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I am being killed by my self-consciousness. I wonder if nobody will kill me. “I don’t have the courage to kill myself so I’m waiting for someone to kill me”. Such pitiful thoughts. If i were to quit dancing I would be told off by so many people… No, that isn’t right. Words such as “there is no courage” are a lie. I just wanted an excuse… In the end, what was I fighting against? It is hell… I need to go back there. 

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It's no one of my business, but the fact that the dream is from Rick's perspective and totally focuses, like, 20 secs on Michonne walking like if she were on a runway and being an absolute goddess says everything about how much he loves her.

In the end, Fujita is still Fujita. What a twisted fellow!

[ - but I like stronger and scarier men! ] I Ballroom e Youkoso, Heat 42 - 43

“Home from above”

She’d continued to fly [the A-wing] for a couple of years after, mostly in civilian defense, and every so often she would take Poe up in it. He would sit on her lap inside the cramped cockpit, his hands on the stick and her hands on his, and he could feel the ship answering their control. […]
Then they would break through the thin skin that protected the moon they called their home, and the Yavin gas giant would suddenly glow that much brighter against the darkness of space. All the push and pull of atmosphere and gravity would vanish, and it was as close to perfection as young Poe could imagine. […]
That was when he knew that whatever else he would be, he would be a pilot.

From Greg Rucka’s “Before the Awakening”

nct dream!volleyball team au


  • the !!! libero !!! and !!!!! team !!!!!! captain !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • he’s always there to save his team and keep the ball in the air
  • basically the team’s backbone
  • always up to give his team pep talks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buys everyone food !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • keeps everyone in check (aka stops jisung from roasting donghyuck mid-game)
  • does not know how 2 give up or what the definition of giving up means 
  • as long as theyre still playing, he knows they havent lost, even if theyre down like 20 points
  • always there to encourage the team to improve!!!!!! a true captain :’))
  • he dives like he’s invincible and wont ever get hurt which made a bunch of kids think that he couldnt feel pain at all iM LAUGHIN
  • has a lot of bruises but he never seems to mind
  • keeps bandaids in his backpack just in case his children needs them !!!!!!!
  • got a friction burn on his side bc he dove to save the ball and his shirt rode up so his skin ended up scraping the ground and it just never went away
  • doesnt know what hesitating is either,,,,,,, he doesnt even care if he sees jeno diving for the ball, he’ll like, still go for it full out,,,,,,,,,,,,,, pls,,,,,,,,,, pls save him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  • i feel like he’d be a setter but he wouldnt be a starter
  • he doesnt mind tho bc it means he can read the opponents better
  • master of getting inside the other team’s head
  • basically co-manager who also has killer tosses
  • the ‘tough love’ in the group that motivates everyone when even mark is too down to say anything
  • will actually fucking cream you in game if you provoke him in any way
  • had a hard time trusting his team, tried to win every game alone for a lil while
  • probably also tried to blind them with his beauty
  • the type to call bullshit from the ref but has to be held back so he doesnt actually do it
  • his brain reacts faster than his body so sometimes he ends up flailing instead of hitting the damn ball
  • if you whisper things to him like “oh u see number 7 over there? he said your serves were weak” he’ll automatically go into satan mode and becomes 12348739483 times more competitive


  • the dream team’s setter !! 
  • him and jeno are an unstoppable force and the two of them are usually always on court, which is a reason why hyuck doesnt play often
  • total team player
  • freak genius who relies solely on instincts when he tosses
  • bUT that’s ok! 
  • knows all his spikers well: knows how much they can handle, how fast they are, what kind of toss they like the best and can spike with their maximum potential
  • literally sets all his bois up for success
  • acts like he’s nonchalant about everything but deep down he’s like lowlowlowlowkey 
  • he and ren didnt work well together at first
  • like they were good friends but their playing styles just wouldnt mesh in the beginning


  • left wing spiker dont even fight me on this
  • perfect boy lives up to his perfect name by scoring most of the team’s points
  • most accurate spikes on the team 
  • it comes from his years of vball experience 
  • he and jaemin have been playing since grade school and boi his spikes are uMF 11/10
  • probably has like,,,,, a lot of fangirls,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • jumps like…. really high
  • like really high
  • like he’s pretty tall as it is but dude,,,,,,,,, when he jumps he towers over everyone 
  • pretends to be humble when really all he wants to hear is praise and it makes jaemin wanna punch him
  • him and jaemin probably practice a lot together since theyre like the dynamic duo of the team


