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Who the Warriors would play in Smash
  • Firestar-Ike: Noble, heroic, uses fire attacks who else would Firestar use?
  • Graystripe-Shulk: "I'M REALLY FEELING IT FIRESTAR!"
  • Sandstorm-Diddy Kong: Nobody can beat her when she plays as Diddy. So she plays as Diddy.
  • Ravenpaw-Bowser: ".....Him big...."
  • Squirrelflight-Sheik: She gets to play as this bad ass ninja hell yeah
  • Leafpool-Zelda: She never played Zelda but liked how she's linked to Squirrelflight's main but uses more magical attacks.
  • Bramblestar-Link: Main heroic guy plushe has a cool sword.
  • Tigerstar-Ganondorf: Is anyone surprised? Anyone?
  • Cloudtail-Pikachu: "PIKA PI!!!!!!" Cloudtail yells as he spams Thunderbolt over and over again.
  • Brightheart-Duckhunt: Strategy and careful planning.
  • Hollyleaf-Zero Suit Samus: Other M never happened.
  • Jayfeather-Olimar: He gets to grow little plant friends.
  • Lionblaze-Greninja: "IT'S A NINJA FROG THAT IS SO AWESOME!"
  • Berrynose-Rosalina: He heard Rosalina was the best character and only the best for him. He sucks though and always loses.
  • Daisy-Peach: She only plays cause Toadstep and Rosepetal wanted her to and always chooses the Daisy coloration. Really bad and even Berrynose can beat her but he loses on purpose against her.
  • Dovewing-Robin: She wanted Chrom
  • Ivypool-Paulenta: She's better than Marth she'll fight you.
  • Bumblestripe-Lemmy Koopa: Gets mad cause Tigerheart plays as a Koopaling
  • Tigerheart- Larry Koopa: Gets mad cause Bumblestripe plays as a Koopaling.
  • Runningwind-Captain Falcon: THOUGHT I WAS GONNA SAY SONIC AND GO FOR THE EASY "GOTTA GO FAST JOKE!" HUH? WELL YOU'RE WRONG he likes the falcon punch meme
  • Quick Water-Sonic: Gotta go fast

Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy.

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