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Cris Cyborg vs Claressa Shields Sparring

Short clip of Cyborg sparring with 2x Olympic champion Claressa Shields. Not a whole lot to see but still feels weird seeing Cyborg with her back to the ropes getting touched at the end there even knowing Shields is a way better boxer.

Ghost Simz Headcanons:

So @mostlyhorrorlover and I have been coming up with headcanons for Little Simz and what she’d be like as a member

-Del and Simz are siblings and to her Russel is another brother figure
-She was 3-4 years old when Del was killed and wasn’t told he died until Russ did when she was 5-6 because she was too young to comprehend what happened
-Most of her knowledge on what Del looks like comes from photographs
-When Del died Russel took her in for a while until a close relative was found. Even after that, she continued to visit Kong Studios until it was burned down.

-She was killed in the Dead Body video, but instead of it taking place in an open field it happened in the Spirit House
-She’s a lot more powerful than Del due to the fact she was killed while she was angry, while Del was taken by surprise.
-The flash of light at the end of the Saturnz Barz video is her possessing Russel
-Every time she enters a room, a burst of cold wind follows
-She can summon the undead like Del and they look like people with animal skulls for heads
-At first, when the band hadn’t noticed she had possessed Russ, she messed around with 2-d and Murdoc, hiding their stuff, tripping them, etc. but Murdoc was usually the brunt of her pranks.
-She leaves love notes on Noodle’s door, and at first Noodle was extremely confused, thinking the boys were playing another prank on her and she told them to cut it out.

-It takes a lot to get her angry, so when she does the situation is hellish
-When she gets angry her bullet wound starts dripping and the angrier she gets the more it gushes
-The “blood” is glowy white ectoplasm
-Her eyes turn black and her nails grow in length and become sharper
-It takes a lot out of her when she goes into that state, so she ends up retreating into Russ’s body for a few days. Because she feels weak, he becomes sick.
-When she becomes angry, Noodle is the best at calming her down, followed by Russel, then 2-d. Murdoc sometimes can calm her down, but more often than not he ends up making the situation worse.

Most Importantly:
-Noodle and Simz are girlfriends 

Machine Heart Chapter 4: the fall, part ii, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
“Rick? I love you…” Michonne gifted him with a brilliant smile that nearly knocked the wind out of him. He felt her words so deeply he had to take a heavy step forward. He had to stop her. She had to stay with him.

A new chapter of Machine Heart has been posted. Part II of “the fall”. We’re getting deeper into the plot, now. Soon it’ll be time to introduce an even bigger, more complex world…and a new version of both Rick and Michonne. One broken…one brand new.


Dallas face claim…

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Remember that message about Wildfire dying? Some things that happen after that: Starfire cannot stand the sight of Beast Boy anymore, because he reminds her too much of Wildfire, she starts being even more upset when any other Titan gets hurt, when one of Punk Rockets robots sent Robin crashing into a building she literally broke his arm in several places, and sleeps with a crudely drawn picture of her family she drew when she was small

Why do you do this to me?

Okay well, anon apparently wants feels so ALL ABOARD THE PAIN TRAIN.

  • She didn’t fly for weeks after it happened.
  • Even when she did start flying again she couldn’t get more than ten feet above the ground at first.
  • She still isn’t doing any casual hovering like she used to.  She only takes flight when necessary.
  • Beast Boy doesn’t understand why she keeps avoiding him in the halls at first.
  • When he figures it out, he spends more time in animal forms.
  • Petting him in dog form seems to help her.
  • He desperately wants to tell her jokes and try to make her laugh but he knows she won’t go for it and any giggles he would manage to pry from her would be hollow.
  • So he just curls up next to her as a cat or gerbil or puppy and is a calm, silent presence by her side.
  • Raven is quieter than usual and spends a lot of time meditating.
  • Without Starfire’s positive feelings of happiness and joy, the Tower’s air is a lot more clouded, and it’s… difficult to remain in balance.
  • Especially when she can sense Starfire’s sadness.
  • Raven is basically secondhand grieving.
  • Cyborg lets Starfire come down to the garage and work on projects with him to keep her mind and hands busy.
  • Robin spends a lot of time with her.
  • But he also gives her space when he can tell she wants to be alone.
  • He’ll cook meals and leave them outside her door though.
  • Along with little notes reminding her that he loves her and he’s there for her.
  • She tells him stories about Wildfire from her childhood.  He swaps memories about his parents.
  • They hold each other often.  Not saying anything.  Just being together.  Sometimes crying.
  • She has insomnia some nights and will go wake him up, so he can sit with her.  He’ll make her a hot drink and just let her talk.
  • He tries to encourage her to take out any anger on their obstacle course rather than out in the field.
  • (He’s offered to spar with her but she’s declined, afraid of hurting him in her grief.)
  • He doesn’t even say anything about her never leaving his side during fights, staying close to him, reacting badly whenever he gets hurt.
  • He knows the feeling all too well.
  • What really surprised all of them was when they got an alert in the middle of the night.
  • And it was Blackfire, staggeringly drunk and just punching walls to pieces with her starbolts.
  • Angrier than they’d ever seen her.
  • The others stood back as Starfire fought her and they absolutely wrecked the street for a bit, trading their usual barbs and insults, before Blackfire blurted out, “I HATED HIM, WHY DO I MISS HIM SO MUCH?”
  • And both girls collapsed together just holding each other and sobbing because they’re all they have left now.
  • They don’t even finish the fight, they just let Blackfire off.

the fact that murdoc dug through the rubble from the floating windmill island to search for noodle AND built cyborg after not finding her fucks me up. he probably spent so much time at the wreckage trying to find her, trying to salvage whatever he could. yelling her name until his throat gave out, desperately hoping she’d respond. not only that but he went for years thinking that she was dead primarily because of him, thinking he’d never see her again???

every time he looked at cyborg he probably felt a twang of remorse because a) she looked almost exactly the same and b) she was a constant reminder that noodle was /thought to be/ dead

honestly i just feel like muds built cyborg noodle not just as a replacement but as a filler for the void that was left in his heart after he thought noodle died. we all know this man’s not what you’d call emotionally available but noodle definitely means a lot to him in a very father/daughter type of way. he’s not heartless, he just has a lot of issues–and him thinking that he lost noodle was probably the reason why he lost himself to insanity at plastic beach.