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Even after eight seasons on twd, Melissa McBride’s voice still breaks when she talks about fan mail from domestic abuse survivors who have been inspired by watching Carol’s onscreen journey.

She loves the character so deeply, and no matter how much time passes, she never stops feeling the emotional impact of how hugely significant this character is to so many people.

It just gives me something like 56478326547892 feelings.

The Power of Deliverance - ch 3

A Supercorp/Mythology Crossover - A re-telling of the Persephone/Hades myth under the premise that Hades is a woman. Kara is a Titan, who was banished to Krypton and left to die by Zeus and Hades. Only, her family managed to save her before the planet’s destruction by sending her to Earth. She lives disguised as a mortal with her adoptive family, the Danvers, and she keeps her powers hidden from Zeus. One day, their paths finally cross, but Kara ultimately receives assistance from a surprising source. She makes a choice that changes the course of her destiny forever.


Kara as Persephone and Lena as Hades ;)

CH 3 on AO3


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I wonder if they know what they’re doing to us like when monsta x did the daycare thing and just caring for babies like actual babies and I fucking CRIED that entire episode and i’m not even that fond of children but I wanted to have theirs and it was a gross mix of a creepy grin and ugly sobbing on my face the entire time and then BTS and the pups please I can’t take any more I’d rather have them being rude as fuck on stage than tearing my heart out like this it hURTS I HOPE THEY KNOW THEY’RE RESPONSIBLE FOR MY PAIN

i dont think id ever want to like… fully return to the “good old days” of being a teenager or anything but sometimes i think itd be nice to return to a period of my life for like a day. like have a day that’s just “a typical day of stripe at age 16.″ get to see a bunch of people face to face that i barely see or talk to anymore, get to eat at old favorite restaurants that shut down, have smells and experiences that i can no longer experience from where i am now.

then i can go back to my normal life and keep moving forward with my fond memories more fresh in my mind. kind of like nostalgia tourism i guess.

i had a really good time with my friend and her family yesterday they were so sweet and the haunted house and other attractions were so well done my throat hurt from screaming lmao a man that looked like a bush jumped up at us within two minutes of getting there we got GOT


       and if you’ve got a girlfriend, I’m jealous of her
but if you’re single it’s honestly worse
                   ‘cause you’re so gorgeous it actually hurts

                                                                            honey, it hurts


happy birthday to our cute jimin!
thank you for being our angel


Happy Birthday to our cute sunshine hero ♡ |
↳ ★ Kirishima Eijirou ★ 10.16 ~ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ ♥

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Hey! Can I ask where this " Jeremy Shada said we don't need to worry about lgbt representation, we will be happy" comes from? Is there like a video or a tweet that proves that? Bc I never saw evidence and honestly I am concerned that this is just sb messing with our hopes. Also, isn't it possible that the lgbt representation has nothing to do with lance? Maybe it is sb else. Idk. I hate getting my hopes up ._.

it’s from this post! i doubt the OP is messing with us lol also it’s 100% something to do with lance, my good dude……… BECAUSE……

this is official art by lauren montgomery. i have said this before and i’ll say it again, but pidge’s sign has to do with her arc, her gender reveal. keith’s sign has to do with his arc, his galra heritage reveal. this was posted before s2 aired and it clearly foreshadows galra keith. not coincidences. lance’s sign definitely has to do with him and his arc, his sexuality reveal. lauren would not make keith’s sign and pidge’s sign related to them and then make lance’s sign have nothing to do with him. this stuff is all planned from the start. she’s also the one who said this:

[on expressions] “if we know that a character is feeling something about that- that moment- especially if we know there’s something coming up down the line that maybe hasn’t been revealed, but it would make that character feel a certain way- we try to insert in there a nod to it.”

which is important to remember while watching the show but also when looking at this art because a lot can be taken from their expressions. keith, pidge, and lance look much more unsure and nervous and they’re holding their signs with both of their hands, indicating that HEY this is my sign, it has something to do with me and i’m anxious about it. hunk, allura, and shiro appear to be showing support. shiro and hunk especially look very confident. allura has both of her hands on the sign but her arm is around pidge, like a hug. allura’s the one who tried to coax pidge into telling her her gender. shiro easily could’ve been put with pidge since he was very supportive of her but allura has her own connection to the gender sign (and shiro’s put with lance for a reason). she’s a princess but she is not your “typical princess.” here’s a comment someone left on my klance masterpost about this and i completely agree:

