You are a work of art.

Yes, you.

Your personality, your talents, your skills, passions and beliefs. Your skin, your muscles, your bones, heart, and other various tissues. Your face, your smile, all the way down the depths of you inner being; you are a work of art. A masterpiece. A beautiful picture that not a single soul could ever replicate.

—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

Nothing compels me anymore.

I have let myself submit to the
thrill of a routine I never understood,
and settle for a place I never learned
to call home.

I have let myself become complacent.

My blood no longer boils
with that restless youth.
There isn’t much left of
that fire burning in my veins,
despite this coal I call a heart.

I’m truly lost in this element.

—  “Burnt out” remnant-thoughts
I long to feel those strong hands
Curling, tangling themselves within my hair
To feel those calloused fingers softly grazing along my cheek
To see your hungry eyes watching mine as you steal my last breath
Like you’ve been waiting for this, too
You, my dear, are a forbidden treat
I go half mad wondering what it would feel like to kiss you

This heat is almost

unbearable (N.D. 11/19/2017)