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Here’s the thing; in my head, Helga Hufflepuff has always been a soldier. Yes, she’s kind and fair, but she also knows when a good hex or a punch in the face is the only solution. This does not happen often. She’s friendly and accepting and patient. But when someone threatens her friends, or her family, or her students, that someone better be prepared to have her wand aimed at them. Or better yet, a sword. Use what you know and all that, and while she’s great with her hexes and curses and even some charms used in a way her old mentor would definitely not have approved of, there’s just something incredibly satisfying in meeting someone sword to sword. She and Godric spars every now and then, though it’s clear he’s more of a dueler than a soldier. But Helga. Helga joined the war when she was 15, and she never regretted it. It was grueling, and it was painful, and she watched so many of her companions fall. But she joined for a reason – to protect (her family, her little nephews and nieces and all the children of her village) and to, one day, try and change the world enough that war wouldn’t be necessary. She fought for years, rising in rank as fewer and fewer of her friends were left, and she refused to give up. This was for the children. This was for the future.

When she was 23, she became general. And at 24, the war finally ended. And then she had to find something else to do.

She went back to her village, to the little houses and fields and her family. And for a while she was content, but not for long. She wanted to do something, because that was the reason she joined the war in the first place. For change. She wanted peace, and quiet, and a place to call home. But when she had it, she realized she only knew how to fight. And she was not going to accept that.

She went to find her old mentor, an aging wizard who kept forgetting his wand in odd places but who also knew a lot of spells and had more magical books than she had seen anywhere else in her life (later, when she met Rowena Ravenclaw and saw her collection, she would stare at it for ten minutes and then just go “nope” and walk out of the room). She asked him to teach her as much as he could. What he’d taught her before she left for the army was useful, but if she was gonna change the world she needed more.

He listened to her, listened to her reasons and her dreams and then he sat her down with a cup of tea and started talking about magical theory. Most of her went over her head. She listened anyway.  And she kept coming back. And when she realized how many children he’d helped out through the years (her among them), she asked him about that. He started spouting even more magical theory. And she kept listening. And when it was over and he said he couldn’t teach her anymore, she knew more about accidental magic and magical cores than she thought possible. And she was satisfied, because this was what she needed to know. Something that could help. Something that could change a life, or two, or a hundred, if you only had the people to teach it to. This was for the children. This was for the future.

And then she met two wizards and a witch, constantly bickering and joking and everything in between. And the wanted to start a magic school. Of course she went with them. It was the purpose she had been looking for. It was a way to do what she’d always dreamt of.

They started planning how to do it, and moved into Godric’s family castle up in Scotland. As they decided to split the students into four groups, Helga started to get irritated. She had spent half her life fighting a war, she knew that you couldn’t always get the brave or the smart or the cunning. You had to use the resources that were available. Anyone could become a good soldier (or student, she supposed) if they were trained properly. 

She was a general, and she’d take anyone who wanted to learn. She was a soldier, and she’d take anyone who would work hard, because that’s all you need to change the world. She was a 15 year old girl who joined the army, and she remembered what it was like when people judged you for your bravery, for your intelligence, for your strength. She was a 26 year old veteran, and she would punch anyone who said you couldn’t learn because of something as stupid as who you are. In the face. They’d deserve it, for implying that her students weren’t good enough.

@egdramaqueen I said it “needs a bit of polishing” which apparently means I sit here and write another 700 words into it in less than an hour, so here it is. I finished it.

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Are there aus by other authors you really like/wanna read?

Ok ok I promise I’ll make a comprehensive fic rec list at some point,,, I keep meaning to but the issue is I really want to read everything on my to-read list before I make it?? I’m basically waiting for spring break where I will devour All the Fic™

For now though here are just a few AUs that immediately came to my mind that I have loved. I’m probably missing a bunch that will eventually be on my full rec list but you should definitely read these!!!!

  • like your french girls by @ebenroot
    • This is the first YOI fanfic I ever read!!!! Super super cute and is that sort of fic that makes your heart hurt (but like in a good way). Artist AU where Victor is an artist and Yuuri is a skater & his muse.
  • Kings in Couture by @forovnix​ (WIP)
    • Devil Wears Prada AU that ruined my life & cured me of my sins. Victor is Meryl Streep the head of a fashion magazine and Yuuri gets a job there and they’re both enamored with each other from the get go. Ruined my life & will ruin yours too (but in a good way)!
  • Until My Feet Bleed & My Heart Aches by @kazliin​ (WIP)
    • Pretty sure literally everyone in the world has read this by now–Rivals AU where they’re both still figure skaters and Yuuri really, really wants to meet Victor. So good it’ll give you goosebumps!!!
  • lie to me to make me like you by @ablations
    • I started reading this one after it was completed and honestly just had such a good time reading it!!!! It’s adorable & perfect in every possible way. Victor is a retired actor and will go out with anyone who asks him out at the beginning of the month, but all of his relationships seem to inevitably end. Then he meets Yuuri (and as u may guess, everything changes). Honestly this fic just warmed my heart.
  • never tasted rubies by @ebenroot
    • Radio Show AU!!! So good!!! V v funny and made me laugh out loud more times than I can count. Yuuri gets roped into hosting a radio show and a mysterious student on campus keeps calling in. I bet you can’t guess who that student is.
  • Write Me in C Major by @thehobbem​ (WIP)
    • Victor is a figure skater who is lacking inspiration and Yuuri composes music!!! It’s so so so adorable!!! Lots of pining as well which is always, always a good thing. Just makes me very happy to read in general tbh

As for some AUs that have been pulled off of my need-to-read list:


The Ghost and Mrs. Muir by @meteoratdusk

Done for the RvB Big Bang! It was wonderful working with meteor, and while I wasn’t able to get the pieces I wanted done by the deadline (work…it kills me…) I’ll be continuing to work on them, so expect more art dedicated to this amazing story.

Seriously, it’s incredible. Meteor’s Tex and York are wonderfully in character and well written, the atmospheric horror is impeccable, and the questions it leaves you with makes you desperate for the second part. 

pls read it, thank you

But can you believe that the pirate and the lost girl who climbed that beanstalk together all those years ago, who went on so many adventures and have been through so much, are now going to get married and probably have children and raise them and grow old together?? 😭 This is too much, my heart can’t take it!


oh if it was something that simple

there will be so much seri angst before this ride is over, no worries


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I'm the same. The spoilers themselves are fine but the flailing always gets a bit unbearable.

Bless you for commiserating. I am not a flaily person in general, and the way this fandom overreacts to pretty much every little spoiler that comes out seriously tests my patience. I try not to harsh people’s squee, so I keep my trap shut (at least here on tumblr), but the way people get spun up about information either good or bad seriously diminishes my enjoyment of the show and participating in fandom. I blacklist a whole lot and I block anyone who regularly uses hyperbole, all caps, or feels the need to “die” at every turn. Still, shit gets through and I find myself exhausted from the bleed through of high levels of others’ emotions.   

I wish those of us who don’t enjoy that level of emotional feedback for spoilers could chill together in a low key way. In the meantime, this is pretty much me during spoiler season:

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I want to prove someone wrong.