I think Allura has one more reason for holding a gender sign with Pidge, and that is because she challenges the gender stereotypes. She’s not your typical little princess who needs to be protected by all means. She’s a tough young woman that can (and will) kick your ass, and I think that alone is a very powerful message to all the girls that watch this show. It’s a reminder that, no matter what society might claim, they are strong, and they can accomplish anything if they put their mind to it.

hunk has his hand on keith’s shoulder, showing support. he stood by keith after he found out he’s part galra. he was cracking jokes about it and he was there for him. think “belly of the weblum” and all their moments together. also, in “stayin’ alive” when allura thanks hunk for getting the scaultrite, he says, “no problem. you know, keith was there too.” hunk is samoan, so he also has his own connection to the race sign. then, we have shiro holding the LGBT sign with lance, one hand on his shoulder in support. the LGBT rep definitely has to do with lance, you shouldn’t worry. there’s so much backing it up. i think shiro will play some sort of supportive role when it comes to lance’s sexuality and since hunk and allura are connected to the signs they’re holding, shiro may end up being LGBT, too. also, the sign art connects with the paladins of old, as well… which was pointed out to me by @farmlandtensions:

zarkon, a galra, was the original black paladin.
keith, a part galra boy, is the current black paladin.

trigel, the only female paladin on her team, was the original green paladin.
pidge, the only female paladin on her team (before allura became a paladin, obviously) is the current green paladin.

blaytz, who was shown flirting with a male galra, was the original blue paladin.
lance, a boy who is totally not straight, we grew to know as the blue paladin.

they make parallels and show similarities between blaytz and lance to show that, yes, they’re comparing them rather than comparing blaytz and allura.

for the 100th time, this stuff isn’t a coincidence. 

the bi flag colors and the gay flag colors have been used in the show on two separate occasions now. first, in s1ep6… an episode with some great klance moments. next, in s3ep3… another episode with some great klance moments. studio mir is animating VLD and they also animated TLOK. the bi flag colors were in the background of the finale of korra. i’ve always theorized that since pidge’s gender arc was in s1 and keith’s race arc was in s2, that lance’s sexuality arc would be in s3. other people think this, too. seeing as how s4 is basically just part 2 of s3, taking the BIG amount of development between keith and lance in s3 into consideration and the fact that lance did not flirt with allura for the entirety of s3, or anyone, actually. i think this will, hopefully, come to fruition in s4 and they will touch on lance’s sexuality. if not, we’ll get it eventually

also, in interviews, they don’t always simply say lance flirts with girls. jeremy shada, especially, does this. in lance’s birthday livestream, he says:

[about lance] “a super like, flirty person that’s hitting on every *hesitates* person that has two legs.”

i’m not kidding btw, he literally hesitates a little before saying person. i don’t have the link to the vid but you can find it easily by googling lance’s birthday livestream. in the famous “lance falling in love” quote, he does this, too:

jeremy would definitely know by now that lance isn’t straight and it’s really obvious that he’s sitting on that information. he’s done this at least one other time that i know of, as well. if lance was straight, this stuff? it would not happen. they would always just say girl/girls.


You are one of my favorite people and the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known in real life.


Based on @midnightstarlightwrites‘s super cute ladrien ficlet because HNNNNNNNNG //clutches heart//

Also happy 2 years of ML. There are honestly just not enough words in the English language to express how much this show will always mean to me. There are so many important people in my life that I would never even have met if not for ML, and I’m beyond grateful to every one of them for being my friends, and to the creators of the show for making that possible. //throws emotions at you guys//


“It is simply that, I merely wish to be with the person I love.”

Ichibanboshi My Hero - 10 days/Tooka
Scans: @deliciousale
Translation: @shousanki

(ahhh thanks so much for this translation im still weeping)