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so after FINALLY watching the final bee and puppycat episode I have a lot of feelings and thoughts on it

i feel like bee is a cyborg, not a robot like a lot of people are saying, since there’s that picture that natasha drew of her and her dad when she was younger,
~i was thinking that maybe something happened to her and maybe her dad that he had to ‘fix’ her to be able to survive something that happened(which might be why he’s gone[maybe])
~and this is plausible since we know that he’s really good at machines, making video games for bee since she was small plus making the machine that was fixing her arm
~i dunno he could have been up with some shady stuff that he knew was gonna happen so he could have prepared before hand for bee
~ along with why she doesn’t really need a kitchen, she likes to eat but doesn’t need to

also i feel like the reason why i think cardomons mum started crying jellyfish instead of waking up is because she ate it, so it made her biggest dream come true (hence her cute jellyfish story) instead of having cardomons dream of her waking up come true(my poor baby!)
~does that mean that stickys dream was to be colorful?
~cardomons mom was so pretty i wanted to cry even more than their story was making me do already

~plus DECKARD WAS SO ADORABLE i absolutely loved his interactions with bee throughout the whole episode and his picture of them in their matching aprons killed me
~and awwww bee likes him and hopes shes soul binded with him
~i love that he has so many siblings and lives with them, especially since i’ve lived with all 6 of my other siblings and their families
~i think it’s cool that they make deckard depressed,but don’t really talk down on it but instead just normally bring it up
~toast sounded a lot like the dub usagi in sailor moon and she’ll FIGHT U WHILE TELLING U ABOUT HER EX WIFE

i just love bee and puppycat, but i wish it was a bit more cohesive with the story in general, especially since we didn’t learn anything new about puppycat except that the pilot was cannon in the series. but overall i really enjoyed the episode and all that we’ve leaned about bee AND I’D SELL MY SOUL FOR MORE SEASONS ESPECIALLY SINCE EVERYTHING ALWAYS LOOKS SO DYNAMIC AND AESTHETICLY PLEASING

Let’s go everyone !! Back to the sea of adventure again!! “I came to take you home” Artist: zzyzzyy.deviantart.com

Representation in superheroes is pretty awesome. My 3 year old brown nephew feels pride and happiness when he wears his Superman shirt. He smiles and puts his hands on his waist and whispers “I’m Superman” when he thinks no one is looking. He asks me to style his curly hair (since Clark’s hair is curly too in the DCEU) “just like Superman’s” every time he comes by the house.

When he watched Supergirl for the first time, he fell in love instantly and asked my aunt to buy him a Supergirl doll. The doll is one of his favorite toys. Now he asks me all time, “wanna watch Supergirl?” with a blush (perhaps he has a crush but shh). He memorized the entire intro to Supergirl flawlessly. When he sees Supergirl, he *knows* it’s not Superman. And the best part is he thinks Supergirl is exciting even without knowing she’s Superman’s cousin (once his reading comprehension kicks in, he’s in for a shock ;) )

When he saw the Wonder Woman trailer for the first time, every two seconds his eyes lit up and he whispered “wow, that’s Wonder Woman” easily ten times throughout the trailer. Every time Diana did something, he’d point to her to let me know “that’s Wonder Woman” with a smile on his face.

He takes pride in his Green Lantern and Batman underwear with the matching socks. He thinks Aquaman is his uncle now ever since he watched The Justice League trailer. And my all time favorite is that while he was watching the trailer, he pointed to Victor Stone and said “that’s me!” I’m pretty stoked about this new diversified generation of superheroes and the subtle yet important differences it makes in young consumers.

All the crusty middle aged dweebs who bash these films and shows because it doesn’t fit their “comics canon” ideals and Whedonized Avengers preference and other self-righteous ideals don’t even matter at this point. If a 3 year old can get hype about seeing brown superheroes and female superheroes, then their words bear the significance of a flea.

Idgaf if they’re mad Wonder Woman and Aquaman are brown or that Cyborg is in Justice League instead of Green Lantern. Idgaf if Supergirl might be too cheesy for older men and Superman “doesn’t smile enough” or that they’re upset bc The Flash is being portrayed by a Jew and not Grunt Gastin. Idgaf if they’re finding every possible way to diminish and demonize the DCEU in favor of the MCU. Idgaf about the constant unfair bias and comparisons and mocking from MCU fanatics and critics. A toddler is hype af for all of them and that’s all that matters in the end.

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OMG please read the Akira manga, it’s a masterpiece!! Also, Mob Psycho 100 was also really good! Have you ever thought about watching One Punch Man, too? I loved it!

I’m a little wary of One Punch Man because my impression is that it’s poking fun at anime tropes, and I’m not well-versed enough in those to get the jokes.  When I watched the Excel-Saga anime, they had tons of captions to explain various gags, which was interesting, but somewhat disorienting.  

Basically, I don’t want to watch OPM and then have to go on YouTube to watch “All One Punch Man Jokes EXPLAINED!” to know what was going on. 

On the other hand, I watched this video:

And I’m thinking maybe it’s not as impenetrable as I feared. 

So I’ve seen more than one fic where Spanish is McCree’s first language, and he was part of a multinational organization since he was a teenager, so I offer this to you: a McCree that’s ridiculously good at picking up languages. Like it just comes naturally to him, picking up things like German and French just because of how often he hears them. And then there’s the stuff he actually makes an effort to learn, like Egyptian, to see if he can (Ana finds it entirely delightful), or Japanese, because he feels like that sad cyborg ninja fella might feel at least a little better if he can communicate with someone in his native tongue (Genji is too wrapped up in self-loathing and generalized resentment to appreciate it at the time, but he absolutely does later).