anonymous asked:

I hope you get divorced

:) I get a lot of these messages, so know that you aren’t the one unique person that thought this up. There are lots of people sending me these types of asks for really no reason at all. Hoping for another’s successes does not diminish your own successes, friend. (just like insulting another’s success does not increase your own).

I hope one day you can hope and root for other people. It makes life so much easier and full. I truly wish you a life full of love and joy and such beautiful feelings that words cannot even begin to describe it. 

I wish I could explain to you the joy Muslims feel in obeying God. But words cannot describe this feeling, which is more intense and delightful than all the pleasures you have ever experienced, combined.

And even more incredible is that the joy we feel.. increases each day.

Just wanted to take a moment to thank tumblr user housewifeswag aka Taylor. Thank you so much for all your messages of body positivity. Those posts are half of the reason I’m down a path of loving and feeling great about my body. Words cannot describe how much of a positive influence you have been for me. This is the best I can remember myself ever feeling about my own image and I owe part of that success to you. I hope you have a wonderful day and may many amazing, wonderful things come your way in life. You are truly one in a million and I appreciate the wonderful messages of love and respect you are spreading <3