  • middle blocker 
  • not the tallest but not the shortest either 
  • his blocks used to be 50/50 because he always hesitated to jump
  • he scares the absolute FUCK out of the other team
  • when he gets really into the game and becomes 110% concentrated, his expression grows dark by default
  • an absolute monster 
  • AFTER GAMES, HE’LL STILL HAVE THAT “im gonna spike the ball in your fucking face and cream you” LOOK ON HIM
  • AND EVERYBODY’S JUST LIKE “ren,,,, the game’s over,,,,,,, pls,,,,,,,,,, pls no more scare,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • his spikes will break your fucking neck dont get hit by oNE OF THEM
  • his quicks that he executes with jaemin are actually no fucking joke jesus christ theyre like sonic
  • but like sonic on steroids and one too many energy drinks
  • the ace that no one suspects when you first glance at him
  • also had a hard time fully trusting his teammates bUT he basically trusts them with his life now
  • pays an insane amount of attention to detail and notices every little shift the other team does
  • one time someone called him a shitty excuse for an ace and boi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it didnt look good 4 the other team,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • scary fast reaction times that sparked a rumour that he wasnt even human??? made him laugh really hard and still thinks of it at like 2 am


  • vvv insecure wing spiker + he’s a defense specialist 
  • he’s really smol and gets towered over by a lot of people
  • had a really really hard time trusting himself and his own abilities 
  • felt like a burden to the team and contemplated on quitting
  • before volleyball, he had naturally been good at everything
  • he eventually stayed on the team because volleyball gave him this adrenaline he had never felt before aW BABY
  • and now he’s a starter! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • everybody doubts him (including himself) but when he finally starts to believe in himself, he’s a beast
  • can also jump ppp high, makes jeno jealous bc chenle probably jumps a lil higher than him, will never admit this
  • he’s probably the decoy too
  • theatrical little shit puts everything into his spikes, even if he isnt going to hit the ball
  • the sunshine of the group that cheers everyone up after losses
  • vocal as fuck during games bUT it encourages everyone
  • plays every game like it’s gonna be his last
  • wants to die before every game bc his nerves always gET TO HIM


  • baby bean !!! but like, a scary baby bean
  • looms,,,, over,,,,,,,,,, everyone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • right wing spiker
  • baby bean wants to be the ace one day
  • this boi,,,,,,,,,,,,, doesnt know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what defense is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • all he knows is how to spike the ball really hard 
  • like, so hard that he’s pretty sure the enemy team would cry if they got hit by it
  • has no expression the entire game, no one knows what he’s thinking
  • gets really hung up over losses bc he’s still young and losing sucks in general
  • also plays every game like it’s gonna be his last!!
  • his need for victory drives him to be the best like no one ever was and motivates him even more to win games
  • like mark, he refuses to give up
  • a mini renjun basically but less scary and more ducky
  • almost had to quit bc he hit his head on the ground really hard after he lost his balance spiking the ball and his mom got worried
  • works best when he’s cornered

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As a dance or romantic partner for tatara, who would you prefer: chinatsu or mako?

I absolutely, 100% prefer Chinatsu. I don’t ship any of the characters romantically since they’re all kids, but I think that the relationship between Tatara and Chinatsu is so much more intense and complex than his with Mako. 

This isn’t to say that his partnership with Mako was bad–on the contrary, both of them really needed the Tenpei Cup to grow into their own partnering styles (Mako more so than Tatara). The issue is that Mako is still an incredible follower, and leagues beyond Tatara in terms of dance experience and prowess. If they had stayed together forever, Tatara probably wouldn’t have evolved well as a leader, and Mako would have been constantly dragged down but less willing to voice her thoughts.

Chinatsu, though, is such a good partner for Tatara. She’s certainly ahead of him in technique, but she also has so much to learn about being a follower. And while Tatara learns about technique and leading, Chinatsu is also experiencing a similar lesson about what it means to truly dance with another person. There’s a give-and-take to their partnership that isn’t there in Tatara and Mako’s, and that’s what makes it all the more compelling. She pokes and prods at his leading until he snaps and takes control, and that’s when she realizes that it’s not just about fixing Tatara–she has to follow and respond, too.

In the end, it boils down to how they can learn the best. With Mako, Tatara could have been a good leader but not a great one, always still caring about his partner’s comfort and wishes. With Chinatsu, the disagreements and fighting make them learn from each other at an incredibly rapid pace, and both of them will definitely become incredible as a result of partnering with each other.

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Was ist denn gerade los? Warum denn alle so schlecht drauf?D:

Tumblr war bisher immer noch eher frei von sowas (wie so ein kleines Hinterzimmer, wo nur wenige hin finden), mittlerweile ist das hier ‘n relativ ähnliches Feeling, wie bei ask.fm damals. Irgendwann fängt es an, dass auch die unzufriedenen Leute entdecken, dass man dir hier anonyme Fragen stellen kann… und dann geht’s los! :’D