyrics."


Just… are your ears broken? Are you sick? Were you recently irreparably traumatised? Are your opinions sponsored by North Korea?

Why would you text that sentence to a radio station?!

I take criticisms of Bruce far too personally. Especially unqualified generalisations.

Also I’m incredibly grouchy this morning because the Bruce concert in my dream started without me ‘cause I was stuck in traffic outside the stadium (the first song was WTCoOoOo by the way - it’s probably a premonition & that’ll be the actual tour opener) but the point still stands.

I'm dreading going to university :/

I’m gonna have to talk to people.

New people.

I’ve got nothing against new people, but 99% of people are bastards.

I’ve spent 17 years collecting together that occasional 1% of people and surrounding myself with them, and now they are all off to different unis all over england, which means i’ve got to start all over again.

I’m gonna have to do that whole ‘meeting people’ thing, where two people have a nice polite boring non-conversation whist they both try desperately to hide the facts that they are both utter cunts who have nothing in common, and mean-whilst in my head i’ll be killing them with an axe screaming I DON’T LIKE CHANGE.